How Stay-At-Home Moms Make Money Online Doing What they Love!!

– Wouldn’t it be great to
create a full-time income from home online while you’re staying home with those little ones? Well, hey, this is Leah Rae
from, and in this video, I’m
gonna share with you the four basic steps to
become a stay-at-home mom making money online doing what you love, specifically through affiliate marketing, one of the easiest ways to get started making money online. Now, while it may sound too
go to be true, it’s not. It still takes a lot of hard work, and dedication, and consistency before the money starts rolling in, but to be there for all the little moments in your kiddos’ lives, it is so worth it. So, grab a pen and paper and stick around. (rock music) Now, today I’m laying out for you the four simple steps to help fellow moms stay at home with their little ones making money online
doing whatever you love through affiliate marketing. Now, in the final step
of this video, guys, this is where the money
actually starts coming in, so make sure you stick
around to the very end. Plus, I’m gonna throw in a little bonus on how to go past affiliate marketing and to really getting in
some extra income flow coming in doing the same thing. So, take a moment,
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leverage marketing strategies, and to get help making money from home. Now, we’re focused today
on affiliate marketing, as it’s probably the
easiest type of scalable online business income
to get started with. Now, it still takes a lot of work before you start seeing a return, but it’s really the most
turnkey kinda option for people getting started. So, real quick, if
you’re not familiar with the term affiliate marketing, what is it? Well, it’s simply referring people to someone else’s product or services. So, obviously this is a lot easier than trying to create your own products and services up front, right? You don’t have to deal
with customer service, creating something, and offering it, and all that kinda stuff. It makes it much, much simpler and easier for people to get started. So, let’s dive into the steps. Step number one is you need
to figure out your brand. What are you good at, what
are you passionate about, and how do you wanna serve people? How do you wanna help people? Now, this is kind of a big question, and it’s gonna take some brainstorming, so you definitely wanna write this down. Come up with a list of things
that you’re passionate about that you could see yourself
helping people with long-term, and that’s a list that
you’re gonna whittle down and choose one to get started with. Now, let’s talk about some options, so that you kinda understand what you could really do with this. So, maybe you’re kinda a
crunchy mom, if you will. You’re really into all-natural
alternatives for your family, you love, you know,
vinegar and baking soda, and removing household chemicals and everything else from your household. Awesome, that could be a passion that you could turn into a business and an income stream online. Maybe you’re super organized. I have a sister like this. She just is awesome. She loves decluttering, creating systems for where to put your stuff. You could turn that
into an online business. Maybe you’re passionate
about child rearing. You’ve read a ton of books and you’re really, really into that, and you know, chore charts, and reward systems, and all that kind of stuff. Perfect, that can work for you. Maybe you wanna leverage
your previous career skills that you’ve used elsewhere. Maybe you were an accountant and you wanna help people
save and invest their money, and maybe save on taxes. Sounds like a great online business. Maybe you worked in home health as a nurse or a nurse’s aid, and you’re passionate
about helping caregivers, supporting caregivers, helping
them survive and thrive as they care for their loved ones at home. Awesome, those are all viable options for building a brand and
creating an online income source. So, get those wheels turning on what that could be for you. Now, step number two,
do your research, okay? Who’s out there doing something similar that you could model? Not copy, but model. You wanna learn who’s out
there in the same space or a similar space online,
and what are they doing? How are they reaching their audience? What kinda content and value are they offering their audience and then how are they monetizing it? So, do a little research, snoop around, find a handful of folks
doing what you wanna do, and learn how they’re doing
it, what are they doing, okay? Now, step number three, what platform do you wanna build you audience on? Now, you need to build an audience if you ever wanna sell anything, right? The basic steps to an online business, build an audience, engage that audience, and sell to that audience. So, you’re gonna choose a
platform to create content on, to provide value on, and
then build that audience that you can then, you know, make sales and earn commissions through. So, different options that
you may choose, YouTube. Video is a very, very powerful tool. We love YouTube. We’re definitely focusing
heavily in our business moving forward on YouTube. It’s here to stay and
it’s a very powerful, not only a search engine,
but evergreen content. It’s just a really cool thing. So, you can do videos sharing tips, strategies, insights
to help your audience, and then you can, then
you’re gonna be able to monetize that as well through the links and
the options in YouTube. Facebook, also a very powerful tool. You can do a lot of paid advertising and different things on Facebook. It’s very, very powerful. Everyone’s on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter
are both great strategies that we leverage a lot in our business and have made us a lot of money, so those are also great strategies if they’re something that interests you. Or maybe blogging. Maybe you love writing, that’s
your thing, that’s your jive, and you know that blogging
is where you wanna be. That’s awesome. You can use blogging
to build your audience and to monetize that
audience through selling. So, those are different options. You’re gonna obviously have to learn how to you build an audience, how do you engage an audience, how do you provide value to an audience on these different platforms? So, you’re gonna have
to do a little training. I’m gonna throw in somewhere
further down in the description some different links that you can go to on some free training and
resources that we have, ’cause we train on basically
all of these strategies. So, you can check that out. If you know what strategy right now that you wanna focus
on, you can get started learning that strategy right there. Now, step number four. This is where the money comes in. Okay, what types of services or products can you offer your audience? What can you promote? Now, what would serve
your audience the most? And something that you
can really stand behind. You don’t wanna offer
something just to make money, you wanna offer something that you know can help your audience. So, this should be something
that you stand behind, probably something that you use yourself, so you can really back
it with your whole heart. So, what kind of things can you offer that’s gonna serve your audience? So, when you figure
out what kind of things you’d wanna refer people to, you’d wanna contact the
companies, do a little research, and see if they have an affiliate program. A lot of companies do. You have an affiliate program
that you can refer people and you make a percentage of the sale. Now, you could also do something as easy as an Amazon affiliate, where you refer people
to different products that they can purchase on Amazon. Super simple, it’s free to sign up, you can do that, and you can make a percentage of the
purchases through Amazon. Now, let’s talk about some examples so that you kinda understand
how you would monetize these different brands
that we talked about. So, the crunchy, all-natural mom, right? Maybe you found a grocery service that delivers groceries to your door that are all-natural,
you don’t have to waste a bunch of time at the grocery store, you know, reading labels
and trying to figure out what’s in everything and what’s safe and good for your family. That would be a great program
to promote to your audience. Maybe you’re the decluttering
organization queen. Awesome, maybe there’s
some specific totes, or bins, or label makers, or whatever, that you love and wanna refer people to. Be an Amazon affiliate and
refer people to the links to purchase them through Amazon. Maybe you’re passionate
about child rearing. You could offer specific books that you recommend for people. Great, simple, easy way to do it. Also, you know, Amazon
affiliate would work great. Accountant. So, you wanna focus on
saving people money, helping them budget, and invest, and save on their taxes,
something like that. So, there might be a software or an app that you can find and start using yourself so you understand it and
really believe in it, but something that would maybe help people track their deductions and everything, keep them organized throughout the year so that it’s super easy peasy to save a bunch of money at tax time because you’ve been organized all year. So that might be something great for that niche and that brand. Maybe you’re a caregiver advocate for people who care for their chronically ill loved ones at home. Maybe there’s books or even services that you know would
really help these people, and you can refer them to them. Awesome, great way to
add the income stream, monetize your audience, and help them. Because, in the end,
guys, you gotta focus on serving your audience, and that’s gonna, they’re gonna be happy to buy, but you’re also gonna
build loyal customers that buy and buy again because they know that you have their
best interest at heart. Now, here’s the bonus: the bonus, guys, is once you’ve figured all this out and you’re moving forward and progressing with your affiliate
marketing through your brand, you wanna work towards creating your own digital products as well. Your own digital products. Don’t try this right away, ’cause it takes some
additional setup and stuff, but get the wheels turning on
where you could go long-term. Maybe it’s something like
a 10 minute meals ebook, something that moms can throw together some meals in 10 minutes. That sounds great, right? They could purchase that online. Maybe a video training series on how to reorganize
your house and declutter one room at a time. Maybe downloadable chore charts
for different age ranges. Or a budgeting plan, or an ebook about how to find strength and really thrive as a caregiver for your loved one. So, these are the four
steps that really anyone, but especially stay-at-home moms can use to make money online turning
your passions into profits. Now, plus how to progress past that and creating your own products in addition to all the affiliate marketing that you can do as well. So, my question to you
is, what is your passion? How do you wanna serve people? I want you to leave a comment, let me know what your passion is, how you wanna help and
server your audience, because that’s the first
question you have an answer to get this ball moving. So, learn the different
types of businesses that you could really do online, and especially affiliate marketing, which we talked about today, and our recommended program to teach you how to be a great affiliate marketer. You wanna definitely click the link, the top link in the description, for our free social media
sales automation training to dive further into that. Now, hopefully you’ve learned a few important things here
today from this video. You’ve got the wheels turning on where you can head, what you can do, and you’ve got some concrete
steps to take to get there. So, if you did, give me a thumbs up, hit the thumbs up for me, guys, and share this to whatever
social media platform you’re on so that we can help more people. This is Leah Rae from, and we’ll see you soon. (rock music)

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