How To Blog Anonymously And Make Money Up To $100M Per YEAR

Have you ever wanted to start a blog but
you have reservations because you don’t want to put your name, your face on the
blog that you use to make money online? Well, in this video, I’m going to be going
over how you can blog anonymously and make $100,000 a year. I’ll even show you
one example of somebody who blogs anonymously who makes over 100
million dollars a year. And I’ll be giving you examples on my computer of
other people who do this so you can follow along and hopefully get some
inspiration to start your own online business. So, let’s get into it.
A jet-set fam. John Crestani here. Now, I’m going to be going over (once again) blogging
anonymously to make $100,000 a year. A pretty exciting subject.
I’ve done this just to give you some my credentials. Clickbank, I’m a platinum a
partner with them. Because I’ve been a for for the last couple years, because
I’ve made over a million dollars working with this particular affiliate network.
Which is my recommended one. And also because you know, I don’t know, I’ve
I’ve been doing online work for a while now. It’s a great space to get started.
Great place to work at home. Spend time with your family. Do hobbies, work on your
own schedule. I won’t go into it. But you get it and that’s probably why you’re
here. So, let’s get into some examples of people who are blogging anonymously and
creating their own business. Now, first, there is this site called
So, if you look on my computer right here, they are… It’s a blog about baby stuff.
Now, how many people here are moms. Any moms here? Any moms with like kids under
you know, 10 or whatever here? Let me know. Put in #mom. You know or mom
marketer. Write in the comments because I’d love to know who are my moms in this
audience. So, this is a great site for people that are looking for just the
best baby stuff. Look, the best disposable diapers. Best bassinets.
You know, the best baby and dads kids deals of the week. And they just blog
about different baby stuff. And let’s see how they
actually make money with affiliate marketing. So, let me click on one of
these articles. Best toddler carriers of 2019. And let’s just search this in
Google. I’ll show you how… This is how they get traffic is because they blog
and their articles show up in Google. And what you see right here is the number
one result is baby list. 5 best baby carriers. So, that’s how people find them.
People are searching for terms such as best toddler carriers. And then they’re
taken to an article. Okay now, if we scroll down you’ll see interesting
information. There’s not necessarily any face of this product, right? This is just
a… You know, this is a stock image from Pinterest. So, there’s no face to the
article. There’s no particular person that’s actually choosing these. But let’s
check this out. Their recommendations, guess what these are? Now,
who here is brand new to affiliate marketing? If you could just type in
brand new to affiliate marketing. But I’m going to blow your mind here. For everybody
who is not brand new, you know these are all affiliate links right here, Amazon.
And we can see if we mouse over this link right here, we can actually see. If
you see tag equals “hello baby 20”, you’ll see that is actually their affiliate ID
right there. Now, this company will make anywhere from 5 to 10 percent every
time anybody buys this toddler carrier. Which gives them about anywhere from around something around $18. You know, 10 to
18 dollars that they will be making. That baby list will be making if
anybody buys this number one recommended toddler carrier. Now, how many people in
the world do you think are searching for toddler carriers every month? 7
billion people in the world. There’s going to be a number of people that are
searching for that keyword. And being the number one result on Google with. And the
number one pick earning them $18. You multiply that and that
equals pretty good living. Now, let’s move on to
our next… Our next example which is another site that reviews products
anonymously called recording now. Now, this site is actually from an affiliate
marketer I know. And he’s also a YouTuber named OD. So, you can… If anybody here
follows OD productions, let me know. Just say OD fan in the comments. Love to see
who’s who follows that guy. He’s a big affiliate marketer. But you can see, if we
look under his gear reviews, he’s reviewing electronics. Now, one thing
you’ll notice here is you know, I don’t know if it’s just that I
focused on this or not. But the best products to review are actually the ones
that are more expensive. You know, we looked at a toddler carry that cost
almost $200. But remember, you get paid a commission based on how expensive the
product is. So, we’re going to look at beats. And these are not cheap headphones. You
know, these headphones cost around $219. But what
you’ll also notice is that this is a website that has you know, it’s an
anonymous blog. Nobody is actually the face of this blog. It’s simply about
providing value to the end consumer to give them useful information about
whether or not they should buy a particular product. Remember you’re a
salesperson. Marketers and salespeople are the same thing. The only
difference is sales people actually have to talk to others. Marketers, we just hang
out online, everything is automated. But you’re still selling product. And your
job is to sell the product. Give people information. Give people value. Give
people what they’re looking for. But also to make sure that the people click on
your link and they buy the product that you’re promoting. Make sense? So, we scroll
down here. And what you’ll see is the link. And you’ll see a big call-to-action.
Order the beats solo three Wireless here for the lowest price available. (Do not
pay retail) And you’ll see here are his as Amazon links right here for the beats
three solo Wireless. Now, OD makes over $100,000 a month
with his affiliate marketing websites. Baby list makes, I don’t know. I believe
it’s over 10 million dollars a year with their
website. But they’re they’re in a whole different level. They have a whole
operation. They’re one of the biggest baby websites. But it’s all affiliate. And
it’s very easy to make this sort of money. You don’t need any staff. You don’t
need to know any programming. You just need to put up a website and join an
affiliate program. Hosting advice. Now, this is a website. Again, it’s an
anonymous blog talking about hosting companies that you can use to set up
your website. Now, the number 1 recommended host is this company called
Bluehost. And you’ll see there’s no, you know, they have some experts. But there’s
no actual person who runs the blog. Then and this article is not buy any
particular person. They did get a quote from their expert review. But it’s still
in an non… This whole thing is an anonymous post. So, what’s really great
about this is you can make a lot of money just recommending products. Are you
getting the idea? So… And actually, I recommend Bluehost. I use Bluehost. And if
you are looking to start up a website, I’m going to put a link below in the
description of Bluehost. You know, they have… The reason why they’re the best is
they have the lowest possible monthly starting price. So, $3 a month
you can start your blog. Now, I encourage you take action. Now, Jet Set fam. If
you’ve been getting value from this but you haven’t set up your website yet, make
sure you take action below and just type in “I’m all in” in the comments. And go to
the link. Go to the Bluehost link in my description and set up your website. Get
started. Because if you don’t set up your website you’re going to be at a massive
disadvantage not going to be able to blog. You need a website to blog. And also your
life is going to be a bit much harder getting into affiliate networks. Because
affiliate networks, to get accepted, most of them want to see you have a website. So just go to the comments, commit to yourself and type in I’m all-in. Because
I want to see you guys become successful. But it starts with taking action. Starts
with you. Let’s get it. Let’s go on to an another example of how to make money
online blogging anonymously. And if this is making sense, if you’re convinced now
that you have no problems blogging anonymously. And that there’s tons of
money there, great! Because I know I had gotten a question from one of my users
that was saying, “How do i blog anonymously?” And I was like, “It’s
easy. Its more common than not.” So, here’s another company in the gold investment
niche. And you’ll see best gold IRA companies 2019. And this is reviewing
gold IRA companies. Now, regal assets is number one. This is the best niche to be
in. Okay? Financial Services. Because there’s the
most money in it, okay? Whereas other markets are you know, pretty big. There’s
a lot of money in weight loss or insurance or what-have-you.
Financial services, investments. Trillions of dollars of investments are made every
single year. The amounts are unbelievable. And if you want to tap into just
generational wealth then you got to go where the wealth is and it’s in
investment accounts. And the best affiliate program that I recommend is
actually regal assets. And there should be a link below in the description
somewhere of how you can sign up for the regal assets affiliate program which
pays out 3% Commission for every sale you get. And the average Commission is $2,000, okay? That’s what you receive. So, it’s a great affiliate
program. I got started with this. This is how I quit my job. To start making 25 to 50 thousand dollars per month with the regal assets affiliate program.
So, I suggest you sign up. And I’ll put a link to the website to sign up. So,
here’s the dashboard where you sign up for regal assets. Affiliate program and
you would just sign up right here. Join as an affiliate. The last example that
I’m going to give you is this one. And as you can see, this is… You know, they get
their traffic from Google as well. Let’s go to Google.
Best online financial advisors. Basically, if you search for anything related to
kind of wealth management, you will get this company showing up in the top of
the search results called nerd wallet. How many here have seen an ad on TV for
nerd wallet or anywhere on the Internet? Let me know. This is one of the most
common companies. This this is one of the biggest Internet companies that I’ve
seen. And it’s one of the biggest affiliate marketing companies I’ve seen.
They make over 100 million dollars a year. And I want to make clear. The
reason they do so is because they focus on where the money is and that’s in
wealth. That’s in investment accounts. Now, you’ll see they do the same thing. They
blog anonymously, okay? Well, I guess there’s a writer here. But the writer is
not the owner. She’s just a random girl who wrote this article. And you’ll see
right here they… They have you know, different investment programs that they
are affiliates of. These are all affiliate links right here. Betterment,
they have an affiliate link right here. You can see they have their affiliate
link. Ella vest. They have an affiliate link there. Wealth front, once again, an
affiliate link. Any person you choose. Any one of these companies you choose will
be an affiliate link associated with it and nerd wallet will make money. Now, just
to show you the scale of this, here’s a recent article on the founder. Founder
Tim Chen is an absolute dynamo. And he got laid off and he founded… He got laid
off he was working for a investment company. And he started nerd wallet with
only $800. And you don’t even need that much now. This is years
ago. You know, all you need is $3 to start a website now. But he
started with $800. And his company is now worth 500
million. Now, if that blows your mind, if you had no idea that there was this much
potential in affiliate marketing to start an affiliate blog anonymously and
have it be worth half of dollars, just go in the comments and type
in “mind blown” because some of these companies are getting so big.
And he doesn’t have to do anything. But let’s go back to the article and finish
up this video. Now, what I found really interesting about this article was that
he was working 16 to 20 hour days. He had a girlfriend. He ate subway every day
from the five-dollar menu. And the first year in business, he made $75. You see that? $75 working 16 to 20 hour days. Now,
first off, that is a true entrepreneur. And second off, if you aren’t willing to
deal with that level of a failure of hustle, you’re not going to make it. If
you’re not willing to deal with… You know, it’s going to take time. No matter what
business you start, it’s very rare that you will see immediate success in any
business. Some people do. But it’s very rare. But you can ensure your success by
putting in the hours and by just working through it. Because Tim never gave up.
Even after having a year in business making $75. He just kept
going. Now, the second year in business, he made
$60,000. But that was still less than he would make from a job
as an investment banker. Now obviously, the rest is history. He went from $75 in his first year to making well over $100,000,000 a
year. Where we are today. But that was because of focus. Now, if you are
interested, if you’re in, if you’re going to start a website and if you’re excited
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on my channel. And remember, anything is possible, you’ve just got to work for it.
Talk to you soon.


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