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– Being an entrepreneur is hard, especially when you’re getting started and you’re truly responsible for doing just about everything yourself. There’s always something you need to do and you can just feel buried by the amount of work that piles up. So, let me help lighten that load for you and help you to get more done in the same amount of time by batching. Hey, this is LeahRae
from Welcome to our channel. We are here to help you,
the online entrepreneur, create the time freedom that you and your family truly deserve. So, we’re super excited to have you here. So how do you get more done in less time? Well, a very effective method
that you may have heard of from super successful
and productive people, is called batching. What is batching? Batching is when instead of
doing one thing at a time as it comes up, you wait
until you reach critical mass and you do it all together. Just think about doing laundry. This is an analogy that I
heard once from Tim Ferriss. You wouldn’t waste the
time, the water, the soap, to do laundry as soon as you
had one dirty sock, right? You wouldn’t wash that
one single sock at a time, especially if you had kids. I mean, seriously, you’d have
no time for anything else, you’d be doing laundry 24/7. So instead, you wait until you reach, you know, critical mass. For you, that may be when you have a full load worth of dirty laundry to do. Or maybe, if you’re like me, you might end up waiting
until your kids complain that they don’t have
anymore clean underwear and then you batch it all,
you get it all done at once. Why does this work? Well, because the amount of time and resources that you use
for doing a lot at once, is much less than it would be required for doing it all
individually as it comes up. One of the big reasons
that very successful high performing people
batch their activities, is really the amount of
time that our brains waste whenever we are switching
between different tasks. It’s been estimated that
shifting between tasks, like multitasking, responding to emails or
notifications as they come up, that can cause up to 40%
of your productive time. So if you leverage batching and you simply turn off anything else that can distract you from focusing on just the one task at a time, you’ll be able to get
more done in less time. And as a busy mom juggling business, I don’t know about you but getting a little more time
back is always a blessing. Now, there are many different ways that batching can be done. Here’s four different examples that I know high performing
people are currently using. Number one: You can block time within
each day for batching. Say from 8:00 a.m. to lunch time, you’re only doing content creation. Then after lunch, you can do administrative
tasks for an hour. And then you take phone
meetings, call leads, or whatever else in the afternoon. Number two: You can block out entire days of the week for certain activities. Now, for me, this actually
has worked really well. Mondays and Tuesdays are
all about creating content. Then I have days that are more
about business housekeeping, client acquisition, et cetera. Number three: Some people even block out
a week or two per quarter for certain activities. So, I know folks who
will take a couple weeks and crank out all of the content that they’re gonna be
publishing for the next quarter. So that’s an option as well. Number four: You can even batch your
activities for the entire year. I’ve actually heard of
folks actively batching all of their travel for the entire year so they can truly unplug and fully unwind. Now, personally, I’ll share
with you four activities that I found very helpful
to batch in our business. Number one: Content Creation. Blog posts or videos, getting your head in that creative zone where you’re creating content, you can just keep cranking it
out and it really works well. I like to do all of my video
prep and scripts together as a batch and then I shoot all of the
videos together as a batch for the entire week or even two weeks. Now, this allows me to shut
off all other distractions and keep my creative juices flowing. I find it much easier to crank
out the outlines or scripts for several videos at once then to do them onsey-twosey
throughout the week. Number two: Administrative Tasks. Limiting responding to
email to once a day. Or even dealing with accounting during a block of time each week. This allows me to still
get that stuff done ’cause it is important. You gotta do it. But, I’m able to protect more of my time for income producing activities. Number three: Coaching. I had batched all of
my personal coaching clients. Those sessions I keep them
in a certain block of time, one or two days a week so
that I can keep my head in that train of thought and it allows me to
better serve my clients. Number four: This is important and probably
pretty hard for most people but social media, limiting myself to once
or even twice a day just to check on my different communities and the accounts that
I have on social media allows me to not beyond social
media the rest of the day. It allows me to focus on
those core activities, those income producing activities throughout the rest of my day and even in the evening,
when it’s family time, I’m totally off social media and solely focused on the family. Now there really isn’t a specific formula that you need to follow to figure out how to batch
in your specific business. I’d simply start out
with these suggestions. Take a look at how I’m doing it and try to apply that to your
business and then test it. See how it works for you, adjust and test, until you find something that really works well
for you and your business so that you can really truly
maximize your productivity. Now you should have a video in the upper right corner of your screen. This video is what you should watch next. If you’re on mobile and
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