How Much Should I Pay For a 1000 Word Article (from Upwork writers) For Amazon Affiliate Sites

today I’m going to tell you about how
much I pay for a thousand-word article that I hire writer from up work so
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on also today I’m going to talk about like hiring now a couple things I’m
going to mention I’m going to go over three specific areas and when we look at
the description how I find writers how much I pay writers which is kind of the
main topic and I’ll share my content templates as well so you know what I’m
just gonna cut to the chase the title of this is how much should I pay for a
thousand word article if you’re hiring someone on up work for your niche site I
usually pay between like fourteen and sixteen dollars for a thousand words all
right so if you were only tuning in just to see that that is the answer but I’m
sure you want some of the other details as well I do share my templates and
stuff so I put several links I’m going to walk you through a couple of the
links there are like one two three four five videos which are tightly related to
like content as far as like how many keywords do you need to start a site how
many posts do you need to start a site writing the content how long the content
should be and then developing a Content plan so all of its related
if you’re interested in hiring writers you’re probably interested in these
other topics I’ll probably create a playlist with these videos in it but if
you’re if you’re tuning in right now just mark this video like like it
whatever you need to do to save it so you can come back and watch these videos
they all sort of go together if you want the templates there’s a link to niche
site project there’s a blog post that covers some of the ideas that we’re
gonna talk about today and if you search for get the templates for free on that
blog post and click it you’ll be able to get a link directly to your the
templates that’s what I’m trying to say so I’m gonna go over the three things
I’m gonna answer some questions as well I will answer questions about like the
the length of the content I see David’s asking and that’s cool I’ll answer
questions about regular like content sort of ideas if it’s tightly related to
content I’ll answer it if not on Fridays I do a general Q&A there’s a way to
submit questions for that which I don’t have a link in here but I have a bitly
link so if you have just random questions and I know other people are
gonna tune in in a minute and they won’t hear this plea for me to only ask
questions about the related stuff but I’ll place the link and just remind
people I can’t blame people for showing up now when we start okay so the first
thing I’m going to talk about is how I find writers so I mentioned that I I pay
about 15 bucks for a thousand words some people are like that’s insane that is so
expensive I would never pay that much and then other people are saying that’s
so cheap I can’t believe you could find writers for that cheap it is amazing how
big of a you know range people pay right and just it depends on your personal
like interaction with writers and your experience whether you think I’m paying
insanely too much or insanely cheap but it’s it’s an alarming spread and people
are very passionate about it they get upset at me
on both sides of the spectrum here is my approach all right so first of all I
want to you know pay a writer a fair wage right I’m not trying to get the
cheapest piece of content I can get right that’s not really the goal our
goal is to get the best ROI for whatever investment we’re doing whether it’s time
or money or some other resource but you want to get the best are live so if
you’re only looking at how much you’re spending you maybe you’re looking at the
long the wrong metric right you need to understand like the return that you’ll
get sure you won’t know at the beginning you have to make some assumptions and
then adjust along the way but the point is I found that you know
15 dollars or so it’s pretty good and that’s just for the writing part okay
I have editors and there’s another piece of the puzzle in there too but the point
is I go to up work and I’m typically looking for new freelancers write a new
freelancer is just dabbling probably in up work right they just signed up for
their account maybe they have some friends that were working as a
freelancer on up work and they suggested that they try it out it’s been working
out well for them so they suggested to the front
they have no reviews it’s hard for them to build up a you know resume and a
bunch of reviews on up work so the idea is you can hire people that are like
underpriced right so I’m looking for people that are underpriced because they
don’t have reviews yet so maybe they’re journalists or maybe they are you know
grad students I actually end up hiring a lot of grad students who are in
literature or they’re an English major or a history major or something where
writing is their focus and they’re very good writers and they can just I mean
they’re used to writing papers they could just churn it out so basically if
you find people that are underpriced then you can get you know overqualified
people for what you’re you need and you could pay them a little bit less but in
return you need to write really good reviews
for them so if you write you know honest reviews but if you write a thorough
review they’re going to appreciate it so if you’re specific you know you
mentioned certain things that they did one of the things I like to say is you
know I hired such-and-such writer they did a pretty good job but I had a few
edits and I sent it back I had my suggestions and then they turned it
around quick you know if you’re specific about what they’re good at they’re gonna
appreciate it one that you acknowledged it and then two and it’s actually a good
review because if it’s too perfect right if all the reviews seem too perfect then
it’s not as useful if it’s than if it’s like authentic and real and it’s not
unusual to have a couple edits and need to send it over to like the writer again
so basically if you find people that are underpriced then you’ll be able to you
know get it a little bit cheaper and I see Duke says that he pays 18 to 20
bucks per thousand words and you know what that I have paid that before
because sometimes you know you’re working with a writer for a long time
and they’re doing a good job I’ll give them a raise right I mean if
someone’s doing a good job I don’t want to lose him I’ve already mentioned that
I pay about 15 bucks for a thousand words and that seems to work well for me
and what happens you know generally with freelancers is they come and go right
there’s literally freelancers right so they’re going to have a little bit more
of like transient nature some people try it out they don’t like it maybe they are
between jobs and they’re only doing it for you know a short amount of time so
there’s a lot of reasons why someone may come or go through the freelancing world
so you know with that said I’m paying a little bit less knowing that I may have
to hire a lot more people over time so that is you know sort of the long and
short of it and then fart is my content templates I have a
few right so again you’re just joining up there’s a link at the bottom or
somewhere in the description there where it’s like niche site project to step
process to blah blah blah it’s a blog post I talk about content there’s a link
in there it says get templates here for free all you have to do is click on it
enter your email address and then you’ll get a link to my content templates they
consist of like the job listing that I use I talk about I think I even have
like the the template that I send over like the instructions I can’t remember
everything in there but it’s a it’s a set of templates that you can use to
hire writers okay so that is the main part of the content that I wanted to
cover today as far as the questions here I’ll get over to that and I see David at
first you are asking what’s the target length ever go as much as 2,500 words so
the target length is whatever I need so it depends on the job ever go as much as
2,500 words that’s almost I mean yeah that I do yeah so I have very long
content 2500 is you know not specifically long at least for me and
then I see hydras asking about a super chat you know what I turned it on after
you were hammering me about it and you know what to be honest I don’t know what
else I have to do over here to turn it on I thought it was on is there like
some special thing I have to do I didn’t look that close to be honest with you
I’ll take a quick look over here though okay and then Riza says you didn’t hear
the whole part is $15.00 for a native speaker that’s correct yeah for a native
speaker um it’s strange you know what Hydra I did turn on super chat and I’m
not sure like why it’s not on like I already
through this little process some other time in the past and Duke is saying you
pay 18 to 20 because of the English quality and the lack of editing that’s
needed so that’s totally you know expected that’s cool and I personally I
hire a different person to do the editing just for me personally I know
it’s easier for me to like edit someone else’s work than to edit my own so my
thought is I’d rather just separate the two tasks just for me makes it a little
a little bit easier so Adrienne is on what’s up good to have you there and
Josh is to Johan as well so when people talk about the price it is right to have
in mind that ten dollars is not the same value in Europe Asia and so on yeah
that’s true and I’m I’m typically just working with either u.s. or Canada based
folks not 100% of the time but in general so whether or not like they are
actually located in you know whatever country that I think that they’re
originating from it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re native English
speakers so if they’re able you know if they live in Southeast Asia or something
like that and they get a little bit more value for their their dollar and they’re
getting paid in u.s. dollars then that that’s fine with me and let’s see okay
and Junaid says you pay five dollars for a thousand words some editing is
required but a very solid article and we Junaid um that is a great price I I
almost can’t believe that right like if it’s really that good then I can’t
imagine that it’s that cheap like it just doesn’t make sense to me
because if someone could get paid more they would right
unless you founded you know similar I’ve been able to see like I’ve been able
well I guess what I’m saying is if you if you found another example of like
underpriced they’re undervalued stuff then maybe it’s totally possible okay
and riad says what about eyewriter i’m not sure about that but can I use this
website yes if you would like to you can basically I found that services are
terrible they’re very much overpriced however they have the advantage of you
not having the deal with the admin stuff but there’s a good chance that I don’t
know there’s a good chance that it’s it’s overpriced when I’ve used services
like text broker it was just terrible it was a terrible experience and I was like
I well I’m not gonna do that again so I found the quality to be just awful but I
mean I writer has been around for a long time so if you wanted to give it a shot
I mean that would be fine josh is asking what tools do identify
what tools do I use to identify the target word count and other on-page
metrics I use SEO quake I have a video on it so should check it out D card said
you saw one of the web wrist videos on outsourcing he was paying 50 cents per
article okay I would check I would verify like what type of writing he was
having done so yeah I mean that doesn’t sound that doesn’t sound right to me so
it could have been for a very specific purpose Robbie says is
possible to buy the course now Ravi you know what sorry I I saw that you left
some comments and stuff the other day no enrollment is closed right now but you
could sign up for the waitlist shoot me an email at dug and niche site project
comm and because I know you asked a couple questions about it
and are you Ravi just curious are you not on the email list did you miss out
on the whole on all the on all the emails where I was telling people about
it just curious cause like it’s a different like audience right so the the
real stuff that I do right all this YouTube stuff is really interesting and
all but the real stuff that I do is on the blog and it’s in the email list so
if you’re not on the email list you’re kind of missing out on some of the best
stuff alright Hydra says gonna talk about how
to properly structure an article if you are writing it yourself how to properly
target keywords it is beyond the scope of what I’m talking about today Hydra
but the other videos in the description go over some of that stuff if you google
the perfect Amazon review you should find my template and then I also have a
couple other videos where I talk about the perfect Amazon template David says
is there a way of ensuring that a writer doesn’t resell the work they do for you
to somebody else or potentially hand over copied material to you so as far as
like ensuring that a writer doesn’t resell the work they do for you if you
hire professional then you’re gonna be okay because if someone is a journalist
or they’re you know in school and they’re like trying to be a professional
writer in some capacity or an editor or something like that like it’s just not
worth it for them to put themselves in that position to be like oh like
plagiarizing work and or doing something like super unethical as far as like
handing over the work to someone else it would be on
usual for someone to have the opportunity to sell the exact same work
to someone else it just it would be unusual for that to take place as far as copying the work there are tools you can
use David it’s like copyscape there’s a couple
tools but you know what I never spend the time to do it so I would say if you
hire professional then you’re probably all right here’s the deal if you’re
paying whatever like 50 cents per article or if you’re paying like a super
low right five dollars would be you know some people may be able to write it for
five bucks you know that you could get a native English speaker from like I think
like I’ve seen some and actually I’ve tested you know working with other
people so I think I’ve hired people from like um Kenya and South Africa a few
times Jamaica maybe even some South American countries
maybe Venezuela where you know they spoke like in the interactions the
English was really good and I was like hey I’ll give it a shot and I you know
worked with them and it was mostly fine but there were a couple things that
weren’t quite right and then we had so David yeah it’s a little tough at some
point you just have to like trust that they’re doing you know good work and by
the way I when I use text broker this has been a couple years so maybe they’ve
cleaned things up but I literally run copyscape they run their articles which
are submitted to you they run it through copyscape for you and I would like
receive articles there were like 25% like copied right and then like text
broker allowed that to be submitted to me and I’m like what what is happening
here like I’m paying a premium amount for this service and like they’re
literally telling me that 25% of the work was copied so I was like I’m
out this is bananas so yeah Hydra yeah check out those videos they should
answer a lot of your questions and perhaps next time I’ll get the super
chat going on here and Ravi says you are on the email list but you checked after
some days and the course was sold out and the waiting list blah blah blah okay
okay Robbie yeah shoo me an email Brendan says good evening what’s going
on you’re creating up to 16 kg our keyword golden ratio articles starting
this month for about $50 each non-native but dependable writers what are my
thoughts I well how long are the articles so it could be really under
priced or really over priced at $50 each for me that sounds a tad expensive but
you know maybe they’re super long now here’s the thing I would recommend a
thousand words okay for $50 each and it’s non-native I think
that is kind of overpriced Brandon unless I’m missing some piece of the
puzzle so I would I would say you know a thousand words is what you should aim
for and then in like a month or two you can see how well it’s going like improve
the articles that are doing well that is but I think $50 each is it’s a little
steep so everyone don’t forget there’s a way to
get the templates if you are just tuning in now perhaps you can rewind and get
the longer explanation but basically you can get the templates that I use if you
follow the link that’s in the description to a niche site project you
search for like get the templates for free something like that you should be
able to like click that link enter your email address and then a pop-up will
show you a link to get to it Simon how’s it going Rize says do I think hiring
copywriters to write the content is worth the money I don’t think so but
I’ve never tried it to be honest with you never tried it but I think it would
probably be overpriced David says how often do I release blog articles and
what is the average word length so those questions might my answers to those
questions will not be helpful how often do I release blog articles almost never
and what’s the average word length is probably 1,200 words but those are both
misleading because of the number of articles that I have in the way that I
do content what can be more helpful is I do Sprint’s of work so I may have you
know you know 100 articles written and then I’ll publish like all 100 within a
month all right so that’s kind of how I work as far as the word lengths so
however long it needs to be so again not not super useful so if it’s new kgr
Content keyword golden ratio content then I will
making a thousand words and then if it’s getting good traction maybe I’ll bump it
up to like five thousand words something like that Brandon says that you the $50
includes formatting links and posting to your site as well okay so Brandon here’s
the deal like ice mentioned it earlier but I think it was before you join it’s
not really about the price is about the ROI that you’re hoping to get right we
have to make some assumptions we don’t know the are either the ROI that we’re
gonna get until we do it here’s the deal if it’s non-native I don’t know like
it’s still all this stuff you’re saying is really interesting but I don’t think
it’s worth it so alright Andy says you just started writing yourself ten
articles with 1200 words all with the keyword golden ratio and you’re starting
to look for native British writers cool good luck Hydra says do I suggest
outsourcing all of your writing what percent of the articles do I write
myself it’s totally up to you and your business model so if it was up to here’s
what I do that may be more helpful I write like zero percent of the articles
and I outsource at all at this point I’m not a very fast writer I type slow I’m
very slow alright so I know it’s not a good thing for me to spend my time on so
it’s much better for me to hire people who are better writer than I am and awesomeness design studio says how many
articles should I have in an Amazon niche site okay again it’s tough for me
you know I can answer the questions but my answers are useless right they’re
useless out of context and these questions are out of context if you’re
launching your site design studio ten articles alright so you just need
ten articles how many should you have in a site total that’s like how many books
should you have in a library well it depends how big is the tail like what
kind of library is it what kind of books do you want to have in the library
what’s your budget so there’s a lot of factors in in this question and you
should start with ten and then you should grow slowly over time in a way
that fits your budget and your goals so I hope that’s helpful all right Josh find a bitly link and ask
some questions for Friday I will mention this so Doug I’m completely blubbered
and overwhelmed with niche research as far as finding article topics any tips
on planning out your content for the next few months so this is just project
management or any kind of goal setting figure out like how many articles you
want to publish say in the next 90 days and then work backwards figure out how
many you need to publish in the you know the last month and then the middle month
then the first month and then break it down for you know each one of those say
one you know one week segments where you’re like alright this is how much
work I need to do for each of these weeks and then figure out the articles
that you want to write so I don’t think that probably helped you I’m sorry but
I’m it’s hard it’s hard to say there are frameworks that you can use like that’s
in five figure niche site that help you like go from you know 30 ideas to the
the two that are good choices but it’s beyond the scope of what I’m covering
today Lance defy good traction and when to think about
adding to content no lanes you’re you’re a member of the course and I’ll bend
over backwards if you ask a question in your moderator tool and so basically you
publish your keyword golden ratio content and Lance I know that you’re in
a position right now where like maybe you have a couple articles that are
doing well that’s what I mean with traction so if you have an article that
started at 100 and then it’s down to like you know it’s moving up in the
rankings and it’s maybe rank number 12 that’s good momentum Google is getting
good signs from visitors and basically if you add you know let’s say you have a
thousand words on there right now if you add 2,000 more words by using like the
FAQ method in rpm then you’re probably gonna move up in the rankings and you’re
probably gonna get more longtail traffic so when I say good traction I mean
you’re getting traction on Google and you’re getting a couple more visitors or
a lot more visitors to certain posts basically we’re looking at what’s
working and then doing it harder versus like looking at stuff that isn’t working
and trying to improve that we’re looking at what’s working and then doubling down
on that all right david says you have 14 inch
science as a beginner with 25 articles how long do I think it should take to
see results how should I monitor what articles are
working for me okay David this is slightly off topic but you
seem like a good guy first if you’re a beginner you should
not be working on four sites at once think if you would have put all of the
articles on just one side you’d have a site with like 100 articles and you
wouldn’t be so scattered I feel stressed out for you
you have more active sites than I do right now
sort of the point is if you’re a beginner this is a really bad mistake
and this is why I’m answering this question I hope a lot of people can
learn from this one okay when you’re a beginner you will make mistakes and it
is okay all right you’re gonna make some mistakes I made I’m making mistakes
constantly all right I’m still making mistakes they’re just bigger mistakes
now so here’s the deal David if you are a beginner and you’re working on one
site you’re gonna make some mistakes and then you’ll you’ll figure out what those
mistakes are and you’ll fix it and then hopefully you move on with your life and
slowly improve stop making those mistakes that sort of thing right learn
from your mistakes if you have four sites David you have four sites going on
all right you’re gonna make the mistake on the first site and then you’re gonna
make it on the next one and then on the other two also so you’ve made the
mistake four times a m– you have 25 articles right so let’s say for example
you put the images on in the wrong way or something write some minor thing
now instead of just having to fix the articles on the one site you now made a
mistake you’re gonna have to fix across four sites you will feel defeated
frustrated and like this is a waste of time
some people are quite stubborn like myself and you may be able to power
through some things but basically you’re not allowing yourself to learn for
your mistakes you are allowing yourself to make them same mistake over and over
again because a lot of times you won’t know you made the mistake until some
weeks later all right so David if I can give you advice I would say just pick
one site your favorite site the best site that you could work on now and and
then ignore the other three for a little bit and you ask how long do I think it
should take to see results I would say if you’re following along with like my
course five figure a niche site then it’s like if you’re working on it each
day six to eight weeks right you should have traffic you should be making your
first few bucks if you’re working on it a little bit slower I would say if you
already have four sites with 25 articles you should be making some money already
but I don’t know what model you’re following there are many different
methods to do things and I just talked about you know what I know but I’m not
saying my way is the only way so if you have different master plan perhaps you
know it’ll work just fine bowls can ask what do I think of Tex burger I don’t
like it and I mentioned Tex broker minute ago I ended up getting articles
back where they ran it through copyscape and they told me a higher percentage
that I was happy with was actually copied so I stopped working with them
and they like if you want to get good quality articles Tex burgers actually
really expensive so if you go to like four to five stars it’s quite expensive John says how much can you earn if you
do the keyword golden ratio correctly after the sandbox after 10 20 and 200
articles I’m not sure John that’s a that’s a tough one to answer I would
imagine here’s the hard part right the price
range of the articles that you’re writing like has a lot of the you know
impact on your earnings and a lot of other things too however I would say if
you have 200 articles and that’s one could like give you some you know more
information if you publish like 200 articles I would imagine you’re this is
this is like an order of magnitude this is like an estimate in you know project
management it’s gonna be like a hundred percent plus or minus off alright so it
could be half or double like it could be very very incorrect so 200 articles I
would imagine you’re probably gonna be making 5k a month give or take most of
it alright so huge guess and you never know
until like a year after you published the 200 articles okay josh says is there
a decent amount of ranking momentum um or an article should rank without links
in other words how long should it take for a kgr to hit what do you mean by hit
and Josh I if I remember right I think you just
posted something in the last week or so so the answer is wait for like two
months and then ask me all right so do work like keep publishing more keyword
golden ratio content you know put your head down get some shit done and then in
two months then then you ask right cuz like if you’re not giving it enough time
then that’s probably the issue also I mean you could have like on-page SEO
issues or something like that right like if you if you’re like keyword stuffing
it’s gonna throw everything off okay Lance is mentioning that most of your
posts are moving up daily a few or duds so you’ll focus on the movers and
shakers yep that is what we should do like focus on what’s working don’t try
and you know fix something that’s that’s broken if you have some stuff working
well polina what’s up you say when you’re hiring writers from up work
doesn’t matter if they’re from the Philippines etc or do I employ people
only from the US or UK so I usually filter on like trying to
remember I’m a filter on like North America or
something like that but here’s the thing I don’t care where someone’s located I
don’t actually care where they’re from or anything like that however it is very
important to like for my writing right to have them understand and be fluent in
American English including a slang now I’m actually half Filipino alright so I
know that Filipinos speak like English like pretty well right however unless
they’ve lived in America or have like relatives there’s still like some quirky
stuff now I know they watch a lot of American television and stuff like that
so you can like bridge the gap but for me personally I found it like you know
just fine to hire like like I said an English grad student in the US who is
you know fluent in American English and slang and knows how to you know do what
I need them to do but I would encourage you to experiment because I’ve hired
probably a dozen writers from the Philippines I’ve hired a lot from just
various other places as well alright and then Justin what’s up good to see ya
what’s my criteria for hiring a full-time writer after they do a post
for you okay so justin is another fine student feel free to reach out to me via
the support email if you have follow-ups or you need like more interaction Justin
basically I hire them on a few trial jobs so I’ll hire them like two two or
three times for like one or two articles so that there’s some interaction and
back and forth additionally for each new job that I’m hiring them for I can leave
them another review again part of the currency that we can give to them aside
from just the monetary payment is reviews right if we can help them
build the reviews that’s good for them and they know it and actually I will
point it out I’ll say hey I want to hire you for a few more trial jobs and I’m
like I’m happy to create new jobs so that I may post more reviews for you and
even though it’s more overhead for me to create the jobs and hire you and so on
I’m happy to do it because I know the reviews help you don’t be afraid to be
explicit and say that it’ll you know it’ll be a good thing for them so after
I hire them a few times and I know that they’re consistent then I’ll say hey you
know do you want to come on for you know more writing I’ve never actually hired a
writer full-time most of them prefer to work like 20 hours or so like so I’ve
done a couple people up to 20 hours and at that point you know make sure we have
a system right however you want to do it spreadsheets are easy and then I could
just list the articles I want them to write a status column and then like
maybe a date whatever you want in there but simple is better and then you’re
able to just like share the sheet with them and they’ll hammer through it right
they’ll hammer through it and I’m always trying to communicate well you know
writers burnout I think Duke mentioned that writers you know basically they
could do a lot but at some point they may get bored of the topic so I try and
communicate to make sure like they’re okay they’re not gonna just like leave
all of a sudden so hopefully that helps Justin Andy says oh wow getting behind
here alright Duke says you see oh another moderator your your Lurky
lurking in the background okay I’ll try and keep an eye on it too andy says what type of ROI and percent
do I expect once I choose a writer so that’s difficult and I’m gonna not
backtrack but here’s the deal I’m not a hundred
percent of the long-term ROI because for example one of the links actually in the
description is for like when I published 200 articles using the keyword golden
ratio and the you know the site grew a lot right the revenue went up here’s the
thing that I got my money back within like two months or so right so it was
pretty quick and then after that it’s just on top of right so I knew I got my
initial investment back very quickly and then after that it just grew if I were
to sell the site then the you know the ROI is even higher because then you’re
taking like 35 X of like monthly revenue and compressing it all into like one
month right so the ROI gets funny I’m not a financial person so I’m not very
good at that basically what type of ROI so I can’t
answer your question right so I talked about the ROI but really what I’m saying
is just because a person can hire a writer for cheaper doesn’t mean that
that’s better if you hire someone who’s writing like bad content then obviously
it’s not gonna pay off as well so if you so I don’t know anybody I’m not sure
sorry polina says do I interview writers from
up work no all right um let’s see so basically I found that interviewing is
not very effective and you’re better off just hiring someone seeing how they work
and then go from there Robbie says Robbie okay about the course five-figure
a niche site be sure you email me okay so the course is not open for enrollment
currently and I know you had some chatter and stuff for okay and Robbie
you may not be a good fit it’s not $69 for one month so okay
David you’re grateful fabulous consideration okay
awesome glad that was helpful have I worked with this is from Pretoria
SEO content here oh now I have it I don’t know Polina says can I make some
short video interviewing one of the writers from up work okay yeah I’m never Polina what what help would that provide
interviewing one of the writers from up work just curious alright Shana to one of my thoughts and
word agents are very expensive I’ve never used them I’m not sure for that
price I expect it to be fantastic prep mesh if a comparison table site is
ranking in the top two positions and then blah blah blah should you go for it
whatever you want man yeah go for it Oh John says what a hire and by the way if
people are just joining up it’s awesome thanks for joining if you have if you
have questions that are not related to content it would be best to hold them to
Friday however I know it’s just so hard and I I can never control these live
streams and you know what maybe I’ll just answer all the questions okay
there’s a bitly link though and I forgot to paste it in this in this description
here by the way we have like 58 people but only 28 likes I guess that’s pretty
good considering I haven’t asked for anyone to like this video so if I
answered your question or if I was helpful please like the video helps
other people like find David I’m glad that the advice found you well so
alright josh says if I had five thousand and
loot when I buy all guest post or content it’s not really my
man you don’t have to do one or the other so I would suggest doing both and
John says when I hire a high school or undergrad who writes great yes I
definitely would Shane says what if I guest posts generally know someone was
just emailing me about this one of the super common questions generally now
right here’s what I find number one I’m getting like three emails a day from
people like trying to pitch me so I have a feeling the services are going to be
burned out soon they’re probably burning through email
addresses because they’re spamming the internet with garbage like asking people
to you know put a link on their site and it’s really tiring right so I just I
feel like I need to filter those out but basically as far as like guest post I
feel like the only way that you can make sure that it’s done the right way
is if you do it yourself or if you hire someone in which you train to do it your
way so I think if you pay for them you’re probably not gonna get the the
best that you should be like aiming for but if it’s only you know a portion of
your links and maybe it’s okay all right hiking gear lab says I think you’re
using hourly based contract selling up work okay that is a statement with a
question mark on the end but I do understand what you’re saying the answer
is I’m using whichever contract makes sense for whatever work that I’m doing
so I do some fixed bid and do some hourly stuff depending on what they’re
doing for writing right for content I’m doing fixed bid for any kind of like
time-based work right like editing or content management then I use an hourly
contract Awesomeness design studio says is there
a way to make sure the content I’m getting is not copied from any other
source you can use copyscape or a trick if you don’t want to use copyscape as to
like get a sentence and then google the sentence and see if it shows up
somewhere there’s really time consuming and boring so I would just say if you
hire a good writer you don’t have to worry about it too much all right yeah
let’s see let’s see Shin says how about having a site like
ten beasts and buying guest posts a scholarship to rank it instead of going
to a specific niche building a site around it it sounds very interesting
that’s not really my model so I can’t speak about that I would avoid it though
I think if you have to ask right so if you have to ask like hey is this a good
idea do you think I should do it do you think I can do it
you probably can’t do it so and I don’t know you
shann I know you’re on these often and I appreciate it but I would say if you’re
gonna do something like that you should maybe like have a broad brand but I
think you should focus in a way that allows you to expand but if you set out
to do some kind of huge thing if you’re like hey I’m gonna be the next wire
cutter like that’s you know that’s a ten-year plan right like that’s pretty
tough to do andy says should we aim for 0% copyscape I am not a hundred percent
sure I have a feeling that probably less than I’m not sure you need to check this
out see what copyscape says but i imagine i don’t use copyscape i don’t
use any of the stuff that people are talking about I imagine it’s okay to
have some overlap maybe you’re quoting something or
something maybe is quoted an excerpt from another site which is totally fine
that would be okay so if you have like some small percentage like probably
under 10% that’s probably fine alright Wolski says
how do you decide how much content you have to write for a keyword basically I
look at the competition and then take an average and then maybe
add 10% do I orient myself on a search volume to estimate how long an article
should be generally now Hydra says you always like the video right when you’re
joining thanks for doing that one of Google’s main or sorry one of YouTube’s
main algorithms is engagement likes comments and shares yes
Thanks I appreciate that justices can assure other than bad grammar what would
make you not use an article on the site and you’ve never used up work so does
your money go into escrow and then you pay when you accept it so yes about the
escrow this is part of the reason why I use up work you know they charge you
right you have to pay for the service but you get certain protection the
escrow and the system is part of that and there have been times where I’ve
like requested like a freelancer would disappear and the money was in escrow
and all the communication was done via their messaging system so I just opened
a ticket and I said hey this person never replied back and I asked him or
her you know what’s going on I haven’t heard from you it’s beyond the deadline
and they just gave me a refund right so if the person disappears you are
protected and then other than bad grammar generally if it’s just an if
it’s if the article is a total mess if it doesn’t make sense if it’s not
coherent that would be the other thing so sort of hand-in-hand with bad grammar
it’s rare but like sometimes it’s just like poorly written like I had one
person who was just like angry all the time or something and it came through
the tone of the writing they sounded angry about a product review and
it was just weird that’s very rare of course but yeah that would be the only
other thing Hamza says your web developer you have some SEO background
but you you only lose time creating websites for other clients you’ve never
had the chance to focus on a niche website because you’re afraid and then
I’m gonna read ahead so you’re afraid that you’ll invest time and money
without having any good results under any advice mr. Doug so my advice is just
get started you probably will you know what that
never goes away by the way it never goes away you’re always like AZ is really
worth it and it’s part of like entrepreneurship so I had like a similar
sort of well not web development but I have like an IT background so the point
is if you if you’re used to a job where I mean we’re like high tech factory
workers right tons of people work in IT I know that we’re like we’re factory
workers of like the modern age right so you’re used to just showing up doing
your job stuff like that and if you’re trying to do something on your own
everything is uncertain and you’re probably right like you probably will
like end up you know quote wasting some of the time in the beginning while
you’re learning but it’ll turn out that like you needed to do that to get to
where you want to be so you will in fact waste time you will make mistakes and
you will think hey I wish that didn’t happen but of course you know a couple
years down the line and you’re like oh I actually needed to go through that
period where I literally got no like visible production or are alive but it’s
the experience that you need so hopefully that makes sense I would say
get started as soon as possible because once you get that out of your system a
little bit you’ll be in better shape okay an India saying you heard that we
can ask you need teachers to select students to work for your project as
it’s part of their training what I go in that direction I don’t know I haven’t
heard of that but it’s an interesting idea josh says josh is mentioning you
get distracted you have from one project to another what can I do project
management wise to stay on focus and stay like away from shiny objects all
right I’m not sure Josh here’s the thing Josh do you emailed me like a year ago
right and you were we’re gonna do a coaching session to get you on track
right so I would say you need to figure out how you work this is way off topic
but Josh you need this some people are like intrinsically motivated to stay on
task like if they set a goal internally then you’ll you’ll stick to it right
that trumps like external forces other people are like my my boss like is
asking me to do something I’m definitely going to show up they asked me to do it
is really important for me to fulfill like that external force someone asking
you to do something right or you know maybe it’s not a boss maybe it’s
actually like a contest maybe it’s a contest but it’s an external force in
you and you’re you know three friends are gonna compete and you’re like who
can get the most things like done in X amount of time right say it’s a niche
site the point is you have to figure out if you’re like internally or externally
motivated probably everyone’s a little bit of a blend but some people are more
one than the other and the point is Josh like project management is not gonna
like help you you have to figure out like what motivates you internally and
then figure out how you have to just sort of change your day to get this
stuff done and I’m distracted all the time right I’m distracted all the time
if I’m like all right I have like a big goal that I want to accomplish then I’m
usually pretty pretty good at focusing down I may go ten days in a row where
I’m like scattered all over the place and then if I could work for two days it
makes up for all that lost time I think a lot of people are probably like that
so Josh you need you need to focus up figure out how you’re motivated Danish
says you have a long tail keyword shall you start a new post or should you add
it to a 5,000 word post totally up to you so the example is best ballpoint
pens is the main article having 5,000 whereas the long tail is related okay so
it’s like best ballpoint pen and then best Paul ballpoint pen for cardboard
there are certain like things you could check on to analyze which would be
better but it’s totally up to you and just without knowing more details I
would say if the article could stand alone write it by itself and if it fits
better and the big article then put it in there which that’s probably not
helpful all right the sale says you heard in one of the
videos about the Amazon review article template where do you find it I think if
you if you search for article review templates or the perfect the Amazon
review let’s just see what comes up so let’s call it
perfect Amazon review that doesn’t it doesn’t show up as high as a perfect
Amazon review and I bet in YouTube it’ll show up there for you anyway I would say
search for Amazon review the perfect game is on review and Doug and I bet
you’ll be able to find it okay and I see another question about copier unique
this sounds like a video idea I guess if everyone’s asking about it so thanks D
card for mentioning that Hydra says you know sure if it was talked about what’s
a decent price to pay for editing you write a lot of your own articles but
your grammar sucks who you should outsource Hydra I pay between ten and
twenty bucks an hour to do editing so that’s that’s what I would recommend yeah Stephen says you’re distracted by
craft beer totally humus says what is a suitable price for 4,000 words okay so
good question so four thousand words and paying fifteen bucks so you could just
multiply that by four that’s a good range however there are many factors
involved so it just just depends on if it’s like a highly technical thing or if
they’re really qualified or something Adam says you’ve stopped hiring people
for just a couple articles since they don’t seem as invested in articles you
have writers part-time on three sites you’re working on and one writer for
each site cool cool it Adam says you had five soft lunches
in January yes you mean the email Adam that sounds interesting all right and Andy says thanks you’re
welcome and you got to run to work so have a
good one all right and one thing I’m gonna check and I’m just curious we
actually have quite a few people we still have 50 people on I’m just gonna
check if you haven’t liked the video like if you just joined or something
appreciate it if you hit the like button if you’re watching the replay leave a
comment or if you’re watching now live leave a comment after we stop recording
that’s helpful I think comments are like the big thing right all right
any other questions out there and I’ll mention that on Fridays we do the random
Q&A but I’ve tried hard to control the content of the questions and people are
getting better and I appreciate that but every now and then some people just you
know they join up and then they just start asking questions yeah you know I
can’t blame you for that I can’t blame you for that but it does make it kind of
a mess and you know like I was saying about content you don’t don’t fight
Google right don’t if you have a piece of content that’s not working don’t
worry about it just ignore it and then work on the stuff like work on the
content that is you know improving in rankings you’re getting traction right
it’s doing well so go make it better and I’m I try to keep the questions
around the topic of the day but you know what it seems like people get a lot of
value by being able to ask more questions so it’s silly for me to try
and you know hammer you about it so okay and
hummus is saying you want to know who the writer is so no I like if I’m I
don’t usually recommend my writers out if I do it is only to my students
typically if I find a good writer I need them to do writing for me so it doesn’t
you know it doesn’t really serve me well to get rid of my writers and get them to
someone else right plus they would probably prefer to work with me since
I’m helping them out and stuff so if they only have limited time they
probably stick working with me or if you were able to lure them over well then
you’d have to pay more than I am but basically I only recommend my writers to
my students into our coaching folks so all right cool Andy thanks appreciate it
Stephen and Hama sorry I can’t recommend people fine um you know find your own
writers it’s not hard go get the templates you could do I
share everything right I just told you how I’m approaching it and then you
could use the templates that I use and then you can develop these skills on
your own all right thanks everyone for liking the videos awesome alright and
Hydra I’m gonna try to get the get the old super chat feature on and see how it
goes and yes I mean give me a shout about the
coaching hopefully we’ll be able to hook up soon thanks everyone I’m gonna get
out of here don’t forget Friday there’s another Q a live session


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