How I Started a Digital Marketing Agency | Q&A with Shay

My entire life, I’ve been in sales and marketing. From when I was a little baby, selling baby car phones that are toys out of the stroller with my mom at the mall to selling mechanical pencils and gum in high school and middle school. Right after high school, I started a landscape construction company, called Landscape Solutions, that I grew to be a pretty large company in the county that I was in in Michigan. I knew that landscaping really wasn’t the thing I wanted to pursue. And, while I was in school – going for advertising and getting a specialization in internet marketing – I was learning the internet marketing side of things and using that to grow my landscaping company. So, when I decided that landscaping really wasn’t the thing for me and how I was going to pursue my future and that I really wanted to be in Florida, where I grew up coming to and knowing I wanted to be, I moved to Florida. Gave my landscaping company to my best friend. When I got down here, I joined another internet marketing agency out of Boca that I started doing cold call, door-to-door sales for. It was the worst job in the world, but it really taught me a lot, and I’m very fortunate to have been given that opportunity. I was knocking on anywhere from 50 to 70 doors a day, getting rejected, getting yelled at. I had a guy chase me down the street – I think more than once. But, I was able to use those skills that I learned there of perseverance and continuing to push forward and not giving up. I became really resilient, and I took my internet marketing knowledge that I learned in school and practiced in my landscape construction company, and that sales and that push and that drive I had to have to be successful doing those cold call, door-to-door sales to create Digital Resource. You know, it wasn’t actually that much of an easy choice to pick Digital Resource. I was going to start another landscaping company here in South Florida before I opened the doors here. It was my dad who convinced me otherwise on one phone call that I should give internet marketing and an agency a try. So, I came up with the name Digital Resource. I knew it wasn’t a gimmicky name. It was something that was brandable to go nationwide. And I started finding some clients. Small clients here and there. A couple family members allowed me to work on them. And through the years, I was able to develop great relationships, do great work,
build my client referral base, and really start growing here through organic marketing, through paid advertising, through social media, to be where we are today. So, I always knew that sales and marketing was for me my entire life. But, never did I think it was going to lead me to we’re at today with Digital Resource.

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