How To Begin With Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog or Website in 2019

hi I’m Lori Ballen I earn six figures in
affiliate marketing today I want to give you several ways that I make money as an
affiliate marketer you can then look at your business and your brand and what
you do and see what might fit for you affiliate marketing is purely this when
I promote somebody else’s product or service and send that customer over and
they make a purchase then I receive a bonus a commission in earnings whatever
you want to call it now I’m a real estate agent also and how this started
for me as I was sending referrals to another real estate agent and they would
then pay me a referral fee guys that is affiliate marketing then as I started
teaching and training I started setting up relationships with the software that
I was teaching on and I started earning income from the software after that I
opened a marketing company and I started integrating software into the websites
that I was building and each one of these software elements also has an
affiliate opportunity and I make money that way now let me talk about a couple
of other things so the first ones I just actually gave you several strategies and
one strategic partnerships finding other people that are in the same industry as
you or do something similar that you can promote and send business their way and
they will pay you a referral I’m doing that right now I’ve got some people that
have build courses now I started with my course in 2013 with The Ballen Method and
over time it’s gotten to be quite the challenge just to keep it all updated so
now I like to refer to people that have courses that are of a specific niche
within that umbrella that I’m teaching so for example I have somebody that has
a youtube course so I can send people to the YouTube course I have somebody else
that has a Facebook ad course I can send people over there and then I’m making a
Affiliate relationship so step one strategic relationships who can you
refer to that you can make an affiliate commission now I do want to let you know before I go into the next big strategies that
you must disclose affiliate relationships so you must say when you
provide a link or or any kind of information you must say I do receive a
final financial benefit when you sign up for this software so it needs to be
obvious the the regulations are pretty strict with saying you can’t just bury
it in a disclaimer at the bottom of your website you have to disclose that you’re
making money so I’m always very open and honest with that with my clients with
people that sign up for software with my links if you’re promoting something on
Facebook you should at least hashtag ad or hashtag affiliate link in on my
Facebook on my YouTube on everything I have a disclaimer on my Pinterest I let
everybody know that I make money when you sign up for this software they’ve
got to know that it’s a it’s very strict regulations you don’t want to get in
trouble okay now behind me I’m shooting this video this way for a reason because
behind me are some items that I make affiliate marketing commissions on okay
so for one one of the things that you can do is talk about products you use so
you could do these in the form of reviews product reviews you could have a
youtube channel where you review everything in your house and then put
affiliate links to those items or Amazon links to those items that you make
Commission on or you can introduce them as you’re using
them so for example behind me you’ll see I’ve got a nice Apple monitor I have a
printer over here on my desk I have a diva light ring tabletop light ring for
video shooting out today I have no special lighting on at all because I
wanted to just kind of show you the items back there I’ve got a paper
shredder down there on the bottom I’ve got my Edison lamp over there in the
corner I’ve got my family tree thing up there and so all of these things it’s in
some capacity I talked about in my videos and then
when people ask what does that ring behind you I have a link to that item
now I will put a link to these items in my YouTube video so you can check them
out they are ability links and I do benefit if you make a purchase now over
here on this table I have a trunk club box from Nordstrom and then over there
on that corner of the room which I don’t think you can see oh you can’t see it
it’s right there there’s a stitch fix box and what I do is I unbox these
things so after I make this video I’m gonna go unbox that trunk club box I’m
going to show everything that’s in the box and I’m going to get people’s
opinions and I’m going to keep some of the items and send some of the items
back and if somebody signs up for trunk club then I get a discount or something
off of my next trunk club I don’t even know what it is I’d have to go look at
it and then to savor the stitch fix I think that’s 25 bucks when people signed
up for the stitchfix so I like to unbox it show it to everybody and then put the
coupon in there because a lot of these coupons if you use them you save money
and then I also get money my Rothys shoes for example they have a save $20
coupon so every time I share it somebody gets $20 then I get $20 off of my shoes
they’re expensive shoes are 140 dollars so once I do that seven times I get a
free pair of shoes so I’ve got like thirteen pair of Rafi’s and I think I’ve
only paid for three so that’s kind of how that works now here’s my suggestion
I want to give you a couple of tips here that what I just referred to all of that
stuff I just referred to is really kind of influence or marketing influence or
affiliate marketing what you’re doing is you’re your leading by example you’re
telling stories you’re talking about products you’re sharing them with people
who trust you who believe in you that’s more influencer marketing okay so that
is one major strategy and I will tell you that my six figures that I earn
every year on affiliate marketing is primarily through influencer marketing
what I just described now just recently I’ve gotten into
monetizing my websites with ads I’ve now I’m monetizing my youtube channel so
those are kind of sponsored advertisements so people also look at
those affiliate programs okay and then so basically what I’m doing is I’ve
generated traffic to my websites generating traffic to youtube and then
ads Run on my channel and I get paid by Google okay so that’s
another strategy another strategy is to blog and this is the most popular
affiliate strategy it’s been around for quite a while now and I’m really growing
that now as well and that’s when you blog about things so for example
yesterday I did one on my website that’s my midlife
woman lifestyle blog and I did a blog on the top trending swimsuits for 2019 for
women fifty of women over fifty right so the top swimsuit trends for women over
fifty and I’ve got things like the knotted bathing suit yellow high-rise
high tide retro bathing suits and then what I do is I put in affiliate links to
swimsuits that match those items okay so then I can share that blog on the search
engines I can email it out to my list I can make it part of my newsletter I
could run a pay-per-click out to the blog I can pin the blog so that’s also a
great way same with software I write blogs every day on how to lead generate
how to rank on the search engines how to rank on YouTube how to do keyword
research this is how what I live so I teach it and of course I am a teacher at
heart anyway so when I teach those items I put in here’s my favorite YouTube
software which by the way you’ll find in a link in this video and if you do end
up making a purchase I do benefit financially so I’ll put in there this is
my favorite keyword tool this is this is you know where I build my websites and
blogging the top 10 real estate agent websites the top 10 apps every real
estate agent must have and then I go in and build a Affiliate relationships with
each one of those things now if you’re gonna ask how do I go build the
affiliate relationships so step one you should have a website okay
most of these affiliate places still want you to have a website so go set up
a website a business license is ideal a lot of them are gonna want a w-9 but you
can put in your social security number if you don’t have an EIN number but they
are looking to deal with legitimate businesses so get your website set up
and then you go on to any product or service you want go to their website
scroll down the bottom and look for the word affiliates or referrals that that
says affiliates or referrals click it put in your application ok now be
careful make sure that you are established that you’ve got your website
up because they’re gonna look at it they want to see these that your brand
matches their brand you know if they want to see that you guys are in
alignment that it makes sense if I’m if I’m a keto weight loss coach and I go
apply for bone broth Affiliate that’s a slam dunk but if I’m a keto weight loss
coach and I go sign up for couches it may not be a slam dunk because there’s
not necessarily a match there another thing you can do is sign up for things
like,, calm go over to my website got everything you need to know about
starting your affiliate marketing business i’m Lori Ballen thank you so
much for joining me today

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