How Aquaman Should Have Ended

This episode is sponsored by honey. Check the link in the description for details Do you think this helmet makes me look
stupid? No. *snicker* You Hehe You look totally awesome. The sea is alive… with the sound of Your Death!!!! Holy Crap! Oh my dearest, whom I love with all my
heart! now that I had destroyed your house I must go back and marry the man I
originally ran away from to make more babies because reasons or maybe you could just… not do that You mean stay? Yeah I mean it took them like what two years to finally find us here. We could just move inland and they’d probably never find us. Oh! Okay! Yeah let’s do that! This is a trident! Don’t count the points… It’s… it’s a trident! And you’re going to learn how to use it! Until you do.. Your name is, Shark Bait! Shark Bait Ooo Ha Ha! Help him! He’s trapped! You can’t leave him like this! I’m not leaving anyone! I’m taking you to jail! Woooooo! I’m very disappointed in you, son. I’m gonna need that knife back. Arthur! You are being tried for being our mother’s first born… and not caring about our fish ways. What say you? I said, What say you?! I say here fishy fishy fishy! What the? Ah! Oh my gosh! There’s too many of them! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! What is this place? It’s the ring of fire, Shark Bait! Shark Bait Ooo Ha Ha! Hold on! I’m gonna crash us in the lava! There. Now they’ll think we’re dead. Quick! Hide in this whale! Oh man! They crashed in the lava! They must be dead! Well did somebody check the tracking device? Oh yeah! Hey it says they’re inside that whale right now. Freeze, Sucka! Awe Man! I’m just a dude trying to do what’s right. and if that’s not good enough Then screw you! If you can take the trident from Atlan’s grip… then you shall be worthy of.. Don’t worry. I got this. What the?! Because I’m Batman! Hey hey, Chase! What’s up? Been a long time! No! No! No! No! No! I do not accept this! Well you kept telling that squid monster thing how much you were a nobody… So I figured… I’ll just take it. You stole my victory, Bruce! Hey. What’s up? I’m Batman. You wanna know my secret identity? Uh… is it Bruce? Oh. You heard him say that, did you? This is outrageous! You can not wield the trident! Oh yes I can! Did you not hear me at the waterfall? Why are you wearing those clothes? Did you take them off of a dead person? Well he obviously didn’t need them anymore. Isn’t that like grave robbing? Oh so if i do it, it’s rude. But if aquaman does it… It’s totally cool. Yeah! Just give me back my trident. The Ocean Master must be stopped! What for? Superman can handle it. Yeah I got this! No worries. Atlantis! Arise! Your helmet is stupid! I knew it! See? Justice League bro! Yeah I thought we started something here. You can’t just be going rogue on us now! Yeah. Where’s Diana? Where’s Flash? Where’s Cyborg? Uh.. I don’t know. Having their own adventures. Look I’m not going rogue! I’m having my own origin story. That also takes place after our team up story. Nobody wants that! Justice League, Man! Hey Hey Aquaman! Nice one! You must be so proud! Se what I mean? They’re devastated! Could it be that maybe you guys are just a teeny bit jealous? Whaaaat? No!
What! We’re not Jealous! What would we ever have to be jealous about? That everyone expected Aquaman to be lame! And I made it look Epic! And Exciting! No! That’s not..
That’s great! Or is it that I single handedly made over a billion dollars? No! A Billion Dollars!
Congratulations. So happy for you. Oh I know what it is. There’s really no need to explore this. It’s because both my parents… Are still alive. *gasp* How dare you! And their name’s aren’t Martha. Whoooooooo! Ooooh It’s True!
Oh it hurts! It’s true! Why would you say that? I lost both my dads! We both don’t have our parents! I still have a mom! Kind of. But Aquaman has both of them! AaAAAAAAAGH! It’s so not fair! Yeah! Permission to come aboard? AAGH! Too sexy! EEGH Too Sexy! AAAGHAAA Too Sexy!


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