Homemade Potato Salad

Today we’re making homemade potato salad. [ music ] Come on in. Welcome to my home. It’s hot. It really is hot. I’m not going to kid you. So tonight we’re going to have a wonderful meal
which will include potato salad. This is great for a barbecue great for any
occasion but we are going to start off with our potatoes now remember all the
ingredients are listed down below and you can also check out my Patreon for
the full recipe which you can copy over but let’s get started. I’m going to take my potatoes over to the stove where I have a pot of boiling water going and
I’m going to boil those until they are fork tender. or actually you know done. Once our potatoes have cooked through completely , now comes the fun part, I’m just gonna set them aside to cool We need to cool these down thoroughly room temperature or colder colder is better so once they cool down to room temperature I usually throw them into the refrigerator. so our potatoes are nice and cold now. However I’m not going to do that yet. This is a recipe that my mom
always made. you might have a slightly different recipe which is cool but all the ingredients are listed down below and of course we’re starting with our mayonnaise base and as I got older I began to understand this recipe a little bit more. most recipes call for vinegar and then something just sort of sweeten it up Now if you want to make your own mayonnaise. I have a day where I show you for making mayonnaise Click that ” I ” in the sky it will show you how
you can make mayonnaise, or you can purchase mayonnaise. Then we add spicy mustard and sweet relish. Now if you don’t have sweet relish or you don’t
like sweet relish you can add dill relish. But you sort of need the relish
because what that does s is that replace the vinegar that most potato
salads have in it. you can add salt and pepper Now what I like to do is I like
to add my celery now Everything looks great and smells really good. Then we add our potatoes You can add a hard-boiled egg. You do not have to
a lot of people do not like hard-boiled eggs. I’m being of course really messy
with this. Once everything is mixed up we’re put it in a bowl I’m gonna give
this a taste now one thing will tell you is the
longer that you let this sit in the refrigerator the better it is. That’s really good that’s really good. It is spicy it is sweet. It is wonderful. Now if you make this let me know you can get a hold of me on most social media at @cmcolemanhome. and I hope we get to see you again next time. If you like this video give it a thumbs up you can share it. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out
the other videos on this channel I love making these videos for you and I hope I
get to see you again next time. [ music ]


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