How Much Does YouTube Pay [5 Hacks to Make 3X More per View]

How does one YouTuber make over $11,000 for
a viral video while another might make less than $500 for the same number of views? I’m using actual YouTube data to find how
much YouTube pays 24 different channels. Then I’ll reveal five hacks to make more
money on your videos including one source that will boost your income by five-times. We’re talking how youtubers make money today
on Let’s Talk Money! Beat debt. Make money. Make your money work for you. Creating the financial future you deserve. Let’s Talk Money. Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel
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in the community, thank you for taking a little of your time to be here today. If you’re not part of the community yet,
just click that little red subscribe button. It’s free and you’ll never miss an episode. There is no doubt you can make a lot of money
on YouTube but most people are just scratching the surface on how much you can make. I studied 24 channels here on YouTube, how
much they make on ads, and the differences blew my mind. On the difference in rates paid by YouTube,
for a video with one million views, channels on the high end could make over $11,000 but
I found channels that were making less than $300 for that same number of views. In this video, I’m going to show you that
research, looking at how much YouTube pays per views for different channels. We’ll discover why this is and then I’m
going to reveal five YouTube monetization hacks to make per view on your channel. It’s part of a free webinar I’m giving
this week on getting started on YouTube and unlocking those keys to making more money. Now I want to get to that research and how
you can make more money on YouTube so I’ll leave a link in the video description to the
free webinar. It’s completely free but the webinar platform
limits attendees so make sure you reserve your spot. So we’ve all seen the obligatory, how much
does YouTube pay me video, right? Every YouTuber puts these out when they get
their first check or showing what YouTube pays for a million views. It’s a big incentive for a lot of people
to create their own channel but what most people don’t understand is that not all
channels are created equal! There is a huge difference in how much a channel
makes and so, instead of making just another video on how I make money, I want to show
you the truth behind all this and reveal those five hacks to make more money. So I studied 24 channels, looked into their
analytics to see exactly how much they make per view. I looked at big channels like Wealth Hacker
Jeff Rose with 260,000+ subscribers and small channels like Matt Taylor with just over a
thousand subs. I looked at car channels like the Autovlog,
vlog channels and even a channel about lawncare. What I got was an amazing resource showing
how much YouTube pays per view for different channel topics and the range here was shocking. We see some of these channels making around
a penny per view, that’s over ten grand for every million views. Scroll down though and the lower end is a
completely different story with channels making less than a tenth that, making just a grand
or less for every million views. I don’t want that to discourage you from
starting your own channel though. In those five hacks I’ll share, I’m not
only going to show you how to get to the higher end of that range, I’m going to reveal how
to make even more than this with your YouTube channel. First though, time for a feedback question. I want to do more of these how to make money
on YouTube videos because it’s doubled my monthly income and I know it can do the same
for you but I need to know what videos you need. What’s your biggest hurdle to starting and
growing a YouTube channel? What is that one or two things keeping you
from being successful whether it’s video ideas or knowing how to do a video. Scroll down and tell me in the comments below. So let’s look at how much I’ve made on
YouTube and then we’ll look again at that research of the 24 channels to see if we can
discover some of the ways to make more money. It was almost a year ago to the day that I
started showing ads on the channel here. You can see I’ve made just under $30,000
in that time but the real money has been in this last six months, averaging about $120
a day with one day as high as $237 just in ads. And you see this was on about 2.9 million
video views so about a penny per view. What we’re looking at here is a cut of the
money YouTube collects from advertisers. So for every 30-second commercial they show
in front of a video or the little ad box at the bottom of the video. YouTube shares 55% of its ad revenue with
creators so for every $100 collected from advertisers on videos, you make $55 of that. But we see a huge difference in how much YouTube
pays per view and we’ll look at that. A lot of that difference is going to be your
topic, so some topics like money and business have higher ad rates while vlogs and cars
might not make as much. The countries where your videos are viewed
makes a difference. Ad rates are higher in North America and Europe
versus other parts of the world. So you can see I’ve been averaging right
around $3,500 a month on ads with a few really standout videos. This video of the best side hustle ideas has
over 623,000 views and alone has made over $8,700 on ads. We can see the ad types that have made the
most money and we’ll go over each of these, what they are and how to make more money but
it’s almost entirely skippable ads here. Those are the 30-second videos you see before
a video that you can skip after a few seconds. So we go back to our research here and if
you look at the niche or the topic column, you start to see a pattern for how much youtubers
make. You can see a lot of the channels at the top
of the list talk about business, money or entrepreneurship. Six of the eight channels making above that
four-tenths of a cent per view are in these three topics. Scrolling down, you see more of the vlog-type
channels and some of these other topics. You’ve got a few car channels, gaming and
music. Topics where ad rates might not be as high. From this we see that the average YouTube
pays per view is about four-tenths of a cent or about $4 for every thousand views. Now I could go all numbers nerd on you and
say we should be using that median estimate for about three-tenths of a cent per view
but I think right around this range is a good place to start. Now I want to get to those five hacks to make
money on YouTube, five tricks that will help you make even more than these rates. First though, if you’re likin’ the video
and the information, do me a favor and tap that thumbs up button under the video. Now what you won’t see in these five tips
is changing your niche or your topic. I know I JUST got done pointing out how some
topics make more money than others. You can actually get a good sense of how much
a topic makes by searching for Google adsense rates. In this chart by Wordstream, we see that legal
and consumer services have by far the highest rates, followed by topics in business-to-business,
finance and insurance and technology. But one of our golden rules on the channel
about your business is that it absolutely has to be in a topic you enjoy talking about,
you enjoy learning about. You’re going to be spending five or ten
hours a week minimum studying and talking about your channel topic. It has to be in something you’re excited
about or no amount of money will be worth it. If you are in one of these lower-paying topics,
this first trick will help you make more money and that’s utilizing more of the ads YouTube
serves up on videos. There are five types of ads you can allow
YouTube to show on your channel, well four types and the fifth is mandatory. So if we click through to monetization in
the YouTube Studio and then to Monetization Settings for Future Videos then we can see
the ad types and turn on the ones we want to run. So once you’ve reached that 1,000 subscribers
and 4,000 hours of watch time to join the YouTube partner program, you’ll be able
to select each of these ad types. The first type here is this overlay in-video
ads, those little rectangular boxes that appear at the bottom of the video. They’re immediately clickable to viewers
that want to close the box so not too annoying and I’d turn this one on. Next are the skippable video ads, those video
ads that appear before your video starts. These are a little more annoying but I feel
like YouTube users have pretty much gotten used to them. Here is where you’ll make like 80% of your
YouTube ad income so it’s a good idea to keep these on. Next we get into some of the ad types you
can use to make more money, especially if you’re in a lower-paying topic. First we have the non-skippable video ads
and this is something YouTube rolled out a few months ago, pre-video ads that play through
and don’t let viewers skip. There’s an important point here. For those skippable video ads, you don’t
get paid unless someone watches at least 30-seconds of the ad. So if they skip the video after five seconds…you
don’t make any money. With the non-skippable ads, you’re making
money on every video and rates might be a little higher on these. I’ve been pretty happy with my ad revenue
and am using a lot of the other income sources we’ll talk about in a bit so I haven’t
turned these on yet but might in the future. The next ad type is the sponsored card, so
a card appearing in the upper-right corner with a clickable link to an advertiser. Now I use my own cards in videos so haven’t
turned this on but it can be another good way to boost your ad income. This last ad type, the display ads, is turned
on by default and shows in boxes beside your video so not nearly as intrusive as the other
ad types. Before we click out of here though, pay attention
to this Automatic mid-roll ads also. Turning this on will allow YouTube to run
another skippable video ad during your videos. So you get to pick the time intervals, maybe
every eight minutes or so, and YouTube will pause your video to show an ad. Another way to get more ad space and potentially
boost your video income. Our next hack to make more money on YouTube
is going to be to make longer videos. This is going to be important for more reasons
than you probably realize. First of course is that a longer video means
YouTube can show more of those overlay in-video ads, the little ad boxes, and the mid-video
ads if you allow them. That can be a big boost to your earnings. Also though is longer videos typically mean
more views. I’ve seen this on my channel and there’s
research by Little Monster Media that videos under four or five minutes do not get as many
views as longer videos. It’s tough for those shorter videos to build
up the watch-time to get ranked on YouTube and just not much time there for ads. So I would say try aiming for at least seven
or eight minutes for your videos. The sweet spot seems to be between 10 and
15 minutes. That usually means you can get from about
six to eight minutes of average view duration for a video which seems to be a signal to
YouTube to deliver that video out to a larger audience. Now those first two hacks will help you make
more money per views on YouTube. Those two alone will get you to that average
of what YouTube pays or higher but that’s still limiting your income. With these next three hacks, I want to give
you the tools to make five or ten times that. Here I’m going to show you how to get $0.10
a view and more on your videos. First is getting sponsorships for your videos
and I’ve got a few ideas here to find sponsors and how to make money without selling out
your channel. Tiger Woods made $43 million in 2017 with
$42 million of that from sponsors. The world’s highest paid golfer makes less
than 10% of his income from…playing golf. Making money on YouTube means being able to
represent companies and getting these sponsorship deals. Finding sponsorships is pretty easy. You can look on blogs or other channels within
your topic to see who they are partnering with and what products they use. You can look to the products you use regularly,
the ones you can recommend and feel good about. Reaching out by email to these companies,
you’re going to want to talk about how your channel aligns with their product or brand. Calculate your average view count per video
and share any click statistics you have on video links to give them an idea of how much
a sponsorship is worth. You’re looking for one of two types of sponsorships
here. A lot of companies will want to start off
sponsoring one or two videos, just to see how it goes. You’ll create a video around a topic related
to the product and then maybe reference it at some point then drop a link in the video
description. These one-off sponsorships are fine to get
started but you really want to be pitching a longer relationship, sponsoring a certain
number of videos over months or even a year. You can offer discounts or other bonuses to
sign these longer-term contracts and not only is it going to mean more money but it’s
less stress because you know you’ve got a sponsor lined up for your videos. Now one thing you want to watch for is a lot
of companies will have an affiliate program, so basically a commission on sales relationship,
and they’ll want you to join that instead of giving you a fee sponsorship deal. We’ll talk about affiliates next and it’s
a great way to boost your YouTube income but you also want to lock in that sponsorship
fee as well. Just explain to the company rep that you can
join the affiliate program and make that part of your sponsorship deal but you have upfront
costs creating a video. You have to pay for editing and production
so you have a base fee you charge on video partnerships. So even if you plan on making some money off
the affiliate program, this is a great way to get a little upfront, maybe a few hundred
dollars on that sponsorship agreement. As for how much to charge for your sponsorship
deals, I’ve seen most channels get between $0.05 to $0.15 per average view. So you find your average views on videos over
the last few months and then charge maybe about $0.10 per view but you can play around
with this depending on how much you think you can make on the affiliate program as well. You can see, if you’re able to get even
the low end of that range, around $0.05 per average view on a sponsorship fee, that’s
already five-times the rates you’re making on ads. That’s going to seriously boost your YouTube
income. Our next hack to make more money on YouTube
is using affiliate marketing in your videos. Affiliates account for about a third of my
monthly income and we’ve talked about setting up a marketing funnel here on the channel. A lot of this is going to be very similar
to getting sponsor deals so you’ll reach out to companies and see which offer an affiliate
program. Getting started with affiliates is easy, through
either the company’s in-house program or through networks like CJ Affiliates or ShareASale. You get a special link to share in your videos
and if someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you get a commission. What’s important here is you limit your
affiliates to only products or services that really resonate with your audience and your
topic. I make about four grand a month on affiliates
and might book sales on a dozen or so but about 80% of that is on just a few affiliates. So spend your time finding the few companies
with products that really help your viewers with the problems you talk about on your channel. Spend your time making videos about those
few affiliates and don’t waste it in a shotgun approach to affiliate marketing. This next hack is the big one, creating your
own products, books and courses through your YouTube channel. This is always going to be the next level
for your income, right? You can make money with sponsors and affiliates
but you’re always depending on someone else’s product. You’re always splitting the sales with someone
else. From day one, you need to be thinking about
your own courses, books or products. Even if you’re still just learning about
your channel topic. In fact, your first book might be about your
experience learning the topic, that journey answering the basic questions. We’ve got a playlist on self-publishing
here on the channel and another one about creating your own online courses. Start on these early and you WILL make more
money! Make sure you click through to reserve your
spot on that link in the video description below for the free webinar. In it, I’m going to give you a crash course
on starting your channel and how I grew mine from 0 to 75,000 subscribers in 18 months. We’re here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
with the best videos on beating debt, making more money and making your money work for
you. If you’ve got a question about money, just
scroll down and ask it in the comments and we’ll answer it in a video.


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