How Can I Make Money With An Online Affiliate Opportunity

hi guys Manuel here from empowerment
team dog and today I want to answer a How Can I Make Money With An Online Affiliate Opportunity? question I’m actually gonna use my
little trendy little drawing tool so I’ve never used this before so bear with
me if it’s a little bit off but people have been asking me when I could join a
system when I joined this online system that you’re promoting what do I have to
do what do I do next how do I make money from this so I’m gonna just break it
down as basically as I can because I like to make things nice and simple
you know I could very easily complicate this tell you about all these intricate
funnels and things you’ve got to build but I’m just gonna give you the basics
I’m gonna tell you the very basics what you need to do
I mean I’ll talk to you about things like coaches and stuff like that and
they will go into the in-depth stuff you know so don’t don’t be too overwhelmed
at this sort of stuff you know there’s people here this stuff it is kind of
techy stuff and then they start to think to themselves you know it’s not for me
so I’m trying to break it down try make it as simple as possible
alright so let’s get my little drawing tool so bear with me if I go a little
bit wrong alright so just imagine right there you have got here yeah we have a
system smudging this here is the system let’s just put that in there so we know
what we’re talking about yeah this is the system in this case it’s called mode
but it could be anything yeah why I’m promoting is called MOBA
could be any system that’s the system and it’s it’s what we call a top tier
system that means it plays commissions of over a thousand dollars over 1,000
plus dollars yeah place it’s commissions of over a thousand plus dollars so
that’s the type of system I advise people to get into as an affiliate
marketer so that you get these types of big commissions it will help you to you
know get out the rat-race get to your financial dreams so this is
the system and what the system does it’s the system a couple of rows here do I’m
not the system this can be a bit funny actually this is you look you know smart
is what pays you the box what pays you the money yeah so what’s your job then
your job is and this system is gonna teach you how to do all of this but your
basic job is this is to not highlight is to get what we call and we call is to
get what we call traffic or leads to the system yeah so you get them either viral
video or maybe you’ve spoken to them somehow but usually like there’s a sales
video that the company like for example Mobe has a sales video that you can use
and you know they’ll give you everything they’ll give you everything you need so
you send these traffic these leads to this video I’ll leave a link below this
video here so you can see what the sales video looks like so this is exactly what
you would be doing you’d be sending leads to this video that’s below this
this video here and it takes them over to the system it tells them about it and
then they can apply for it and then they can get in yeah and then you know all
the other stuffs done for you but so where’d you get this traffic all this
leads from you get that from various places I’ll just give you a few you can
from Facebook again free or paid ads you can get it from YouTube same again free
or paid that’s you can get it from let How Can I Make Money With An Online Affiliate Opportunity? me just give you a couple more from
forum mark in or you can get it saved silhouettes now these leads again you
can pay for them you mean when you first get started I advise you to pay for them
because you know they might cost you say forty fifty dollars to pay for them but
then potentially we’re looking here you can make a thousand plus dollars on the
cell and once you get that person that traffic the lead to the video to to
system then they take over that’s really your job because now they take over and
so what do they do now they do everything else let’s just cover this
for a second yeah so they have coaches they speak to your leads the educate
you’ll need to take your your leads for a system of steps they also have a sales
team they try to give your your lead the value shows the show them the value of
buying the system are buying higher price in in the system and if they do do
that you make a commission you make you make higher and higher prices well so
they did I do all the other training I do webinars for example they do videos
they do emails so they’re doing all this value building for you and your job is
this is finding a way to get traffic and getting that traffic or those leads to
the system to the video system and again that’s another thing they teach you they
teach you how to get traffic that’s all looked after the coaches will talk you
through that that’s what these system steps are about the 17 steps so they’ll
teach you how you get you go out there and get traffic how you
use things like Facebook YouTube you know and if you get in with the right
sponsor I mean whoever whatever system you’re
using I mean if you do get in with me then I give bonuses I help people do
that but do the traffic bit I actually help them actually give them the traffic
as you know to actually help them get them going get them that first cell
because as soon as you get that so you believe and then you the chances of you
getting higher-self thousand two thousand five thousand dollars that’s
all out of your hands but you’ll see it you’ll see like as you’re getting more
more traffic into the system you’ll see one day you’ll look in your inbox and
you’ll see a cell for a thousand dollars for me I’ve had a six thousand dollar
day do you know I just I opened my email and I saw you know you’ve made a
commission of six thousand dollars it’s amazing day and I didn’t do anything for
that the coaches and the salespeople done all that for me I just done the
first job which is this because that’s your job you get the leads you get the
traffic you get it over to the system all right listen I hope that made sense
that made sense if you want to see an example of one of the videos that I
would promote I would send somebody to promote I’ll leave a link below this
video like I said you know this would be the video you could send someone to and
if you’re interested in joining yourself you watch the video underneath the video
or say something like apply now and then you apply to get into the system
yourself so yeah I fully endorse this I fully recommend this because all it
means is rather than you having to learn all of this stuff how to do webinars how
to do videos how to write engaging emails how to be a salesperson how to be
a coach all of this stuff rather than you having to learn all of that before
you make any money you can do this bit just learn the traffic bit learn the bit
about how to move people from one from this to the video you know show them the
value of that and then that’s it the rest you leave you just you just show
them to the front door and you leave the system whatever your system is in this
case it’s mug to do the work for you alright listen I hope that makes sense
if you do have any questions at all just leave it in the comments below and I’ll
and I’ll answer your questions or you can return you
send me an email to info at empowerment team dog and I will personally answer
any questions that you have alright thanks for bearing with me with
this drawing tool I think I didn’t do too bad a job apart from that little man
I tried to draw but I think I think I’ve got all over the rest all right once
again thanks for listening till next time take care and speak again soon
hopefully I’ll see you in on the inside go down watch the video if it’s for you
join and we’ll be talking to each other and working with each other again soon
all the best How Can I Make Money With An Online Affiliate Opportunity? take care

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