How I Make $10,000/Month In Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing (GaryVee Response Video)

– All right, so today I’m gonna talk about the buzz word or buzz phrase
that is passive income. Now I’ve talked about
passive income multiple times on this channel but there is
a very famous entrepreneur that chances are most of you
have heard about, Gary V, who has, well shall we
say, strong opinions on this whole passive income thing. – [Audience Member] I have a
question about passive income – Okay – [Audience Member] and
I want to know what kind of trends do you see for a
person interesting in that? I don’t wanna be stuck in office 9 to 5. – When you say passive income, do you mean some…what do you mean? – [Audience Member] I mean not
having to work all day long. (laughing) I wanna be on a beach in Mexico instead of being on a office in Sweden in cold November. – Are you being serious right now? – [Audience Member] Yes yes I’m serious. – Okay. (audience laughs) – The quickest way to not be on a beach in Mexico is to think that
passive income exists. – Yeah as someone who
has made multiple videos on building passive income streams, we clearly don’t agree on this. I’ve had people ask me
what do I think about Gary’s opinions on passive income. And so that’s what this video is. A response to Gary V. So look here’s the thing. Obviously, I disagree with him because I know that passive income exists and the reason why I know it exists is because I have created it. And so in this video I’m
going to show you how I did it and we’ll see if by the end of the video you agree with me or if you agree with Gary V. Now I’ll admit I’ve
definitely become more careful about what type of income
I now label as passive. Anything requiring employees
or virtual assistants to run for me I’ll either state that it requires them or I’ll
call it semi-passive income. Whether that can be counted as passive is more debatable. But this income I earned last month that you were seeing here
this was all automated no staff required. To me I would argue that
this is not debatable it is passive. And all that money was through
affiliate marketing income that I made through this YouTube channel. And the only big reason
that I made this channel in the first place I wanted to diversify my income sources and
have a source of money that didn’t rely on eCommerce. I wanted a source of truly passive income. And you know earlier this year when I had my emergency appendix surgery in Canada where my ability to work just plummeted, I suddenly felt very vindicated and glad that I made that decision. So what is affiliate marketing and what makes it just so passive? Well to explain that
let’s take one product that I promoted last month. And that product is Placeit. A site that provides mark up pictures for print-on-demand products. In the last thirty days I made over $800 in affiliate commissions
with it doing no work. Placeit is very simple. What is does is it lets you take a piece of artwork like this and then it lets you place it onto a huge range of different product
markups that they have available on the site. All you have to do is upload the artwork to their website and then Placeit will digitally put it onto
their model lifestyle markup. You can then download this picture and use it to advertise
your print-on-demand T-shirt that you created and are selling. On this YouTube channel we usually focus on eCommerce business models
such as print-on-demand and one of our
print-on-demand contributors is a millionaire Michael Shih. And as he said in one of our videos a big reason why he believes he made over a hundred thousand dollars selling this print-on-demand T-shirt was because he had this awesome
lifestyle markup picture for it to use in his
Facebook ad campaigns. And so yes obviously I think Placeit is a fantastic service. Because of that, I signed up to the
Placeit affiliate program. When you create an
affiliate account with them, inside your account dashboard, you’ll be given what’s
called an affiliate link. Well then my video a couple months ago, where I taught how to set up a print-on-demand business on eBay, I recommended people use Placeit. And so what I did, was a
placed this affiliate link in my video description using a redirect to make it look nicer, of course. When someone clicks on that link, they’ll get taken to Placeit. When they do, check out the URL. It looks pretty funny, doesn’t it? This data added to the
URL is a tracking code. This URL tracks if people click on my link and then go buy a subscription to it. And if someone does do that,
Placeit will reward me. And I will get a commission
on that sale as a thank you. And so that’s what affiliate marketing is. It’s when you’re promoting a
product or a service online, using an affiliate URL
that’s tracked to you and you get a commission on that sale if someone purchases it
because of your recommendation. Now there are two reasons why I think that this 800 plus dollars I earned from Placeit counts as passive income. The first reason is thus the unique thing to affiliate marketing compared to say eCommerce business models is that when someone clicks
on my affiliate link, and purchases a Placeit subscription, they aren’t my customer. I don’t have to send a
customer the product. Placeit does. I don’t have to answer
their support emails. Placeit does. And that’s because they
aren’t my customer. They are Placeit’s. Now I will admit, not having
the customer be your customer definitely has some disadvantages in terms of how much money you can make from them. On the other hand, unlike what Gary says. – The quickest way to not
be on a beach in Mexico, is to think that passive income exists. – I genuinely did earn some of this money while I was on vacation. Now, admittedly, it wasn’t
on a sunny beach in Mexico, but instead a bunch of it was earned on a recent vacation to the still warm and sunny Tokyo in Japan. The second reason why
I consider that money to be passive is because I
created an automated system to refer potential customers to it. I have utilized organic YouTube traffic. You see, here’s the thing
about this YouTube video that promotes Placeit. Now that I’ve created it
and put it up on YouTube. Well, since YouTube’s algorithm likes it and is sending it traffic, I literally have to do
nothing to it anymore. Case and point, here is another product that I have made affiliate commissions from in the last month. AliDropShip. My subscribers here at wholesale team will likely recognize it. Basically, it’s a
premium eCommerce plug-in to make setting up drop
shipping eCommerce stores with Word Press and
WooCommerce fast and easy. While creating this video, I sign into my AliDropShip
affiliate account and I counted up the commissions I earned in the past 30 days, and what I discovered was that I had made over $1,500 in commissions. And so how did I earn those commissions? Well, surprise, surprise. It was with YouTube. AliDropShip is genuinely a great plug-in and so it’s very popular. Thus, a lot of people want a high quality, step-by-step video tutorial
to follow along with. And, you know, I’ve made two. I’ve made this new updated
one that I released this year. And this tutorial I created last year. Let’s take a look at how
many people are finding it. If we come, we click on the analytics, we can go over to my
YouTube analytic dashboard. And if we head on over to the
reach section inside of it, we will see that surprise, surprise, the biggest way that this
video is getting viewers, is through people using YouTube search bar to search for keywords
related to my video, such as the phrase AliDropShip
or AliDropShip tutorial. And when they do a search for that, do any of these videos
look familiar to you? Here’s the thing, I made
that video and I put it up and I haven’t touched it ever since then. People have found it, watched
it, followed along with it, and in the process purchased AliDropShip through my affiliate link, resulting in passive
money and commissions. And actually those aren’t
the only commissions that I make through those videos. Because to complete the tutorial, you will need to purchase web hosting, and in the video I
recommend one of my favorite web hosting platforms for
beginners, Site Ground. In the last month, or again 30 days, I have made hundreds of dollars with them. So, really, these two videos bring in over $2,000 a month in passive income. And would you believe
that that’s not the only video tutorial series that I
have on my YouTube channel. I have another one that teaches people how to set up an online store using a completely different platform that many of my subscribers
will recognize, Shopify. Out of the two, this is
unashamedly, my personal favorite. And check this out, in the
last month, or again 30 days, I have made over $10,000 from
Shopify commissions alone. Yep, just one single product. My tutorial videos take
viewers through step-by-step how to set up a store using it, and again if we come and
check out the analytics from my most recent 2019 tutorial, you’ll be able to see that the primary way that people find this video is again, through YouTube search. It’s from people coming
to the YouTube search bar and typing in key words
related to it, and boom. Finding my video. I made that video six months ago. I put it up on YouTube and I
have not touched it since then. It’s just sitting there
getting free traffic and bringing in thousands
of dollars each month completely hands off. And so let me ask you a question. When Gary says, – The quickest way to not
be on a beach in Mexico, is to think that passive income exists. – Do you agree with him, or have I convinced you
that passive income made on the internet isn’t
just some fairy tale. So while I may have disagreed with Gary with what he said to
that kid in the audience, there was another video
that he released later that clarified a lot of his views. And a lot of that I actually agree with. – Please make sure that
your passive income has practicality to it. Because of all the people that have tried to create systems and automate their cash, there’s been a very small
percentage of people that have been able to lay on the beach while they collect money on the internet. A lot of that stuff is
completely ludicrous. And I promise you the ones
in the 1% of passive income, spent a boat load of
hard work and hard time to get to that evergreen
place up in the sky. – And, you know, as someone who earns over $10,000 a month with passive income, I obviously disagree with this idea that it’s mostly ludicrous. But, I do agree with
Gary that a lot of people have ludicrous ideas about passive income. You see, in my video earlier this year where I called out Gary on his
opinions on passive income, this very astute viewer
pointed something out. Gary doesn’t disagree that
passive income exists. No, instead what he finds frustrating, are people that are looking for a magical money vending machine. A system where all they’ll have
to do is press a few buttons and boom, they’ll have passive money pouring out of their laptops. But that’s not how passive income works. – I think that there is
an enormous, massive, misunderstanding that there
are almost zero people that have pulled off substantial success without putting in real time and effort. – That 1%, like me, who have achieved it, we achieved it through
a boat load of work. That video that brings
in hundreds of dollars in commissions from Placeit, yeah, that required a
lot of time to create. My tutorial videos that
bring in over $2,000 a month from AliDropShip and Site Ground, yeah, they required even more time. And guess what, those
Shopify tutorial videos bringing in over $10,000
a month, even more time. Let alone the time that has gone into learning those platforms to such an extent that I’m now able to teach others. So, remember that. While the end result we may
have created is passive, the pathway to creating it is not. And so, perhaps Gary and I. – Millions of dollars in
passive income on the internet smoking (bleep) weed in Jamaica while it just keeps coming in, is just not as real as you think, partner. – Might agree more than
I had initially thought. Thanks for watching this video. Now, while I obviously think that I am probably a much bigger expert in affiliate marketing than most people, it isn’t my biggest area of expertise, but I’ve got some good friends who have built million dollar businesses with just affiliate marketing and they’re going to be hosting a webinar showing us how they do it. So if you are someone who is willing to actually put in the work to create a passive income business, then you can join us. And you will find a link
to how to register for it in the video description below.


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