How To Bake A Depression Era Cake Step By Step With Homestead Tessie & Her Son Scott!

it was interesting that wasn’t it see
what this Saturday videos hold so much excitement hi everybody and welcome to
homestead Tessie and today we’re gonna make some cake hello everybody my name
is Scott I have been sent by Gordon Ramsay to do some baking to make sure
she doesn’t write oh my welcome today we’re gonna do some baking and this
recipe comes from my grandma Fanny and you all know her through all of the
beautiful entries that she’s made in her diary so this is Fanny’s recipe for
chocolate cake and this is actually the first time that my son are third
generation it’s going to be making this cake this cake has been in our family
ever since I can remember this also is called depression cake or crazy cake and
the reason for it was it was written in the Depression era because there was no
eggs in it that those time eggs was very scarce so let’s get started and making
grandma groves chocolate cake very simple all you do is we’re gonna put all
the ingredients in our mixer and we’re gonna mix it all up very simple very
simple recipe alright so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start with
adding 3 cups of flour now I have all of my ingredients ready and that is really
important when you want to do baking just have all the ingredients already
ahead of time so we’re gonna add 3 cups of flour
alright so we’re starting out with the flour I have one cup already in my bowl
so we’re gonna add 2 more cups of flour and this recipe is so simple because all
we’re gonna do is throw everything into the bowl and then we’re gonna mix it so
we have about 2 we have about 3 cups of flour in here to that we’re going to add
2 cups of sugar so many times people say that making a cake from scratch is hard
but actually it’s just as easy as having a box cake because it only takes a few
minutes and the taste is no comparison to that we’re going to add 2 teaspoons
baking soda so we’re going to go get two teaspoons of baking soda always make
sure when you read your ingredients that you don’t mix the baking soda to the
baking powder because some recipes are one way and the others are the other 1
teaspoon of salt I always use sea salt whenever I’m doing any cooking and 3/4
cups of cocoa now I usually add about 1 cup of the cocoa all right we’re going to mix that in a
bowl now what we’re gonna do is add two teaspoons of vinegar into two cups of
water so we have two cups of water we’re going to add two teaspoons of vinegar
yes vinegar vinegar is something that they
used back in the Depression era and then we’re going to add two teaspoons of
vanilla and one cup of oil so we’re gonna add one cup of oil now I do not
use vegetable oil I usually use sunflower oil or another kind of oil but
you do not want to use olive oil not in baking now we’re gonna add the two cups
of water two teaspoons of vinegar now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna blend this
all together now we don’t need to overmix it so we’re
just going to mix it for just a few minutes and then we’re going to stop it and
that’s when the assistant comes in handy so I can unlock this for her and then
what grandma would say is you’re gonna scrape down the bowl so we’re just gonna
go ahead and scrape the sides because there’s a lot of goodies in there sides
that aren’t getting incorporated correctly could I just put this in a
milk chick and drink it that would be interesting Scottie you could do that in
a video net for the next next week just kidding guys do not do that there is no
eggs in it so I mean it wouldn’t hurt yeah this is no raw eggs in it alright
so now we’re gonna go ahead and mix it for just a few minutes more and then
it’s ready to pour into two small 8×8 pans so this could either be a double
layered cake or it could be a single layer and have two of them so what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna each have a little cake to take home and not have a
double cake but you can make it into a double cake if you wish and guys if I
was making this myself I probably would triple everything because I love
desserts and I know I know I’m trying to cut back so it’s good thing my mother is
taking the control on this baking video or else well I would have cake leftover
for a month all right we’ll get back to you just a
few minutes and guys just so you can see that it is in an authentic recipe not
just you know from a brand new book look how faded this is what am I the third
generation that is helping you make this so you can see my grandma Grove so this
is her recipe we’ll try and get it closer so you guys can pulls it you can
pause the video and then write it down that way you have the recipe for
yourself and you got a little part of Grandma Grove with you so this recipe
makes one nine by 13 inch pan but because we are going to make it just two
small cakes so I have two of these 8×8 now what we’re gonna do is we’re going
to go ahead and spray the bottoms of each of our pans all right now we’re gonna go ahead and
take our bowl and we’re going to put our mix in both equal cake pans what we can
do is we’re gonna do it burl art just acute note when you spray this stuff
don’t breathe it in right away cuz it does make you call Jessie what are you
laughing about making me shake am I really related to her I don’t know sorry
you look just like and it is 350 for 30 well 350 for about 25 minutes alright
everybody so we put the cake in a preheated oven at 350 and we’re gonna
have it in for about 20 to 25 minutes if it’s a 9 by 13 inch pan it will be 35
minutes we know our cake is finished when it’s all nice and fluffy and we can
stick a toothpick in the center and it comes out clean and I’ll show you that
in just a moment so guys let’s check it out about five
more minutes until it’s done and man does that smell good I think I’m just
gonna reach in and okay that’s not smart all right okay everybody so now we’re
back and I’m not gonna make homemade icing today because we are busy so we
got some icing and we were off the camera trying to decide what we think is
gonna be best and my brilliant son said let’s turn the camera on and we’ll do a
taste test in front of ya I just wanted to taste both of them just
to be honest all right so here’s your two spoons because you’re going to be
tasting one of each all right so are we can’t double dip even though we are
family I am curious which one I want so we’re making two as you saw in the
beginning and I’m not sure which icing I want so we got whipped cream and we got
vanilla so this is vanilla here’s your the speed hmm that’s not bad you can’t tell the difference yeah guys
like I can’t tell the difference between a really whipped cream and vanilla
seriously the both Betty Crocker let me show you guys what they look like I
don’t know to me it tastes amazing they move tastes really good they’re not as
sweet because the whipped is not only better because it’s not quite as sweet
so go with the whipped they’re both whipped but they have
different flavors in the whipped it’s more of a whipped cream type and not
such a sweet icing yeah so these are both whipped why is it yellow and then
this is whipped cream so whipped whipped cream I I guess I don’t all right we’ll
just yeah yes I guess we’re just at the end pic so okay okay guys let’s get back
to it that was interesting now wasn’t it see
what this Saturday videos hold so much excitement you never know what’s gonna
come up could be baking could be jet skiing in the Caribbean ocean with
sharks and whales and sea lions and monkeys we don’t know oh you’ll just
have to tune in on Saturdays to find out yes you will all right so the cake is
cooled you want to let it cool for at least 10 minutes and what we’re gonna do
is after we put icing on this I’m going to keep it in the refrigerator because
it’s very hot here today so I’m gonna use the whipped whipped cream whipped
whipped cream hey guys say that 10 times really fast see if you can get it the
whipped whipped cream okay I’ll go let go that yeah not very good so we’re just
gonna go ahead and we’re gonna spread it on our cake
can I eat like all right now I should be making my sundae this is here give me
that okay I got I got to learn I got to
become the master bakery of the family um okay so how thick do you go how thick
do you want it that’s your cake well this is guys this is the first thing
actually really ever baking in my life so and why is it does it always stick
because it’s warm it’s still a little warm yet you’re fine mama has to teach
him just go around the edge just like that I’m just a little more one thing about
ice thing is if you have a mistake in your cake it’s fine it’s not gonna hurt
anything because you can cover it up sorry I got your finger there Scott
that’s alright I guess alright and one thing about my son you can tilt the
camera back up this one thing about my son whether he is 29 9 or 1 year old
he loves his sprinkles mama had to get him yes this is true today when I get
ice cream I have to have sprinkles mama had to get my son sprinkle oh that was
nice of you there you go Scotty go ahead you can put
it on now hopefully he’s not as bad as he was when he was nine years old and
dumped the whole thing here we go guys dump the whole thing no just a little
bit we don’t want to make it too gaudy of course you are gonna be eating it you
and Lindsey your wife so nope that was a little all mostly like a funnel type
thing to like really spread it out better alright I just got to learn I
guess that’s good that’s hey it’s yours cake and your sprinkles so whatever you
do you it’s my cake and I want it now it’s my money and I need it now okay oh
my so and look what Tessie does Scott’s fashion we will add some sprinkles to
ours cuz you know what life is about the icing and the sprinkles what Chevy man
says no sprinkles well too bad because life is about the sprinkles and about
the sweet icing so everyone here is our cakes life is short have a sprinkle or
two here’s our cakes in memory of grandma Fanny and I hope you give this
recipe a try because it is a winner and guys don’t forget if you do this recipe
join Hempstead tessie’s Facebook group the link is in this video description
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amazing write tests that’s right take care guys
see ya bye


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