How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

You can’t handle the truth well You probably can because in this video I’m gonna talk about exactly How long it takes to make money with affiliate marketing all the bullshit aside? No, lies straight-up truth by the end of this video. You’re gonna know exactly How long it takes and how you can get started let’s get it Welcome to the channel if you’re brand new glad to hit that subscribe button Click that notifications and smash that thumbs up. You can always take it back when you leave I’m pretty sure you’re gonna dig the content. This is the number one place for direct response marketers on the planet Period let’s jump in. So before we get started in this Obviously, there are some caveats I want to put up number one I’m pretty sure I’ll get comments and saying Sonny I made money in 12 with 1200 bucks and blah blah blah and I Did this in six months or I did this in eight months. I’m not talking about you. You’re Superman What we’re talking about is the average Person brand new that’s never did anything If you’re asking this question, if you’re looking at this video, you probably have never done any type of marketing whatsoever And it’s you that I’m talking about for the other guys that made a million dollars in your first 30 days Good for you if you want to make money today, like right now if you’re in need for cash at this very moment You’re in the wrong place. You probably want to head out and go get a job And the reason why I say that is because everything is delayed on the internet, it’s not gonna happen right now even if all your ducks were lined up in a row and You had everything that I’m gonna be talking about on the next slide all of the skill sets that you need and you knew everything and you just wanted to jump in most affiliate companies take 60 90 30 days to pay unless You’re an established affiliate and then you can get to with some companies. That’ll pay you daily. Other than that Look forward to 60 to 90 days with no money The next thing I’m gonna tell you is that if you don’t believe in what you’re doing You’re gonna fail and I know what you’re saying right now Like Sonny a bunch of people say that or I’ve never done it. How can I believe in it? You need to believe in yourself. You need to understand and a lot of people are cynical out there I was just looking at a video on someone else’s channel and the dude was like well do you sell courses and the guy was like, yeah, so If you have a million dollars, why are you selling the 500? Of course? The guy’s answer was well Elon Musk is a billionaire Why is he selling cars? He has different streams of income and my comment to that dude was like yo Stop being so cynical if you plan on making money on the internet, don’t be so cynical Don’t think everybody is out to get you don’t think that everybody has their own self-interest at heart Of course, we make money on the internet, but giving you this information is earnest and yes It’s possible and I know you you’ve had this question before do you believe that there’s a clickbank millionaire? Like do you believe it? Yeah There is there’s dudes out here making tons of money and just because you haven’t done it Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. That’s one of the biggest problems I had when I first started and trying to make money on the Internet are trying affiliate marketing or any type of marketing whatsoever I thought that it couldn’t be done because I hadn’t done it yet But it’s just ain’t so if you keep up and follow the rules and are about to get you and you smash that like button I’m pretty sure it’s gonna happen for you But before you get started and we get into exactly how long it’s gonna take I need to find out do you have the skill set that is needed in order for you to make money as an affiliate marketer? So and to find out exactly how long it’ll take you to make money as an affiliate marketer You need to have first there’s a skill subset and that means that you need to understand about funnels. All of what I call the marketing Adjacent stuff that that’s around the annex stuff. That’s all around Marketing in general so you have marketing technology that you need to be concerned about. So landing page builders email marketing and automation traffic generation and working on social media meaning how to post win to post and Understanding don’t spam people and all that kind of stuff. That’s a subset of skills, and I’m not gonna even include like Graphics like how to do graphics and manipulate Photoshop. Most of the kids nowadays understand Photoshop But when I started that was something that a specialty person did also Editing videos you will have to upload videos I suggest when you get started as a I know that YouTube is like the wild wild west It’s the final frontier You can get videos ranked on YouTube and I feel like it’s the final frontier For affiliate marketing now your main skill set on what you really need to work with is Copywriting and you should know what that is. If not Subscribe to the channel right now because I have a ton of videos on copywriting and I’m uploading everyday also Data analysis and what that means is you need to be able to look at data Raw data coming from clicks and so on and so forth the Analytics and behind on YouTube are the analytics from or when you buy ads and your media buying you’ll find about that in the next Slide, so hang in there with me So when you when you get that data, you need to be able to analyze that data and make decisions based upon facts Not what you feel not what you heard from somebody else facts now media buying and research Research is really important. I believe it was David Ogilvy that said that admin and Copywriters are the most curious people that he’s ever met and it’s just true your carry You have to be curious about everything right now You should probably click a link and open it into the other tab and start trying to find out that’s what I’ll be doing Start trying to find out what the hell is Sonny talking about organic traffic and media buying. What is that? Either you’re gonna get traffic and start moving people around and directing traffic to where you need them to go organically like using YouTube or You’re gonna media by meaning you’re gonna go to ad networks and you’re gonna pay for traffic and move them around That way to get to your offers either one if you don’t have that skill set That’s something that you’re gonna have to learn. So if you have all of these skill sets put together. You’re in the right place So here’s the here’s the answer to the question is how long it will take before you go crazy looking at these numbers again? I’m gonna say it Depends it’s almost like asking me how long is a piece of string? it’s really no solid answer but what I’m gonna do here is kind of guesstimate and give you an Educated guess on how long it would take the rich person with those skillsets that I just talked about To make money on YouTube or online affiliate marketing now Organically if you’re getting organic traffic and you have to build your traffic over time And you understand SEO And you understand Some of the skill sets that come with doing this I’m gonna say six to twelve months if you’re buying media And you understand media buys, you know how to go to the native ad networks You know how to go to Google Ads and Bing and so on and so forth Facebook ads and you understand that skill set I’m gonna say 30 to 60 days because that’s how long it’s gonna take you to get a check So if you have all those skill sets already getting ready to start making some dumb beast mode Like this is like what it’s gonna be like no matter what in 18 to 24 months you will be the Superman of affiliate marketing And why am I saying that? Because it should take anybody if you don’t have any of the skill sets that I talk to you about if you don’t know anything and you’re brand new from scratch Today is your first day that you’re gonna start working with affiliate marketing in 18 to 24 months if you work at it now you have to work every day But if you work at and you’re honest with yourself I’m telling you right now that you’ll be a beast in 18 to 24 months And that means that you can take any niche that you get ready You can take you can talk to anybody in any because you understand the research you have to do so It doesn’t matter whether it was weight loss or fitness or diabetes or health niche It doesn’t matter you’ll be able to look at that niche. Go do your research put up some ads and start making some dough so now I have my recommendations on what I think you really should do if you’re starting from scratch and you want to get into affiliate marketing number one I’m gonna tell you to smash that like button And hit the subscribe button makers I’m gonna come with a lot more videos after this but no Seriously, the first thing I want you to do is slow I know that looked funny but it’s true and I even practiced that right because I Really want you to slow down and then why am I saying it that way because everybody’s in a rush to make money today and Everybody kind of runs around and I did this to like a chicken with your head cut off trying To figure out what’s the next biggest thing? Which brings me to the next thing? focus on one thing It’s the hardest thing to do pick one niche For at least a year and don’t move away from that niche And the reason why I’m saying that is because you’ll be you’ll be able to build credibility You’ll build a know like and trust audience people will like you they’ll know that you are a good resource for information That they need and they will keep coming back to you over and over and over again But if you’re one of those channels for instance that says how to get more Instagram followers how to be an affiliate marketer I just bought a Rolls Royce check out my new car I probably play doubles tennis and get some Serena Williams to be your partner and you have all these different things Coming up on your channel, you’re all mixed up and you’re trying to do things and there’s gonna be some confusion number one YouTube is gonna be confused They’re gonna like what the hell is this dude talking about and you won’t be able to rank for anything Number two, you’re gonna be confused and wondering what the hell is YouTube doing? Don’t they know what I’m talking about and number three which is most important Your audience is gonna be super confused and wondering what information can I really get from this dude. So what I’m saying to you is Focus on one thing the most important thing that you can focus on each time when you’re going through your subsets skills focus on that one skill perfect that and move on to the next I think that you could do everything that I mentioned in my subsets skills within 30 days the Copywriting and everything else. You’ll never stop learning that you’ll keep moving on The next thing I’m gonna tell you to do is tons of research Keep being nosy be curious Always be looking for what’s going on. Well as soon as you get down to it and To figure out YouTube trying to figure out a going organic traffic Always be watching videos reading books get courses invest in yourself research research research You want to have steady? firm pressure Just get out and make sure like when you’re trying to reach your goals that you just set up 30 minutes or an hour or two hours a day or ever how much time that you have set it up every day and Stick to it and just of just apply that steady firm consistent pressure and with a low cash investment That’s how you’re gonna learn how to do media buys But don’t come out racing out of the gates trying to spend a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars a good five To twenty dollars a day on YouTube goes a long way. Well, that’s it. If you liked this video man, click that subscribe button Smash that thumbs up man, share this video with a friend and comment below Let me know what else you want to learn about Marketing or copywriting or anything in general? If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing click this link right here above and it’s gonna show you my 90 day Roadmap to riches I’m pretty sure you’re gonna dig that You


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