How to build a Guitar Pickup (part 3) Winding a Pickup

what’s up guys chase from chase’s workshop
here, this is going to be part 3 of how to build a guitar pickup in the last
video we get to the point of that we just had the bobbin and in this video
we’re going to get to this point well forgot everything done to this
except for potting it and we’re gonna pot it in the last in the last video I
made a few mistakes and I didn’t edit them out so maybe you’ll get a good
laugh out of my mistakes anyways we’re going to be using this pickup whiner
that I showed you guys how to build in my first ever youtube video like I said
if you don’t have if you don’t have a pickup minder and you want to build one
I built this one for under 50 bucks so if you’re interested you’ll check that
out if you have any comments leave them below if you like it I’d really
appreciate if you subscribe thanks for watching guys all right guys before we
get to rap winding the pickup I wanted to go over the journal that I talked to
you about in the first video you know this was the one I used when I did the
last two pickups and I’ve kind of just broke down and got me another boat to
where I could write I could keep it in a in a better book than just having it on
this and what I did was is the last two pickups I did the telling deck I put
8000 wraps on it and you know owned it out and it gave me a 5.8 K resistance
for that one and then when I did my telle bridge pickup I did 90 750 wraps
and that gave me a 7.6 6 K resistance and I did the math on that took the
averages and figured out between 1250 to 1300 per 1k wraps to get 1k out of that
4 to gauge Tim Kauai and that’s why I was saying this was just to make sure
you you document everything even even the even document that what the wire
that she be used and the characteristics of it and stuff like that and as far as
naming this one I’ve I just put this down here for now as the date so I’m
gonna put that on here maybe I might change it in the future but I put you
know the name of the pickup what kind of pickup it is telling neck pick
I’m gonna wrap it clockwise when he’s out in the co5 we use down the co5 poke
pieces and I’m using tIMCO 42 gauge wire to wrap it all right so since we’re
going to be spinning clockwise and that’s commend it’s going to spin this
way here so I need to look at these bobbins to see which one I need to go
into distort with so if I’m going clockwise it’s going to be spinning this
way so by hooking this one the wire is going to be starting here and going
around you can see where that could be you could get that wrong if you start
here and you do clockwise this wire is going to cross this Bob at this eyelet
right here you that’s kind of bobbing on their period
ticket so be very careful I don’t know if you can see the wire or not but it is
like it’s hair thin and it gets hung on everything but if you ain’t careful you now I’m going to take my wire I’m going
to set it in the floor here right right wrap to my legs
flange colors color Baine colors whatever they’re called all they are
that my god sighs I’m as I’m winding the pickup I
have a guide to go by but I want to set these to where when this thing when it’s
going that I want it to be I don’t want it to catch anything but the side of the do anything but catch I don’t want it to
catch the side of the pickup so we’re going to test this out here just by and
driving it and you get as you can see it’s pretty close on this side I think
it’ll work and I reset my my counter here so that it’s set to zero and
everything is ready to go and I’m just going to put it put you know 10 or 12
wraps on it okay I think that’s pretty good this guy got about 12 or apps on it
now so here we go I’m gonna make sure it’s cut all the way down and I’m gonna
make sure then flip to the right position on the don’t wanna go clockwise
I mean I’m just gonna slowly start it up I’m not kind of slow here and check it make sure everything still
looks good I’m still looking pretty good so you can
say about the buildup on this about 2,800 right now 1,000 you can tell I’m kind of getting more at
the bottom than them at the top so I’m gonna try to start putting more up here
to kind of even it out a little bit but that’s why I say stop every so often and
check to see what you got I’m right at five thousand and eighty six wraps right
now so and that happened okay hopefully a
disaster was averted but as you can see I’m not an expert at wine and pickups
but I’m trying some okay this unpause our thing here and let’s get back to
where we were started up it’s we’re at 5200 stop you next thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
take some of this tape and wrap it let’s see if I can make it some of these
windings that kind of caught up here I put it down and they’re kind of loose I
don’t know I don’t know I’m gonna be loose on here I wanna take them up and
then we’re gonna pie it so hopefully that’ll fix it
make it make it sound okay I guess but like I said I’m no expert at building
these things but like I said practice makes perfect or practice makes progress
I should say but uh maybe you can learn a few things from some of my mistakes
but anyways you okay so then I’m gonna solder two wires
into here and that way we can get a see what our resistance is with a meter so
I’ll be back okay so I’ve got my two wires and I’m gonna start at my where I
started at so I started in this one right here’s must as to start from my
cool I’m just gonna stick my wire through here and get my soldering iron
which is a because it’s Weller ps5 on you so this picture here actually go once
they get the this zone here I’d actually go back and solder to that so I’ll have
a ground okay this pickup here was the was the last one that I did
and this one has 8,000 windings on it and so we’re going to get a Jimmy I’m
just got just got 5.5 so right in there this is the one we just wound and we put
80 82 80 200 wraps windings we have 5.9 okay so now we’ve got to charge the
magnet and I already had already charged it a while ago to a South polarity so
you can see closer I get to it pull south this thing’s a little killer
or something nice way to be the north so we got South alright I want it north so
take my two magnets and I want to put North facing away which I got little in
written on on this magnet here so I’m gonna put North here take my other in
right here and put it on the backside of it like I said earlier this wheels easy
guitar can go over this a lot a lot more in-depth than I do so and then all I do
is I just take it and just move it back and forth between these two
I need the boat some type of jig or something but this actually works for
you pretty good so right now let’s see if we’re still set by Larry or not we’ve
changed it to north so now we’re north so we were south and now we’re north okay I made a executive decision here I
decided to take that tape off at least the bottom portion of it because I once
this thing is once I’ve got the the cap on it here and I potted I want the wax
to be able to hold all this together really well time I think you two get
through that tape but I think it’d be better not to have it so I just I just
kind of wrapped this pot that I messed up here on the top where I had the wires
that caught the top of the lip here cuz I’m not gonna push them off of there
they were they were kind of loose so I’m just gonna hope but those on there and
you know I draw these hoes and these pickups to where they will wax be able
to get down in there and and pot everything well so you alright I’m gonna try to figure out a
way maybe I can then I can bend these over and I’ll come back once I get that
down alright guys on this back part here that I was talking about the less those
little section is I eventually took a pair of channellocks and just held down
real tight on the sides right here and then took a hammer and beat these little
tabs down and it worked really well our guy that’s about it for this video if
you have any comments any questions just leave them below if you have any ideas
and make my process better leave them in the comments or send me an email or
however you want to if you liked the video I’d really appreciate if you
subscribe so until the next video in the next video we’re going to be going over
how to pot pot this pickup so hope you stick around and thanks for watching


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