HOW MANY times can you FREEZE A STEAK?

I always like to buy in bulk. If you seen
my channel before you know I cook a lot of steaks. There’s nothing better than
beef, at the same time it is important to learn to preserve it. I want to know
how many times it is ok to freeze a steak before losing its quality. To keep
this experiment consistent I’m using this beautiful prime ribeye loin and I
got it from the Revier Cattle Company. when buying steaks if you want to save
money I always recommend buying in bulk. Cut out your own steaks and save big
time, by processing your own steak you will always save more. I like to cut my
steaks at one and a half inches thick. After cutting them open this is what
they look like. As you can see this is a true prime
steak the marbling is just incredible and it is exactly what you’re looking
for on a prime steak. Now you have three options with this steak, you can freeze
it as is, you can super trim it and you can
regular trim it. Let me show it to you. First is a regular trim, we start off by
cutting a little bit of the fat without removing all of it.
Regular trim I recommend for steaks that are not prime since prime steaks have a
lot of intramuscular fat a regular trim is better fit for choice steak, but this
is what a regular trim looks like. For the Super trim and my recommended method
for prime steaks you trim all the external fat out. I know some of you are
thinking oh my god don’t cut the fat out Guga, but you have to understand a prime
steak already has enough intramuscular fat in it. Yes fat is flavor but you want
a well-balanced steak, there is no need for the extra fat. So for prime steaks I
like to do a super trim check it out. Now that I have all these beautiful
prime steaks super trimmed I am going to choose the best ones for our experiment
and this is how it’s gonna go down. I will be freezing all four steaks and
then I will be defrosting them. If you have not seen my video about how to
defrost a steak I recommend you watching it. The best method to defrost the steak
is to put it in the refrigerator and let it defrost overnight slowly. If you rush
the process with water or leaving it outside of the refrigerator you drop the
quality tremendously. So to give this steaks the best possible results
I am defrosting all of them in the refrigerator slowly. I will freeze the
first steak one time, the next one two times, the third one three and the last steak
will be frozen four times. To make this a real life experiment it took me six
weeks to complete this video every steak now was unfrozen was kept in the
refrigerator for at least three days. And when I refreeze them they were frozen
for about a week, making this a real-life experiment. After they have all been
frozen for their requirement time this is what they look like. As you can see this steak was only
defrosted once and this one two times we have the one that was defrosted
three times and lastly four times. And to my surprise
their colors look very similar to each other. Because they were defrosted
properly and frozen again slowly I cannot tell any difference just by
looking at them. After removing the steaks from the bag and I picked up the
very first one and it feels nice no foul smell whatsoever still feel tender as
perfect as it can be. The second steak does not feel any different as you can
see the cap is releasing a little, but besides that, tenderness and feel on my
hand is exactly the same as the first steak, when smelling it it smells
absolutely fine just like the first steak no difference at all. Now when I
pick up steak number three oh there’s a difference, it is much more tender softer
I don’t know if it’s coming through the camera, but the fibers are splitting
apart and when squeezing it through my hands I can f eel that it’s a lot softer
than any other steak when I smell it smells and it also smells just fine. And
this is the fourth steak oh there’s a big difference this one is almost
disintegrating as you can see the fibers are splitting apart completely and if I
don’t handle with care’ it will split open and when I smell it
it’s it smells it smells fine no foul smell or a different smell whatsoever.
But now that we have these steaks ready it is time to season them for the
seasoning I use salt freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder. To ensure my salt will penetrate
deeply into the meat, I’m letting them rest for an hour. But most importantly to make
sure every steak is cooked to the exact same temperature I am using my wireless
thermometer. After one hour you can see there is no longer any particles of salt
on top of the steaks. This is a sign that the salt penetrated
deeply into the meat and it will provide the best steak experience. For today’s
cook I’m going to be using the direct sear method what that means is that I
will be searing the steaks first, once they are perfectly seared I’ll be using
my wireless thermometer and cook them in indirect heat until I reach an internal
temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. But now that we have everything ready I
say it is enough talking and it is time to cook them. So let’s do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
steaks here. I have my nephew Angel and Chris his friend. If you guys don’t know
this is Chris. All right boys, you hungry? Cuz we gotta eat today. Yes sir. Lets go bro! All right we have a big experiment. I was gonna do this one only for me guys because I really want to find out because you know a lot of times I put a lot of steaks out and I don’t have time to cook all of them well actually I can’t tell much about the experiments I’m talking too much, are you ready to try it? I was trying to pick it up, I was trying to see what you were talking about. Yea, yea, yea! ok, enough talking we’re gonna try it. Big
experiment I really need your opinion on taste how they taste the texture tell me
as much as you can about these steaks. A B C and D. All right ready to go? Let’s dig in. First one. Cheers everybody. Cheers. Damn! That’s a nice steak! You’re alright Angel? You are going for seconds. Oh no. Incredible steak, amazing steak by the way
all of these are prime steak. So they should be all amazing.Oh my god I
ate half Chris’s done. You didn’t even cut it Chris. Alright, tenderness…
Yes? Super tender the outside has like a charcoaly flavor. Yeah. I was like perfect
to the taste. Mm-hmm it’s important. It’s important? It’s important. It’s crucial.
There you go. All right that was great. Are we ready to
try the second one? Let’s go man. All right let’s dig in. I’m excited to find out, Second one
cheers! Cheers. Still really good. Oh that’s nice. I’m liking it. Mmmm. I like this
experiment. I like this experiment a lot. Definitely. So nice. I’m not quite sure if I can tell
any difference. You Angel? Is there a difference? Um um. Chris talk to me. Woa woa calm down Chris! I know your hungry Chris, we gotta… Im going for seconds. You are going to try it again. I will try it again. What about tenderness flavor, any
difference for you? Almost the same. Almost the same. You Angel? I can’t
spot a difference to be honest. If there is a difference everybody honestly I
cannot tell the difference. No, it’s very small if there is if there is a
difference. It’s just so minor that we can’t really tell. It is wonderful. Yeah like what’s it about anyway? You gonna find out in a little bit yeah. I don’t want to
tell you because I want you guys to really tell me the truth here because I
need to know, I need to know this one for me. I want to know what I’m looking for
man. Don’t worry. You just enjoy the steak and if it’s bad
you tell me. We’re like guinea pigs. I know exactly. Dang. I rather be guinea pig like
this any time. Yeah. Alright. Good guinea pig. I know. Let’s go for the third one. Go for it. Round three. Fight! Alright third one. Cheers! Cheers. Okay. A little less flavor on this one I
think. Less flavorful. A little less flavor.. Still good. And less power. You get me? Not enough strength? Not enough strength of the flavor on this one. But it’s still good though? Yeah it’s still very good.
It is good. What about you? Is still, tenderness is still the same. Damn Chris! Flavor-wise it has a
little bit less flavor in the last two. Less flavor, I also felt that is not that
tender it seems like it’s a little tougher. Or did you guys feel that at all
or no? I didn’t feel that. Yeah very small, a small difference. Not a huge difference, but the flavor is less and the amount of juiciness I think it’s a little bit less as well. No I think juicy, juiciness I think is almost the same. Awesome what about you how about juiciness Chris. Juiciness it was almost the same, it was similar. For me I… I have like an aftertaste. Do you have an aftertaste
in your mouth? I don’t know I just finished swallowing. Swallow a little bit… You gonna try again oh my God. Ha-ha How would I find out? I think Chris just wants to get full Angel. Go for it Do you have an aftertaste? I feel a
little aftertaste on my mouth that it’s lingering everybody that it’s not a bad
aftertaste but there’s something. You? I’m not getting it. Not getting it? I just feel
like I just had some steak. Okay I’m not getting it. Okay that’s just me that’s
awesome that’s great to know. Allright let’s go for the last one guys. I just
wanna know. I know you want to know I know you want to know. Ready for the last
one? Cheers! Cheers. Oh This one’s really
different. Yeah. Oh yeah still good it is not bad, but it
is different. Mmm yeah it’s different. It’s not I think
it slowly been going like down and down. It’s going down the drain Angel? After the second one it just… It just went down? What happen there? It went down like the fork. It went down like my fork. It is going down. Yeah after the second one its been on the way down. Yeah. Slightly but let’s be honest here, Is it still a wonderful steak?
Yeah. It’s still a wonderful steak. It had a different flavor too.It has a little
different and it’s like the aftertaste I feel that after did you feel that
aftertaste or is it just me? Pay attention to your taste buds in the end
there’s an aftertaste that is not that pleasant but it is not bad.
It’s like… What? Do you feel that or no? I feel like there’s a taste there that’s
different. That is different? Just different for you.
Yeah and I’d rather not have it. You rather not. If you had to eat obviously you pick this one. One of these two. One of these two and these two. Yeah These two here, there’s not much difference between
them. Agree? Yeah. Kind of almost the same and then it starts going down a little
bit. Yeah you see the decline in taste on the third one. Yeah. This one here it really goes down. Less flavor, less juiciness and for me at least there’s
a little aftertaste. Alright everybody so these are the results we obviously
prefer these two steaks they are a lot better.
There’s not a lot of difference between them. You agree with me?
What happened Chris? I just tasted that one again it’s like an old meat after taste almost. Really? That’s what I’m getting kind of like an old meat. You Angel? Yeah now that I think about it that’s a good description. Its like a… You’re late on it. I’m a little late bro.Your taste buds are messed up. Why? Why are your taste buds messed up? All that pre-work out you been drinking.
Too much pre-workout! You see, you go to the gym too much. All right
let’s stay focus here. So this one kind of tastes a little bit like old meat
right it’s like it’s declining on quality. Yeah. Even though these are prime
steak the highest grade you can get besides wagyu obviously it’s still, I mean
I enjoy the steaks. Yeah they’re all good. But if you put it one next to the other the
quality starts going down. So you ready to find out what it is? Yeah. I see you
took the whole thing! alright so here’s what we got. I’m a little bit hungry too man.
I can tell, I can tell. All steaks have been frozen. Frozen? Yes
all of them are frozen this one was One and going up. Right? This one was
frozen once, this one was frozen twice, this one was frozen three times and four
times. So that’s why that’s what happened this is what the experiment is about
soft frozen steaks. So here’s the deal is Is it all from the same cow? All from the
same cow exactly because I sliced them all from the same loin. It is definitely okay
to freeze it once because you guys seen it before. Freeze it twice still okay you
guys agree? Yeah. I can see they hungry these boys are hungry everybody, I want to get the good stuff, its on my side. As soon as you start doing
the third one the quality start dropping quite a bit…Yes. And it’s very noticeable. Yeah. It’s still good though, it’s still good to eat. Don’t get me wrong everybody still good it’s a prime steak I mean if I got the
steak on the restaurant I’ll be happy with it cuz you know restaurant steak are let’s not talk much about that. But anyway
that’s the results I hope this was very informative to you as it was to me,
because a lot of times everybody I take out some steaks I let it defrost and we
don’t get to cook them, right Angel. Yeah sometimes we get busy.
We get busy with this and that, sometimes Angier has to do homework or it has to do something else.
Me as well I get stuck in the office I can’t come and then the steak just stays
there and instead of doing a video, Now I know I can freeze them again second time
will be just fine. I think two times that’s like the
area you want not pass after. Yeah. Because after that it’ll go down like it’s very
different these two are very different and then comparing this one to this one
is it’s like. It’s a night and day it’s like night and day. If you go from here to here it’s like
night and day. I would say stick to one time or two times, after that start red
flag-in it. I honestly thought that if I would have frozen the second time it
would have just been garbage, like it would be horrible. Yeah. I thought it was gonna
be disgusting like terrible yeah but now I know it’s good. Two times is okay. Please
do it right let me be very clear if you freeze the steak and you’re gonna
defrost it you leave it outside of the refrigerator and put in rather to
defrost it quickly the quality drops tremendously. I’ve already done that
experiment okay but if you defrost it nice and slow in the refrigerator and
then refreeze it again nice and slow it’s good. Yea. And I didn’t have that much
effect like on the tenderness. Exactly tenderness I think there yeah. Pretty equal. Maybe a little bit not noticeable. Agree? We all agree? We agree everybody This is the results I hope you guys
enjoyed this video if you do enjoy this video, make sure to give it a thumbs
up. If you have defrosted a steak more than three times four times and you had
a different experience, let me know in the comment below. I love to hear from
you. If you guys are interested in anything I use remember everything is
always in the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you guys on the next one. Take care everybody. Are you guys going to the gym next after this? I’m not gonna say anything. Yeah we are. I already read your mind. Why? No, no, no What was he gonna say? no, nothing, nothing. Because, every inch matters.


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