How Jonny Bradley QUIT his 9 to 5 JOB following AMAZON Seller Mastery by Tanner J Fox

So did you follow exactly the course ? How
did you adapt it to UK market ? Obviously the UK market is different. It’s 1/10 the size of US market. So you can’t use the same criteria. So for example, this is
different because there’s less competition in the UK. There is less sellers which
means there could be a really good product selling and not much competition
on it, because there’s less people to go around so everyone’s getting more sales
but less competition and the other thing is find a good product in the US. that is competitive and
just search for the same thing in the UK and you’ll find that yes there’ll be
less sales but also they’ll be you know a lot less competition and I didn’t end
up going with it. I found a few products that were like pretty good as Tanner
kind of calls them. it was two or three but I didn’t end up going for them
I kept them on the back burner. you know I got my quotes for the manufacturers and
stuff like that. Then I found the product I wanted to go for. Which had gained very low reviews, but high sales. Yep good, time to go. I followed the course in term of anything that wasn’t specific to
location. I followed it exactly, like completely. I obviously tried to learn as
much as I could from other videos online and we’ve like how to optimize your PPC
how to optimize your listing I got a lot of different like different voices, so
different different recommendations on how to do that. they’re all very similar
to be honest like. what was the other YouTube channel or person you follow and
take advice from. To be honest I don’t remember the names of them. But if you just search like how to
optimize Amazon listing. then you’ll get loads of loads of
different search results I didn’t subscribe to any of these
people I just watched one video and just think oh that’s interesting.
I’ll put that in there there was one which was about your PPC. I can’t
remember the guys name but I found it on a Facebook group. I can’t remember what
Facebook group but I’ve joined loads like FBA Amazon Facebook groups some of
them like free to join and the other one was of course that I also bought. not
Tanner’s one is a different course and be a ninja course just give it a go. and it
might have come from that I don’t really know I can’t remember but there was a
guy that did on how to optimize your PPC for like ASN is your product
name on Amazon so every product has a ASN, ASN number and when you’re
doing your PPC. you can see your PPC report. sometimes you’ll see other
products like the ASN numbers and then you are converting like a sale from
their keyword. It’s quit complicated, I will try to find the video and I will link it in my channel. but that was a really interesting one I couldn’t find anywhere
else I will do a video on it. because it is complicated, I can’t even explain it right now. It would be very interesting if you can do a video about it. It’s in my Facebook messenger I’ll find it again, I will link it or do a video on how it
worked for me. at the end of the day the course is one person’s experience and
lots of other people have different experiences most of them are very very
similar in terms of how they how they do things but it’s always good to get
different ideas and different people’s knowledge and input because you want to
have the best business and the best product possible
so why wouldn’t you research other areas. Learn from everybody. Learn from everybody but you don’t have to use everything. use your own judgment and you know I got
feedback from some of the people that are in are in the course. you know I said
can you review my listing and any tips or additions please let me know. so I had
a few additions you know move some photos around. and you know use a
different keyword here different keyword there and so use the people around you
as well as the resources you can find online. okay so what would be the
criteria you recommend for someone who want to start in UK ? so without giving my ones away. pretty much I
think in the course Tanner’s says like 300 sales a month about 50 75 reviews and
you can’t do that you can’t do that. you just have to look quite hot. and you know
it’s not as many. but why would say is lower and higher the sales estimate
price sales, sales per month estimate. so you can even do 200 or go to a thousand
you know you can’t do those things and and also with the reviews in the UK
obviously a lot of people have less reviews but even if someone has 300
reviews I would find that product or 400 or 600. whatever it may be find that
product and just look at the listing on junglescount. so when you go to the
Amazon page. you search for the broadest keywords and you might find that they’re
the only seller that has 300 reviews or 400 reviews or a 1000 reviews. but the rest of them have 5. you try to
be second or third in this list. and I think that’s an interesting way of
doing it it’s by finding someone that is successful well there may be a little
bit too much competitive. I’m just seeing if there’s an opportunity for you as a new seller
to come in and they might not be I’ve seen lots of products where they you
know they are too competitive and lots of them have hundreds of reviews
thousands and is quite rare to have thousands of reviews in the UK unless is
a very very common product. I would miss around with those things. the other thing to be aware of
that it costs more to sell in the UK and it does in the US. because of taxes. yeah so you’ve
got VAT which is value-added tax which is 20% on all sales except for some
things like baby clothes. anything for babies I think is tax exempt. which means
you don’t have to pay tax TAV. then you have customs duty so this is the state
is similar to the u.s. you will have customs or duty to pay. and this is anything between 0% and I think it goes up to like 12%. most of
them are like under five just depends on the type of product and that your or
that you’re importing into the into the EU you just go on a website go on the
government website and you just do a little filtering thing and you find your
type of product and then it tells you the percentage that you’ll have to pay
and I then I actually haven’t paid it yet which I do need to need to do that
like this week is your I got a letter in the post just saying what duty I have to pay
and what VAT I have to pay. you have to think about that when you’re
looking at your cost per unit and of course how much you’re gonna sell it for
but everyone in the UK is in the same boat so like you can still make the
equivalent of ten dollars profit or about seven eight pounds profit you can
still do that. can you share some number how much did you earn from Amazon ?
you did a lot of video about how much did you earn but about exactly how much
from Amazon or how much product did you sell ? okay I think my total sales is 900
something pounds and of course taking off that you can take off PPC Amazon
fees so it’s gonna be probably about half about 450 pounds maybe a little bit more in
dollars that equates to I have no idea, 600$ maybe. How much do you spend on PPC per day ? PPC anything I think my lowest
day was about 3 pounds I’ve got 5 sales from that. I think the most I spent was about 14 pounds I don’t
remember how many I sold on that date and buy I know it wasn’t as profitable
as so many other days so it is kind of like it goes up and down I don’t really
know too much how it works just depends on their customers a lot yeah sometimes
the PPC spend was quite low but high sales but then other times it was high PPC see
spend but it didn’t make a difference people didn’t buy so that’s where you
need to then look into the figures of what words don’t convert what keywords
don’t convert which I haven’t actually done yet yes I’ve got so much time. so you are running PPC in automatic now or you choose your keywords ? I kept my PPC on automatic and
the reason being is that a lot of my sales were coming through other people’s
pages so you’re a customer you search for the product and you tip you click on
the top you know one or two listings in that listing you’ll then see featured
products I featured or similar featured products I come over exactly what it’s cold. my product was showing up there and
that can Amazon will only put it there if you’re on an automatic campaign you
can’t get there on a manual campaign so a lot of my conversions were coming
through there so I left my automatic campaign on I need to figure out how to
do that and a manual campaign but make sure they
don’t compete against you compete against each other because if they
compete against each other then you’re gonna push your PPC spend up for no
reason so I think we spoke a lot of things about Amazon and you start a
affiliate marketing course yeah so can you share some progress about affiliate marketing ? it was it ups and downs. obviously affiliate marketing I had a lot of success with it anyway because of youtube I just had no idea that you know affiliate
marketing was before this I started the course and I decided that I’d make some
Facebook ad straight wait and I got results literally straightaway which I
thought was like crazy not a lot you know I doubled my money
which was good again I only put five pounds per advert. although not money
much money spent hmm not much money gained in terms of percentage it was
still 50% which is obviously good if you can do that to a thousand and you can
make a thousand then obviously it’s harder said than done and however mid
last week Amazon I’m doing a lot of the affiliates through Amazon Associates
they closed my account because you need to have it was bullshit you need to put
a disclaimer on your website and to say that you are an Amazon associate that
you’re making money off the links which no one is that no one has mentioned
before I had an Amazon Associates account before it’s maybe it’s because I
actually started making sales. You sold to much so they checked your profile. the thing is they were coming from Facebook
advertising I don’t really know I need I need to research this more but I’ve put
the disclaimer onto my website so if they now say about it I can say no
it is there and it says you know affiliate disclaimer you click it and it
comes up with the option um but they’re not gonna give me the money that I
earned because obviously I’d breach their terms and conditions so they
office they’re not gonna pay me and but at the end of the day not too much money
lost experience gained definitely I now know what to do and I’ve started running
an advert last night. the same advert tiny bit different different link
obviously and I’m just gonna see how it works. from Amazon also ? Your last advert was from Amazon affiliate ? yes, it was from Amazon affiliate.
me so see how that converts I’ll give it a
few days maybe three or four days and then I’ll look at the results
see if it’s converted if it’s not converted I’ll just change it I changed
something change the picture and change the text or I’ll make a landing page on
the website so it can direct you to it to the offer and then up on the website
I’m trying to get free traffic so I’ve made witch is crazy it was
available I made that Wix website it took
literally didn’t take long at all I was crazy and I’ve been going on Facebook
pages I Facebook groups I joined loads and loads prod about 20 or 30 Facebook
groups and just starting posting in them like relevant information saying or if
you’d like to see I used this one for my iPhone recording setup so I use my
iPhone with the thing that keeps it steady and like if you’d like to see my
setup let me know leave a comment in the comment section and our direct message
my blog post. loads of people I woke up the next day I will do a video on this
and actually screenshot and the responses because if I was like yes
interested yes DM yes I want to know so then I went through an admissions them
all and they at that then obviously drives traffic to the website to the
review and then hopefully if any of those people then decide to click on the
link and buy anything then I’ll be able to get a couple more
money these anything within 30 days I’m not quite sure about the delay. It would be interesting if you can share also the message you send to the group. I will be out to find it. and they is one that worked best then the others.I will do a little video on it. Do you track and record everything you did to
try to optimize it for next time ? no. I think the first times, the most important thing is just do something. I doesn’t have to be right. it’s just do anything and then you’ll
learn what doesn’t work very quickly. one of the adverse didn’t work like I had
three adverts running, 2 of them didn’t really work so I just turned them off
just nice and easy and the other one that did work on adapt it can make can I
make it better no it was not try something different if you don’t start
you’re never gonna know I just think so what what’s your future plan what’s your
plan now that you have a lot of time. How will you spend your hours ? I don’t really know. To be honest, I think I’m gonna do a lot of work. I will have less time that I never had in my life. want to do things like do a video a day
doing one video you got to think about what you’re gonna do
you’ll then have to make you prepare something like if it’s a how-to video I
need to do video it edit it upload it do the keywords and the description to make
sure you can rank that video and do the thumbnail, post on youtube. that is a lot of work. how much time do you spend for
one video from thinking about the idea to uploading it ? and okay so let me yesterday as an
example yesterday I did obviously the earnings one and I want to say I know I
want to do that so it was just I had to wait for the yesterday and as I write
gonna do it all I did was i sat down on my computer I got a notice document out
and just wrote down some key points I wanted to talk about so my key points
were like recap what my target was and you see how much I’ve earned where it
came from you know any other bits and pieces like
thanking everybody all that sort of stuff and then I just have my key points
and I just start talking so that takes about 15 minutes I only do it on the
first take I don’t ever want to record two takes at the same video because like
I don’t know if it’s rubbish then it’s rubbish and if I mess up then I’ll just
mess up and I’ll cut it out so yeah I spend about 15 minutes recording it I
then upload it onto my computer which takes a few minutes do the edit which
I’m now getting pretty snazzy pretty quick about half an hour to do that so
right we’re coming up to about an hour upload takes about half an hour it’s
about maybe two hours depending on and how long the video is and how long it
takes edit and how long it takes to upload so anything between an hour and a
half or two hours I reckon so okay so you will focus on FBA and will you do
next product ? are you working on your second product ? I want to work on my second product. realistically, I won’t have the capital to invest in a new product. because I need to still
reinvest in my first product and so I want to put everything into the first
product make sure that it is successful and it’s just automated and I know how
many stock I’ve got when I’m gonna run out and when more are coming in and that
takes money because I’ve got an expensive product so I can’t just like
you know my next order is probably gonna have to be about five grand
so like to make it you know worthwhile that means that having more money for
another product is gonna be quite tough unless i was decora money which I’m not
really looking to borrow money my next products I’m gonna be looking
for something again around the same price point if not more expensive
because when you see the Amazon sales on Amazon seller central and it’s going
over a hundred pounds like before twelve o’clock then it’s a great feeling
however if you’ve got a product that’s this very cheap you’re gonna need like
30 units so I’d rather have high investment high return rather than lower
investment low return so I’d rather you wait for the right product there’s a bit
more expensive I’m also looking into things like you know ungating and all
that sort of stuff not like seriously at the moment but
just to have an idea about how you can do it and is it gonna be beneficial and
all that sort of stuff do you plan to do something else except FBA and
affiliate marketing like real estate or Shopify ? yes I’ve got at the moment
affiliate marketing amazon my personal brand stuff those are my kind of three
bits of income you know in that order affiliate marketing, Amazon and then brand and I
have real estate already I own a house which I rent out which is like I used to
living someone called Norwich of England and now I’m near London so I rent out
that house it makes a small profit per month only about two hundred and fifty
pounds a month not you know not a huge amount but I will continue to earn money
and obviously they’re paying into my mortgage as well so that’s profit
so the real-estate definitely I’d like to buy something else I’ve probably made
we have we made me in we’ve made about 50 60 K on the house
in we’ve had it just over a year. we’ve made a lot of money on that just because
I renovated it and I did all the kitchen and bathroom and all that sort of stuff
so that’s made a lot money. buy another place hopefully next year I’d like to
look into the social media marketing side of things takes up a lot of time
because my interest originally may be there’s gonna be a video about that
today hey you know that will have a surprise video today so I’ve been very
I’ve been very very busy Greg. it will be a video about that today and then do some investing and make sure that the
money being earned is going into the right the right place and you know
investing for the future in terms of stocks and shares I’ve had stocks before, I had lot of Apple stocks, which is how I bought my house. I want to look in investing more. It will be five streams
of income which i think is a very good place to be. so do you have advice for
someone who want a quit nine-to-five job ? if I put myself in my own shoes three months ago
it was the questions going through my mind sure should I do this what other
people think is it gonna be worth one and all these no concerns
there’ll be similar concerns for everyone however once you start doing it
you’ll realize that so many more opportunities will open up and you’ll
learn incredibly fast things that all seem will not seem daunting anymore and
you’ll be able to help other people that were in in your shoes not so long ago. the ability to help other people is very very rewarding. I believe that you should surround yourself with, I call it the rule of thirds. the third of the people you spend time with should be a head of you in your journey, the third of the people on the same level and the other third people that you can help. the 33% from Tai Lopez. very good rules, he did a TED talk about it. the biggest advice is just start doing something because you never know what’s gonna be around the corner. I think of this, if you are about going to a maze. like a big mazes you can go in country house. in the UK. if you are going to a maze, you have no idea how you are going to the middle or how you are going to get have no idea and you gonna get lost. however, once you have been through the maze. and you’ve gone in and you’ve gone out. you feel a lot better about it. you feel, ok I can get our, I can get in. I can do that again because I get done that already. and if you’re the designer of the maze
right you know exactly what it looks like from top down then you can help
everyone else get to the middle so yeah I think start doing something don’t
worry about what anyone else thinks don’t worry about if it’s gonna be
successful or not don’t worry about literally any of the concerns the only
thing you should worry about is starting. ok thanks for the advice. what said your friends and I don’t
know your girlfriend and family when you first spend $500 to invest in your
course from a guy who is doing video with Lamborghini on YouTube
did you share before you get success? not really, family and friends I didn’t really tell
just did it. obviously a girlfriend I did. I said I was gonna do it and she was
supportive obviously I researched it heavily and so
a lot of people that are in my circle they would have even if I could explain
it that I couldn’t explain it to the best best ability so I just did it I
bought it and I put my video up the same day as soon as I watched the whole
videos to put the video up just you know active urgency and doing quickly and
there was I think the day I got back from my holiday so I didn’t tell anyone
I didn’t tell anyone at all and even when I had taken it it was quite a while
before I did share with like my family say this is what I’m doing and I had a
big conversation with my dad’s who’s mentoring that sense he’s done business
lots and lots and lots and he’s helping me tremendously so I told him and he was
like sounds good, go for it. I propose you to do live Q&A like tanner?
I think it will be very great. I don’t know if anyone will watch it. I don’t know the right time of day. this is the
biggest problem is to have like it should be morning in the US and afternoon or
evening in Europe exactly what I’ll do then maybe this week I’ll do a little
questions say no if you time is good so thanks a lot for your time and all your
information. I’ve got to go and clean my house now. so I will try to use what I recorded and I will let you know anyway
every writer article and try to post it on YouTube and I will send you a
thank-you so thanks a lot Jonny. Greg, I will speak to you soon. thank you for your support me, thank you so much.
they are always commenting and all this other stuff it’s incredible !
have a good day and continue. see you soon. bye ! bye bye !


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