How To Add More Products To Your Brand And Make More Money!

well hey there what’s up it’s Scott and
in today’s brand building tip we’re going to talk about how to discover
product ideas in your brand that you can test without even having to spend money
that can turn into money but then turn into even more money as we go through
this process so if you want to add more products to your brand without having to
put out a whole bunch of cash you’re definitely gonna want to stay tuned for
this session at the whiteboard alright so let me just first say that I got this
idea after I started hearing from a lot of people that when they’re starting
they might already have sourced a product but they’re kind of strapped for
cash and they can’t really launch product two three four and five yet so
they’re like stuck like what do I do so I started to think I’m like you know
what we can go out there and we can test products and we can while we’re doing
that we can also create content that can bring people in to our brand and I’m
gonna explain how this is all going to kind of tie together here but this way
here you don’t have to wait around and it also goes into building your brand
because I feel that these five steps right here can number one earn you money
they can also generate traffic can also get you known in your space in the
market as the go-to person so all of that kind of comes into doing this
strategy alright so we can make money up front but then we can make even more
money on the back and I’m gonna talk about that so let’s get started so
number one is in your market right now there are probably products that you
will never ever source because they’re just either too expensive too big too
bulky whatever but there’s people buying those products alright so what you can
do is you could create some unboxing videos or product review videos for
those products so what you want to do is discover some of those products in your
market that are hot products that people are searching for alright and what I
would do is I would do this on YouTube alright I would create some videos going
over those products let’s say for example I was
going to go into the guitar-playing market alright which I am a guitar
player some of you know but let’s just say I
went and I grabbed my Gibson and I grabbed my ESP guitar my Cramer guitar
like I grabbed those guitars certain models and I did a product review on
those I talked about what I liked the bottom what I wish was better or maybe
some pros and cons or maybe I got a brand new guitar which I did about a
year and a half ago and ESP guitar maybe I shot the video from the time I got it
to the time I opened it what was in it what was included all of that stuff
maybe I did that and the first time that I strum the you know a chord or maybe my
myself getting it tuned up whatever like I could put that into a video now what
that’s going to do is it’s going to number one find people that are
searching for that alright for those types of products well if I sell guitar
strings or if I sell guitar straps or if I could sell guitar you know a lot I
don’t know pedals which in the guitar world pedals are are certain devices
that change the tones and give you distortion and chorus and all kinds of
things so you guys that are guitar people you know what I’m talking about
maybe it’s just some types of accessories maybe it’s cases maybe it’s
a hooks that you hang the guitar on the wall whatever it is that’s your market
though they’re buying guitars right so why wouldn’t I do some of those now
here’s where it gets interesting okay so I would create that video that would be
part two right create videos and going over that now like I said in that video
that would be me just demonstrating it or showing it or talking about what I
received what I liked what I didn’t like all of those things right what it sounds
like alright so what’s cool about that is
that’s going to be searchable okay on YouTube alright now if you wanted to do
this on a blog it would work the same it’s just on YouTube a lot of people are
visual right they want to see they want to hear but if you did a blog post you
could probably do the same thing what I would do though is I would do both I
would do a video and then I would embed it in a blog and then I would have two
places that it could be found now this is where it gets really interesting in
step three here what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna sign up for an Amazon
Associates account or okay if I can spell here today you get
it affiliate Amazon affiliate so what I’m
going to do here is I’m going to be an affiliate for Amazon it’s their
Associates Program this is where I can recommend products I can send people
through my link and then in that link it will be tracked for 24 hours if someone
buys a product okay now the cool thing about this is I also will get some data
and what I mean by that is if someone bought a guitar they might have also
bought a guitar strap and maybe a tuner and maybe they also bought a hook to
hang it on the wall maybe they also bought a case whatever I’m gonna see
that in my reporting so the cool thing is is I’ll get credit for that so I’ll
get paid for that that’s where this part comes in but I’ll also get some
intelligence on the market which is pretty cool alright so this is where I
can earn some money from just doing this without even getting to here which I
think you guys know where I’m going with this all right
so Amazon affiliate it’s totally free I would do that we’re creating content for
our channel our subscribers are going to start to grow because now we’re going to
have some videos people are going to find us they’re gonna find our content
we’re gonna be also known as the go-to person in this market if this isn’t
phishing same idea right you can do all the fishing rods that are popular if
you’re into photography could be or the cameras all of that stuff so products
create videos sign up for an Amazon affiliates account or associates account
and then from there put that in your description you’re gonna start getting
traffic from these that’ll lead over to here alright
so now moving on to step four this is where again we’ll be able to see the
sales data okay so we’re going to want to look at that report and in that
report you’re gonna probably laugh a little bit because you’ll probably find
stuff in there that doesn’t relate to the market that you’re in it might be a
treadmill that they bought and they’re they’re buying your guitar or the guitar
that you recommended something like that maybe their wife had stuff in the
shopping cart or vice versa and then they check out you’re getting
credit for that alright so you’re actually making money from other
products that they had in their cart that don’t even relate to the product
that you led them where they’re with so that can happen as well which isn’t a
bad thing but we look at this sales data because there’s
things in that sales data like I said guitar straps maybe maybe it’s a case
maybe it’s a hook to hang it on the wall whatever it is right a tuner whatever it
is you’re gonna get that data and over time you’re gonna see like wow there’s a
lot of people buying this thing right you could have a spinoff of that product
especially if it’s not driven by a name-brand all right so that’s your
sales data then what we can do is we can decide if we want to private label that
item okay or that product that’s where we can turn it into more because if over
here we’re making for maybe 6% well over here we can make you know 40 50 maybe
even 60 percent if it’s our own product all right so here’s everything that you
can do without spending any money on product all right you just got to go out
there and find 10 or 12 different products create some videos around that
product and definitely say the brand name and what what that product is in in
your in your title your videos are going to demonstrate it okay or show the
unboxing whatever and then from there you’re gonna sign up for an Amazon
Associates account affiliate account put your link in the description and then
from there you can be able to look at the sales data alright and kind of get
some intelligence there and then from there you can decide if you want to
private label that product all right and if you don’t private label the product
you’re still going to be making money through the the Amazon affiliates
revenue right or the the money that you’re making there or you’re also going
to be getting traffic from your videos okay and then from there that can lead
people over to your email list it can lead them to your other products maybe
your own products now you’re gonna have on your YouTube channel or maybe you’re
gonna have content that’s gonna get them engaged and that’s going to give them a
lead magnet if you guys haven’t heard of the lead magnet video that I did you’re
definitely gonna want to check that out I’ll leave that in the description of
this video but that will that will allow you to get traffic around your brand and
also bring people in that are into your market alright by doing this now if you
just committed to like 10 different products that’s 10 different
videos that could get picked up by YouTube and then from there can get you
traffic and also could earn you some Amazon affiliate money all right
so that’s what I would do especially if you’re right now at the point where
you’re stuck and you you you don’t know what next product you want to do or
maybe you don’t have the capital yet to launch the second product do this
there’s no reason not to alright so hopefully this helped you here’s what I
want you to do I want you to drop me a comment down below and I want you to let
me know are you doing this right here or are you going to do this did this make
sense if you have any questions let me know that in the comments as well I’ll
do my best to address them or comment back and and I’ll try to answer them for
you and then the other thing I want you to do is subscribe to this channel this
way here you never miss one of these whiteboard Wednesday videos or any of
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way here you can go ahead and learn more about how to build your brand on and off
of Amazon alright so guys that’s it that’s gonna wrap it up as always take
care and take action we’ll see you guys soon


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