How Did Tai Lopez Get Rich? (hint, its called affiliate marketing)

Here in my garage with my Lamborghini.
I don’t know if you guys know who Tai Lopez is. But he’s a huge social media
marketer and I’ve always wondered how did he get rich? Now, I did a bit of
research I did a bit of deep diving. And in this video, I’m going to actually expose
how Tai Lopez got rich. And I have a timeline of exactly the key points in
his story. You won’t find this anywhere on the Internet.
Stay tuned and I’ll outline everything right here. Cool. So, Tai Lopez has burst on to the
online education scene. He’s one of the biggest influencers around right now in
terms of teaching people how to make money. Some people call him a scam, some
people call him a con artist. I’ve shook his hand once. But I don’t
really know too much about his story. So, I took it upon myself to do some
research and figure out what’s true about this guy what’s not so I could
figure out the ins and outs of this situation. So, what I found out is Tai
Lopez is 41 years old. He was born in 1978. Somewhere I think on the the East
Coast area. Now, Tai Lopez graduated college in year 2000. And what he ended
up doing was he actually went on to become a financial advisor. Now, I think
he does claim in some videos he didn’t graduate college. Friends of his say he
did graduate college. I’m going to go with the friends of his on this one. And also
the fact is he was a financial advisor which requires you to get your CFP
license you have to have graduated college. So, we’re just going to say, “He
graduated college.” But he became a financial advisor then. So, Tai was a
financial advisor for a number of years. He actually worked in corporate America
for GE Capital for about 7 or 8 years until he started catching the bug.
Now, I caught the bug. And the bug is wanting to start an internet business.
The bug is wanting to leave behind this corporate world which is inhumane
and it just help this lead a life of being brainwashed
slaves. I totally understand we’re Tai is coming from on this one. Nobody wants to
work a corporate job for the rest of your life.
You aren’t going to make big money, you aren’t going to be satisfied. You aren’t
going to have control over your time or your freedom. So, in 2007 he started
creating internet business. So, Tai Lopez actually did affiliate marketing. So, he
was doing dating sites. He was doing what’s called white labeled dating sites.
And that means you are putting up a dating site using somebody else’s
software essentially you are a dating affiliate. You have your own domain and
you can use your own logo but it is part of a broader, bigger dating site network.
Now, this is actually pretty good. This is pretty smart of him to have started an
internet business in 2007. That was pretty early on for most people getting
on to the Internet. You know, I started in 2012. You know, a lot of people will say, “I
started an internet business early before it was cool.” He started an
internet business back in 2007 and I suspect and from what sources I could
find, he did reasonably well. So, here we see on the consumer affairs website.
Elite Global Dating. It’s based in Beverly Hills California where Tai
Lopez’s base. And what you’ll see is the reviews aren’t too positive based on 6
reviews. The average review is 1. And the tagline of it is romance for the
successful and attractive. So very much in line with kind of like this
ideal imagery that’s celebrity that he tries to create in in what he does. The
charges for it is you know 149 pounds probably about $200 to sign up for this
site for 6 months. From what it see, seems like they didn’t allow people to
cancel their subscription and they didn’t pay any refunds. This person is
saying, “It is a total scam avoid at all costs.” Pretty interesting stuff but, you
know, it sounds like he was pretty new to business and wasn’t able to do this. And
keep in mind at this time in life, he is 29 years old. So, I’m actually assuming
some people assume that he made his money just by being big on the internet.
I actually believe Tai Lopez made his money when in between this period of
when he became very big on the Internet. Now, you’ll see in 2015 he came out with
his now infamous commercial “Here in my garage.” If you recall that commercial.
“Here in my garage with my Lamborghini, I don’t care about material things though.
I care about knowledge. And hey, if you buy my course, I’ll teach you how to have
a wealthy mindset.” There’s something along those lines so in 2015m he’s 37
years old, And this is when he became famous okay? In 2017, his trajectory
continued and he hit 1 million YouTube subs. And in 2019, it’s today, he’s you
know, 1.3 million YouTube subs. And you know, he’s running his business. He has a
very good business and he comes out with a lot of marketing stuff and I know he’s
influencing a lot of people. Now, if you want my opinion on everything, as I said
before I believe Tai became rich between 2007 and 2015. A lot of people say that
Tai Lopez is a total scam and what he’s teaching is false. His methods to success
that he never actually had any success until he released this commercial about
him being in his garage with his rented Lamborghini. You know, I understand how a
lot of people want to believe that he didn’t just become wealthy. And I think a
lot of people are actually stuck in victim mindset. I believe a lot of people
want to find reasons for why somebody didn’t just make their own wealth and
they weren’t a self-made wealthy person. Especially somebody comes off as
douchy as Tai Lopes. But the reality is and what I’m pretty sure about is
based on the volume of complaints about his dating site, I’m assuming he had a
lot of customers. And looks like you know, people were paying 150 dollars every 6
months or 300 dollars a year. I’m assuming this guy made a
ton of cash running his dating sites. I’m not sure if it made him a millionaire or
a multi-millionaire. But I’m assuming it afforded him a very good lifestyle
in these years in his 30’s. So, I believe he became rich before he became famous.
And essentially he became rich as running dating websites as a white label
dating affiliate. Is Tai Lopez a scam? Maybe leaves to be the question to be
asked. Well, obviously you know, people who were subscribers to his dating web site
think that it’s kind of a scam. You know, he wasn’t offered, he wasn’t honoring
their refund policy, wasn’t canceling people’s auto subscriptions. But that
being said, I think most people are referring, you know, I’m not going to comment
on things that I don’t know fully about. All I know is there’s a lot of
complaints. But what I can’t comment about is you know, that he sells
educational material about improving your mindset to become successful, to
become wealthy. And I believe he’s got it in it. He’s got it. And he’s figured it
out in terms of a mindset perspective. So I don’t believe he’s a scam when it
comes to business advice. I believe he’s actually a pretty smart guy. He’s a
marketer just like the rest of us. And he may have had a stint where he got a
little bit too aggressive on marketing which is obviously not good. But I’ll
leave everybody to decide their own judgments. Somewhere in here, he claims to
have been Amish. I have no idea about that.
But if you have any insights into this or if this video was helpful for you in
any ways or if you have like totally opposite thoughts from me, let me know in
the comments below. I’d love to see what your thoughts are on this in the
comments. I tried to dissect and research everything as much as I could. But
please, interaction in the comments. Let me know your thoughts. Is Tai Lopez a
scam or is Tai Lopez legit and helpful? Let me know in the comments. Also if
you’re interested in seeing how I make money online because I actually do
affiliate marketing. That’s what I do for a living and I’m multi millionaire at
this point as well. You can subscribe to my channel and check out
some of my other trainings. I do have trainings on how to be an affiliate
marketer and all that stuff. You can find free courses and information on my
YouTube channel. Looking forward to seeing the interaction in the comments
on this one. It’s kind of a controversial subject but excited to see it. Have a
good one and maybe see in another video.


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