How Often and When To Replace RV Tires & How To Save on Tire Replacement

Hey there I’m charity with grateful
glamper and I just wanted to give you a quick little tip on tires so this is our
rig right here that we will be heading out this summer right now it’s in
storage so one thing that we do on the tires when we store our RV for the
winter is we do you put tire covers on the tires so we cover them up with a
cover that just helps to keep out Sun we’re in Colorado so if some pretty
intense sunshine so we have tire covers that we put over our tires to help just
keep off the Sun and keep off any just excess moisture to just help protect
this rubber from weather deterioration and from excess weathering so one thing
when we bought this particular rig that we knew is that the d-o-t codes or the
date of manufacture codes on the tires are about five years ago so these tires
are about five years old before we head out this summer we want to make sure
that our family is safe and there’s a lot of discussion but pretty much the
one thing that everybody seems to agree on including the Department of
Transportation is that tires should not be older than 10 years so we’re kind of
right at that place where you know they’re five years old they’re not ten
years old but we want to make sure we’re safe for our family so a tip that we got
from a fellow RVer and what we’re going to be doing that we thought was a super
great tip is the front tires because if you blow out something in the front then
that’s a bigger deal then if you blow out something in the rear where you have
dual tires so we’ll be replacing the two front tires this spring before we head
on on the road and then the following spring what we’ll do is we will have
these front tires that are brand new this spring then rotate it to the rear
and then two new ones put on to the front and then because the dual tires in
the back there’s two that fit an inner and an outer dual on this back side we
will put the new tires from the front rotate them to the back and just keep
putting new ones on the front so over the next
three years we will have replaced all of the tires on our rig but it will have
been done in a way that’s a little bit more affordable for us but we’re not
compromising any safety issues with our rig so little tip for you with the RV
tires they can get a little bit pricey and spendy that’s our plan and I thought
I would pass that along in case that helped any of you guys out there …Music playing…

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