How I Did $1050 in Affiliate Commissions in 1 WEEK from 1 OFFER while Sleeping

hey what’s up everyone okay I’m gonna
put this on youtube so if you’re watching on YouTube subscribe please I’m
begging you I need the subscribers I need them and if you are I’m joking if
you’re watching this on livestream well the replay has to replay I love
seeing when you guys hashtag replay like I I appreciate you
so much I appreciate the group so much but don’t you like hate Facebook
sometimes it’s like notification like freaking waste of your life but when I
see the replay comments I’m like that’s really meaningful because I know that
you are watching the video and consuming the information and then hopefully
taking action so gosh I’m like doing my makeup right now you guys cuz I am going
to maybe go to this car show in Beverly Hills like my friend was like it would
be good for your blog I’m like oh my god you’re so sweet thanks for thinking of
me and I think a pool party so I’m like you guys want to see this is this is
what I do this is what I do this is my stage makeup
hold on I’m like looking in here but I got to look in the mirror but so funny I
want to do I want to start doing like funny makeup tutorial it’s like this is
a the makeup tutorial for the day but I literally freaking do like wore masks on
my face you got a contour kylie jenner or
freakin loop okay so anyway I titled this you guys let’s get into the content
how I did how I did 1050 dollars I think that’s what it is I did the exact math
but it is pretty much one thousand fifty dollars or a hundred I’m not I should
know the exact numbers but within one week with one product with one offer it
with one offer and what that offer is if you guys saw the screenshot how do I
look this is fine if you guys saw the screenshot on the on my facebook that I
posted showed you the bars the got bars you can
see my got bars shirt there actually it looks like the clickfunnels back end
because it’s on backpack so what that really is is it Spencer me comes offer
its his funnel it’s his affiliate offer so he has an online course that’s $500
and he has like email swipes that he sells and he has a really good funnel
and you can get an affiliate link for that funnel got a blend you guys I think
you’re coming on your live say hi I know there’s not so many people on here cuz
it’s like Sunday and maybe you’re going to a pool party too but he has this
funnel he has a couple funnels and you can drive traffic to his funnels to have
free offers like a free case study and that’s what I did the free case study
but you could also drive traffic to his software is free software and then his
follow up and his funnel and this email follow-up will upsell them but you get
sticky cookies so literally all you need to do is drive traffic and I did this
all with emails so you guys can make affiliate commissions doing Facebook
doing YouTube do an Instagram doing Google Ads doing Facebook ads doing
chatbot sequence and doing an email sequence I mean there’s other ways to
but this was with the email sequence so what I did if you guys sign up for
Spencer’s affiliate program it’s free to sign up if you want to get the link for
that it’s in my cheat sheet I made a cheat sheet my top affiliate offers to
promote so you can go to the in the unit section of I’m gonna link it in the
description when I only get after this video I’ll link the cheat sheet you
could get the cheat sheet and you opt-in and you’ll
see how you can sign up for his affiliate program and he gives you some
emails to promote he gives you like two emails he wrote up like two emails you
can send to your email list to drive traffic to the free case study but I was
like you know two emails is not enough I like to promote things with my email
sequences for about a week to two weeks like ten days like it’s if you send out
one message or two messages know everyone’s gonna open it they’re not
gonna see it or they’ll like a week talking about something ten days talking
about something is way better because they might open the first email okay
they’re aware of it but they don’t actually click and then they might open
the second email okay there maybe they click but they don’t like take any
action and then they’re gonna open your third email and they’ll be like oh wow
she really thinks that this emails really convincing me to sign up for this
case study that’s free okay I’m gonna do it and then my follow-up emails so then
they opt into his funnel and they start getting his emails and he UPS awesome
and that’s it you guys that’s it that’s all I did and you know what I didn’t
even fucking write the email sorry for cussing
I didn’t even write the emails I paid to get the email Jen I paid my marketing
assistant Andrew to write the emails because I don’t like to fricken write
emails I don’t want to write emails I didn’t want to schedule the emails so I
had him do it so I paid him to study the funnel and write up the emails
hey Catelyn kind of like soap opera style so like intro like hey guys you
know this is Spencer this is what he did you should get the case study like kind
of being soft with it and then getting harder getting more little more salesy
like you guys you really should check out this case study and you guys did you
see the bonuses that I’m offering if you buy his course that’s in the end that’s
the end emails and then I got Andrew scheduled
it in my email autoresponder and when people join my email list they go
through whatever sequence and then they eventually hit that sequence and that
one’s converting that’s good then this week a majority of my people they’re
going to go into a different sequence promoting another another offer
I’m just keep promoting offers keep your money my friends offers now I give you
guys all those offers that I’m freaking promoting and the cheat
I will link it in the description or in the caption right here when I get off
the livestream hey Kevin and in that funnel you’ll see I do have an upsell
it’s a free cheat sheet it gives you links to sign up to the offers it shows
you the Commission’s that you can make on all of them but I do have an upgrade
option if you want the emails I give you those freaking emails give you the
emails to promote Spencer’s program give you the emails to promote Nico’s program
the chat bot course give you the emails to promote Marcus Campbell’s affiliate
programs give you the emails from to promote Greg Jeffrey’s affiliate
programs and courses I give you the emails to promote group funnels a really
cool software I give you the emails to promote funnel Hawk auto webinar I give
you emails to promote my affiliate offers what else is in there I don’t
think I’m like forgetting something I just keep adding stuff to it so it’s
called the email survival kit and you just take the emails switch out your
affiliate links sign it off with your name and to schedule it into your
autoresponder and if you don’t even want to schedule it into your autoresponder
get your VA to do it get your VA to take an hour or 2 hours to take the emails
schedule it in pay them four dollars an hour in the Philippines eight dollars
you had them send everything up for you and you go to sleep or go drink or
whatever so that’s my video for today I don’t want to drag this on too long I’m
uploading this to YouTube so um Callen is there an action funnel upgrade
available are you talking about a one click import that’s a freaking great
idea thanks for the idea I’m going to add one click import for Aweber and
action etics and maybe convertkit two might as well it’s easy I don’t have
active campaign anymore got shut down so yeah thanks Colin I’m gonna add that we
will have that because copying pasting is kind of annoying and if we’re all
using the same autoresponder anyway freaking one click import
brilliant hey Callen check your DMS because I I am gonna give that to you
anyway I have that for you so but for the rest
of you you go you’re gonna go get the free cheat sheet and then you can
upgrade if you want okay guys thanks for watching let me link the cheat the free
cheat sheet in here right now so you can start taking action get started get your
emails scheduled and take a nap okay

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