Today I’m talking about how I started a meditation
practice. Some of you might be interested in beginning
meditation. It’s really, really helpful, especially when
there’s a lot going on. You feel a little bit stressed and you want
to kind of slow things down a little bit. So before I share how I started, the reason
that I started meditation was number one, that I learned that it was something that
a lot of celebrities do. I learned that it was something that a lot
of successful people do. And so I had been putting it off for months
and months and months and one day I was like, alright, I’m just going to do it, I’m going
to jump in. So actually found a local store, it was called
The Circle. They had group meditations. I think I did a video so I might see if I
can find those clips. Aright. Let’s try that again. This clip apparently wasn’t wanting to hold
my phone. I’m headed to a guided meditation. I’ve tried meditating on my own before, which
is basically just sitting, quieting your mind, but I always get distracted and then one time
I tried to do meditation and then I ended up falling asleep. So I think I’m stressing about like how to
do it and so it’s going to be cool to go to a guided meditation just to see. I tried to wear relatively comfortable clothes. I really don’t know what to expect. I’m expecting that I will just be sitting
in a room with my eyes closed and trying to practice breathing so it should be cool. So if you saw last night when I mentioned
I was going to my first guided meditation, I wanted to give you an update on what that
was like. So it was actually pretty neat. It’s actually right up the street from me
about 10 minutes away. The woman has been doing guided meditations
for 15 plus years and I was a little nervous because like I said, it was my first time,
but I was interested in just relaxing and we all took our shoes off and we went into
the room and we just kind of sat in a chair and I just closed my eyes and we just practiced
our breathing like into the nose and, and it gave me the opportunity to really just
relax and quiet my mind and stop thinking about all sorts of stuff, business, everything
and just, just focus on breathing. So actually felt really, really calm, really,
really comfortable. I basically went to the group meditation. We all sat in a circle, interestingly enough,
and it was led by a meditation leader who had studied under credible people. We all sat in the circle and I remember closing
my eyes and attempting to meditate, which is really just focusing on your breathing,
quieting your mind. Instead of closing your eyes and thinking
about all sorts of things, it’s essentially attempting to not think about stuff, which
seems a little counterintuitive because we’re always thinking about stuff. Once you get it, you get it. That first session when I went to the group,
meditation was actually really neat. We did some chanting, which I wasn’t quite
ready for as a little bit of ohhhmmm, which was fine, but I think it was a little bit
much for my first meditation session. So actually didn’t go back because as an introvert
I already felt a little bit weird sitting in a circle with a group of people. But it did help me start my own meditation
practice. What I started to do was I just grabbed a
candle, which was something that would help me to feel pleasant thoughts because it smells
really good. I would light my candle. I would do it first thing in the morning. I was listening to Abraham Hicks and I remember
her talking about how the first thing in the morning before your mind gets cluttered, it’s
a lot easier to like not think about stuff and if you could just do it for 17 seconds
then it will completely change your life. So I remember thinking I just need 17 seconds. I would light the candle. I’ve talked about this in my day in the life
video, but I would like the candle. I also found a playlist on youtube which was
basically specific sounds you could kind of focus on that would help you not have too
much thought going on in your head. And there was one that I really liked in particular,
which was the sound of rain, some bowls, I don’t know how to explain it by some bowls
where it was like, boom. Then there was rain coming down. And that really, really helped me. So that’s how I started my meditation practice
was I went to a group meditation session and then I kinda took on some of those suggestions
and I started my own meditation practice. I started doing it every single morning when
I woke up and I wanted to do it as consistently as possible and I continued to do it and then
some days I kind of fell off, which I learned that, I have to stop being so hard on myself
and it’s fine if you decide that you want to do something and you like really want to
stick to it, but then you stopped doing it. You can always pick it back up, but if you
beat yourself up over the fact that you stopped, it’s going to be that much harder to start
back. Now I just, if I skip a day or miss a day,
then I just go back to it and I do my journaling as well, which is really helpful. If you’re interested in starting a meditation
practice, a couple of channels that I would recommend that you check out. Number one, check out Abraham Hicks. There are videos, audios where she talks about
a meditation. Second is Aaron Doughty my boy. I really, really enjoy watching his videos. He will help you expand their consciousness. Got to watch his videos. He talks about meditation, really, really
enjoy him, follow him on Instagram as well. He’s got some really motivational posts. I’m really excited to follow his journey and
his career. I think he’s going to be and is an amazing
motivational speaker, so definitely check out his videos. If you’re interested in learning more about
meditation and maybe you’re scared because maybe you grew up in a traditional religious
household and people thought that meditation was something from the devil or whatever. I just want to remind you that all it is is
focusing on your breathing and trying to clear your mind. It’s one of the best things to do. Even before you pray, before you go and ask
for something, you’re clearing out all the other junk is really just focusing on your
breathing. Comment below and let me know. Do you have a meditation practice? I would love to hear more about that. How did you get started? Is there something different that you use? Like do you light candles to help you to get
into the moment? Do you listen to certain music? What is it that you enjoy? Please comment that below. Like this video. Subscribe if you haven’t already. I’ve got more videos coming to you. Thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Okay, bye.

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