How I Made $1,197 BEFORE 9 AM! Real Passive Income Ep. 2

– Another $150 sale and so our
grand total is up to $1,197. And this is before 9:00 am. (upbeat music) Hey guys, welcome to RPI. If you are brand new to
this series, basically this is a hybrid vlog/business
video where I show my real-time earnings
through affiliate marketing. The name comes from real passive income. Everything you see here is 100% passive. So here are some ground
rules for the series. One. I cannot show earnings from my course or any of my own products. That does not count as
passive in my opinion because when you have a course,
you have to maintain it, you have students, you have
to answer emails, et cetera. So this has to be from products
that I’m an affiliate for and other companies,
other software, basically, distributes the product,
they ship the product, I just get the sale and I get commission. So that’s rule number one. It cannot be any of my course sales or any of my own products. Alright so the second
thing I wanted to mention is profit margin. So the numbers that you guys
are gonna see is basically the gross revenue, or gross profit, but with affiliate marketing and with my affiliate marketing businesses, I have a 90% profit margin at minimum. Usually it’s closer to 95% profit margin. Now the reason why is
because as an affiliate, there are no product expenses or costs. And I do not have to ship
or distribute the item. With that being said, most
of what you see earned is all profit, except for ad spend. And for ad spend I’m spending
about $80-$100 per day for these campaigns that you’re gonna see, for the products that you
guys see in this series. So 90% profit margin compared to Shopify, compared to Amazon FBA. Comparatively, you know I’m
just gonna average this but Shopify I’m gonna give it a 25% profit margin for most people. Now that’s after product
costs, shipping, distribution. That’s after the cost
for ad spend to acquire the customer to get the sale. You know, there’s an inherent product cost whenever you deal with physical products and then whatever is
left after all of that is your profit and then
your profit margin. So, if you sell a $20 item but you make $5 every single time that you make a sale, that you actually get to keep home, then that’s a 25% profit margin. With Amazon FBA I’ma be generous, I’m gonna give it a 40% profit margin. So if we’re gonna compare
these numbers, basically, we get 90% profit margin,
drop shipping gets 25%, so that’s a fourth of what
your sales revenue is. And then Amazon FBA we’re
gonna give a 40% profit margin. So, basically, drop
shipping is a fourth of what the revenue is. Amazon FBA, it’s divided
by two and a half times, that’s a 40% profit margin. And then for affiliate
marketing, take $1000 times .9 or 90%, that’s $900 that
you get to keep as profit. The same $1000 revenue would be only $400 with Amazon FBA and then the
same thing with drop shipping would be $250 that you actually take home. So as you can see, the
numbers, they’re not gonna be as big as the revenue for ecommerce but the money that you take home is actually going to be much, much more comparatively, dollar for dollar. So that’s another thing
I just wanna point out. Third thing, last but not
least, if you are interested in anything in online
business or passive income, head to my website at where you’ll find my
free course amongst other tons of information
that I provide on there. I hope you guys enjoy this series. Please like the video and leave
a comment below if you do. I’ll catch you guys in this episode. Peace! Good morning, guys. Welcome to day two episode two of Real Passive Income, RPI. The brand new series. I’m currently getting up from bed and this time a lot
earlier than episode one. You can see that 8.45 am. And now it is Thursday. It’s the following day from
episode one, September 20th. I decided I wanna get
another episode done. Two in a row. Stay consistent with it. I haven’t even uploaded
the first episode yet. And I haven’t uploaded on
YouTube in almost a month now. So I’m really sorry about
that absence but I’m promising you guys I’m coming back
bigger and better than ever. And so, episode two. I’m just waking up and it’s
a lot earlier than yesterday. But the first thing that I checked on was my email on my phone. And I was able to get
actually quite a few sales this morning before I even woke up. And I just want to share
that with you guys. So, obviously I edited the
info as I did in the first one just to maintain any privacy
and some personal information. But if you guys just
look at this, let me just flip the camera around. So if you can see right here. Yup, 8.27 am. And I typed up affiliate
in one of my emails and you can see that this
really is from 8:27 a.m. I already registered four affiliate sales before waking up. And this is just from email. So you can see that first one came in at 3:09 am and that was $150. And you can actually see
the amount right there, for a referral. And as you can see after
that, at 6:03 am, and 6:52 am, I received two affiliate sales. You can see affiliate sale generated. Now you’re just gonna
have to trust me that these are each worth
$125 each because they don’t put the value like they do in the first affiliate product. So, you know we’re up to a
grand total of 150 plus 250, we’re at $400 for the first three. And then we got another affiliate sale for 150 at 8:13 am. So if you add up this grand total, we’re at $550 just from these emails upon waking
up at 8:30 in the morning. So not a bad start at all. But I wanna show you guys on
my laptop too when I login, I’ll show you one of
those affiliate products I was showing you guys yesterday. Excuse the hair. I really did just wake up
and I don’t wanna be showing this but hey, you know,
I’m staying dedicated. So I just opened up my
laptop and I logged in and luckily I was able
to see that we registered a pretty big sale on this account. So let me just flip this over for you guys and show you guys today. Thursday, September 20th, $497. So as you can see this is one of the affiliate products from yesterday that actually did not get a sale yesterday but today we’re starting
off real hot, real strong. It’s Thursday, September
20th and you can see this is that second affiliate product that didn’t make any sales. And let me just actually, for any of the doubters and the haters
and stuff like that, let me just show you guys. Just making sure that
this is the real time. So here is the government time website. 8:48 am in the morning and we’re already at just about $1000. So if I tally everything up… So let’s do a tally at 8:49 am in the morning upon waking up. So we had the 150, plus the
125, plus the other 125, plus the other 150, plus the 497. Oh, actually we are over a thousand. So we are at $1,047. Wow, before 9:00 am. That’s not too bad considering, you know, I was working my 9-5 job. I checked in, I would check
in right before 9:00 am to start the work day,
and I would have earned zero dollars by that time. So, obviously it’s a
good position to be in and I’m grateful for
this every single day. Just remember where you are right now and be grateful for the
position that you’re in no matter what position
you are, because you always have opportunity every, single day, to make a difference. So as long as you have a new day, you can wake up and you
have opportunities at hand, that we all have opportunities at hand. I don’t care who you are, I
don’t care where you come from, there is opportunity here. Especially if you’re watching
this video because that means you have the Internet. And if you have the Internet,
anything is possible. So anyways, I’ma get up. I’ma do my morning
routine like I always do. And then let’s get on with my day and just see where the day takes me. Alright, catch you guys during breakfast. Peace! Hey guys, quick update. We just landed another sale. It is currently 9:07 am. Oops. Yeah, 9:09 am, and we
actually just got a sale. It’s 9:09 am. Perfect. And I didn’t feel like
adding that entire page again with the new sale, so I
just cropped the email as you can see here. At 8:58 am we registered another $150 sale and so our grand total is up to $1,197. So the 1047 previous plus
another 150 is 1,197, so we’re three dollars under the 1200 mark and this is before 9 am. Hopefully we can keep this up. I mean if this were to be
the grand total for today, yesterday was a grand
total of, I think, $1400, either just under $1400 or $1400 flat. Today, is luckily able
to get close to that and we haven’t even gotten out of bed. And I know I said that I was
gonna do my morning routine and everything, but to be
honest with you, I hopped on Instagram and I scrolled
through for like, probably 30 minutes of wasting time before starting my morning routine. But now I’m really gonna
start the morning routine and now I’m really gonna go do
that and then have breakfast. So stay tuned for that. See, this is why you guys
need to have a morning routine and this is why you guys
need to not get on your phone until you’re ready for the
day because honestly you can get just get sucked
into spending hours on your bed just wasting time. So, yeah, that’s a little warning. Catch you guys on breakfast. Alright, hey, what’s up guys? It is currently 9:35, 9:36 am. I just got done with my morning routine. I’m about to have breakfast. One thing that’s really important, guys, is to stay hydrated. And in the morning, especially,
when you haven’t been drinking or eating for
six, seven, eight hours, it’s important to just drink
some water in the morning to rehydrate, very important. For you to be able to think
clearly, in order for you to have energy and whatnot. But then let me just
show you guys I’m having the same breakfast as yesterday. This kind of feels like a
full day of eating video. But I’m having a cheese
stick, I’m having some blueberry Chobani and I’m
also having some fruit snacks as you guys can see here. So I’m gonna have this. This is just to give me a
little energy for the gym and then I’m gonna go the gym and do my usual morning routine. I didn’t get to go to the
gym yesterday because of our collaborations we had to work on. But I’m gonna get a workout
in, you know, get a smoothie, probably eat like a Quest
bar, and then come back here before Kit arrives. Kit, he’s another VP of my
company, and he also happens to be a bit of a personal
chef for our team. So we’re gonna go to the grocery store. We’re gonna go buy some
food at Whole Foods. Get some pretty good,
high quality ingredients. Some fish, maybe some
chicken, veggies, greens, and hopefully he can prepare a delicious lunch for the team today. And we’re gonna be meeting up. Mark’s gonna come over as well and then we’re going to discuss
other business stuff not related to affiliate
marketing, but other business ventures that we have
going on in the background. But yeah, I’m gonna eat
this then I’m probably gonna work on some music like I did yesterday. Maybe for like an hour,
and then head to the gym. Okay, so we got FL Studio all ready to go and I’m gonna start from scratch. I’m gonna make a new beat
today and I’m probably gonna cook up for about an
hour, an hour and a half, before I go out to the gym. Probably like an hour, and
I’ll just keep you guys posted on the beat that I work on and hopefully I can get something cool. This is the beat from
yesterday, by the way, if you guys didn’t hear it. Let me just play a little bit of that. (hiphop music) So I cooked that up in about 45 minutes. Not too bad. I’m still getting used
to FL Studio but today, I wanna do something
fresh, I wanna do something completely brand new. So I’m gonna start from scratch and then I’ll keep you guys posted. (hiphop music) Alright, so I’ve been
working on this track for about 25 minutes right now. It’s 10:25. And I got the bassline, I
got the synth, I got the lead and I just got some claps
going so it’s really simple. (hiphop music) But you got the 808 going. I’ma add some kick to be on top of the 808 to give it some more punch. So I’m just gonna show
you guys right here. Yeah, there you go. Boom, boom, boom. Mm, mm, mm. I’ma add some hats too. Do a nice little hi-hat pattern. Do some, give it some touch. Oh. Yep. Alright. So I’m about wrapped up for
the most part with this beat. I’m probably gonna just mess
around with it some more. Now I’m playing around
with Gross Beat and I’m just messing around
with the sound so let me just play some of that for you guys. (hiphop music) Here’s the normal song and
I play all this by keyboard but then I’m gonna switch it up right now and so maybe just listen and let’s see what you guys think. Let me switch it up. (hiphop music) Alright guys so I just got this
crazy beat I just cooked up. It’s 10:53 am. I’m about to finish up for the day. Head out to the gym so I
can finally get my workout like I didn’t get to do yesterday. But, anyways, let me
just, I’m gonna go through a progression. So I’m just gonna gradually
add in the instruments and I’ll just start with like
a intro, cause I didn’t make the actual, measure by measure. I haven’t finished the beat
yet but I have all the parts so I’m just gonna kind
put things in, one by one. You’ll hear things, like
sounds, get added to the mix. So I’m just gonna start
real quick with the, I guess the main sort of melody, and then the clap. And I have the snare. And this hi-hat. Okay. Okay. And I’m gonna add in a bass kick and then the 808’s after that. Yup. About to add the 808 right here. That’s basically it and the gist. I’ll probably mess around this some more. Experiment, add some more stuff, and then fill out the entire beat. But it’s just about to be 11 am so I’m gonna head out to the gym. I’ma get a quick workout in. Get a little sweat,
probably grab a smoothie. Come back home just in time
for my VP/personal chef Kit to get here so we can go grocery
shopping for a little bit. Pick out some good foods and then he can start cooking up some
lunch for us and the team. And yeah, so I’m pretty
excited about that. I will catch you guys in the car. What’s up guys? Just got done at the gym. Just started lifting weights again after getting my wisdom teeth removed. I just did cardio and then just kind of relaxed for two or three weeks. So it feels good to get back in the gym. Now I’m heading over to grab my smoothie which is being made for me. It’s being prepared. The daily smoothie I’m
gonna get pretty much every, single day that you
guys watch one of these. It’s pretty rare when I don’t
get my favorite smoothie. You know, it’s just important for health. There’s just so many,
it’s like eating a salad but like in a delicious
smoothie so I need to get that every single day. You need to get your
greens in, your nutrients, micronutrients, and there’s
a ton of good stuff in there. Some stuff that I don’t
even know what they are. Must be some sort of
like just supplements. But anyways I’m gonna go
pick that up right now. It’s 12:05. Got a good workout in. Not too long but just
did a little weights. And then I’m going to get
the smoothie and just be home in time for Kit to arrive so that we can go grab some groceries. Just in time for him to cook
lunch for the team today. What’s up guys? I told you every single day. Every day I’m getting this smoothie. It’s the best thing in the world. It’s keeping me healthy. It gives me energy. Detoxes my body. Every day. I should be an affiliate
for them honestly. They should sponsor me. But, anyways, I’m heading back home. It’s 12:15 right now. About to go link up with Kit
and go to the grocery store after that he’s gonna prepare
some lunch while I get things ready for the
day for our team to just look over and the projects
that we’re working on. But yeah, 12:16 right now. Probably be home in
about 15 minutes or so. But yeah. Ooh. Delicious home-cooked meal. Courtesy of Kit. Shout out to Kit in the kitchen. About to eat. It’s about 3 pm right now. Gonna have this lunch. Yeah, there you go, 3:19. Gonna eat this up. Ooh look at that. Look at that chicken. What up, what up? Here with Mark and Kit. These are my two right-hand guys. VP’s of my company. And we are doing some planning and some strategizing right now. We’re just basically
planning for the future and just trying to get some
things situated as far as some other business ventures
that we have in the background. Also trying to just focus on how we’re gonna get this YouTube situated. YouTube is one of many of
the businesses that we do. YouTube for me is not
really a main income source. I don’t get millions of
views so it doesn’t really, it’s not super viable for me. But it is still a very important
aspect of my personal brand and my businesses because it is a way to funnel traffic into those. So right now it is about four o’clock. It’s right before four, it’s 3:54 pm. So we’re probably gonna work
together for a few hours. Just strategize things for
the rest of the week and the coming weeks, the coming months. But yeah, so I’ll keep you guys updated. Probably later tonight after dinner. I’ll probably see you guys then. Got some Mendocino Farms. Look at that. Look at that. (laughs) What time is it? 8:01. Watching Browns versus Jets. Hey, what is up guys? Wrapping up the day and I’m actually about to call it a night. It’s a little early for bedtime. Let me get my phone real quick. It is currently 9:27 pm if you guys can see that right there. 9:27 pm. I’m pretty much done as far as work is concerned for the day. I’m just gonna be on my laptop. Probably just gonna be
watching some YouTube. Just, maybe, doing some strategizing. Not really doing too much work. Just kind of winding down the day. Pretty tired. We had a long day today. Not really working super hard
as you guys probably saw. We did, I did, meet up with my team for a few hours to strategize
some YouTube content, getting on top of some
business ideas that we have running in the background
in the back burner. But as far as like actual
work on the computer, I didn’t really do too much today. It’s been two days in a row
and the grand total for today, let’s just chalk it up at $1,197. So $1,197. That was mostly earned in
the beginning of the day. I think we were at almost
a thousand before 9 am, if I believe so. That’s two days in a row. Today is September 20th and
yesterday was September 19th. You know, it’s been pretty
good back to back days. Over $1000. A lot of it before
waking up in the morning or even getting out of bed. So that’s been just insane. I wanna keep this series going. Let me know what you guys
think in the comments below. If you like this series,
if you like these videos, please give a thumbs up, give a comment, give me that feedback so
I can know if I should continue doing videos like these. Just to give you guys sort of that day-in-the-life/behind-the-scenes,
just to show you guys how passive
income this really is. I want to keep this going
but I have some other videos in mind I also wanna work on so I’ll probably make more
videos for this series. But other than that, I hope
you guys enjoy this one. I’ll catch you guys on the next episode. Make sure to like, comment, subscribe. I’ll catch you guys on the next one. Make sure you visit by the way, if you want any more info
about affiliate marketing or anything else about me. Take it easy. Have a good night. Peace! (upbeat music)


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