How to add AMAZON AFFILIATE links to YouTube

Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could take the Amazon affiliate link and put it on your YouTube video and have the best short version of that link so it looks nice and clean on your youtube description. Now in the previous video, I showed you how to make an affiliate link with Amazon an affiliate account from scratch, so that will be in the description if you haven’t signed up for one. I’m assuming you have. So in this video, let’s go ahead and make that link appear on YouTube in the best possible way. Now if it’s your first time here I make easy-to-follow tech tutorials, just like this one five times a week, so please consider subscribing. Now let’s jump into the computer, so I could show you the process. So I’m on here and I’m gonna go to the Amazon Associates where I sign up for my affiliate program. In the description, there is a link to how I signed up for that so if you haven’t signed up go ahead and do so. So let me click here on the Amazon associate to go into the Amazon associate program and here is my brand new Amazon associate program for the affiliate links. So let’s go ahead and search for a product so product link I’m gonna go over here and click product link and that will take me to this page where I could search for any product on Amazon, so I could either put a link here. Let’s say the microphone. I’m using the blue mic. Let me search for that. This is the microphone that I’m using right now to record this video, so this is the one I’m gonna use as an affiliate link, so here’s how you do it. Once you search for it right here, all you want to do is you go over here and you want to press get link so let me go ahead and press get link here and once you click that that will take you to this page where you could get a text and image link over here or you could get a text only link that looks like this or image only link that looks like this But let me go back to the product link to show you the way I like to do it This is great for putting in on your website But when it comes to YouTube videos you don’t want to have all this code there none of these codes are gonna work very well on YouTube So let me go back to the product link let me look up blue mic one more time and this time instead of pressing get Link I’m gonna click this little drop down here and this drop down is gonna Give me the text only link and this is the text link again It’s longer than I want it to be so there is a shortened URL to Amazon – I’m gonna click that and as you see it’s a much nicer Cleaner version of that link so I’m gonna go ahead and copy that now if you wanted to build this link out you could click That and you could do that bigger link for your website, but now I have the link for YouTube So let me go to YouTube. Let me just go to my channel to my recent video and I’ll go ahead and edit this video that I recently posted and Under here if I wanted to add that link all I have to do is add it to my description I’m just pasting what I copied from that Amazon link And it looks just like this so now if I save that and if I clicked on this video That’s the link to the Amazon affiliate so if I click it right here It will take me to this page where I could get the blue mic and now anybody Buying this mic or anybody buying anything on Amazon from that link you’re gonna get affiliate Commission from this interaction let me go back to my videos just to show you one more thing I also have all my gear on this website called kit comm which also Takes an Amazon affiliate so I have my youtube set up here I have all the commercial video for the auction gear I have some of the most important ones that I use some of my lenses and cameras But if you go on here This is also connected to my Amazon affiliate so if you don’t have a kit account and you have a lot of things to sell That’s connected to Amazon. This is a great way to get an affiliate Commission, so if I go to my youtube setup I could say buy all these on Amazon or view each one on Amazon and that works the exact same way as the affiliate link that I just put in my youtube description now the great thing about this is you still keep 100% of the Commission so if amazon gives you 8% on a Sale you still keep 100% of the commission Doesn’t actually take any of that from you if you have amazon affiliate I’ll make a separate video about and how to set that up But this should get you started with adding affiliate link just like this one from Amazon onto youtube I hope you found this helpful. Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel. I post tech tutorials Just like this one five times a week, and I hope to see you on the next video. Thank you as always for watching


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