How Long Will It Take To Make Money Online

let’s talk about money hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s Natalie from and today we are
gonna cover one of the most asked questions in the industry and that is
how long is it gonna take for me to start earning money with affiliate
marketing and I know I know that this is a really important question to you and
you want to know it oh so bad because it’s probably going to help you decide
whether to leave your job and start focusing on doing this or to even
continue doing this in the first place I understand that you need to know it but
I got to tell you it is a horrible horrible question it’s the wrong
question to ask if you are doing this business now don’t close off I know it
sounds like a stupid answer but don’t close off you’re probably gonna
understand why at the end of this video now the reason why first of all is
because I cannot predict that I do not know you specifically as a person I
don’t know your style of teaching I don’t know your style of talking I don’t
know your potential I don’t know your drive I don’t know how you work if you
work and so I cannot I cannot tell you the answer to that because how much
money you make really comes down to your execution and the second reason why it
is the wrong question to ask is because you are focusing on the results you are
keeping your eye on the prize too much that you’re forgetting to look at what
you are supposed to do in order to get that prize so if you’re truly serious
about this business then you are not going to be focusing on the results
rather you are going to be focusing on what should I achieve today what should
I do today in order to get that result what should i work on today because guys
it is a fact and it is just the universal law that you are not going to
be making money without putting in the effort and now I know that I’ve been
talking about affiliate marketing being a passive income business it truly is a
passive income business but passive means that you gotta do the
hard work first you gotta do the hard work build the
machine so that in the long run you can then start generating money doing
whatever you want and the money will keep on coming to your bank account and
now I know the sound of a passive income business is really really attractive to
you and the sound of making money while you sleep oh that sounds really cool I
get it but then even when you build that machine you still have to maintain it so
you can’t just disappear for like you know five years in the Maldives check in
with the people who have purchased from you to check if they’re happy scale your
business there’s so many things that you can do to still grow and really if you
are business minded then you are only going to think about how you can grow
now speaking about growing if you know the concept of affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing is basically referrals right so you are just
promoting a product or service that you believe in and once you promote and you
get a sale then you get the commission from whoever purchases from the
affiliate link that you have provided to them and you might be thinking right now
that ah I gotta have a lot of following or a lot of eyeballs on what I am
promoting or I got to be a famous person in order to make a lot of money and be
successful that is the most like that’s the biggest myth guys that’s the biggest
myth and I don’t tell you I started earning money with only one thousand and
three hundred followers on Instagram I started earning money two and a half
months since I started so that’s to give you an example of my pace but it might
be different for you and now since I’m telling you not to focus on the number
of followers that you have instead focus on your 1,000 true fans 1,000 true fans
is basically people who are hot they’re hot traffic and they’re always going to
check in on you they want to know what’s up with you they want to know
you know what products you have to sell they want to buy your products like we
all want to buy Apple personally I don’t like it I’m team Samsung so you’re one
thousand true fans guys it’s basically your quality followers okay people are
going out and buying followers but these are all ghost followers and nothing’s
gonna happen with them they’re not gonna convert and they cannot become money in
your bank but if you have quality followers people real people who
actually are going to be interested in what you have to promote and purchase
from you I would rather have 1,000 followers and two people interested
instead of 10,000 followers and two people interested so do you get the
point right like it is not about high following it’s about who you were able
to promote to and to convert when they go through your funnel if you don’t know
what a sales funnel is and go ahead to my channel because it is going to be
there so it’s not to discourage you that you know I can’t tell you when you’re
gonna make money so you’re probably not gonna make money no that’s not what I’m
saying okay I’m saying that it depends on the work that you put in again I
started earning commissions two and a half months after I launched and now for
any online business right this is about building momentum so at first you’re not
gonna feel anything but then once that video pops you know once that post pops
once something happens out of nowhere because of your consistency then you’re
just gonna skyrocket so it’s essentially like a j-curve right let me just draw
j-curve for you right here I have a poster so this is what a j looks like
right right oh my god like is that the other way around is that an L to you
I don’t know to me it’s a J because I’m starting off from here anyway so when
you start right you don’t feel anything it literally is nothing when you start
but then at this point when you’ve built momentum because you haven’t given up
and you’ve actually been consistent then you are just going to skyrocket so
guys I’m sorry I cannot give you an answer to this question and even if you
look deep into Google and try to find the answer to how long will it take for
you to start earning money people make money in a day people make money in five
years people make money in a week people make money in five months
it depends person-to-person it depends on your execution but once you make that
first commission once you make that first sale that’s when you start to
realize that this is real it’s actually real I can actually make money from this
and they say that your first sale is the best sale is the best feeling in the world and so once you get that that’s gonna
liven you up that’s gonna make you all excited and that’s gonna make you you
know want to do more and scale because you’ve already done it all you have to
do now is scale and so you’ve got to just keep on going keep on going until
you build the momentum and then you just skyrocket like a letter J right now even
if I’m saying that I do not know when you’re gonna start earning money I still
believe that affiliate marketing is the best online business model and that’s
because you don’t have to go through all of that you know operational work of
dealing with suppliers getting raw materials dealing with customer service
literally you promote the product and you’re done your job is done you get
your commission leave it to whoever owns the company to deal with the customers
after that it is very passive guys it is very rewarding and so tell me now if
it’s going to take you five years to make the sort of income that you are
making at your full-time job is it worth it if you’re earning $3,000 right now at your job okay
and it took you five years to make $3,000 doing affiliate marketing having
a passive online business and you are literally making money while your head
is on the pillow and you are not doing anything is it worth it
of course it is well to me it is I would work ten years to get that kind of
thing because I don’t understand people are actually willing to work all the way
up to retirement up to the age of 60 in order to retire and get their friggin
pension I don’t get it that’s that’s not the way to live if you are willing to do
that logic then you would be willing to work on a business that’s gonna give you
a lot of success so guys I hope this interests you and if you are interested
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being said guys I hope this video answers your question and if you like
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