How and Why Form a Mastermind Group

last week I got an email from a reader
and viewer on the YouTube channel they wanted to know how to form a mastermind
group so that’s what we talked about in this video today I invited my good
friend Rob Atkinson who I’m actually in a mastermind group with to talk with me
about mastermind groups so we’re gonna go into you know the definition of a
mastermind group so if you don’t know what one is yet stay tuned that’s the
first thing we cover and then we get into the pros and cons of mastermind
groups because it’s not always you know a positive situation and we go into the
details of that and how you can avoid it and then we talk about forming a group
whether you form your own group or or find one that’s out there or even join a
paid group i’m doug cunnington and if you’re new to the channel please have a
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my friend Rob how are you today good doing good over here how are you Doug
pretty good like the snow let up a little bit for today and I finished
shovel in the driveway so yeah I’m rushing to do some work today nice we’ve
had sunny skies been like 60 70 s last two weeks so that sounds nice we’re
still deep in winter so it’s all good the days are getting longer though so
it’s good now today we’re here to talk about forming a mastermind group and
we’re gonna go sort of deep in certain areas we’re gonna talk about like what a
mastermind group is if you’re not familiar pros and cons of a mastermind
group and some of the harder things are like how to form your own and some of
the options you may have out there I know you know mastermind groups have
been like integral for my development and growth as an entrepreneur and even
understanding like what I was trying to do and I think Rob you’re in a similar
position right yeah I mean I joined one like three or four years ago and we’ll
talk about it but it’s it’s been huge great now a lot of people may not know
what a mastermind group is I know when I first started learning stuff online I
had no clue so I went to the source that I learned from that’s Pat Flynn of smart
passive income and I’m reading from his website I’ll put a link below but a
mastermind group is a small group of people who regularly meet online or
offline to talk about goals growth and success and provide
support for each other I’ve talked about mastermind groups this is Pat speaking
I’ve talked about mastermind groups on the blog before and just how vital it
has been for his businesses so you know that is one of the inspirational points
where I was like oh I need to form a mastermind group myself and figure out
like how to take advantage of this right so let’s get into the pros and cons now
Rob you have been in a couple groups why don’t you take us through a couple of
the pros here sure so from a high level you know if you’re an aspiring online
entrepreneur or anything like that you’re probably most likely the people
you have been surrounded by from your hometown or whatever
probably majority of the people don’t understand what you’re about what your
motivations are and stuff like that and I think especially early on or any stage
in your entrepreneurial path it can get really really lonely
so just to you know virtually you know hop on this call with you and just chat
with you like this is positive steps you know in the right direction it keeps
reinforcing what we’re doing what we what we believe so that’s probably the
biggest thing first off the second one which is really important is
accountability so I know for me personally like I get
motivated to do things but sometimes you know a couple weeks go by and the same
thing just doesn’t get done so both of us have been in the same group in a
mastermind since I don’t know three or four years ago and if you’ve got serious
people that are into it you put something on and you know you’re gonna
meet up two weeks from now and I tell you Doug that I’m going to do this like
if everyone’s taking it seriously and you show up next meeting and you have to
tell people you didn’t do it yeah it’s gonna kind of motivate you to keep to
not have that happen it’s embarrassing right exactly and if you have the right
you know people in the group you end up with they’re people that’ll be tough on
you not like a boss per se but like it’s like a boss peer kind of thing where
someone could I mean you’re accountable to them to do what you say you are to
have done what you said you were gonna do so yeah very important now one of the
other pros before we move on to the cons and by the way we’re just going to hit
these at a high level there’s many more pros and we’re going to talk about but
the interesting thing and this happened in our mastermind group earlier today so
when you’re facing problem or issue you’re working on
something for a long time you’re very close to it and you lose like
perspective and the context of you know the big picture so you may be working
really hard you have your head down and you can’t figure something out so you
can go to this group with your issues and problems and sometimes it is just
painfully obvious especially when someone points it out and then you’re
like oh I actually knew that and I was going to do that or it may just be a
complete blind spot but we all have blind spots like that and to have people
that like understand what you’re working on and that can tell you from a good
place not a critical place but a helpful place then you could accept that you
know input and you know do something with it
totally agree if you didn’t bring up that point I was gonna talk about it
okay yeah and I mean you got me today Rob and
I was like oh man like that’s the most obvious thing I’ve done the same to you
where it’s just like oh did you ever think of you know point a and point B
and it solved two or three problems like without you having to do extra stuff so
yeah it’s it’s another set of eyes yes they can look at a problem from a new
perspective it’s huge so for cons I actually struggled to like come up with
very many but Rob you did so what what do you have so there are a few I think
if you are in the wrong group when what I mean by that is if you’re surrounded
by people that may be on the surface say they want to do it but deep down really
struggle to take honest and open feedback their ego kind of gets in the
way maybe they’re just generally more flaky you know not all of them work out
you need good people so I would say if you start one and it’s you don’t feel
like there are true benefits and the group’s not working I think it’s more
it’s gonna hurt you more to keep going with it than it is to just break off
until you find that right one great point it’s not really a con it’s
just be careful right and that’s a great point Rob because like I didn’t think
about that but I take great care and we’ll talk about forming a group in a
second I really do a lot of work on the front and to make sure it’s the right
people and I think it’s one of those deals and we’ve heard it over and over
again where you become like the people that you’re you’re around so surround
yourself with good people and if you have people that are
sort of not doing what they say they’re gonna do or they don’t take it seriously
or they show up late to meetings or stuff like that you know it’s going to
be a little contagious and vice versa if you get people who are sort of
stretching they’re doing more or doing interesting stuff and pushing themselves
well then it pulls the whole group up you put a few people together like that
and it really pushes everybody like harder than they would on their own
totally agree yeah and this is again this is more of a
circumstance that could happen sometimes it depends also on the notice or the
skill level but sort of like what the people are kind of good at and what
they’re focusing on so like if everyone is good at SEO and they’re like very
technical minded well you don’t really have that other perspective so you can’t
really choose perfectly who you want but it kind of I want maybe one guy who’s
SEO but thinks about it this way and this guy thinks about it this way I
think that’s where it becomes super powerful yes into that point I was
speaking with some people locally here who are there in a mastermind group and
they formed a podcast hold whole different story but they formed their
groups a little bit differently than than us so we did and we do affiliate
marketing and SEO that’s sort of our orientation however we all have a
different background and a different skillset that we could bring to the
table and help each other in that way this group has like you know an artist a
marketing executive type person an entrepreneur and some other thing it’s
completely unrelated and they formed a group but they’ve been meeting for a
long time and they like that they like the very diverse backgrounds that
everyone has so for me I was like I wouldn’t think it would work right
because I would come with a problem and they would be asking like super basic
questions that don’t make sense where you know the way they work on their
group and bring a problem and they have to you know provide the right context
when I start thinking about it I’m like if I bring an SEO problem to someone who
doesn’t know SEO well I mean they can’t help you right they have to make sure
it’s the right context of a problem so they could come in with very broad ideas
but nothing like strategic and very specific so have you heard of any people
that have a structure like that no I haven’t but I think it just speaks to
like you can have multiple groups and you can have more of your
broad-stroke group you can have more of your SEO within the SEO you can have
different talents and backgrounds so you mix and match you find kind of what
works for you and I think just be careful is what I’m saying yeah yes
I’m assuming we’ve probably convinced a few people that mastermind groups are a
good thing and they want to be in a mastermind group so where do you find a
group and I’ll start us off and this this is hard right because you hear
about mastermind groups and you’re like well how do I join ones and that’s the
thing like if you hear about me or Rob talking about our mastermind group it’s
closed right it’s a small set of people that are meeting and we’ve known each
other for years we’ve vetted you know each other over time it’s you’re
probably not gonna be able to get into our group you’d have to have like a lot
of credentials to come in right like we wouldn’t just let anybody to come in so
it’s super rare to find an opening but it could potentially happen and in fact
multiple times with you and I Rob you know we were like oh you know what like
it’d be great to have another mind in here you know anybody and we’ll like go
back and forth for a couple months maybe you know figure out if we want to add
someone to the mix or not and then go from there and you know we have maybe
like once a year we’ve added a new person and there’s some churn you know
sometimes people leave a group or something so anything to add about
finding an opening or an existing group I think just continue trying to connect
for example you know with people that you follow and peers and just kind of
being active in your community get your name out there and you know you’ll start
to form people on Facebook that you chat with or that you have in Skype and just
you know you can initiate and be that person that kind of rounds the troops
together and can kind of find out if there’s a group of people you want to
join together with exactly and actually like you’re sort of even diving into the
next way that I think is probably one of the best ways to get into a group and
that’s like networking and forming your own so I know you’re actually a pretty
skilled network or Rob you’re gonna tell us yeah you are
you’re great what do you think about this forming your own group kind of
style I think going back to when I first started I think trying to get someone
people like like you said you have to have some
credentials depending on the group of people that you’re joining so if you’re
new right to the internet marketing space or whatever you’re going into just
try to add value as much as you can try to show that maybe you don’t have as
much success in what you’re doing but you have so many other skills I don’t
know like when we joined there was someone in our group we won’t name who
this was but I was making a little bit of money with the online stuff and if
you remember he was making kind of some really good money yeah and I think just
the fact that you guys are all together on this same path it’s something in
common so find ways to add value just connect with as many people as you can
help where you can even if it’s maybe you don’t necessarily know as much as
them right and I think you know that there’s balance with that you know from
my perspective like you weren’t making too much money at that point you were
good for Chiangmai or whatever you could while I wasn’t there yet yeah yeah it
was good for Chiangmai but you weren’t there yet so we could put links in some
of the like dramatic history Rob was going through it so the thing is like
your revenue was a little lower mine was sort of in the medium range I
had just gotten some sites penalized you were kind of in the same boat we were
trying to recover the other person was further ahead but you know the
interesting thing is we all had a different like skill set so I was like
hey I’m good with like organizational stuff and you know project management
and I could help you scale I can you know it’s literally I know how to do I
can hire people and get them to do stuff Rob like you had plenty of experience
and you would you just got caught up in different areas and you were hungry
right there’s something where it’s like this guy can fail you know there was no
alternative like you were gonna make it work or you weren’t gonna be doing
internet marketing right so that’s a really good point
I think cuz I try to remember back to like what skills I had I don’t think
they were there but I think people really resonate with hustle and like a
willingness to succeed no matter what so if you’re serious people will take you
serious right and it’s always good and by the way I
know a lot of people may think hey I have that hustle and
I’ll work hard and blah blah blah you came in with proof that you knew what
you were doing as well so I want to point that out like you had multiple
sites so we’re making like really good money and you just got caught up like
any good SEO you got a site penalized here or there you have some issues you
know it’s it’s all part of the rite of passage I think if you have results that
you could bring in show and share like that’s time it can that can get you in
the door even if you are at a place where you don’t have that like currently
earning that’s a really good point just to have some results that you’re really
really taking action if you’re just saying you’re doing stuff and then you
tell people well I don’t really have anything that’s not gonna be very good
right basically yeah if you don’t have any
results like it’s all execution right like the ideas are pretty easy you know
it’s all like following through and executing on it so on that we can move
into the next one which is like actually I guess it’s all networking and forming
your own group so we talked about the networking which is the front end and
I’m gonna tell you about how I started my first group and got into a group so I
found smart passive income in early 2013 like April timeframe or so and it was
right around the time that the niche site duel 2.0 was coming out it was sort
of like a forum and Pat Flynn was trying to get all these people jazzed up about
niche sites and all that stuff if people don’t know Pat Flynn got started with
niche sites and did like gray hat SEO just like we got started so you know
he’s doing different things now but I just want to make sure people know like
it’s a good it’s a good path to start it with niche site so getting back to the
story I was like hey I want to get into a mastermind group and you know what
there’s this forum here so I put it in a post and I just said hey I’m thinking of
having a forum at sort of like this you know Pat talks about mastermind groups
I’m starting a site and I wanted to look sort of like this if you’re interested
just send me a private message and and we’ll work on it now do you remember
that niche site duel 2.0 by chance Rob this was this was before I really knew
what was going on so now okay I know what it is I’ve looked back after but
yeah I didn’t know at the time okay just just curious so and by the way in
people let me know let us know if you remember that niche site duel 2.0 is
interested to see like who got started around that time so anyway I put out the
call and a bunch of people said yeah I’m interested probably a dozen or so and
then when I followed up I was like hey tell me a little bit about yourself and
you know based on that you know some people just didn’t reply
probably like 25-30 percent didn’t reply not serious a few others did and I
basically like pulled him on to a Skype call and talked to him and just you know
maybe only five or ten minutes but I just talked to him to see like what they
were working on what they were interested and I kind of got a feel for
like just how they spoke to me and like the ideas that they were working on and
pulled together a group of six people all over the world it was it was pretty
interesting we had a couple people that were making like one or two dollars a
day they were like rock stars to me funny
enough and I was like oh man this guy’s so advanced I remember telling my wife
Elizabeth that there’s like this guy and he he has like three or four sites and
yeah he’s like totally doing he’s making like 250 most days two dollars and fifty
cents in those days so I was just like blown away so fast forward we had a
couple meetings people showed up for a few of them a couple people dropped off
and within six weeks the group of evaporated so I had already launched
like I site by then things were starting to step up and like it turned out of the
group of six like no one followed through except for me and I like outgrew
all them within like six weeks or something like that which is kind of
crazy but then it just goes to show this is like getting into like the lifespan
of a mastermind group and stuff but there may come a point depending on
who’s in it and like what the goal is of the group you know maybe it’s just eight
weeks and then you do a bunch of work together and then you finish up and then
you move on that’s kind of what this one turned out to be and yeah like people
just flaked out it was kind of weird so I did form the reason why I tell that
story is I formed the group myself I learned a lot you know I let some people
in that probably I shouldn’t have that it sounded like they were hungry but
really they were just dabblers and they weren’t serious
any thoughts on that Rob I don’t know if I’ve told you that whole story just like
that before no I never knew that the only thing I would say is you know
it’s probably very similar to dating I guess I mean you can have like an 8-week
relationship it could be good you can learn a lot it’s gonna set you up for
the next one you know we’ve been in a mastermind together for three or four
years and we’re going steady so like yeah I think what we talked about before
is like it really comes down to the strength of the people in your
mastermind that’s going to be the ultimate success level of it and you
know at the end of the day if you just had one for eight weeks but you learned
that’s a success – yep and like you know similar to that I like that analogy
we’ll have to play that out you know how we could take it to the next level
seriously though I think it’s kind of like a job also like some people view a
job where it’s like you know what I’m gonna work for this company for a long
time I want to go through like this whole corporate hierarchy which of
course you and I had rejected that kind of stuff Rob but there’s another set of
people who are like you know what I’m gonna work in this job for like until I
stop learning and then I’m out like I I will take the skill set and you know go
on to the next job now earlier in my career I thought those people were just
bouncing around looking for more money which is a nice side effect of doing
that but in reality they were like not everyone but some people were like going
to a company where they could work under someone have a mentor in the company and
then they would be able to leave when they learned what they wanted and then
have like a nice network building their network to move around you could
technically form mastermind groups like that where you’re like hey I want to be
in a mastermind group for X amount of time and I want to work on this project
it’s less of a commitment for people to rather than like an ongoing thing you
know right and also people’s goals change right so like a year after you
joined maybe this guy who was doing SEO wants to do something else and maybe
that just doesn’t make it work anymore so yep exactly so and the last option
we’ll kind of talk about here is like sort of a placement service or a like a
paid mastermind so on the placement service I actually with other people
that I used to be mastermind with we tried to form like a
forum style like mastermind placement service thing and we just kind of lost
steam with it it was an interesting concept we actually had a few people
that a few dozen people that like join the forum but we just never got much
traction on it and didn’t spend time on it but I know like the tropical mba the
podcast and I guess blog I think they have a paid like placement service sort
of situation and I mean I think the benefit on that is if you could find one
that has been around it has like you know some I guess case studies where
they can show you that they actually have a pool of people that can match you
up with you can be matched up with people that you wouldn’t normally meet
that are at the right level so you know the second part of that is there are
some groups that are you know high-end paid masterminds now I’ve looked at one
before it’s sort of it never took off and this was an expensive one right it
would be you know potentially ten to twelve thousand dollars and a couple you
know in-person live sessions and it would be you know vetted people right
that’s the advantage the only reason I would pay that amount of money is
because everyone sitting at the table with you is it the same business level
as you they all paid the same amount of money and you could assume that if you
were interviewed and vetted they were – and they’re not jerks right you don’t
you don’t want to be in a group where people are are like not cool so that’s
the advantage of doing that and I think the biggest thing like from my
perspective is everyone at the table is taking like their business so seriously
or whatever you’re working on so seriously it they’ll invest that money
and they are serious about it so Rob I know before we started you said you
hadn’t been in a group like this but any you know thoughts and the observations
you know anyone who has done something like that I don’t but for all the
reasons you talked about you know people paying they’re serious it kind of
reminds me not exactly masterminds but paying for
coaching right I mean you’re getting one-on-one feedback from someone the
organic works but yeah for those high-end like paid masterminds a lot of
times if you see you the guru types although most of those
people wouldn’t call themself gurus but like Tony Robbins or a Tim Ferriss or
you know lycra meets 80 they have like some higher-end like programs that you
can go to and a lot of times those they may have a component of like one-on-one
coaching they may have a component of in-person like weekend or you know
multi-day like sessions like a mini conference where instead of you know
hundreds of people or thousands of people it’s like four and you know
you’re in a mastermind group with those people and you meet on a regular basis
the paid you know the paid groups are completely flexible right like they
could do whatever the organizer wants to do so there may be none of that
maybe all in-person sessions you never know but keep your eye out for those and
those are typically like I said pretty high-end so do you ever worry because I
think a concern of mine with like those is you’re paying the money and you’ve
got to make sure that the person setting up their heart and motivations are in
the right place do you ever get scared off by by the high price tag well I’ve
only considered it with like one one person and you know I’ve taken another
one of his courses and I generally trust him you know a lot of my business that
I’ve created and stuff that I’ve learned about marketing and copywriting and
stuff is from that person so there’s a high level of trust now you know the
tough part with these is like there’s no like refund you know courses there’s a
refund policy typically quite generous and flexible refund policy but with an
in person mastermind like you booked a spot and you like you start paying high
amounts of money right away or pay it like in full right away so I mean you’re
in you’re in unless there’s some sort of like hardship thing and you’re able to
convince them to get your money back but I mean in most cases it’s just like you
have to have a high level of trust so that makes sense I guess if you’re
following someone for that long you know I guess the point would be don’t just
find something online that says mastermind and
jump in you probably want to have a good rapport or at least understanding of who
this person is yeah definitely for sure so in the next session we’re gonna talk
about how to actually run a meeting so you know we’ll assume you’ve formed a
group and by the way you only need one other person to form a group so you only
need one other person to meet with you and talk through stuff and in fact I’ve
had a group where there’s just one other person we had three originally but one
person dropped off and now you know that’s just two people so yep me too all
right cool well looking forward to it Rob and
I’ll put a link so you can see how we run our meetings and then you can get
some other suggestions on you know how to improve your meetings and stuff like
that so thanks for I appreciate it thanks for having me Doug thanks for
watching this video and let me know if you’re in a mastermind group just let us
know in the comments below potentially if you want to join up with some other
people maybe you could find a connection down in the comments so thanks for
watching definitely check out more stuff on the channel if you like this and
don’t miss the next episode where we go into Rob and I talk again we talk about
the agenda that you can set for your mastermind groups you


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