How To Be A Better Twitch Affiliate

Are you a twitch affiliate and you want
to keep growing and grinding it out I’m gonna give you the best twitch affiliate
advice in this video right here let’s go hey it’s me it’s wild coming at you for
my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips and tricks and if this
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you know when my videos go live for you I’ve been streaming for a couple years
now and when twitch rolled out the affiliate program I was lucky enough to
be with in the first wave but there’s things that I’ve learned that I want to
share with you that will help you grow if you’re newly affiliated or you kind
of just aren’t grasping how to grow beyond affiliation so I’m gonna show you
all the tips tricks and secrets I’ve learned and even the mistakes that I
want to share with you that’s gonna help refine your process of being the best
twitch affiliate out there let’s talk about subscribers it’s awesome that
twitch gives you the ability to get subscribers as an affiliate which means
you get to earn an income off of their platform but don’t get fixated on the
numbers never treat your regulars your viewers your lurkers as subscribers
numbers because if you do you’re gonna get to press the fact that you’re not
growing or you might even be declining you know twitch should never ever be
about the numbers it should be about having fun and forming a community so
don’t fixate on your subscriber numbers now if you can’t listen to this little
piece of advice it’s okay I don’t blame you it’s fun
earning an income off of twitch but if you want to get more subscribers you
have to be better than the rest you have to be more engaging which means you have
to create better high quality content on Twitch so you got to start kicking it up
a notch you know I’m gonna do a video on how to get more subscribers for your
twitch channel soon so make sure you hit that subscribe button so that way I can
show you that in the near future now that your twitch affiliate you get
something that’s just as cool as earning an income off twitch you get your own
personal set of emotes that subscribers get when they sub to you and you want to
think about what’s gonna be really good for your channel you need to think
about your personal branding through your emotes now emotes is a whole other
video I’m gonna do a full video on this so when I do do it I’ll put it in the
YouTube card up there and I’ll put it in a link in the description below because
we can talk about this for quite some time I’m actually gonna show you how to
make really cool emotes for free or where to find emotes to get them done
and what are the best ways to make an emote so people subscribe to you for that
reason alone but just to talk about it for just a quick moment you want to make
sure your emotes resonate with your community and they’re a good
representation of you your community and your channel there is a strong reason
why it’s called marketing people aren’t gonna just use your emote in your
channel hopefully your subscribers will use your emote in other channels and
you’ll be surprised at the subliminal effect that this will have amongst other
viewers and even streamers you know I have been really surprised at how many
times people have subbed to me just for my emote because they want to use it just
because they saw it in another channel this happens an awful lot which is why
it’s important to have really good emotes that resonate with you and your
channel and stand out from the rest of the crowd and just like always never
copy anybody else’s emote there’s no point in copying and stand out from the
rest there are too many highs and feel bad Mans and SADS and everything like
that do something that’s really unique that’s gonna help stand out from the
crowd especially if you’re an affiliate you only get three tiers and most the
time people are only gonna get one because they’re gonna sub at tier one so
that first one has to be awesome now just a bro tip that’s along the lines of
etiquette on Twitch you’re gonna have some pretty sweet emotes well I hope you
create some pretty sweet emotes after watching this video but there are some
rules that go along with them do not use them as a self-promoting tool don’t use
them out of context it’s fine to use your own emote you worked hard on it or
you paid a lot of money for it feel free to use it but use it in context don’t go
into some of these channel and spam it all the time or use it when it’s not
necessary because that is gonna annoying a lot of viewers regulars
subscribers and streamers don’t do that that’s a very bad etiquette move be
professional about how you use your own emote don’t overstep your boundaries and
use it within the context that works well for that moment of that stream okay
I want to talk about something that’s super important that a lot of people
never really seem to talk about beware of the honeymoon phase on Twitch
what’s the honeymoon phase when you get newly affiliated people are gonna go
gangbusters over subscribing because they want to say congratulations and
subbing to you is the best and easiest way for them to do that so you’re gonna
probably get subs right off the bat in fact you’re probably gonna get a lot of
subs for your first in second month but probably around the third month or
shortly after the first month you’re gonna start seeing a strong decline and
this is the honeymoon phase everybody’s excited for you because you got
affiliate but slowly they’ll start to stagger out and they may not sub again
which is fine they just wanted to congratulate you so don’t be despaired
don’t be depressed don’t be sad when this happens cuz it will happen
everybody has a huge spike and then it kind of goes down and plateaus and then
it’s up to you to regrind it out so if the honey maze honey honeymoon phase
happens to you don’t let it get you down because you know it’s gonna come so this
way you can be prepared for it and you can start to grind it out and go on to
bigger and better things something that’s just as important as the
honeymoon phase that may get you down and depressed is never ever compare
yourselves to others others people success does not define your success
some people work really really hard to get where they got some people things
just come easy and some people are just plain lucky it happens don’t let that
despair you again work with what you got and be happy with what you get and work
hard to obtain more if you start comparing yourself to others trust me it
is gonna eat you alive and it’s just gonna make you feel toxic and it’s gonna
show on your stream and I don’t want that for you be happy with whatever
bits you get with whatever donations you get whatever subscribers you get
whatever viewers you get be happy for what you’ve worked for cuz
you’ve worked hard for it never compare yourselves to others
actually you should be happy for others success and why should you be happy for
other success well let’s think about it we’re all working really hard on these
streaming platforms regardless if you’re on twitch mixer or youtube we’re all
within the streaming community and a rising tide lifts all boats and that’s
what we’re trying to do here we can get more engagement more excitement more
viewership across the whole platform more people are gonna acknowledge it and
come in so make sure you congratulate people on their successes because it has
a trickle-down effect of how it can affect you your stream and your success
we know you can earn an income off twitch through bits and through
subscribers you know what’s gonna happen to subscribers they’re probably gonna
unsubscribe or not renew and don’t let this get you down and sad don’t be
standoffish don’t be bitter just say thank you and let them know that they’re
always welcome in your channel regardless if they’re a subscriber or
not you’d be surprised when people can when people stop subscribing to your
channel they feel bad they feel like they may not be welcome or they may even
be embarrassed don’t let them feel that way let them know that your stream is
always about having fun bring the best high quality content that you can and
let them know that the community is always there for them regardless of what
their status is you’d be surprised at how many people sub and when they can’t
renew or the unsub they may never actually come back so make sure you let
them note that they’re always welcome never be bitter and never be standoffish
of standoffish about it because they’re very important for you overall okay I’m
probably gonna make a couple enemies on this one but who cares I’m wild4games I do what I want this is my channel never ever ever be greedy while
you’re streaming you’re gonna earn bits you’re gonna earn subs you’re gonna earn
donations never plea never ask never demand any of these things from any of
your viewers now you’re probably saying why would anybody ever do that you would
be surprised like I said I’m gonna make enemies you’d be surprised at how many
times you see this with partners that are using this because they’re trying to
be full time or the higher affiliates that have
a lot of your retention it’s okay to say hey you can sub to my channel and you
can have sub commands or donation commands or anything like that but you
know never tell people that they need to sub to your channel because they need to
access this you can inform them but never lead them to the fact that it
feels like they have to do this to be accepted into your community this
happens a lot and I find it very off-putting and I know a lot of other
people do so never be greedy be thankful for what you have and just keep on
grinding it out because you can do great things on Twitch and every streaming
platform out there alright you want to know what the best advice I can give you
if you’re newly affiliated or you’re looking to take your affiliation above
and beyond and hopefully partnership alright here’s the secret be genuine
have fun create high-quality content simple not really it’s hard it’s really
hard to be genuine it’s really hard to have fun it’s really hard to create high
quality content but if you can start chipping away and building up from these
things and move on and strive to do better with all three categories you
would be amazed at how slowly your viewer base will start to grow try your
best they’re really hard to do but they’re very important and above
everything else have fun on Twitch everybody reduces
everything to numbers viewer count subscriber count donations bits have fun
if you can have fun and engage in laugh with your community you’d be surprised
at how many people will keep coming back and that’s the best advice I can give
any affiliate on this platform is have fun if you’re having a good time and
it’s coming across guess what it’s gonna come across and that screen right there
and people will always come back to watch you and your content if you guys
are struggling with anything on Twitch or you want to know anything or you’ve
got some cool tools that you want to share and you want me to review leave a
comment below and I will see what I can do to make a video to help all of us out
in this streaming platform community that we have that a Twitch YouTube and
Mixer and beyond I love helping everyone out love motivating you and I love
seeing all of you get to affiliate and beyond so awesome keep on crushing it
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