How I Find HOT Amazon FBA Products With No Effort

product research is the most important
part of the aminal FBA process but if you’ve ever done it before you know it
can get boring it can get tedious and somebody to get just get stuck in a rut
that’s exactly what happened to me I put a year ago I was stuck in a rut and I
couldn’t you know break out I couldn’t find any products I was just getting
like drained and drained and I was like ah this sucks
and then one day I walked in my girlfriend was watching a video on
YouTube and boom I had this brilliant idea of whoa I could totally use this to
find products and I did it for a little bit and within the first few weeks I
found a product that I still sell today that makes me five thousand dollars
every single month in profit so you may be wondering what’s that video what did
I do how did I use YouTube to find products
I’m sorry gonna find out in today’s video what’s up Empire builders JT
Franco here the no bullshit Amazon seller so this can be real quick video
ok I’m gonna get it this really quickly so if you you know you want to have a
new idea really fun way to find products one of my favorite ways to find Proctor
because it’s it’s fun and you can just sit back and kind of do this on your
spare time then you’re going to want to pay attention alright so what you go do
you gotta go to youtube so now that we’re on YouTube what you gonna do a
very important first step you gotta click subscribe on this channel I heard
there’s some great content on there ok next thing I do you go to this search
bar ok once you’re on the search bar all you do is search weird products online
ok now when I walked in my girlfriend was watching these reviews she was
watching like this I think it was one of these guys like literally playing with
ridiculous products like something like this
putting it into her eyeballs and like whoa it’s so funny cuz it’s
entertainment value right it’s just it’s not meant for selling product is meant
for looking at procs and laughing at them but what they’re laughing at they
didn’t realize that couldn’t be making us money as ambulance sellers so what I
like to do is come on here look at these it’s entirely it’s an entire genre of
video on YouTube of people literally buying ridiculous products searching a
far and wide to find these products so that they can post it on YouTube and we
can come in as sellers and kind of snipe them off and be like boom thank you you
just made me a bunch of money right so it’s really fun all you do is search
weird products online and scroll click and what the best part is most of these
videos they’re trying to get affiliate sales right so you can just go in here
you don’t have to watch the video you should go to the description click on
the links and then check them out on Amazon to see if it’s worth your time to
sell or not now one thing I will mention is that you’ll notice you’ll see videos
here like 12 million views two years ago right 1.9 million views 3 months ago one
year ago one year ago so what I like to do is filter this so just go into
YouTube filters ok and you can just filter by the month ok or the week the
month whatever it is and then just click on that and there you go so you click I
filtered it by the month and now we got more relevant things crazy items I can’t
believe you can buy right 5 great products online so I’ll just go ahead
and click on this guy’s like a sword and then what we’re gonna do is just scroll
to the description and see if he has it posted here doesn’t have a posted there
so just keep going boom there you go so there’s a guy who has products you know
unusual things you can buy and then he’s gonna go into here and he’s gonna have
the links so there’s an amazon link and let’s go see again if this is what’s on
so beard bib a seen on shark tank so let’s go actually enter this into the
search and we’re gonna go ahead and click our handy-dandy
violence market intelligence and drop down and then if you have viral launch
TX you can go ahead and look at the scripture and you get 20% off this is
what you’re gonna use to find products on Amazon k it’s gonna give you all the
stats and everything for a marketplace so you can you know take the guesswork
out of it and they’re gonna give you really great estimates once it loads in
now I want to say this is not a violence problem is loading this is my computer
trying to do everything and record a video at the same time but it’s still
annoying as fuck hurry up two thousand years later alright so
loading we got beard bib here we got a four and a half star out of five
opportunity score so that’s something right there but again don’t trust
opportunity score it’s kind of just an estimate it can be easily skewed so
really look at the revenue here what kind of sales are you guys are doing
we’re gonna compare it to the reviews so we got guys with like ten thousand
dollars sixty five reviews seven thousand dollars eighty through reviews
so the thing about this product that’s pretty cheap it has some revenue but
it’s like it’s not something I’m super excited about because it’s under $20 so
it’s like average price is $13 and then the one thing that right away scared me
off is this you know I seen on Shark Tank so the people are probably
searching specifically for this guy because they saw it on Shark Tank right
so you guys you know assume like a lot of a traffic that’s searching beard bit
probably saw the episode of shark tank and wants to check it out
so that’s such a concern that would have her off the bat but I mean there’s a lot
of these guys which is kind of hilarious so that’s that’s just kind of how this
probably this works right so you just go in here click see and then you know lazy
neck phone holder just because I’m so curious what the heck that means you
would going no no please don’t tell me to be what putting is around there Nick
okay it’s not too bad oh my god it is they’re putting it around their neck to
watch the phone that is that is next-level shit right there
alright and then you would just I guess going to you I don’t think there’s too
much on market for this neck phone holder probably and I want to I want to
mention here if you don’t know the keyword you’re gonna want to go to the
viral launch keyword tool and then search it right so I’ll just show you
what that looks like so we’re in viral launch now we go to keyword search and
you’ll get this one you get your account you have all of these if you get the pro
account and you go next phone holder search that up and it’s gonna tell you
what the searches are like so neck bone although only has two thousand searches
a month cellphone lanyard that’s totally unrelated cell phone neck holder not I’m
sorry month so just on that there’s not enough demand for me to be interested in
selling this product really alright so we’re back with you so you’re gonna get
that I just the idea right so that’s kind of how you go you filter by month
and you search and you search on on Amazon right so now one thing I want to
mention really quickly is that don’t just use this search right so this
search will be pretty be dead after the first page especially filtered by a
month so what I like to do is I like to change it so weird and the cool thing
you can do about this isn’t you can go crazy products you know unboxing
products products online products Amazon products China products from wish or
what you can do is get specific so you go inside weird products online are you
you know delete online you can go weird and then this is great you know you can
see the autosuggest but I like to go weird kitchen products I mean they use
actually search by category of you know the category you want to sell in on
Amazon so if you’re already selling product like you got a kitchen Brad you
can actually just search by category so weird kitchen products weird office
products and all you gonna do is literally go scroll you know this girl
with a clickbait on the boobies and just you just click so you just
click into ten common products ten common products many awesome kid I
probably not what I’m looking for and you click on one here alright and just
go in go to the description nothing description and that’s nothing in
Scripture and you can just watch the video right just wait till the ad plays
then one sad plays you can just go ahead and kind of kind of shift or skim
through it you know some kind of commit of fire or whatever that is some kind of
humidifier then all you got to do is go into keyword research search panic
humidifier and then pop it up and that is literally it that’s the entire
research method you know all you I do is watch videos look for people that are
already doing this for you people are already doing product research for you
and they don’t even know it how ridiculous is that and this is literally
work I’ve found to products already that I’ve launched with this and one of them
that I’m that is actually one of my best consistently selling products just by
watching videos on YouTube so if you want to break out of a rut of probably
if you want it you know kind of sit back and kind of a fun time maybe some of
these videos are kind of funny in you can just have a good time find products
at the same time this is the best way to do it this is one of my favorite prior
research methods and again everything is top of the funnel right I want to
mention that you’re not just doing this and then okay that’s it you go from here
and then you trying to dig deeper so you know you found this thing and then maybe
because you found this root idea now you’re digging deeper and then you find
out you know what is this you know this ring pop or ring whatever thing is for
your phone you click into it okay you click into here and then you see what’s
frequently bought together what’s suggested this is not just in it for the
next one it’s for you know one on a stick phone holder on a stick and then
you go in here and then you you click on the on the reseller what else you sound
like right you got ring lights and stuff you got different phone stands you can
kind of go through that and use this method as the top of the funnel so it’s
your gateway to jump into the rabbit hole and kind of go through with it like
that and peel back the onions of Amazon FBA and see what other products you can
find and generate from these key ideas sometimes all you take is that key idea
and then it actually leads you down a path to find a product that you never
would have found if it wasn’t for that key idea so this is the table final kind
of research getting ideas and sparking kind of new interests and new things
that you never would have thought about because these guys spend hours and hours
looking for products to buy and put onto their channels hopefully you enjoyed
this video if you did don’t forget like buddy and it clicked that video
right over there for more product research click my face will describe or
click look square at the bottom to join my free master classroom and reveal my
top secrets of how I was able to build my AMOLED visit so fast and how able to
help other people do the same all right that’s it I’m Jesse Frank oh and don’t
forget your empire away

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