How Much Money Do You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing?

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna talk to you guys about how much money you need to get started
in affiliate marketing now guys I’ve been getting this question a ton pretty
much since I started the channel how much do you need to get started because
of course guys there were a ton of people who are interested in infinite
marketing but they might only have a little bit of money saved up they might
not have any money at all so guys in this video I’m gonna give you guys two
different price points for how to get started in a foot your marketing I’m
gonna give you guys how to get started with zero dollars pretty much completely
for free and then I’m also gonna give you how to get started if you just have
a little bit of money saved up how to get started with just a hundred dollars
with that being said how many of you guys both of those things in this video
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said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can get this
video started off for you guys alright guys we are now my computer as you can
see on my whiteboard how much money do I need to start affiliate marketing there
guys real quick before we start if you haven’t checked out my free affiliate
marketing training course yet I want you guys to go ahead and do that right now
it’ll be the first link at the top of the description and with that being said
guys how to start affiliate marketing with a zero dollars jumping right back
in I’m just gonna pull this first box all the way out of the way if you guys
my first point for starting a flight marketing with zero dollars is of course
today you’re gonna need to be leveraging free traffic methods and mostly social
media so of course guys free traffic methods of course the best ones are
gonna be social media websites like Instagram Twitter snapchat YouTube
Facebook there was gonna bike the big five and those are the platforms you
guys are really gonna need to be leveraging in order to generate a lot of
free traffic because of course guys you need no money you’re not gonna be able
to spend any money on advertising or any money on paid paid advertising methods
pay traffic methods of course you’re gonna need to leverage the hell out of
some free traffic methods of course guys definitely social media ones I have a
few videos on how to generate free traffic so you guys can definitely check
those out but the number one thing you’re gonna need to learn and be able
to do is to be able to generate traffic completely for free and of course guys
of course any go to flame marketing business is gonna need customers doing
the leads and of course that means it’s gonna need traffic that’s one of the
first things you guys are gonna want to learn
if you’re struggling affiliate marketing with $0 and I went to my next point guys
the second thing you’re really gonna need for any good affiliate marketing
business is an email autoresponder course guys you’re gonna need to be able
to get in contact with your leads with your customers and the best way to do
that is with email so of course you’re gonna need some sort of email
autoresponder and of course again guys we’re starting in free marketing with
zero dollars we’re gonna need a free email autoresponder or I recommend you
guys use the guide respond to three day free trial that way you guys get your
affiliate marketing business off the ground
that gives you an entire month to get started and start making some money and
after that guys the guy responds basic plans are like fifteen dollars a month
which really is not bad at all that way you guys can still get a very
professional email autoresponder service without having to spend any money get
response is the same email autoresponder I use and as there will be a link in the
description for a free 30-day trial next one guys I definitely recommend you guys
use direct selling or one-to-one techniques for selling actual Clickbank
products and fly products wherever it is guys you’re definitely gonna want to do
a lot of direct marketing again we’re not spending any money on paid
advertising any money on paid traffic so like I already said you guys are gonna
want to leverage the free traffic methods of social media sites and things
like that but you guys are also gonna want to do a lot of one-to-one selling
because guys talking to people is of course and be completely free and it’s
probably one of the best ways to actually make sales correct one on one
selling is definitely one of the best methods for actually selling anything
online guys just because it’s so direct is so much more personal and it builds a
lot of trust report and it both of that trust relationship very very quickly
when you happen to a phone call with somebody for half an hour an hour maybe
you just measure some on Facebook over the course of like a few weeks that
build up a lot more trust and rapport then you know sending them email
autoresponder sequences now of course those are good and those definitely work
but guy selling one-on-one is a lot more personal and it converts a lot higher
because she I what’s a build up trust and give value very quickly that’s
definitely one of the greatest methods for actually selling especially when
you’re starting with no money guys of course talking to people is completely
for free you can how about a phone call for free get on skype Google Hangouts
whatever it’s measure something on Facebook damn know on Instagram he’s
gonna contact them guys and this do you have a lot of the direct selling methods
those Ducks are gonna help you guys out a lot and definitely will pay off after
that they’re guys of course you’re gonna meet some sort of affiliate network I
recommend Clickbank and Amazon Associates because they’re both very
beginner friendly affiliate marketing networks and of course guys it’s
completely free to actually make accounts on those sites so I definitely
recommend those after a thorough guys my last point for actually starting flight
Marketing with $0 is gonna be to create content yeah this kind of goes back to
the free traffic methods of actually leveraging social media like I said
YouTube Facebook Instagram your other guys actually create some sort of
content 20:18 everyone’s creating content but I definitely my new out
there and start putting out content whether it’s on YouTube Facebook
Instagram whatever guys when you’re consistently putting out valuable
content in any niche on any social media platform it’s gonna help you generate an
audience today people that actually follow you actually like your stuff and
gasps mean you’re doing that you’re pretty much building up the equivalent
of an email list but on social media guys because of course when you tweet
something out or you put up a video or post them on Instagram it’s immediately
going out to like 8,000 followers you might have or the 12,000 followers you
might have guys that’s the same equivalent to actually sending out an
email it’s like five thousand people instead of an email you’re just putting
out a video to those 5,000 people no of course not not only am I gonna see it
but again that’s the same thing for email not everybody’s gonna open it so
it’s the same exact thing guys you’re gonna be building up a following in an
audience and the best way to do that the best way to leverage these social media
platforms is to be putting out in creating valuable content on a
consistent basis on a consistent basis that way you guys can do your very best
to actually leverage these social media and these free traffic platforms with
that being singer that’s how to start affiliate marketing with zero dollars
now I’m gonna walk to my next point where it’s gonna be how to start with
just a hundred dollars now of course guys these things are gonna be a little
bit different cuz course you a little more money to
spend now which is always good so guys are gonna have a few more points I’m
gonna cover them all with that being said my first point is to get an email
autoresponder and landing page creation tools because guys email marketing is
probably gonna be one of your number one sales strategies so you definitely gonna
want to use that like ice mentioned before guys it’ll is be $15 a month with
yet response for like their most basic plan I use get response so that’s why I
recommended to you guys and on top of that it’s probably the cheapest one that
gives you the most value and it’s still super super professional
so of course guys you need to do email marketing the best way to do that is
with an email autoresponder of course she hasn’t gonna want to use a
professional one now of course I did just mention that you could use a free
email autoresponder but guys those are gonna be a lot more unprofessional
they’re gonna be a lot harder to use they’re not gonna work nearly as well as
a professional one like get response or a rubber or MailChimp you guys gonna
course use any of them I personally get response so I recommended to you guys
we’re that being said the next thing I recommend you guys go ahead and get is
gonna be a custom domain now guys a custom domain is huge because
of course you can do a few things with that the first thing you can do is
actually set up a website on there and put your own content on there whether
it’s a blog whatever to have website you want you guys can actually put up a
website or even if you don’t want to upset you’re still gonna need some sort
of custom domain when it comes to email marketing and setting up your own custom
email address because guys my next point right there getting a custom email
address is only gonna be about five dollars a month with G suite so guys the
reason you want a custom email address is one for your email marketing you’re
pretty much gonna need one and two guys it’s just way more professional to send
an email from an actual custom email address instead of just at or
at if you guys only know the custom email addresses I’ll give you
mine for example which is Anthony at the Anthony Volcom that course guys it’s at
the Anthony Volcom not at gmail I Yahoo at whatever of course guys like my own
custom email address directly linked from my custom domain and the next thing
I actually recommend you guys go ahead and get is picking up a cheap beginner
course which will probably one you like ten to thirty dollars on a site like
udemy or any other teaching web sites and things like that with that being
said guys also mentioned in the beginning you guys so check out my free
affiliate marketing course link in the description that way you guys not about
any money at all and with that say guys the reason I actually recommend you guys
get a cheap beginner course is because education is one of the biggest things
and one of the best things you could actually invest in but I want you guys
spending like a hundred five hundred dollars on one of these crazy courses
you guys can easily get a cheap beginner course and make it work just from that
you guys can get a ton of very beginner knowledge and get a very good basis of
what affiliate marketing is and how to do it without spending a ton of money
after that the guy that’s leftover money you have can go to ads or other
marketing tools that you might want to use like builder all clickfunnels things
like that that will definitely help you out more with your affiliate marketing
with that being something guys that’s pretty much wraps up this video how to
get start with $100 how to get started with zero dollars hope you guys enjoyed
hope you got a little bit of value out of it remember guys check out my
affiliate marketing course down below and if you guys enjoyed the video
definitely make sure to leave a like and if you guys really enjoyed the video
definitely make sure to subscribe right now for brand new videos just like this
one every single day and with that being said guys my name is Anthony villa I
will see you in the next one I am out peace


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