How do I set up an IAM user and sign in to the AWS Management Console using IAM credentials?

hello I’m Artie a cloud Support Engineer here at the AWS office in Northern Virginia sometimes customer asked me how to create an ion user and how to access AWS management console using ion credentials I tell them the process is straightforward and quick let’s see how to create an ion user and manage I am grading shields as well as ion policies for an ion user to create an ion user go to slash console sign in to the console at this tape you have to enter the root credentials and the password that you have set up for the root account at this step if you have an Wi-Fi enabled please enter the MFA code type I am identity and access management service from the left corner choose users choose add users enter the new ion username as test I am user or another name that’s meaningful for you select the access type you can choose programmatic access for users planning to access the AWS API CLI SDK and other development tools you can also choose AWS management console access if you select this option make sure you choose the console password let’s say for this demo we are choosing a custom password for this user this step allows you for the user to reset the password for the next sign in click Next on permissions at this step you have three options choose our users to group if you want to add these ion users to an ion group select copy permissions from existing user to replicate the permissions of an existing ion user you can choose attach existing policies directly for attaching AWS manage or customer managed policies at this stage you can also choose create policy to create a new policy for now let’s say you’re selecting AWS manage policy for this demo I will select the administrator access policy for this user if this is your first time creating an AWS account all you are using root credentials to manage AWS account as a general practice we recommend root users to create an ion user with the administrative privileges you can achieve it using these steps click on next review to review the details and permissions we set for this user click on create users at this stage you can download ion user credentials for programmatic access by choosing download CSV option this file contains the ion user access key and secret key this is the last time these users security credentials will be available for download you can manage and recreate these credentials at any time choose close at bottom right corner of the window you have successfully created an ion users now we will see how to sign in as an ion user now let’s see how to sign in using I am username and credentials we’ve just set go to ion console on this page you will see an ion user sign in link as this copy this link and open a new browser window use this link to sign in as an ion user enter the password that we have just set for this ion user you have successfully logged in as an IM user as you can see on the right corner of the window you can see the ion username we have just created now let’s go back to the root user if you come across this window while signing to the root account use the small link provided on the screen you now you’re signed in as a root account let’s see how we can manage password for the IM user we’ve just created go to the iron console click on users select the user and choose security credentials this console gives you option to manage the password for the user on the permissions tab you will see the permissions that we have set for this particular user now let’s see how you can add AWS manage permissions for an existing iron user select the I am user go into permissions as of now the policy that is attached is administrator access you can detach the policy by clicking detach policy to add permissions click on add permissions this is open up the similar window as you had seen before click on attach existing policies you can select AWS manage malla seize all customer manage policies let’s say we want to change the access type for this particular user from administrator access to read-only access let’s review the policy document before we set this permission for this user this document has details of the policy select review and now we have changed successfully changed the access type of testin user from administrative access to read-only access thanks for watching this video and happy cloud computing from all of us here at AWS you


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