How To Be An Affiliate Marketer In India Or Nigeria

Do you live in India or Nigeria and you
want to make money online through affiliate marketing but you feel like no
affiliate networks will accept you or pay you? Well, there’s good news. And I’m
going to be going over a number of affiliate networks that will work with
you whether you’re in India or Nigeria. So stay tuned. I’m going to lay out the
networks. Let’s check it out. So, what’s great about affiliate
marketing is it’s such a worldwide thing. And when you have… When you when you’re
selling products on the internet, you can be located anywhere in the world and
sell products. But for some reasons, certain countries have a bad rap
associated with them. Now, I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you’re from India
or Nigeria. But a lot of affiliate networks don’t necessarily want to work
with you. I don’t know why. I’m totally chill with Indians and Nigerians. But not
all affiliate networks are. I’m going to go over which affiliate networks will work
with what people from what countries here. So I laid out a number here. Now,
the first I’m going to start with is perhaps the biggest affiliate program in
the world and that’s Amazon. Amazon Associates, you can sell anything, right?
Now, Amazon they will work with people from India, okay? But unfortunately they
will not work with people from Nigeria. That sucks.
But if you’re in India, you can use Amazon Associates. Now, A4D is a CPA
affiliate network. Meaning, you don’t necessarily even need to create a sale
to make money. You can just have somebody download and install an app or
submit a lead form. Something their name phone number and email address to a
company maybe requesting solar panels or life insurance. But a Ford II as a cpa
network. Now, cpa networks work a little bit differently because you’re not
necessarily getting a sale. They actually vet the affiliates very strongly. They’ll
have interview questions for you if you want to become an
affiliate of A4D. They only want to work with experienced affiliates who have a
track record or who of sending sales or who know exactly what they need to do
and won’t message their affiliate managers. Now, one thing I want to caution
you is before you consider joining A4D or above all offers, only use my
name as a referral if you are not going to bug your affiliate manager with
questions. Okay? Until after you start making money with them. I want to make
that clear. First off, you won’t get in if you don’t have a referral to these
networks. And second off, if you ask your affiliate manager a bunch of questions
before you start generating income with them, they’re just gonna kick you out
because they don’t have time. They only make money if you make money. They don’t
have time to answer your questions. That’s what training programs like mine are
for. But that being said, A4D and above all offers will work with both
people from Nigeria and India. Which is the good news/
But again, they only want to work with experienced people. So, if you have
questions and you think you’re going to get free information from your affiliate
manager, don’t even try it. They have too many problems with fraud. Not going to go
deeper into that right now. Now, Clickbank. Clickbank is the network,
affiliate network I work with. I make hundreds of thousands of dollars per
month with Clickbank. Last month I made $691,000. So, I like Clickbank a lot. They will work with people from India but
unfortunately Clickbank does not accept affiliates from Nigeria. Again, don’t ask
me why I don’t blame me. They just don’t accept Nigerians. The last network that
you can work with is JVZoo. JVZoo has mostly kind of niche business
opportunity products. But that being said, JVZoo is very popular with Nigerians
actually. And they will work with Indians and Nigerians. Now, I know a lot of
Nigerians who work with JVZoo. There’s a number of internet
millionaires or multi-millionaires that from Nigeria that work with the JVZoo
Affiliate Network. So, this is very popular with Nigerians for whatever
reason. Also with Indians. But basically, this is a very good network for people
from Nigeria I don’t know why. They’ve just a lot of people have congregated
there. So, I hope you learned something from this video. Again, affiliate
marketing is an international thing. You can sell products in any country around
the world but you need access to the offers and you need to be accepted to
affiliate Network jvzoo will accept any affiliate that requests to join so this
is a very easy one to get into you listed out all the others if you want
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