How My Top Affiliates Are Making $2000 A WEEK In Passive Income!

My top affiliates are making on average $2,000 per week online in passive income Alright guys, so welcome back to another video in today’s video I want to talk about how my top affiliates who promote my products are making over $2,000 per week and passive income I also have a lot of other affiliates who doing over 500 dollars per week over $1,000 per week They are literally making out an average income Well, $2,000 a week is not average But there are a lot of them making an average income by simply making simple affiliate websites and promoting my Products and I’m gonna dive in and show you exactly how they’re doing it show you an example They have set up and that you could do and all of that good stuff. So if you’re new to affiliate marketing What you pretty much do is you find products that other people have and you promote those products and you get a commission It is one of the most stress-free Easiest ways to make money online because you don’t need to have your own product You don’t need to give support you don’t need to do any of that sort of stuff all you need to do is send traffic to These affiliate links and you make these commissions and over time it becomes Passive. So this is 100% passive These are the guys getting this on average every single week because they’ve already done the work to set this up and I’ll show you Inside this summer computer, but I’m if you already have an audience that you want to monetize maybe a YouTube channel Maybe you get traffic to a blog or you just want to get into a Flynt marketing. This is the video you want to watch The you know, if you have an audience somewhere and you’re not monetizing then with a flair marketing then you’re missing out on Income now, obviously, you don’t wanna just gonna spam them with links You want to find a good program that’s relatable to them or software or something like that But affiliate marketing is a very very good way to make a Noren income There’s a lot of you guys probably already know So let’s jump into my computer and I’ll show you how my top affiliates. I’m making it this kind of money guys Every single week. Okay. I just did some payments today. That’s why I decided to do this video. Just paid out a bunch of today So yeah, let’s jump into the computer and I’ll show you what I’m talking about All right guys before we jump into this training. I just want you know that my competitions are back once a week I’ll be picking a one winner to give access to one of my courses and you will get to pick what course you want to Jump into and you’ll get access to the private communities to enter what you need to do is like the videos you’re watching So make sure you subscribe to me and comment below on the videos. You’re watching. Just let me know that you’re around comment Hey, what’s that Frank and how you’re doing? Leave a comment on the videos that I upload and at the end of each week on Friday I’ll be posting in the YouTube community tab the winner. Okay every single week So make sure you like subscribe and comment below to enter into the competition. Ok So now that we’ve got that out of the way Let’s jump into how you can profit from Affiliate marketing and kind of model what some of my top affiliates are doing now just a disclaimer I cannot show you my affiliate websites or anything like that because in my terms and conditions on my affiliate marketing stuff We do not do that. Okay. We keep all of that a secret and Yes, so then I’m going to quickly show you what these guys are actually promoting ok So they’re promoting my EECOM turbo Shopify theme and they’re promoting my econ elites course now the reason this makes so much money They’ve made just the afflicts alone have done over $40,000 in 30 days is because it’s a good product that converts now We don’t always do forty thousand dollars a month. Just an affiliate stuff. Sometimes we do less. Sometimes we do more but on average Whew? $2,000 is what the top three are making on average each Single week. Ok, we’ll top two actually and you can see the Commission’s here. Now. How do you get access to this? Well, unfortunately, you have to actually be inside these programs to promote them So we do that to stop fraud. Then we might be opening the affiliate program back up to the public soon Maybe but you can also get invited if you comment below and tell me how you’re gonna promote our stuff and you know If you have a list and stuff or if you I really seriously want to get into promoting our products and maybe I can sear an invite so This is what you do guys. Um, we’re going to kind of go through process of how you can do this This is really basic affiliate marketing in a nutshell But it’s very profitable. If you do it the right way, which is what I’m going to be showing you right now so those were the two products that they’re promoting and we do actually have another product two other products in here, but Then it make a lot of affiliate commissions. Those are the two highest converting the theme and the course now. How does this work? How can this help you? How can you actually make money with this? Well, first of all, what you need to know is, you know, I know that my affiliate thing isn’t open But there’s hundreds of products out there You need to find products or software’s to write about find keywords for your articles And then over time you’re gonna rank higher and higher in Google. Now the way I’m gonna show you how to do this You don’t actually need a strong website or a lot of backlinks and in most cases You don’t need backlinks at all. If you don’t know what backlinks are It’s all the stuff you build to your site to push it up the ranks But don’t worry about that because you’re probably not going to need that in this tutorial and then eventually over time Maybe a month two months three months four months five months six months We don’t know it will become a passive income for you my top two affiliates. Don’t do any work anymore They just make money. That’s it. And the good thing about it is I do all the support I do everything on my side They just click the check. I just paid some guys today I paid like seven grand today and affiliate commissions, but guys the way to make this work properly The way to make a lot of money is all about the angles, okay This is how you are going to get sales When you use the right angle, so I’m going to show you the two most profitable angles that I’ve taught my affiliates to use I’ve actually taught a lot of these guys how to do this since how they’re very successful a lot of them are newbies They’ve never done affiliate marketing before but there are my courses and I hey, can you teach us how to do a flow marketing so I did um So it’s all about the angles guys Now the two best angles that we’re going to be talking about here is the pricing angle and the best list Angle these are the two most profitable and easiest for newbies and beginners to jump into when you want to start doing affiliate Marketing okay now to do this I dimension you all to have a website or something I will leave links in the description how to build a website in my other videos and stuff like that alright, um But what you don’t want to do is is really important is when you’re starting Don’t do what everyone else is doing don’t go for straight review keywords, like econ elites review econ turbo review That’s what everyone’s trying to do now You later on you can go for those when you’re a bit more advanced and your website’s a bit more powerful But at the beginning you want to go for low competition long tail Keywords because they’re gonna make you money Ok, it might not be a lot of funny when you start but it is going to make you money So what we’re gonna do they jump in and we’re gonna do some I’ll show you kind of the keyword stuff But the pricing angle is one of the most profitable Angles you can go for and there’s two ways to do this number one is you can basically just go and find another course and Compare it to econ elites or whatever or but if of course you’re comparing you can compare two courses But because you basic cuz you and you go did you know? You can compare all these courses in it slowly it builds up all these keywords But you want to make sure you do one to two courses you’re comparing the one that you want to make money from That you’re an affiliate of you make sure the course is cheaper because it’s an easy sale You will pretty much 99% of the time always convert the person into the cheaper option what I mean is let’s say we have a Ecommerce course number one is a thousand dollars ecommons econ elites my course is two hundred dollars you go and do a review on the Two courses the people that are searching for the one thousand dollar course on Google are most likely going to go for the two hundred dollar course now You can do this one time two times reason There’s so many affiliate courses you can do and you can just scale it up to the moon and that’s what a lot of these People have done. Okay, and you just keep scaling scaling scaling because it’s all of this traffic Searching for all of these particular courses and it’s easy to persuade people into cheaper sale and you get a commission It’s so hard trying to get someone to convert at $1,000 and most of those courses Damien have an affiliate system So this is what I recommend you guys do and then we’ll jump into the list method as well You want to just go out there and simply find? Keywords, okay. So even though I said that I’m use this one here Neil Patel comma B suggests it’s free It’s really really easy to use Now, I know I said don’t go for straight review keywords But you want to put these in at the start just to give you some seed Keywords, okay quite important. You need to start somewhere and It’s going to give you some seed keywords to work with Now what it’s done here is has actually brought up someone else’s course Adrian Morrison EECOM success now, I do know that this is actually a two thousand dollar course so a few women did Adrian Morrison EECOM success verse Franklin Hatchett EECOM elites The most likely to purchase mine. Okay. Sorry Adrian, but you’re my example in this video. You probably don’t kill your millionaire anyway but You know and even though these have low search volumes does not matter this is very high converting traffic because they’re coming from Google and they’ve already searched and over time your your once As you build out your site your site is naturally in a rank for these keywords at the top because they’re really easy to rank For and it’s just going to keep building keep building and keep building That is what’s basically happened with my top affiliates over time this sites have become stronger and stronger and stronger and they’ve gone out and Basically made a much money, right? So for example in this Kind of example, the reason I’m using this it was suggestive So just wanna let you know that you want to go for long tail keywords. So you might do an article on Adrian Morrison eco mixes Academy review, okay do a review on his but they mentioned Franklin’s or someone else’s course that’s cheaper because you’re probably not going to Convert someone even I don’t know if Adrian has a affiliate thing or not, but his is two thousand dollars You’re probably not going to convert that person into a $2,000 sale It’s it’s hard, but you can convert someone into a $50 sale into a turn it on the cell into a 500 dollar cell It’s easier Okay, so that’s what you want to do is you want to go out and go for these really? These these long tail keywords. Okay, and there’s lots of courses guys just go on Google the best e-commerce course, they’ll be hundreds that you can go and Google and you can do compare compare compare compare courses, so that’s the best option when starting but just make sure That there is a price difference That is going to be your selling factor when you’re doing your reviews You’re not trying to sell the highest price one You’re trying to get the highest price Traffic people are looking for that and convert them into the lower cost course because it’s going to be a lot easier They’re coming to your website expecting to spend a thousand bucks on this courses they heard about and then they’re like Oh, yo Franklin, you come late to two hundred bucks. Boom I’m gonna get that because it’s cheaper and the thing is people think cheaper worse quality No, it’s just in the marketing. I start mine for two hundred for a reason I will do another video on that I do it for a reason because it’s just an easy seller just converts But there’s also other reasons I don’t have to do much work. This course is done like a hundred thousand dollars a month Minimum and I don’t have to do much work to sell it At all, I do hardly any so yeah, that’s That’s the first way. Okay now the other way which is one of the best ways to do no one’s doing this is the List a bunch of themes Now my theme is called econ turbo and I’m actually going to show you an example here of what I mean Here. So I’ve done a article here on the 11 best shovel fly things it will boost your sales Okay, and there’s are less. So there’s obviously my one at the top and then there’s a list of others now I actually get affiliate Commission’s off these ones here These are from a website called invade Oh market and you can search for Shopify themes and you get it I sign up to the affiliate program and I get a commission so not only do I get money from my own theme I get money from these other themes as an affiliate now I’ve done worse as an exam for this kind of video and just to put it up but in The case of my other affiliates it will be the other way around And they are beginning affiliate Commission’s off my thing and a lot of these other themes now all you do what those guys is you go back to something like uber suggest and you put in this Shopify themes and It comes up with hundreds of keywords that you can go and target Once again our price on income turbo is you get 50% of 147 bucks I think you guys 70 bucks or something You know you all you need is like I don’t know what 10 sales a month and that’s a good little income going on there once again we have We have that We have this Shopify theme here you can go and target that and then do a review of that Shopify steam My Shopify theme or you can do a review on the shovel 5 theme and my shove off light theme We have best converting trouble 5 themes this free responsive Shopify themes – not free, but you could probably use that best e-commerce WordPress themes we have All of these keywords like hundreds of keywords best Shopify theme for a single product bit Shopify themes All of these keywords, right And I know a lot of people are above the search volume is small when you’re starting out in the flip marketing your going to be in a in a world of competition a lot of competition You need to hit those small keywords first to start generating some money Then once you start generating some money and you have more time, then you start to make your website more powerful Then you start to hit those bigger keywords If you feel like you want to do that, but you actually don’t need to do that I have some affiliate websites in the Clickbank niche. I Just hit small numbers are small volumes and I’m doing one of my core are what am I? Sorry website is doing over a thousand dollars per week and affiliate commissions. Um You can hit small keywords That’s really what’s important because a lot of people don’t understand that you can make good money from small keywords now so that’s really it guys you need to make website build get those articles out there and Just go for these smaller keywords, and you don’t realize that over time like you don’t need to optimize hard core because over time Your Google’s going to pick up Google smart enough to put words together So it’s going to pick up all of these random keywords on your article so the bigger the article the bitter and it’s just going to randomly start ranking you over time for all of these little keywords and Those 50 search month keywords. It’s going to be like one two three It’s going to add up you can you can start ranking for? Twenty keywords that have 50 search volume per month fifty times twenty. It starts to build up really really fast Now once you have the keywords once you have the article once you have the website Where do you get the traffic so? Um, let me just double check. I haven’t missed anything here No, I haven’t. So the traffic is only one source of traffic you want to actually to you can do two sources of traffic so I’m going to get this up because I like to do this type of stuff and documents One type of traffic and two places I will recommend getting it search engine optimization SEO so you’re going to get your traffic from Google and YouTube Because this is why first of all when someone searches for say let’s say Shopify turbo theme there’s actually a theme called turbo so you could Compare Shopify turbo to flip a fight econ turbo actually the name that’s our name worked in our favor there but it wasn’t mean to so anyway when someone searches Shopify turbo theme they are already in the market for a theme They’re already considering purchasing a theme of some sort. You just have to take them over that fence Take them over that next step. So that’s why Google search engine optimization traffic is the best traffic for affiliate marketing because it’s high converting if you’re a beginner if you’re an expert you can go into paid traffic, but if you’re a beginner Then Google is going to be your number one source of traffic the next probably YouTube But you have to do YouTube videos and all of them don’t wanna get on camera So that might not be the best for you if you are New to affiliate marketing and stuff like that, but I highly recommend Google traffic Okay, because people are searching for these particular Things this is what people want to see and guys the best thing of all sorry It’s really hot in here. The best thing of all is this traffic is Free you don’t need to pay for this. So all you need to do guys is go out there Build a website a simple website. That’s really cheap I’ll leave a link below web stuff like three bucks a month put up a few articles Start to rank for these particular Keywords go find products that you can promote whether it be mine or not If you can’t promote mine, if I don’t let you and go to this website here sign up for the affiliate thing down below There should be a link down here somewhere or just just type this name and an indoor flit, and you’ll find it in Google It’s all of these other themes that you can compare and promote as well. Okay, it’s really really cool I make money from people purchasing these particular themes as well Okay, so you can simply just replicate what I’ve done here. It’s really easy I even actually paid someone to do this and I just edited it and stuff like that So guys that’s how my affiliates make on average two thousand dollars per week Promoting my products you can go onto Google and you can search it can probably see the keywords They’re ranking for I’m not going to show you this sites, but they’re not hard to find But yeah, that’s what they’re doing. They’re going out to these easy Keywords now obviously, I can’t fit everything into this video on how to teach you how to do all this sort of stuff But if you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, I do have a training course called 70 affiliates now This is actually closing soon because we are Rebranding and we are bringing out version 2.0 with version 2.0 comes out The price will be higher as a hundred bucks right now, which is crazy cheap. So inside this training I’ve never really promoted this before or told anyone about it. It’s kind of been underground We had read some beta testers came in and I taught a lot of them how to promote my products So if you do come in here, you will get an affiliate link how to promote my products And stuff like that. So this is how some of my top affiliate to learn how to do it So I take you through affiliate marketing finding niches What we got here like lots of videos Finding affiliate offers building out your website. Okay, so Building out your website buying domains They take you through Clickbank affiliate marketing which is very very profitable Lots of content there. I take you through Amazon, which I am going to be updating soon We need a bit more content in here. I take you through SEO and SEO and then paid traffic Him free traffic and then email marketing. So for $200 you’re getting the crazy amount of content here You’re even a thousand dollar courses when I guarantee you will not have this content in them Guarantee and I’ve been no Flair marketing for years years and years and years years, and I actually have experienced doing this stuff So just want to let you guys know that because these are YouTube videos I can’t fit everything inside these videos if you would like some more advanced training on affiliate marketing if you’re Interested in getting into a flair marketing then severed affiliates is open and you can jump in right now Okay And that my friends is how my top affiliates are making over $2,000 per week Make sure to get into that Competition guys you subscribe and I’ll leave a video on the screen and you can check out my other videos You


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