Homemade Sweet Cornbread Recipe

Wow this is really good. Today we’re making cornbread. [ music ] Come on in. Welcome to my home. It is a crazy time of year here it is
absolutely crazy trying to get everything done in time for Thanksgiving and stay out of the way of everything which is going on with Thanksgiving so I’m going to make a sweet corn bread you can use this cornbread for cornbread
stuffing it is a sweet cornbread However, remember that this year I’m going to use
this in place of rolls simply because I want something different we’ve done
rolls we do rules all the time I want something new and different this is
super easy I’m not using a mix or anything because well in mixer was just
used for something else so yeah it like I said this is so easy
all the ingredients are listed down below you can also check the description
for links to the stuff that I use the equipment that I use it is so simple my
oven is preheated at 350 degrees because there’s other things in the oven right
now and my pan is greased alright let’s work with our dry ingredients first we
are going to take cornmeal, flour, baking powder and you can use sea salt or you
can use regular salt I personally like sea salt I’m going to blend all of these
together make sure that it is mixed up as thoroughly as you can get it right
now you don’t have to worry about over mixing it and making it tough we’ll set
that aside now we’re going to get into our wet ingredients and one which isn’t
wet but we count it we’re going to take the eggs break them up and beat them
together now just in case you like me we’re in a rush I would take my butter
and put it into my buttermilk why am i doing it that way in case the butter
hasn’t like completely cooled that way it won’t cook the eggs butter is in the
buttermilk now I’m going to add the eggs the oi,l the honey, which hopefully this
comes out of here because I did spray the container down with a little spray
oil I even added a little bit extra just in case to that mixture I’m also going
to add my sugar now of course the blatantly obvious part
I mean jump all that let’s see if I can do this with just a spatula I’m going to
try to mix this all up now into my greased pan I’m going to dump
my mixture I’m going to take this over to our oven and put it in and bake it
for about 35 to 45 minutes until a cake tester stuck down through the center
comes out clean. our cornbread took about 40 minutes I’m just gonna cut off of
sorry I’ll cut off a fairly good-sized piece you know it’s really awkward angle
to cut this half alright let me give this a taste that is good cornbread that
is really good cornbread Wow I can honestly say wow this came out
better than I even mildly expected it that it would still eating up I’m
cooking up crumbs off the table because it is that good I mean that’s it’s sad
this might not make it to Thanksgiving dinner this I might keep this all for
myself this was really good and I mean really good buy one stress this is sweet
this is really sweet this to me is more like a dessert kind of thing Wow
just honestly Wow now if you make this let me know you can get a hold of me on
most social media at @cmcolemanhome and also if this is your first time here hit
that subscribe button and bring that bell for notification check the
description so that way you can see the items that I used to get some of the
ingredients but make this this is so good I think that you’re going to
absolutely love with us now I hope I get to see you again next time
and take a look at some of these videos I picked out just for you


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