How Small YouTubers Make Money

One of the biggest questions small
youtubers ask is “how the heck am I gonna make enough money to support my channel?”
It’s much easier to generate revenue from a large channel that if you’re just
starting out or have a small channel In this video I’ll share five ways to make
money from a small YouTube channel hello my name is herman drost from if you want to grow your audience on YouTube and generate
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hit the bell notification icon 1. Affiliate products this is where you
get a commission when you sell a product the beauty of this method is that you
don’t have to create the product or set up a marketing funnel all you have to do
is get an affiliate link and place it in the description below your video your
video does the job of selling or promoting the product at the end of the
video you give a call-to-action telling people to click the link in the
description below your video if you create a series of videos that promote
the affiliate product then you make much more money than just promoting it with
one video some of the big affiliate companies are Clickbank, Commission
Junction, Amazon Associates 2. Brand deals this is really create a
video in exchange for a free product or money for example Template Monster paid me a few hundred dollars to promote one of their products I simply reviewed one
of their products in exchange for 3. Sponsored content this is where somebody might sponsor a video in exchange for a shout-out to their
company or product you receive revenue for every sponsored video
4. Patreon patreon allows you to generate a monthly revenue stream by viewers that
want more of your content the beauty of patreon is that it
integrates directly with YouTube as you can see from this page it’s a simple
setup you get growth insights, content analytics, easy reward distribution and
patreon management you retain full control which means you can still run
ads You can rally your biggest fans patreon does the heavy lifting so you can just
focus on creating they take care of all the patreon questions and payments you
own the contracts there are no contracts to sign you retain hopeless and
ownership of your work the fees are only 5%
unlike adsense ads where YouTube takes 50% of your revenue here’s an example of
the patreon page of dottotech he has 748 patrons and
makes almost 6,000 per month here’s the rewards the community membership is $1
or more per month he has 153 patrons the tribe membership is $10 or more per
month he 615 patrons you get access to webinar
Wednesday archives plus all patrons to achieve a minimum 50% discount on all
the courses and webinars team membership is $250 or more per month Steve will create
one of those killer videos featuring a product every four months
5. Sell your own products this is where you can promote an e-book or an
online course that gives more valuable information about your niche for example
I create YouTube videos that funnel traffic to an opt-in page for a free
download when people download the free report or a free cheat sheet they get
put on to an email opt-in list I then follow up with them with a series of
emails that recommends my products and services if you want to learn 21
alternative YouTube monetization strategies click the card icon if you
combine several of these strategies together you’ll have multiple income
streams and generate more revenue if you want to learn how to grow your audience
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