How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

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so anyway tonight we’re going to talk about how to become an affiliate
marketer and I’m gonna go over I basically you know get out right here
and I’m gonna just go over the main things I’m not going to go into a lot of
detail because as you can see there’s quite a bit here so I can’t go into
details everything I’m just gonna give you the highlights just so that you have
a general idea a basic framework of what you need to become an affiliate marketer
and I’ve been online for about a year and a half and I’ve learned a lot and
I’ve seen a lot a year and a half doesn’t seem like a lot a long time when
you compare to like a regular career but online it’s a long time and so I just
want to start off with saying that you absolutely must have the right mindset
perspective and realistic expectations and I I’m just trying to figure out the
best way to to talk about this because an hour in our space affiliate marketing
is a mainstream business model I mean you can receive affiliate commissions
for marketing things you know from Walmart pretty much every business has
some type of affiliate marketing program in it I apologize with my sniffing
because I’m allergies tonight but so it’s a it’s a
business model that that’s quite common but at the same time you do have a lot
of what we’re also part of that make money online space and so they kind of
melt together and so you do run across I don’t I don’t want to call I don’t is it
I don’t want to call it a scam they’re not necessarily some are some are scams
but some things like you know some particular programs just run a very fine
line and they talk about does view systems and you know they’re really
quick to tell you about how much money you can make in in but at the end of the
day the people that are successful that are making six figures online and
they’re telling you that you can be making money in 48 hours they had to go
through us they had to go through the certain amount of time and they had to
go through all the steps that any person that successful might has to go through
no matter what they tell you they will tell you you can do it you know 48 hours
but when you listen to their story it may have taken them 10 years before they
started making a consistent income online and so that’s the part where you
really have to be you you have to know and be realistic in your mindset and
your your perspective and your expectations and the fact that this is a
business is it a lot easier then then going to college and spending $10,000 on
a degree yes it most certainly is because you know I went to school and I
didn’t learn any of these skills and if I had I can’t imagine where I would be
today with with the diligence and the commitment that I applied to you know
finishing college in my job I mean if I would’ve had the same information and I
would have applied it and give it at the same time let’s just say you know four
years at you know four-year degree if I had applied that I most definitely would
have been making a lot more you know then what I ended up making you know
with my job and after going to school or so I don’t want I don’t want you to
think that affiliate marketing is not worth it absolutely is worth it and you
can make way more than a doctor or attorney in this business but don’t
get sucked into the hype of oh well you can make you know you can be making
$10,000 a month you know in 60 days and the person that’s telling you that it
they didn’t get it done in 60 days and they don’t tell you about the fact that
they have a following so yes after you have been alive for a few years and you
have an email list of ten thousand people you can easily you know jump into
a program and started making money like you know within a week or two you can be
making six figures you know a year in in a few days because you already have a
following but they had to get started somewhere so if you’re absolutely
brand-new to becoming to affiliate marketing and online marketing give
yourself that grace give yourself that time to lay your foundation the way
those people did because their that’s the back story that they’re not telling
you that I’m telling you you know that they were involved in you know 10 or 15
programs before and they have people that have followed them from program to
program to program they just tell you the story about home you know I’m
branching me to this business they’re not new to online marketing they’re not
need to affiliate marketing but they’re new to this business and they came in
and they’re they’re making you know ten thousand dollars and took them two weeks
that’s not that’s not realistic for anybody that’s just getting started it
wasn’t realistic for them it didn’t happen for them that way so I just want
to make sure that you have the right mind so I didn’t understand that this is
a business you do have to be realistic about it but you absolutely can
accomplish a lot in a fraction of the time that it took you to build your
career or go to school you know if you went to school even if you you know
learn to trade so in speaking about learning a trade you know when you think
about trace goes off times you know you have to spend at least two two years of
the trade school so give yourself at least that much time with affiliate
marketing to know whether it’s something that is going to be insiders and that
here there’s good it’s gonna be a good fit for you or not be realistic about
that don’t jump in thinking oh you know I see all these people these
other people that are making money and so is she just hacking for me overnight
this is this is a skill this is a skill set but the thing about it’s a very
profitable skill set so that was that’s the first thing that I wanted to tell
you all the other thing that I’ve noticed that a lot of the marketers that
tell you know these does you systems and how you can make money quickly they will
have a testimony of someone that’s brand-new then just got started with
ever the business and they you know will say oh so it’s all she’s brand new she’s
never been you know made any money online before she doesn’t know anything
about network marketing and she made a thousand dollars in a week well if you
have think about it if you have 10,000 people following you or 5,000 or
whatever in you it’s not going to be hard to find that one person that is the
anomaly it is the exception to everyone else so don’t take that testimonial as
oh well they’re brand new they did it then it is possible for you but you have
to think about is it probable is it probable that’s gonna happen to you that
quickly it’s possible but is it probable so I just don’t want you to get started
and then get burned out and get discouraged in this stock if you have
the right mindset and realistic realistic expectations and you will be
able to run this marathon because affiliate marketing is a marathon it’s
not a sprint and so that’s one of the first things that you need to know about
how to become an affiliate marketer the second thing is that you want to choose
a niche that’s consistent with your passion talents and interest and the
reason why I say this there are some marketers that will tell you to just go
after the dish that’s most profitable the reason why I don’t say that is
because um when you’re building a business it doesn’t matter what built
business it is whether it’s online or offline it’s going to boil down to
whether someone knows likes and trust you and if you have it this thing about
yourself you know if you have several people in a room and they’re also
product the same product that you want are you gonna buy from the person that
you know or from these other strangers that you don’t know and so it’s the same
thing with online marketing you you know people is all about know like and trust
is building know like and trust with it with your prospects well people can tell
when you’re when you’re genuine and when you’re out there they can tell when
you’re just trying to make some fast money and you really don’t have any
interest in the information that you’re sharing because the affiliate marketing
you have to you have to be willing to teach people what you know and share
with them information that can help them well if you’re in a niche that you’re
already passionate about you probably already know you know a lot about it it
will be easy for you to communicate that if you’re doing you know YouTube video
or even if you’re just doing a blog or a short video on your landing page people
can tell if you’re authentic or not and so I feel you can make money in any
niche with affiliate marketing I mean there are so many different companies
and there’s just there’s just a wealth of opportunity when it comes with
affiliate marketing so and then you can start creating your own products and you
can have a blog and in all these things if they’re consistent with what you
already know about with what you already talked about and you’re not getting paid
for it it’s going to be easy for you to talk about it’s going to be easy for you
to research it’s going to be easy for you to share because you’re something
new you already enjoy and so that’s why I think that you should choose a niche
that’s consistent with what you’re good at what you’re interested in and what
you’re passionate about the next thing that you want to do and I just so that
you know I’m listing these things in order if I had to start all over again
these are the things that I would do first in this particular order and
there’s a reason why so we talked about your mindset choosing the right niche so
you’ve got the right mindset you know you know you’re gonna give yourself a
realistic amount of time to make this work and to learn this skill set you got
a niche that you’re passionate about you already know about it because you talk
to your friends and family about whatever your hobby is or whatever is
important to you you already share this information anyway you just learn
how to package it in a way that you can monetize it the third thing you want to
do is you want to create a website or a blog to brand yourself so that you can
be unique this is again this goes along with the know like and trust because
again people want to know what you’re about they when they know who you are
you got to put yourself out there and I was very timid about being about doing
this you know I’m definitely I was definitely guilty I’m just wanting to be
one of those people just you know sat behind my laptop and just make money I
didn’t want to have to deal with people but I’m realizing I have realized that
you just can’t that that’s really that’s not gonna work you are gonna have to put
yourself out there but if you’re just getting getting started don’t worry
about what people think or if it’s gonna be perfect or not because people are
gonna see you right away and so while you’re slowly building yourself and
getting comfortable with you know writing on your blog or doing a quick
video you know you’ll be taking baby steps and
it’s not like as soon as you go on like the whole world is going to see you it
doesn’t work that way and so as you grow and get better then
your audience will grow with you and so you want to create a website or a blog
where you know you have your picture and you talk about yourself and whatever
your niche is you know what your what your background is in it you know what
you know about it what your goal is how you’re going to help others with the
information that you know to be able to accomplish whatever they so I’ll give
you an example like let’s say like one of my mentors he’s really into he’s a
techie he loves cameras camera equipment you know laptops and phones and all that
stuff so he loves talking about that stuff he loves researching it so he has
a blog and that’s all he talks about so he reviews different electronic products
different gadgets gives his take on it the good bad ugly and so that’s how he
helps his audience soul so whatever it is whether it’s basket weaving or
crochet or you like to work on cars or you like the paint or do music whatever
it is that you’re that about people want to know what you
know and they want your advice and in terms of helping them because you’re you
you know you become the expert and so you want to create a website and this is
again this is to help you brand yourself because if there are other people that
are marketing the same products and services that you are and they’re not
doing this most most affiliate markets don’t want to do any of this that I’m
talking to you about they just want to be able to get a link and just spam it
and think that they’re got to make money well if you’ve got twenty thousand
marketers then and everybody’s doing that how are you gonna stand out and one
of the ways that you stand out is that you have a website or a blog that will
brand yourself so you create that next thing you want to create so let me back
up and so you know when you talk about a website or a blog of course you can get
you can they have all kind of crap skew they have all kind of platforms that are
free or you can spend tens of thousand dollars or whips on a website so just
whatever your budget is whatever your goal is you know if you just want to get
started and find something for free that you can just you know get going you know
just do that until you get comfortable until you decide you know really if
there are other ways that or the products or or websites at that you want
to invest in but get something up there you definitely you know and I don’t have
this up here but I would definitely suggest having a Facebook page for your
business a fan page for your business but do that do not consider your
Facebook page to be your home on the internet that platform belongs to
Facebook Facebook owns the they own the data that’s attached to that heiser
there’s so many horror stories that I’ve heard of people that had nothing else
but a fan page and they had spent so much work and a lot of money building
their following on Facebook and for whatever reason Facebook decided they
didn’t like something that they said they didn’t like something in their
video they didn’t like something that they put on their page and they just
wipe it out just like that it was all gone all their work all their prospects
all their leaves was just gone overnight so you want to have a presence on
Facebook LinkedIn whatever social media is your choice you definitely want to
have a presence of adults don’t make that your home online for your affiliate
marketing business you want to have your own website you want to have your own
blog where people know where they can find you because if if that happens if
you have built everything on facebook but in you but you had been telling
people what your website was what your blog was if for some reason it was down
and they can find you and they would know where your home is and they would
go in and find you on your website or your blog so you definitely want to do
that and the fourth thing is you want to create a lead magnet a lead magnet is
something that you either you give away either for free or you or you charge a
nominal fee for you know five ten fifteen dollars and you know then you
get you you market that and that’s just so that you can give your you can give
your prospects something you know a goodwill gesture and that way you also
collect their emails because that is your true asset online if if you’re
going to become an affiliate marketer you have to understand that your true
asset is your email list that is what is going to be your rider die people that
you’re gonna go to whatever you have a product or an idea or something that you
want to share it’s gonna be your email list and so if you have a lead magnet
magnet something that you can give away an exchange for the email that’s how you
build up your email list and then the fifth thing that you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna subscribe to an autoresponder not a responder this is a
it’s a service that allows you to send emails automatically so you know you
have a weber get response they’re a couple of other ones but those are the
two big ones you can look them up online and I’ll I put some links below in the
description also the ones that I use I’m not going to put
all of them cuz they’re a ton of them but I’m gonna put the ones that I use in
case you’re interested in those but anyway you definitely want to subscribe
to an autoresponder and what you do is you will create eight create emails to
follow up with people because a lot of people are not gonna buy from you right
away again remember we come up to know like and trust and so they’re getting to
know you they’re you know starting it comfortable with you
what do you what can you share why you know they’re learning why they should
even follow you or listen to you well your email list is another way your
autoresponder is another way that you can communicate with people on a regular
basis so you can set up a series of emails that people get on a regular
basis you don’t have to manually set out email sudden you don’t you don’t have to
send out to every person you don’t have to say those emails that are out every
day you can sit down create 10 emails that go out every two to three days and
you can you can set some people have their autoresponder set up for like a
year I don’t have it set up like that but you know that’s how far in advance
you can set up your autoresponder so you definitely want that you want to create
your own landing page to collect emails and there are a lot of different
services for that I use click funnels the that seems to be that is I guess
what you calls like the a gold standard of of creating funnels and so one of the
parts of your funnel is a landing page and the landing page is basically so you
know you’ve got your website someone’s gone to your website or they’ve gone to
a youtube video and they click the link to get your free evac your free lead
magnet so you know what they will do is they will go to your landing page that
you’ve created and on that landing page you will have a spot for them to put
their name and their email in exchange for them putting their information on
the landing page to get your lead magnet then they have subscribed to your
autoresponder and they will start getting emails on a regular basis and
the seventh thing that you want to do is want to subscribe to a tracking system
in our tracking system is a system that allows you to keep track of where your
traffic is coming from which in which funnels are converting based off of how
you have them set up this is very very very important I remember sitting in on
a training it was probably been about I don’t know six to nine months ago and I
was listening to a training it was a business opportunity and someone asked
the the person that was hosting the webinar the trainee
you know what her conversion rate was and she was very dismissive in her
answer she would not answer the person she basically mocked and ridiculed as a
person for even asking the question if you are ever on a webinar or a training
and that question is asked or and the person can’t answer over answer you know
just run run quickly because that lets you know that whoever is doing that
training they’re not really concerned about I won’t I’ll say hey they’re not
really concerned about your ability to efficiently and effectively run your
business if you don’t know what your numbers are if you don’t know where your
traffic is coming from you’re gonna waste so much money and so much time and
you you don’t want to do that you you want to you want to be very very
selective and effective in your marketing and to not know what’s you
know converting and what’s not that’s absolutely that I don’t even I mean
that’s just insane this is a business it’s not a hobby and anyone that’s truly
in business they will not have a problem telling you what their conversion rate
is they won’t have a problem telling you what their numbers are you know how many
how many visitors do they get to their to their YouTube channel how many views
do they get to their website how many people opt-in to their landing page how
many people actually buy or you know get their lead magnet date
anyone that is successful has nothing to hide and they want they truly want you
to be successful independent they won’t have a problem telling you that so I’ll
never forget that I was really pretty appalled by that was like wow really and
so you you want to do all these things everything that I’ve listed I will say
one through seven it’s critical because you have these dud few systems and it’s
the same system done for everybody else so how are you how are you separating
yourself how are you branding yourself you’re basically what’s happening is
that you’re branding the person that created that does for you system so
their name is going out there their face is going out there their voice is being
heard and people know them they don’t know you and so again since they your
time I don’t know like and trust so even if they don’t know the other person that
created the the DEF UC system even if they don’t like and trust them if they
know them then they will more than likely buy from them instead of you now
I know that you know with it with a done-for-you system they can set it up
where you get the Commission and all that but again it takes time too it
takes time to build your following and you want people to know who you are you
want them to know what you’re about and that the information that you have to
share with them is going to help them reach their goals and objectives not
someone else and so this all does take a little time to learn but I tell you it’s
very rewarding I mean it’s it looks like a lot but in the big scheme of things
when you’re talking about making six and it’s up I have majors that make seven
figures and it basically that they’re doing this and that’s way more than a
doctor or lawyer or anyone and you know the professions that we know of that
make you know high income you know even if you talk about a doctor or a lawyer
they are still exchanging their time some money they get you know we all know
that attorneys get paid you know by the minute that’s why they had little timers
on their desk and the same thing with doctors if doctors are not you know
treating patients or being on a call they don’t get paid but as an affiliate
marketer when you get all this setup right you can get to the point where you
are only working you know a few hours a day maybe even a few hours a week if you
have your system set up correctly and you put in the work in the beginning you
can get all of this on autopilot and you’re making a six-figure income on
autopilot but you have to be willing to put in the work
invest in yourself I know this all sounds cliche but it’s all true I
promise you it’s all true my midterms are making six and seven
figures and all of them have said this and so I’m sharing it with you sharing
it with you from my heart I don’t want you to go through what I went through
and it took me a long time to find the right mentors that were going to really
tell me the truth and give me I’ll show me how to start a business that was that
reflected who I was as a person and what I was really interested in not just you
know make money online person you know I wanted to be more than that I have so
much more to offer and you do too you know whoever you are you have a unique
gift that only you can you know that can only be shared by you in your own
special way because you’re unique everyone does and so you don’t need to
just be any cook in a cookie cutter money online system when you have other
talents and abilities that you can share it is really going to benefit people in
that you’re going to enjoy and be passionate about you don’t want to
create another job for yourself and you don’t want to invest in something and
you’re just constantly going to be losing money because you’re a building
somebody else’s dream yeah they say that that happens with a job but it also
happens in this space also because if you could connect it with a program or a
marketer that’s going to tell you that they’re doing everything for you
then sorry about that if they where was I if but anyway you can if you’re not
careful you can put yourself in a situation where your branding someone
else and you’re you know and they may even you know because they’re give you a
done-for-you system they may eat also take your take your emails and so you
might get a commission but they’re going to collect emails on the people that you
drove to the landing page and then they’re going to follow what those
people not you and so I don’t want you to make that mistake the last thing and
I would say is the most important thing once you have your infrastructure in
place with steps 1 through 7 then you want to get your traffic then then
you’re going to be running your traffic through all these steps and you can
choose with whatever method of traffic you want you can use YouTube
pay-per-click and that would be like your Bing ads your Google as influence
of traffic there there are so many different ways that you can you know
that they Facebook has you know their Facebook ads there’s so many different
ways that you can market online and generate traffic but you need to have
steps 1 through 7 in place first before you start generating traffic
I see so often where people are told oh you know just pay your money get your
nephew system get basically get your link and just send it out and people are
spamming and they’re all over social media and they’re you know just sitting
there link and even if they let’s say they do have unless they just you know
keep sending only keep sitting on me and they’re not adding anything else to
anyone’s lives and you know because they don’t have steps 1 through 7 set up and
you know looks like a lot but a lot of these the I would probably say the thing
that’s probably you know going to take a little bit of time will be creating your
own opt-in page and landing page but there’s training for that is easy
she once you figure it out once you’re trained on it you want none of these
things all these things that I’m listed that I’ve listed there’s training for it
in and I you know I have of course you know I have my free my free video
training that will give you the steps that you need to be successful online so
definitely take a look at that but I won’t
I’ve been going at 29 minutes and 2 seconds so I was trying to make this
quick but I just had so much to say so anyway this is how this is this is the
infrastructure this is the process these are the steps that the main steps that
you need to take to in terms of how to become an affiliate marketer and I will
as time goes on I’m gonna do videos that’s going to be more specific I
already have lots of videos about the mindset so you can find videos on my
channel about that and you might be able to find some videos about these other
things but I think a lot of them I still need to do videos and be more specific
about what they are in how you get them in how they work and show you you know
all that so anyway all the best to your success if this information was helpful
to you I would greatly appreciate if you will like it if you like the video if
you subscribe and hit the notification bell and then you’ll get information
you’ll be notified of all my other videos and again go check the
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those tools also anyway all the best to your six to success and I will see you
in the next video hi you

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