How to Add Affiliate Links To A Blog Post | 7thStream Affiliate Marketing Tutorial with Lori Ballen

video I’m going to show you how to add
links to your blog post affiliate links to your blog post so I’m actually going
to give you a couple of options to do this all right so I’m sitting here doing
a blog this morning I like to show real deal examples whenever I can and I am on
WordPress and I am on Gutenberg you can see a link in this video for more
information on wordpress now I’m doing a blog on my lifestyle
blog about I lift surgery blepharoplasty okay
so I’ve done a couple of things here that I think are important that you
should note one I am writing part of the story myself and as another part I
actually ordered content to be written so here I’ve got a little intro that
says you know this is what started my journey and then I’ve got what is
blepharoplasty why is it done how is it done then I’ve got this little portion
in the middle that has my experience okay now the reason I did this is
because I can’t talk about all things blepharoplasty I’m not a plastic surgeon
I don’t really know how to explain some of those things in detail so I had that
blog that portion written now if you look up here what you can see is I’m
already at third almost 3500 words if I had just told my little story it would
have been much shorter but I want to give them options now if I click preview
what you’re gonna be able to see is there is a table of contents and and I
have not got this all cleaned up yet but there’s a table of contents it’s
actually going to allow the user to click down to what part they want so if
they just want to read about my experience they can jump right down and
they can read my story then they can decide if they want more than that
now what you’ll see in this blog post is links see where these blue are links
these are going to guide the user either to another area on my website that has
information or to another website externally like in this example I say I
credit the keto diet for that and I actually linked them to my
Aikido website my niche website or they’re going to be taken to an
affiliate item okay so here’s an example I had to sleep elevated for a few weeks
I bought a bed wedge and pillow set and it was fabulous now watch what happens
when they click on bed wedge and pillow set okay in my case I have WooCommerce
installed on my website which is so easy love it and I am able to then we have
the product right here on my website I can have related products but when they
click on it they either go to Amazon or they go to wherever my affiliate
relationship with is so in this particular case V on Amazon they’re
gonna click here and they’re gonna go to my to Amazon and they’ll be able to shop
there and I would earn income via Amazon now if I did not have whoot commerce set
up I would send them directly to an Amazon link so let me show you how this
works so here I have I used gauze pads and saline solution when I rested these
were suggested by friend not my doctor now I’m gonna add another portion my
doctor suggested these specific eye drops for the day and for night they
were a life saver and presented prevented dry eyes
okay so now I want to give them these specific eye drops that I want them to
use okay so I’m gonna go over to Amazon and I’m going to type in here eyedrops
now I know mine were specifically I could go to my orders and pulmo
specifically but I know one was a nighttime okay here’s one I use at night okay so
here I have sight stripe installed for my amazon associates account so that I
can quick grab text links okay so if I wanted to I could just go to text and I
can take this link now and I can send that user right to Amazon okay so ease that is or if I’m using
WooCommerce like in this case I’ll show you how it works
so my doctor suggested specific eyedrops for the day so let me grab the daytime
ones here they are we want the dead gel okay one fluid ounce perfect okay so I’m
gonna grab this in this particular case I don’t need the sight stripe URL I’m
just gonna take the one at taut because we’re gonna use spreader
so spreader is an app that allows me to import items from Amazon what I love
about spreader and and WooCommerce is that with spreader all of the pricing is
going to be updated dynamically automatically from Amazon which keeps me
compliant with Amazon all right and because it’s through the Amazon API I’m
able to use the basic import details and it just keeps everything super clean so
watch this I’m now going to go to the product and what we have to be careful
of is you can’t use name brands in your URL a lot of people get in trouble for
this so I usually will edit it that out first
I’m going to put in the right category so in my case I have cosmetic surgery
and I have recovery so let me add eyedrops in the recovery add new
category okay in my case I like to just keep this
basic down here so I’m gonna clean this up just a little bit the way I like it
and then I’m going to take the name brand out of the URL because I don’t
want to get in trouble for any if there were any uh it may not be any problem at
all but if you look at the affiliate terms a lot of these brands will say
cannot use their name in the URL so I like to get rid of it as the best
practice so lubricant i jealous aveer perfect okay now watch what happened see
how simple this was like stupid simple hit update and then I’m gonna show you
what it looks like so we’ll go back to the blog and here we say specific eye
drops for the day I’m gonna click link and now this products gonna show up here
as a suggested product there it is okay see that now let’s open it so you can
see what it looks like when somebody clicks there there it is so you’ve got
your couple of options there you can link them directly to Amazon or you can
create a product you also to take your Amazon Associates create an ad and you
could just put a grid underneath that so it would look like this we go over to
Amazon let’s go ahead and go over to our Amazon Associates account and we’re
gonna go create a little small custom search ad so watch this so I’m going to
go to product linking native shopping ads and then I want to create a custom
ad this is because I want to specifically say what I want to go in
this grid and then we’re gonna choose a strip and I’m gonna do the gentle tears
did I say that right let me look hold on let me look what they’re called
genteel okay so then I’m gonna add I want that one that one that one yep
that’s it so then I’m just gonna take that code go back over to my blog okay
now if I want if I’m using Gutenberg this is super easy go to add a content
block grab your eighth custom HTML paste that code right there and click preview
tada see see how easy this is guys this is
such a big big way to build your affiliate income is by telling stories
of real-life things that you deal with they’re the reason I started this
specific niche website for women in their midlife time of their life age 40
to 70 ish is because they that’s who I am I’m a 47 year old midlife woman and
so I’m talking about plastic surgery and you know menopause and and beauty and
all the things that we deal with in this age group so it’s easy for me to tell
stories so some of my niche websites may not be specifically things that I do
every day but this one is and it allows me to really get into telling a story
and including links but this is how you include links in your blog website this
is just one of many many ways my name is Lori Ballen and i earn six figures a
year just in affiliate income follow along with me as I teach affiliate
marketing on my website at look for links in this video
to check out my favorite software they are affiliate links they do benefit me
if you click and make a purchase all right thank you so much for joining me

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