How I Made $73,000 Online with Methods from Pay Per Call Exposed (Results)

PAY PER CALL Hi guys this is Raj from
and I want to expose some new stuff to you today and I want to show you one of my accounts
where I have multiple offers running as you can see here. But I want to show you the possibilities.
So this one here I showing a ten month duration and I have made 73000 dollars in revenue and
I just want to quickly walk you through this. so the first offer here, I really can’t
see the side here but I’ll tell you what it is , it’s an alarm offer, this one is
a credit counselling offer, this one is a debt offer, debt relief that it is, this one
is another home alarm, this is substance abuse, this one is auto insurance, this one is also
auto insurance, this one is a limo service, this one is a tech support, we are not used
to, offer that, last one is eating disorder helpline. So what I wanted to show you is
that these are all different offers that I am running within my one account here. I have
many accounts as you guys have probably known from my other videos but what I want to show
you is the potentials so this first one here, the home alarm, I drove 1700 calls, 967 were
paid, earned me $47,000 over the duration of time, it’s really important I keep talking
about it, conversion rate, look how high the conversion rates are, 54, 63, 66, these are
super high, I didn’t get this from day one, it took me a while, you can see from this
account, the progression. So but optimization, always looking for conversion. in the beginning
I was probably losing money, I can’t recall, I’m sure I was and then I found that point
where I started converting to profit and that’s where I started hitting hard and really ramping
that profitability and look at the connection times, this is how long people are staying
on the phone, these are quality calls. These are the calls that you want to send to your
offer, to make the businesses happy and your vendor happy whatever network you are running
with. Keeping them happy they are definitely going to keep you happy because the better
calls you send, the higher payouts you’re going to get. I talk about it in my course
in my online guide, how to negotiate higher payout once you start performing better than
the rest of the network and you know the more money you make the more money they make, they
have no problem sharing a little bit of the profit with you. At the end of the day you
win, they win everybody is happy and really keeping them happy is important. let me show you, I’m going to go into here
into transactions so what this will do is its going to show the calls coming in, I know
these are just a bunch of calls but what I want to do is show you a couple of things.
so look at the duration, let me just organize this by the longest, so look at this one is
an hour, that’s quite long, but look how long these calls are and then some of them
don’t have payouts because some of them are repeats or whatever but when we were talking
about earnings, look at how high some of these payouts are, and they are still long calls
like 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 8 minutes, 11 minutes and you know $95 of calls, $70 of calls, these
are a bunch of 72s in here. This is a very viable way to make money, big passive income
for long term growth. the other thing too look at the phone type, everybody is always
talking mobile, I know mobile is important it is, but you know the opportunity on landlines
is huge, look at these calls in landlines on this screen here, most of them are landlines
and obviously I mixed all the different states in that but really looking at this data I
was going to help you so you going to find out where you’re getting too many repeats
as well as too many hang ups and things like that so make sure you’re checking this stuff
out. I’m going to overlay my conversion on here and you can see the conversion rate,
I know you can’t see it by day but its super high. Typically it’s usually lower down
here but once you learn and master pay per call you’re going to get awesome conversion
rates which mean you spend less money and your profitability is higher. Let me go to individual promo number. so what
I do a lot of and what you learn in my course is that I break up everything into different
phone numbers so here you’ll see there’s a few more lines than I showed before, it’s
because there’s repeats and this one here and this one here are the same offer but I
channel them with different phone numbers so I know which is converting higher so in
this example this one is converting at 36% meanwhile when I go back here, this is at
55% so it’s much more different. I know this one is working better than the other
one and vice versa. So I usually make multiple channels so I can really target and nail down
where the traffic is coming from and how is it converting. if it’s costing me more if
the conversion is really low, ok like this one here is a shitty 2% I don’t even know
what this one was, that one was a substance abuse channel, see this is a good example
here too, this one is substance abuse like 2% and then this one is at 12%, it’s not
so great but it’s much higher, let me see if I can find another one here to compare,
okay I don’t have anyone but this two here, yeah 12 and 4, I showed you that. so again
multiple channels to really dig in deep so you can optimize as you go and when I’m
looking at my months here, you can see how it progresses higher and higher, so you’re
probably asking yourself while I made $72,000 good chunk of change, you probably spent a
lot of money, I didn’t. I won’t lie at the beginning obviously its small but it’s
all about scale. Doing this time frame I spent about twenty to thirty thousand dollars in
ten months. monthly its much less, obviously when you bring it up monthly it’s not, doesn’t
sound so damaging but I dint spend that much money, I was spending the whole $4000 a month,
$6000 a month at the beginning, it was much more less and as I scaled the business, as
I learned what’s working I started dumping money into what’s converting high and I
started pulling out of what the poor performances were and its really what it’s all about
and when I’m looking at my account and I have an average conversion rate of 41%, its
super high so that’s the key thing and I really hope in my course you learn that as
well going to whatever you do conversion is so important so your efforts are worth your
time. That’s it, is there anything else I want to show you guys? now you’re probably
wondering where my sources and traffic from this so I don’t have, I’m going to dig
deep into this in separate videos because this would take me forever to go through all
the different channels but this is social like Facebook as I talk about in all my different
course, its obviously search and Google ad words and Bing ads and how to optimize those
which I also talk about in the course but its different channels, I did some flyers
with some of these I believe but I’ll make other videos ill separate into legal offers
and into home alarm offers and show you how I did it. okay so that’s all for now I just
wanted to show you that account, the possibilities are endless and you can do this as well. so if you are ready to start pay per call
marketing and need some help either you are a newbie and you need step by step guide or
you have some experience and you want to ramp it up, I have advanced techniques shown here
at so come check it out , it’s a membership site, one-time fee
for unlimited access and you actually have a free preview so if you come to the site
you go to members area, this is all the content, there is no fluffy in here, there is no long
videos in here like this one, it’s all straight to the point like exactly what to do step
by step, I have screen shots with numbers laid there tells you step by step what to
do , it couldn’t bee any more clear. the other thing that you have with this membership
is you’re going to have access to me so if you have any questions, you want to review
a campaign, you have idea you want to run by me no problem, for the first couple of
weeks you have my support so you’re not alone, so it’s going to be a great way to
build from the ground up with me on your side. so if we look through these different areas
you will see I talk about educational books, introduction to pay per call, about the industry
and I go to how to build high converting landing pages talking about search , advanced search
methods, advanced tools, knowing your competition and how to get across your customers, talking
about how to promote other than search, we are talking about social out of the box type
of offline methods, advanced pay per call tracking I talk about conversions, how you
can double conversions with your own IVR its pretty amazing, thing called tracking and
then once you’re a rock star and killing it and you’re making great money for yourself
and your network, time to ask for a raise so I have actually a preamp letter which you
can use and just float your own information, gets me a new rate every time, you got to
prove yourself but once you’re there you got to make sure the message you’re sending
t your account manager is top notch so you get that higher payout and then my closing
comments. so again come check on this site, I have here
other videos too talking about this one here, this one is actually from February 2016 so
very current, this month when I’m recording this and this one talks about some data that
I show some new offers that I ran and actually shows the advertising which I have got out
but hit me up at if you have any questions and I’ll see you
then, bye.


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