HOW MUCH DOES NINJA MAKE!? **All Income Sources** Twitch, YouTube, Merch, Affiliate, Sponsors, Etc

– What’s going on guys? Today I’m gonna be breaking
down how much does Ninja make? Now if you don’t know Ninja, he’s a videogame
streamer, he’s on YouTube, but he mainly streams on
a platform called Twitch. Where people can subscribe to him, give him donations for money, and all kinds of different
ways he can make money. Now I’m gonna be breaking down, not just how much he makes from Twitch, but YouTube, his merchandise,
and other things as well. Now not every single
thing in here is okay, I’m 100% sure that’s the right number, but there’s a lot of stuff
he’s given away and told. And then just from doing other
things on YouTube myself, having a decent sized channel, and making money as well with it, I can kinda come to conclusions
from knowing what I do, and what other people do
when it comes to ad revenue, and different things like that. So, let’s just jump right into this. So on Twitch, there’s
three different types of subscriptions and they are monthly. So with Twitch, you
can either have a 4.99, a 9.99, or a 24.99
subscription to a streamer. Now, normally, the streamer, so Ninja, would get 50% of this. So each time he would get
2.50 for the $5 subscription, but because he is a partner
and he is such a big streamer, now, he has said this before, he gets 70% of it instead of 50%. So, he went and said he
makes 3.50 per $5 sub. Now, right now, he has
a 186,000 subscribers. Now, it’s not like YouTube, Twitch you pay to be a subscriber, and you
get bonuses like emotes, and different things like that. So, I went, and now this is
where guesstimate comes in, and I said 85% of his subscribers are on the 4.99 membership. I said 11% are on the 9.99, and then 4% are on the 24.99. Now, I tried to keep this
on the conservative side, so I underestimate
instead of overestimate. So, with, we know how much he makes the 3.50, the $7, and the 17.50. If you do the math, it comes
out to $826,770 a month into his pocket just from subs on Twitch. Now a lot of people are gonna think these numbers seem really high, but you have to look at
it in the math sense. You can’t just say, “Wow, that’s a lot of money. That can’t be right.” He makes a lot, a lot of money,
and most people don’t know how much is actually
possible to make online. Now, next, you do have
AD revenue from Twitch. Now, how I was able to
figure this one out, is you can go on SocialBlade, and you can type out
someone’s Twitch or YouTube, and you can see how many views
they get per month, per day. So right here we can see his average. Where is it? His average views is 33, is about 34 million views per month. Now on Twitch, the average CPM, again his is gonna be higher, because he is a popular channel, is normally between $1 and $3, 3.50. So, I gave him a $2 one, when realistically it’s probably higher. So every thousand people watching, when he runs an AD he gets
$2 per thousand people. So if he gets 34 millions views, and he only runs one AD, which
again is gonna be a lowball, he makes $68,000 for the month. Now that goes into the Twitch;
next, he has donations. Now, I know he gets well over $1,000, $2,000 a day in donations
from people messaging him. If you don’t know Twitch,
that’s how you can kinda talk with the streamer, especially if you have 100,000 people at a time in there. Cause he is the biggest
streamer on Twitch. So I did a conservative estimate and said he makes 75,000 a month, because
I’d say, 2,000, 3,000 a day on average, plus he gets random
influxes of crazy people. Some guy gave him, I think it
was $70,000, 75,000 in one day so that will obviously vary
and it’s hard to say definitely so I said, conservative,
75K a month from that. Now, again, these are all monthly. Now, the other way you
can make money with Twitch is from game sales, so it’s
like an affiliate link almost, if you guys know what those are. So he has 3 1/2 million
followers on Twitch. Now, let’s just say, not even 1%, we’ll say a third of
1% of people buy a game off of his channel from Twitch,
so you have the option to, let’s say, buy Fortnight from him. So I said a third of a
percent, so tiny, not even 1%, a third of a percent,
will buy a game from him. So 10,500 people will buy a game per month off of his channel. Now, the average price,
I just said was $50, cause that’s what Fortnight is and that’s the main
thing he really streams. And then, he gets 5% of the sale price. Now, because he’s bigger, he
probably gets more of this, but I was not able to find any info. So 5% of $50 is 2.50, so he
makes $26,000 off of game sales. So it’s pretty much
just being an affiliate. So just under one million dollars a month from Twitch in general. Now, that’s one source of income. Next, we have his Youtube. Now, if we look at his Youtube right here, you can see, again, he’s
growing exponentially. These numbers won’t stay at this forever. He will slow down and it
will stop growing as much. But he’ll still make a lot of money. So, we can see his average video views over the last 30 days right here. 120 million. Now on Youtube, the average
CPM is $1.50 to $3.00 depending on the niche, it varies a ton. Mine is about $10.00 per thousand views I get paid on Youtube. If you’re in the comedy
niche, it’s like 50 cents, $1. So niche is very dependent
on Youtube ad revenue. So if he gets 120 million views per month, and his CPM is $2, again,
on the very low side, gaming is normally $3 to $4
on average, I gave him 2, that is $240,000 from ad
revenue just on Youtube alone. Now, next, he has merchandise;
he pushes this on Youtube, on Twitch, pretty much
all of his social medias. Now, this is a hard one
to definitively say. This was probably the most guesstimated. So you guys can decide if you
think this is right or wrong. So he has 5 million followers on Youtube. And I said half of a percent
of them will buy some sort of merchandise, so less then
1% again, half a percent. And so that’s 25,000 people
will purchase from him. And the main thing he sells
is, he has T-shirts, hoodies, other little things as well,
so I said the average price is $20, $25 on there, and his
profit per item is about $10, again, on average throughout
the entire store he has. So, if he’s getting 25,000 people to buy, average $10 profit, he’s making 250,000 a month just from that. Now next, again, no way of knowing this one exactly, is sponsorships. Now, he is sponsored by
Budlight, he is still sponsored by Luminosity, just not,
he hasn’t pushed them as hard as he used to,
but they’re still there. And you guys gotta think, you’re
looking at and you’re like, okay, 15,000 and 10,000,
that’s a lot of money to be sponsored, well he
has 120 million views. Imagine the amount of money companies sponsoring him would make doing that. So I think these are lowballs again. I think this is up in the 30 range and this is probably around 10 to 15. But there’s no way of knowing for sure. So I said this is his money
per month he gets from them, as well as free stuff
and probably higher end affiliate links if he’s
associated with them that much. So lastly, we have affiliate links, so he has things like Scuff,
DX Racer chairs, any products on Amazon, and he gets
affiliate commission for that. Now Amazon commissions are tiny. It’s usually 3% to 6% of the sale price, which is not a lot; Scuff,
I think his is like 5%. But he might get more,
DX Racer, I don’t know, so I averaged it out on
the low end and I said 5,000 people will click that and buy something through that link per month. Again, remember, he has 3 1/2
million followers on Twitch. And I said he gets paid an average of $3 per sale, again, very lowball, so that comes out to about 15,000 a month. So in total, guesstimated,
smart guesstimated, monthly, I think Ninja’s pulling in around one to two million, I think higher than I what I guesstimated. Again, this is right now; this isn’t gonna be
consistent every month. He’s been blowing up the
last couple of months. He had Drake on his stream,
a couple of other people. So, 1.5 million a month,
or 18 million a year if he stays at this
rate, which I don’t think is maintainable, how fast he’s growing. But he’ll still be making a ton of money, well over, I’d say, 300,000 to 500,000 for the rest of his
streaming and Youtube career, because he’s already so big, if he stays relevant with the games. So there’s a lot of money to be made. Yes, he is the biggest streamer on Twitch. He has an insanely big Youtube channel. And people love him right now
and he’s growing very quick, which is why these
numbers are so, so high. They won’t stay there
for over a year, I think. It’ll start to slow
down in a month or two. Could be wrong though, so
nothing but waiting to see. So, hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you think my numbers are off, or if he’s verified something and I got it wrong on here, let me know. I just did the best with knowing, with making money on Youtube, on Twitch, and kind of merchandise,
and knowing other people who do this, and how
much they actually make and kind of put it into
here, so you guys could get a good idea of what is actually possible. Because a million a month, still insane. So, hope you enjoyed, if you’re new, make sure you hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys
tomorrow in the next video.


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