HOQU affiliate app Beta walkthrough

greetings everyone the hockey team is delighted to present to you the fruit of its many exhaustive flavors the beta version of the affiliate application in this video will show you its interface teach you how to create campaigns leads and check for the information about the transactions that have taken place now we see the fully uploaded platform in the etherion blockchain and open the code tab and scroll it down [Music] we now have the visualization of a blockchain registry all the events and all other entities can be found here [Music] next we proceed to the affiliate application here we need to generate work with the private key [Music] once there is done we can get authorization in the system we have the dashboard and here we can change the language into Russian and back to English at will as we wish then we can proceed to the profile tab and fill in all the data required to start work one by one we can fiddle around with the settings and identification tabs to see how it all works there [Music] onwards we proceed to the wallet section where we can create one more wallet by means of meta masses if we need more than one the event log comes next as we click on it once we click on any of the transactions the system will show a pop up window then we go to the network section we can enter any of the available network and see how all the tabs work and what they represent once we made our choice we join the network and peanut after we joined the network we can see that the network we joined has appeared in the menu here we see a list of offers available to us and we can choose the ones you like from there click on more and we get a list of more offers made available at the moment now that we have chosen an offer we click on create campaign and create a campaign for the selected offer this is the campaign section as it is [Music] then we go to the tool section and we can see the full list of instruments made available to us for this campaign now that we have seen the sections we can head to the landings and click on the get link button then we enter the parameters PPC for sub ID 1 and google adwords for sub ID 2 and then we copy the link after the link is copied we open it in the browser and leave the lead now let us wait a while and proceed the leak has now appeared in the lead section once that happens we can click the blockchain Explorer button this gives us the opportunity to see not just the blockchain Explorer but also the Explorer on either scan function once the leap is recorded in the blockchain we can head to the reports section as you can see we have a number of tabs here and we will see what each of them represents finally we head back to the dashboard and see what we have as a result of our actions thank you all for your attention as we hope you enjoyed our introductory video this video was presented to you by Nikita your friendly local community manager take care and see you all very soon


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