How Much Commission Can You Make with Amazon Associates Links in Your YouTube Description?

how much commission can you make with
Amazon Associates links in your youtube description see when you watch any
beginner affiliate marketing tutorial on YouTube there’s one thing that they all
suggest that’s similar Amazon Associates and it makes sense
it’s really easy to join the program it’s really beginner friendly and it’s
easy to grab the links whether they’re text links banners for your website or
even clickable buttons furthermore Amazon has the largest catalog of
products online that means that no matter what you’re searching for as long
as it’s relevant to your niche or your subject matter and your audience chances
are there’s a link to it and if that wasn’t already enough to sell you
there’s also the cookie factor okay no no no and not those kind of cookies see
when someone goes through the Amazon Associates link and lands on the product
listing that you’ve suggested for them you don’t just get a commission when
they buy that you also get a commission for anything else that they add to their
cart and then buy and even if for whatever reason they don’t decide to
purchase the product that you suggested but for whatever reason they come back
within a 24 hour period and buy something completely different or
anything else you also get a commission for that that is unless you create a
special link that automatically adds that product to their cart when they
click through the link in that case you get up to 90 days to get a commission no
that’s absolutely wild in my opinion and most people that use the Amazon
Associates don’t actually know that little trick and if you appreciate that
protip why don’t you just just gently tap that like button and you can you
don’t have to smash it you can be kind of nice to it please don’t break my like
button and all that together combined makes for the perfect recipe for
affiliate marketing when you’re just getting into it as a beginner hence why
everyone suggests it across the board but just like any good entrepreneur I
feel like I have to question the validity of these statements we’re not
just gonna take them on surface level and for surface value we’re actually
going to test it out after all if it were that easy for new affiliate
marketers and new people getting to the Amazon
Associates program to make great money well then a lot less people will be
watching those tutorial videos concept so enough speculation today we’re
actually gonna finally answer the question once and for all how much can
you really make with affiliate marketing by simply linking in your youtube
description so I’ve been testing this out for about
three months now really since the beginning of 2019 and basically what
I’ve been doing is I’ve been putting affiliate links Amazon associate links
in my YouTube description in literally all my videos I went back and added them
to all of my videos now there’s some insights that I want to share with you
before I share the numbers and things you know that I’ve learned along the way
that are really gonna help you make more Commission not just I know that this
video specifically is answering the question of Amazon Associates and you
know how much you can link you how much you can make linking those especially in
your youtube description but I want to touch on the fact of not just Amazon
Associates put affiliate marketing in general and how you can make more money
with it just you know overall on your YouTube channel so like I said the last
three months so it’s it’s been about three months I’ve been just linking in
the bottoms of my youtube description not really promoting it to too much once
in a while I throw in a little like clause here that’s like and if you’re
interested you know I recommend my camera down in the description something
simple like that I’m not pushing it really at all whatsoever like I said I
might have mentioned it two or three times in the span of those three months
so what I basically link is I’ll link my youtube set up which is basically
high-end products a lot of time or higher-end products compared to what I’m
about to talk about and I don’t ever really recommend this like I said now
these are other affiliate links right here too you know places that I invest
down in my description and then obviously the top ten books for success
month for success excuse me and entrepreneurs that I recommend as well I
feel like that’s very relevant to the channel and aspiring entrepreneurs and
realistically I believe wholeheartedly in every one of these books so I don’t
mind the small Commission that I’m getting just to recommend them because I
would recommend them for free I know that they can make a difference and you
know the people that watch this channel overall that said there hasn’t been that
much success in linking any of these in the youtube description I did a YouTube
video probably a few weeks ago on basically how you can make a thousand
dollars a month every single month with affiliate marketing and the reason that
I make a thousand dollars a month with affiliate marketing has zero to do
literally with Amazon Associates for a good two months there I was maybe making
a hundred bucks a month or a little bit under and I just rounded up to the
hundred because that’s an even number that you can basically say nobody likes
to say like I’m making eighty three dollars a month with
was on associates no you’re gonna round up to $100 and embellish a little bit
just make sense that’s how you mark it but I really haven’t been making that
much now recently it’s only been about $40 a month with Amazon Associates and
like I said I’m only promoting these links right here and I’m only promoting
these links right here so if we go back and we try to look for another video
where you can find a good example of you know other links that I’m promoting the
few things that I’ve learned along this you know three-month process is really
just you’re not gonna make that much money
linking random stuff at the bottom of your videos if you’re a smaller Channel
now if you drive a lot of traffic and you’re a big channel you have over a
hundred thousand subscribers or a couple hundred thousand or even a million then
by all means the traffic that you get and I’ve heard Ryan Scribner talk about
this on his channel I hope I’m saying that right might be shrim ‘nor Scribner
I’m not one of them sent sure but he’s got a great channel and I’ll make sure
to link it in the description below if you want to check it out it’s like
personal finance and other stuff like this and he actually talked about Amazon
associate links and all his forms of passive income and he is a big channel
so almost like 300,000 if not over 300,000 now too and he still only makes
a couple hundred a month with Amazon Associates so I know it’s not just me I
know it’s not just the traffic as the problem it’s not that great of a
conversion rate with YouTube videos with Amazon Associates in my personal
experience that said you can make a lot of money with both Amazon Associates and
you can make a lot of money linking in your youtube description if that makes
sense so the reason and that way that you can basically do that is you want to
stop linking or trying to link so many things and I’m probably gonna
re-evaluate this you know in the coming days and weeks if I want to continue to
add these or remove them from my video specifically but one of the ways that
you can get youtube description affiliate links to really drive a lot of
traffic and make a lot of conversions and get money for you is really to you
know have a relevant affiliate link so if we go back to this video really fast
my investment strategy for 2019 what I basically used to do is I throw in all
my affiliate links my general approach was if I have more affiliate links that
can potentially earn me more money why would I not put them in the description
so that I can collect that possible affiliate Commission if for whatever
reason somebody’s watching this video and they scroll down they decide hey I
need a youtube secret weapon why would I not collect the affiliate Commission on
that if they scroll down and they see hey you know I’m gonna try Shopify
dropshipping why would I not collect an affiliate Commission on that – right
the problem with that is twofold the first problem that I’ve noticed with
that this kind of clogs up your YouTube description so it’s gonna confuse and
kind of you know just it basically takes away from the relevant links that you
want them to see if I want to push a majority of my traffic to you know my
social or to my consulting or to on my email list or every drop shipping course
you know I’m gonna get a lot less traffic and a lot less conversions on
that if there were only say four or five links in my youtube description then all
these other links because somebody’s gonna open up my description and see all
these links and they’re not gonna drive their eye traffic if that makes sense
they’re it’s not gonna drive their views – just a few potential links that you’re
trying to drive the most traffic – instead you’re gonna confuse them
they’re gonna be overwhelmed with all the links and they’re not gonna click
any of them which is not what you want secondly and probably more relevant to
the actual overall earning with this it’s not related somebody comes here and
they watch an investment strategy and half of these links in here are not
related to this actual video Amazon product research not related get to
three months of Skillshare not really related YouTube secret weapon not
related at all so you get the picture it jumbles people’s views and kind of
distracts them from clicking the links that you actually want to drive traffic
to the links that are actually relevant so the key there is you want to link
relevant YouTube or sorry relevant affiliate links in the description this
is a perfect example of a video that drives a lot of traffic that I’ve linked
an affiliate link literally as the first link to buddy
and it makes me a good Commission every single month it fluctuates every single
month for me because they they pay me a recurring Commission with two buddy but
realistically speaking it’s been anywhere from like three hundred bucks a
month with two buddy to another hundred bucks a month if it goes down so it can
be like three hundred to a hundred roughly but it’s always within those
parameters so 100 to 300 ish now that said might be saying oh that’s not that
much more than you know the 40 or 100 bucks affiliate Commission
that you’re getting from Amazon Associates a hundred percent true that’s
not it’s only like 200 bucks potentially more 250 bucks potentially more the
thing here is this is 100 cent relevant to this video so it drives a lot more
traffic to that link and it drives a lot more come
because people come to this and they’re looking for how to buy YouTube
subscribers clearly they’re you interested in growing a YouTube channel
therefore they’re much much much more inclined to click my to buddy affiliate
link especially if you promote it in the actual video and mention hey there’s an
affiliate link in the description for two buddy a lot more people are gonna go
there and that’s what I’ve seen and I’ve done that countless times across the
board this is just a good example so you know you can just make of a video and
then a one relevant relevant affiliate link in that actual video is gonna
convert a lot more than a bunch of Unruh lovin Amazon Associates links and that’s
the main problem I’ve seen with that now that’s not to say you can’t make money
with Amazon Associates you totally can I have however had good success with it
making linking them in courses because the way that I view it is you’re taking
somebody through an entire funnel through the entire course they’re
investing their time and their sweat equity to essentially learn all the
information and at the end of it if you’re linking a bunch of relevant
affiliate links they’re much more inclined to do it because they’ve spent
all the time invested in the course so a great way that I’ve been able to put
that into practice is just another example right here how to build muscle
and lose fat and basically at the very end of this course if I were to pull up
the content right here my fitness and new and nutrition recommendations at the
end of the course so I recommend so many different things I recommend supplements
I recommend a like an ab belt I recommend a lot of different things and
this is probably the most the primary driver of all my affiliate revenue with
Amazon Associates so even that forty dollars a month or that hundred dollars
a month depending on the month I would venture to assume that a majority of
that traffic and those conversions come from this actual course and not YouTube
video to know that for sure I’d have to look at the analytics but that would be
my overall guess another great example of how I do that without Amazon
Associates if we search for Shopify really fast I have an entire Shopify
course on udemy as well right here it’s called Shopify dropship mastery and you
can see here almost 30,000 people have enrolled in this well what do you think
I promote another affiliate link well someone’s gonna invest the day to
potentially learn the Shopify course you better believe that they’re gonna go for
a free trial of an affiliate to Shopify right so I can hurt a lot more people
through this then I ever ever do just throwing it in a youtube description the
things that you have to remember about that is a
said they have to be relevant to the video you’re gonna drive a lot more
traffic and a lot more conversions and be you don’t want to confuse the
potential viewer that does go down and click your description because let’s say
a hundred people you know watch your video for example and maybe only 20 of
them click down on your youtube description if it’s jumbled and there’s
you know 30 links in there obviously the likelihood that those people are gonna
convert on any one of those links is a lot less even if that’s counterintuitive
because it would seem like there’s more chances it’s a lot less because you’re
gonna confuse them you’re gonna overwhelm them and that’s
not the objective this has been my experience in what’s worked for me let
me know your experience though with affiliate marketing general or Amazon
Associates specifically on YouTube or anywhere online realistically I’d love
to hear other approaches and what’s worked for you as well and with that
being said I’ll see in the next one


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