How Much Did My CR250 Cost?

welcome back guys got a really
interesting video for you today so something a lot of you have been
wondering myself included is how much did the cr250 cost the build so I’m
gonna be breaking all that down piece by piece throughout this video and I’ve
also got something really interesting to share with you guys as well so make sure
you stay tuned for the entire video so I originally started with a pretty beat-up
2003 cr250 that I paid $400 for it didn’t run it was missing a bunch of
parts I ended up throwing a lot of stuff away but I was able to salvage the frame
Forks triple clamps shock hubs linkage cases transmission cylinder that’s
pretty much the majority of it a lot of that stuff was repaired gone through and
fixed up so I’ll actually put a picture on the screen right now of what the bike
looked like when I started let’s start at the very bottom so that would be the
wheels and tires the tires are Dunlop and x3s so both rear and front were $150
from Rocky Mountain the hubs are stock Honda that I cleaned up and powder
coated the rims and spokes are tusk brand so those were 250 for both the
front and rear now the anodizing on the spoke nipples was $100 and then we’ve
got brakes so both the rear and front rotor are from a 2019 CRF 250r owes were
$200 the brake pads were $50 front and rear brake lines $80 front and rear
those are tusk brand from Rocky Mountain and the banjo bolts he’s cool Lumina
machine ones were $80 for all four so we’ve got one on the caliper and one of
the master cylinder both front rear those are from nihilo concepts so the
rear caliper and rear master cylinder are both om I just had them sarah coded
burnt bronze for the front this is a 2019 CRF front master cylinder pick that
up for $80 front caliper is om just Sarah coated again now in order to
seracote the master cylinders I had to get the site windows welded up that
was $100 for both front and rear and then we’ve got the brake pedal this is
obviously tusk brand along with the clevis clevis was 15 pedal was 60 and
then to top it all off we’ve got master cylinder caps from
works connection both rear and front those things look really trick on there
those were $50 for both and actually I do have a discount code for anything
works connection use the code cam 20 to save yourself 20% now for suspension the
forks in shock are stocked from the O 3 I had the fork uppers Sarah coated as
well as a shock body and then the lowers are tied nitride coated from sgb Racing
the cost for me on that was 500 for the fork lowers and also for the shock shaft
those things look absolutely incredible now other things we have done to the
suspension are these fork bleeders up on top those are $25 from works connection
once again use my code to save some money on those the internals are
basically stock just went through and replace the oil and bushings the only
other thing we have is a black shock bumper and those are $20 from my website
prime MX now something a lot of you I’m sure are curious about is all the carbon
fiber most notably the carbon fiber tank from CMT so once you import that it ends
up being around 750 and we’ve also got carbon fiber fork guards down here those
are 40 and a rear master cylinder guard that is 40 as well and the caliper guard
is another 40 and this guard is 60 something else that was really
interesting to add up was the cost involved with the engine so I ended up
doing a wrench rabbet complete engine rebuild kit that included the crank
piston all bearings seals and gaskets and the cost on that was 500 and when I
bought this bike the cylinder was damaged I had to have that repaired and
the cost to get one of those repaired through Power Steel USA is around $300
now another thing I did internally was to send off the transmission and ship
ten components out to trick engineering at Texas for a process they call it
super finishing or like an is F treating it basically polishes all the components
and makes everything work a lot smoother this thing actually shifts really really
good because of it and the charge on all that is 350 you can see I’ve got a
pretty cool looking head on there that is from Fathead racing it allows you to
change out the domes for higher or lower compression the cost of those is 250
I’ve got another discount code for you guys to save 10% on these fat heads use
the code cam 10 and then coming back over to this side for the clutch
components I am running Tusk clutch plates along with their Springs and I
also replaced the inner hub and pressure plate to the cost on those parts was 125
for the clutch cover and ignition cover those were 160 dollars from Boysen I
also used their reed cage that was $180 and we’ve also got their exhaust flange
that is 100 ask for the things surrounding the engine we have electron
carb that is 450 all the vent hoses and fuel line was around $50 and then we
have a tusk shifter that is $20 and the red radiator hoses from Mishimoto are
$80 and then for the airbox I use a reseal kit that fixes the
ceiling issue with them that kit is $70 and the air filter from pro filter was
20 so that’s it for the engine coming back to this side the pipe from DPR was
375 I imported that from the Netherlands silencer is pro-circuit that was around
100 and then of course we got the plastics graphics and seat cover the
plastics are paula sport the V style kit bought those from rocky mountain for 150
the graphics are from Rocky Mountain as well
attack graphics those were 150 as well seat cover is a moto seat cost on that
is 60 and then to mount the newer style front plate got a bracket from my
company prime MX the cost on those is 25 for the swingarm
I didn’t use the array Oh three swingarm I swapped it out for
one from a 2009 and CRF 250 pound this one on eBay for 150 and I’ve got that
paired up with a steel horse swing arm pivot kit so this allows you to grease
the smart pivot bearings just with a grease gun you don’t have to take
anything apart and I do have a discount code on those as well use the code cam
ten to save yourself 10% on those I would definitely recommend those kits
they are a huge huge help for maintaining your bike and we’ve got a
couple random things here let’s see you’ve got the axle nut that is tusk
brand from Rocky Mountain those are around ten dollars I want to say the
axle blocks from bolt those are 55 and then the steering stem nut is from Rocky
Mountain tusk brand that is around $12 and as I’m sure you guys know I used a
lot of my own products on this bike so to clean up the aluminum including the
frame swimming arm the linkage the stuff turned out really cool engine cases
cylinder clutch covers that kind of thing I use the prime MX cleaning pads
and I want to say I used about $80 worth of pads in total and of course when I
bought the bike all the original bolts and hardware were really corroded and
rusted so I used a plating kit from Caswell to replate a lot of the bigger
bolts like the linkage bolts the axles motor mount bolts all that kind of thing
and the cost on that kit was 500 obviously that seems a little steep just
for a couple bolts but down the road that kit will really pay off the foot
pegs and foot peg mounts are not original for this bike they’re from a
2015 CRF and I got those on eBay for around 60 and then to protect the
underside of the bike I’ve got this works connection skid plate don’t mind
all the crap in there my track is full of weeds right now so that skid plate
runs $80 and actually I’ve got a discount code on that too for more
connection use the code camp 20 to save 20% and then coming up to the top of the
bike we’ve got all the controls handlebars and grips and starting out
the handlebars those are rental twin wal 999 Bend I believe those are a hundred
and ten dollars from Rocky Mountain Varma
our ProTaper those are 35 for the oversized bars and then over on this
side we’ve got one of my favorite parts on the bike the works connection clutch
lever and perch they call that the elite perch makes your clutch pole super easy
these things are really handy to have the price point on that is 160 and again
use my discount code camp 20 to save yourself some cash there the grips are
ODI lock on those are a staple on all my bikes can’t do without them they are
from Rocky Mountain and the cost is only 25 bucks you get both grips obviously
you can see they bolt on like that and you get the throttle tube as well and
I’ve actually got the kill switch mounted up on the front brake I like
having it on this side just nice and clean and that is from Rocky Mountain as
well the cost on that Tusk kill switch is 15 dollars and the last thing for the
controls is the cables got om throttle and clutch cables nothing but the best
cost on those is 35 man we’re getting close to being done here so one thing I
haven’t covered yet is the chain and sprockets both the rear and front
sprockets are from dirt tricks absolutely love the design of this one
in the color looks super cool the cost of the rear sprocket along with the
front sprocket is 150 and I snagged those at Rocky Mountain the chain is a
primary drive X ring and the cost on that is $65 from Rocky Mountain and of
course we’ve got all new chain sliders guides and rollers price on all that was
50 and of course to do the build right I replaced every single bushing bearing
seal and gasket I used either om Honda pivot works or
Pro X and the price on all that was 450 and to get the bike looking like it is I
used quite a bit of seracote so I did the fork uppers calipers the fork lugs I
did the clutch cover as well water pump triple clamps the shock body and a few
other odds and ends like the chain guide I did the power valve cover the petcock
and there’s probably some other stuff I’m missing too but I want to say
I used about $300 worth of seracote materials there’s a few things that are
powder coated as well the beautiful shock spring tucked up in there the hubs
and I think that’s it so powder is pretty cheap I used about $50 worth of
powder and obviously to bolt the whole thing together I needed some fresh
hardware so I used a bolt Hardware kit that ran me 75 and I’ve also got some
titanium bolts on here as well from tusk the cost on those was 150 and finally
that brings us to our grand total of around $9,500 and that includes the
original purchase of the bike too so say if you do all the work yourself you have
all the tools the equipment you can build a bike just like this one for
under $10,000 honestly if that number surprises me quite a bit I was guessing
it was gonna be around 15,000 and all said and done but in the grand scheme of
things 10 grand to build a bike like this really isn’t too bad and make it
easy on you guys I put together a list of all the parts I use throughout the
build along with where you can find the parts and I’ll put the link to that
parts list down below in the description now there’s something I want to share
with you guys and the only reason why I’m telling you this is hopefully
inspire you and kind of show you what’s possible here so my total cost my
personal investment into this bike is only around $1000 so the only things I
really paid for were the bike itself I paid for the suspension coatings the
swingarm the pipe and silencer and I believe there’s a few more small things
that I paid for out of my own pocket as well and again the only reason why I
shared that in both you guys is to show you that literally anything is possible
my goal at the start of this project was to spend $0 on the whole build I came
pretty close obviously I had to pay for a few things out of my own pocket but
for the most part everything was provided by sponsors so this is my
full-time career I’ve been working at it for about the last 12 or 13 years but
man I love waking up every day being able to work on bikes pretty much be
able to do whatever I want and hopefully through the videos you guys are inspired
to do the same honestly you could turn anything you’re passionate about
into a full-time career on social media say if you’re into landscaping or
woodworking or barbecuing no matter what it is there’s always going to be a lot
of people out there that share the same passion and would love to see what
you’re doing so if you commit yourself to year after
year of honing your craft spending day in and day out trying to improve and you
provide people with some sort of value whether that’s information or
entertainment or whatever it is you can turn that passion into a full-time
career pretty cool stuff and to be completely transparent with you guys
just because that’s the type of person I am and again the only reason why I’m
going to share this tidbit of info with you guys is to hopefully inspire you and
show you what’s possible social media so in the last 20 or 21 months since I’ve
been working on this 250 I’ve made about $150,000 from social media that would
include my business prime MX ad revenue from YouTube sponsorship affiliate
commissions and there’s a few other small streams of income as well the
majority of that revenue is from prime which is completely reliant on YouTube
traffic so thank you very much guys that means the world to me and that’s the
majority of my revenue and then YouTube is about 30% of the total and then the
affiliates and sponsorship make up the rest I’m very blessed to have this
platform to share my passion with you guys and hopefully help you all out with
the videos someday would be a lot of fun to help some of you guys get started
with doing something similar to what I’m doing maybe I’ll open up a workshop or
do some online coaching some sort of training to get you guys going deep down
I just love helping people out that’s where this whole thing started and so if
you’re ever gonna do social media you got to start with the intention of
helping people out honestly the first 10 or so years I didn’t make squat with
social media well I’m gonna wrap it up right here hopefully you guys took some
sort of inspiration from this video or at least it fulfilled your curiosity of
how much the t-50 cost well it’s freaking cold out here think
my nuts are frozen you guys can see we’ve got some snow back in the
mountains there winter’s coming but anyways thank you for watching the video
and I will see you all in a bit coming soon take care you

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