HOT WHEELS | Hot Wheels Track | BUILDER SYSTEM Loop Kit Cars and Racing How to Set Up (2019)

TOYS TIME DELIGHT I LOVE YOU MOMMY! This one is White and Red. ( let me see ) See? Awesome, and Red on the Bottom, See? Let’s do it again ok?Let’s make it further than this. Let’s do this one ok? This one does not want it to work. Now this one. (What color is that?) Orange Wow! (what do you think?) This is Gray and Green. These are Smart! Wow! Watch this one! Watch him ok? WOW! Are you Having Fun?I like that yeah. Now what? What do you want
to do next? I’m gonna go get more cars ok? (ok) R-E-D Red Awesome White and Blue and black tires and white in orange
ones what I like He’s like Oh Yea Baby! Wow Blue and White and Red and White again and White and Turquoise right here and
that’s it. Wow (and what color is that?) Hot Wheel You need to find a HOT WHEEL one. (oh) See it says Hotwheel and it was blue and then hello booster
and it flew down here and it’s in its own image and and there was it was black
booster on the back Oh
I did it it’s ready okay you ready (Tha’s too big) No it’s not, See?

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