How Josue Pena Makes $25,000 A Week On Instagram! 😱 (Instagram Marketing Agency)

– How’s it going today, guys? Welcome back to the channel. So I’m here in New York City
with a guy named Josue Pena. And there’s an asterisk on that N so we’ve gotta get that sound in there. – Yeah. – And Josue basically,
I’m not even sure if I can explain what you do so I’m
going to leave it up to you, but you make $25,000
a week with Instagram. – Yeah. – So can you maybe start by
explaining what it is that you’re doing to be making that
astounding amount of money? – Yeah, so, what I usually do is I, obviously I learned how
to market on Instagram, how to grow it, but
basically what I’ve built is an Instagram marketing agency. So we handle Instagram ads,
influence marketing campaigns, and mainly, also, Instagram
growth campaigns for clients. And then they pay us and
that’s how we make 25Gs a week. So it’s pretty, it’s a
very easy business model just because you don’t need
that many clients also. So my initial pricing right now is between four grand to five grand a month. So you only need like five
clients or like 10 clients, actually, 10, 20, 25
clients to make 25k a week. – Okay, so it sounds like
a much larger number but. So your average package for a client that works with you, you said is $4,000. – To start.
– To start. – Yeah, I’ve had clients
that pay like 20k a month, 50k a month, right?
– Wow. – So, well, maybe, depending
on with the space you’re in, if you’re familiar with
intermarketing space like Alex Becker, a lot
of big name entrepreneurs, I work directly with them. Like Lady Boss, a company that
does multiple eight figures. – Okay, so these are
people with large budgets so they can afford to pay. – Exactly, exactly.
– Okay. – So I position myself not
as the Toyota of Instagram but more like the Rolls Royce. And obviously the results back it up. – [Interviewer] Gotcha. – You don’t need that many
clients, to be honest with you. Once you are dealing
with bigger companies, more high quality clients,
that kind of stuff, that’s basically what I do
with Instagram marketing. It’s fun. – So Alex Becker, obviously,
he doesn’t have time to manage his Instagram
page so you step in and you help him build a following and kind of provide content for him? – Yeah so basically, it depends on what the
need of the client is. For example with him, specifically, what we did is, OK,
you don’t wanna produce your own content all the time. That’s fine, you have a
very unique personality and very unique messages
so let’s find content that’s out there already performing well. What I call BPPs are Best Performing Posts and then post it on your page because it’s going to
resonate with your audience, build your audience up and
then sell your Instagram story. The Instagram stories is
the most powerful tool that anyone has and you
don’t need a huge following to make a lot of money with Instagram. For my own Instagram
account, which is funny, because it has a small following, – Yeah. – I have 5 million followers total myself through different
accounts, but my personal– – Now could you explain
what that means, yourself? That’s through everybody you manage or are those your personal ones that– – Yeah. – These are your own pages
that you own, not just manage? – Exactly. Client accounts I don’t even
count them in my own network. – Towards that total? – Five million, my own
pages that I personally own like World of Artist, that
one is followed actually by Kobe Bryant. – Oh wow. – A lot like the Ill
Explorer, Classic Roommate, Elation Fitness, I can just keep naming. – What’s the big top three, follower wise? – It’s 2.2 million, one
million and then 400,000. – And did you buy these,
build them from scratch, a little bit of a mix? – Yeah, right now I also buy pages but the 2.2 million follower
one was built from scratch. Actually, no, it was bought
when they had 10, 20k followers. – So most of it you get
credit for building that up. – Exactly. – So that’s pretty wild, yeah. – And basically from there,
then, what I was gonna say is you don’t need a big
following to monetize. Which is the biggest
misconception people have. I actually did a case study
in the last seven days of September and my
own personal following, which is like 20k something thousand on my personal Instagram,
did over $71,000. – In the last, how long was that? – In a week. – In a week. – Between the last
couple days of September and the first week of October, between September 26th and October 6th, a week or so, we did $71,000. – With a 20,000 following. – 22,000 following. – Something like that.
– Yeah. – Why is that the case? So what is it about Instagram that’s different than,
’cause I know on Youtube you can make money with a small following but not that amount of money. What is it about Instagram
that’s making that this way where you can make money
with such a small following? – Instagram stories. – [Interviewer] Stories, OK. – Yeah, so the thing with
Instagram stories is so powerful ’cause first off, Instagram
is all about in the moment. It’s very instant so if
you miss it, you miss it. So people know that. Instagram stories has a rate of urgency and scarcity play in it ’cause that’s the two tools that marketers
have, the most powerful ones, is urgency and scarcity. Instagram stories
already has that built in because they disappear in 24 hours. – Oh okay. It’s the fact that it’s a limited offer that’s not going to be there
when the story is gone. – Exactly, exactly, so what I did was. And the $71,000 was completely
organic, zero paid ads. What I did was, obviously
I was provided value before but I would just pitch. I was like, I created
an offer on what I call an Instagram story mini webinar. You see this if you go
to Lady Boss’s page, you see it on the highlights. – Okay. – It’s a framework where you provide value and before you pitch you make a poll or you ask a question pre-framing people before your actual pitch. For example, what I would do is like, do you struggle with
your Instagram marketing. Yes or no.
– Sure. – 90% of people. – So you poll people, they
vote yes or no on the story. – Exactly, it’s a micro-commitment,
yes, yes, yes, yes. And they’re like okay cool, if you voted yes swipe up right now. If you don’t have 10,000
followers you don’t have the swipe up feature
but it’s the same thing, swipe up and direct message me I’ll give you secrets secrets or if you’re in fitness, direct
message me fitness secrets or whatever, right? People who are actually interested
will direct message you. But here’s the thing, about 10% of people who are ready to buy
will direct message you. The rest are the ones who voted yes. So what I did was direct
message the people who voted yes that they had the
problem or the pain point that we’re trying to
solve and say hey John, I just noticed that you
voted yes on my last poll where I actually asked X, Y, Z, B, D, Q. – Okay. – Would you like to, I was thinking like just tell me a little bit more about what you’re actually trying to do and what your problem is. – Sure. – And John is like oh my
god, thank you so much for following up with me, I never
though you’d actually do that. – Yeah, I’ve never heard of. So is this an automated
system that did that? – No, like my poll. – So you literally,
personally, went in there looked at who voted and then
sent messages to these people. – Well, my team, but yeah. – Okay, but it was a person
doing that, a human person. – Exactly, mm-hmm. – Really it’s taking that extra step. – It’s like following up on sales. – Yeah, okay. – A lead comes in, they’re interested. Maybe they need a little
bit of a follow up. Statistically speaking you
need between six and eight touch points with one lead to make a sale. – Okay. – If you want to make a sale, stop. You can make a sale with
really small followings. That’s what I’m saying is even if you get 100 views per story,
that’s 100 people we have their attention every single day, for a 24 hour period of
time that you can pitch to. Provide value, pitch to, and
then just follow up with them. And that’s it. – I think a lot of people
they discount the fact that they have 100 people
looking at their story. And they’re just going to
see who immediately converts and I’ve never heard of anybody
following up with people on Instagram, but it seems
like these are the small things you have to do to get big
numbers from a small following. – Yeah, exactly. Once you’re small you can actually pull this off, as you’re bigger. – It gets a little bit harder
to message everybody directly. – Exactly, exactly. And you only do that
with higher ticket items. If you’re selling a $10,000
ticket or something like that. Then it becomes obviously worth it. But once you’re starting out, even if you can direct message 10 people and you make from 10
people you make two sales at $40 each, that’s $80 and that took you like maybe 10-15 minutes to do. – Right, if you calculate
your hourly rate on that activity, it’s really not too bad. – Exactly, so people
get this misconception 100 people is 100 people. If you had 100 people in a room. – Right. – That is a butt load of people. That’s a lot of people that
you’re actually talking to. – Right, people I know you think of views and people as like two different things but every single person, every single view is really a person at the end of the day. – Exactly, so once you frame it like that then things completely change. The reason, for example, I absolutely love the updates that Instagram has coming up. The question, asking a question. – Yes, okay. – That’s beautiful, you could just. Instead of just saying ask me anything, and if you’re a hot girl
you probably do that and all you get is, are you single, right? – Right, yeah. – But if you’re a dude,
nobody asks you anything. What I do is I pre-frame people before they ask me a question. I put the question thing
and instead of saying ask me anything I say what is your biggest
struggle with Instagram. – [Interviewer] Okay, gotcha. – Or what is, if you’re fitness, I have fitness clients as well. What is your biggest
struggle with losing weight? – Mhm. – People will literally just tell my biggest struggle with losing weight is that I binge eat at night. – Okay. – Well, awesome, I actually
have a free program, a free teaching that actually helps you and gives you all the meal plans that you can binge eat at night. People are literally telling
you their pain point. That’s all that sales is, you’re. – Identifying problems, pain points. – Exactly and they’re telling you. Which is why you don’t
need to come up with them. – Right. – You don’t like, oh maybe
people have struggled with X. No, they’re saying I
have an issue with this. And they’re saying oh, cool,
I can solve that for you. When you pre-frame questions
and you just ask your audience it just works so, so well. That in combination,
that’s like modernization but in order to get to that point I would say your page
needs to be optimized in order to, for that. – [Interviewer] Okay, yeah. – You just can’t wing
it and hope it sticks. Your content needs to be relevant and in line with what
you’re trying to sell. If you’re trying to
sell a fitness program, or you’re in beauty, in make
up or hunting or whatever, stop posting pets or what
you ate for Taco Bell. – Or your Starbucks, stuff like that. – Exactly, yes you can
be personal and whatever. That’s for Instagram stories but on the page itself,
it should be in line with what you’re trying to
do on the page itself. ‘Cause nobody’s gonna care. – Yeah, I think a lot of
people don’t really understand the context of each part of Instagram and they use it kind of incorrectly, putting low quality posts on the feed. I think there’s a lot of people
that are just very confused about how to use this platform. – For example, the best
example, your own page, right? – Sure, yeah. – Would you post a picture of a cat or what you ate from Taco
Bell on the feed itself? – No, absolutely not, because
it’s all investing related. – Exactly, people don’t really
care unless you tie that post into some type of investment. Starbucks stock was worth
pennies 20 years ago and now. – Yeah, something like that. Show the Starbucks cup of
coffee and then talk about it so you’re tying it into your niche. – Exactly, exactly. – That makes a lot of sense. – Unless you do it like that, but people just post
random stuff all the time and they hope and think
hopefully it sticks on the wall. That’s not the case,
your content needs to. People say content is king. That couldn’t be farther,
that’s the truth. – Okay. – That is, that is the truth. Your content needs to be in line with what you’re trying to do,
what you’re trying to sell. Then on Instagram stories
you tie it up altogether and then you actually sell to people. In a really non-pushy, non-salesy way ’cause it goes away in 24 hours. If people don’t want to see
your pitch they just tune out. It’s different from the
feed that just stays there. Not forever because you can delete it. – You can delete stuff, but okay. That makes a lot of sense, yeah. So how, when you got your first client, what would you expect
if you just started out? What would you charge your first client if you were brand new? ‘Cause obviously charging
$4000 a month to start is huge. But you can’t expect
that from day one, right? – Yeah, of course, what I
did, it’s actually funny. I remember still my first paying client. It was September 2016,
September 13th, 2016. Which is a little over
two years right now. What ended up happening was I was just providing value online. I wasn’t thinking of clients.
I wasn’t thinking of that. Then somebody just hit me
up and this guy is probably worth like 50 million or something. – Oh wow, okay. – He hit me up and he’s like
I want to grow my following. I’m like, you’re worth 50 million, why the heck do you want
to grow your following, but okay whatever. He was like how much would you charge me. I’m like, I don’t know. $3,500 a month, and he’s
like, cool, here ya go. – Really? – I’m like, crap I
should’ve charged him more! (laughing) I should’ve tried like 10 grand a month. – Even that’s amazing. ‘Cause that’s what most
people make as a salary for a job, for one client. – Yeah, but after that
I transitioned, I did. From that point to the end of the year we made like six figures
which seemed quickly. What you can charge,
as you’re starting out, it all comes down to what you
can provide, how good you are. People are going to pay for a skill set. – Right. – That’s the biggest thing I would say. If you have a skill set and
you’re good at what you do the price point becomes irrelevant. – Right. – If you’re able to convey what the result that people are going to
get from your skill set, then the price point becomes irrelevant. I had no fitness trainers
that, for example, a good friend of mine, his name is Tanner. Tanner Chidester, Fitness, I don’t know. He went from zero to 100k in three months selling high ticket items
through Instagram DMs. Again, same exact strategy, same strategy. – Okay. – Zero to $100,000 in three
months selling $3000 packages or $4000 packages.
– Unbelievable. – In the fitness niche. When people sell $47
eBooks on the flip side. He had like, he didn’t
have a large following. It all comes down to
you having a skill set, being able to convey that
skill set to the client and sell them on the result, not necessarily on the product or service that you’re selling. – Okay, that makes sense. You don’t want to become a commodity. – Exactly, exactly. I would say if you’re starting out, depending on how confident you are, just start charging like
$100 or $500 per client. Just get your feet wet, start
getting your hands dirty. As you get results, get testimonies. Then you start charging a little bit more, a little bit more. Also it becomes the reason
why I charge so much is a supply and demand thing. – Sure. – I can only take so many clients and I prefer to take
just a handful of clients that I really, really like,
that I love working with them, that I, you know, I can
deliver results a lot. And that I could get paid a lot. – Sure. – Versus, like before I
would take any client. And again, that guy that,
I’m really grateful that I signed him up for $3,500 a month, but he was a pain in the butt. He always used to call
me up at like three a.m. and I would pick up the phone thinking I was gonna lose a client. You’ve gotta obviously set up boundaries but just think of who you
wanna work with, I would say, and just start getting those people. If you’re not comfortable,
don’t think you’re worth $1000 a month, there’s
nothing wrong with that. That’s just you starting out. Start with 500, start
with 100 bucks a month. – You start with what
you think your value is but I think that’s really important, too. Start by, focus on what your skill is. I’m sure you’re making Alex Becker a lot of money with your Instagram. – Six figures, multiple
six figures a month. – When your service is paying for itself three, four, 10 times over
that’s a very easy sale. – Exactly, also the thing
that people don’t understand, it’s like people think, and this is something you
also need to tell your client. People think, with anything
really, Facebook, Youtube, it doesn’t matter. People think just posting
content out there’s gonna make you money. – Sure.
– That’s not true. The money is made outside the platform. – Okay. – Meaning, using Instagram
as a traffic tool to your funnels, to your
webinar like Becker does. Or to your offers or to your eCommerce your supplements like Lady Boss does. That’s where the money’s at. If you depend solely on
sponsorships or things like that you’re gonna have a tough time. – And you’re gonna hit a cap,
I’m sure, at a certain point. – Mhm, and that’s the reason why a lot of influencers are broke. Like, a lot. I know influencers with millions of followers and they
charge 25 bucks a post. – Oh my gosh, crazy. – If you want to buy a post from me, of my 20,0000 follower count, I will charge you at the
very minimum three grand. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I know the relationship
I have with my audience and I know they buy, so that’s the thing. There’s a very like,
it’s the wild wild west out there on Instagram right now. Which is good for you, watching. – ‘Cause it’s a huge opportunity, yeah. – Exactly, I believe
I saw a statistic that in 2020, 70% of Facebook’s ad revenue is gonna come from Instagram. – Really? – Yeah, the ad cost is
spiking on Facebook right now ’cause everybody’s flipping. All the big companies are dumping money. The ad revenue is just screwed
up and small marketers, the medium sized businesses are looking oh, the next one is Instagram. We’re gonna go there. You watching right now, you
just have to jump on it fast. – Right, alright guys, so that
was part one of three videos I’m gonna be doing here with Josue. So make sure you guys stay tuned. If people are looking to learn more about Instagram and
maybe be part of that 1% that really takes action and
gets in on the wild west here what can they do to get started? – So, yeah, I have ton of
free different resources. Obviously I have a Youtube Channel, I mean you just have to have
a Youtube Channel as well. – Yeah, you’re marketing yourself. – Exactly, exactly. We have free cheat sheets for eBooks. Here’s the thing people don’t understand. If you’re actually listen
to what we’re saying here and actually take it seriously and actually take action
out there and go do it, you’re gonna have results. I have people hitting me up
from free content I put out I made $50,000 in 24 hours. – From the free stuff you threw out there. – Exactly, I grew a page 100,000
followers in three months. I closed a client just because
of what you said, right. This is free again, so even
though this is free don’t– – Discount it. – Don’t overlook it
just because it’s free. Take action and actually realize the opportunity is here. I’ll also say, we also have a starter Instagram program or course. We usually sell for 97 bucks. For your audience we’ll just, I’m just going to give it right for free. – Oh, that’s very nice, okay, cool. So that’s gonna be, I’ll
link everything up down in the description below. And so, yeah, there’s
a free course and also make sure you guys subscribe
to Josue’s channel. He’s gotta get some more
eyeballs on his Youtube Channel so make sure you guys subscribe ’cause he’s got a lot of
valuable content over there. Anyways, that’s gonna wrap up this video and we will see you in the next one.


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