How To Add An Affiliate Banner Code To Your WordPress Website With A Gutenberg Block

In this video,
I’m going to show you how to use your WordPress website with Gutenberg
blocks to add an affiliate banner or any other type of graphic from
a code to your website. And then I’m going to show you how to
save it so that you can quickly grab it whenever it applies on your website.
Right now, I’m creating a website today called how to create automatic
links from your keywords in your blog. So I have my normal formula here,
intro, video, call to action, but here I’ve entered a banner that I believe
would be appropriate for that visitor. So here’s how I do it. Let me go down. Let me find another spot that
I’m going to maybe add this. Let’s just say we’re going to add it
down here before the introduction. So, I’m going to go over here to my account
that has my banner that I want to grab in it. Let’s just say today I want to
advertise the keyword tool. They have a keyword tool and you can
see that this is more of a square than it is a banner. On mobile, it’s going
to show up the same way every time. but on a desktop,
it might look a little bit different. So, I can do that.
And here’s what it would look like. So I can just copy that code.
Now you want to make sure that your code is in the banner. Luckily, wealthy affiliates already
does this for me, depending on what I’m using,
I might have to go in and add. It’ll tell you like you have to add your
affiliate code here and you’ll change it. But a lot of these just give
them to us automatically. A lot of our affiliate partner networks
just give us those banners and they have our code in it.
Now all we do is click on the plus sign and this is going to access
the Gutenberg blocks. Now, if you don’t have WordPress or if you
don’t have Gutenberg reach out to me. There’ll also be a link in this video to
where you can build a do-it-yourself WordPress inside of wealthy affiliate.
I also own a digital marketing company, so if you want us to help you build it,
I can do that as well. And we are at
Now let me go ahead and click this little plus sign and I’m going to go
ahead to the html block and all you do is paste in that code right here.
Click preview. And now you’re able to see the block.
Now, let’s say you want to save this so that you can put this in whenever you’re
talking about keywords or SEO or anything that would be relative. I’m going to go up here to these three
dots and I’m just going to add to reusable blocks and I’m going to name it.
So this is the JAAXY keyword tool banner. And now that’s automatically got
my affiliate link in there. And I will show you what it
looks like real quick on preview And now what you’re able to see,
I’m showing you the mobile view over here If we scroll down, we’re going to be able to see,
here’s our long banner and then here is the banner we just now added
and we now have this saved. We can pin from here,
we can reuse this. Lots of great opportunity for this banner. That is how you add banners and codes
for your affiliates into your blog. I’m Lori Ballen and I’m a six-figure
affiliate marketing income earner and I’m teaching you affiliate marketing

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