How to Build a Pickup Winder

what’s up guys my name is chase
Weatherford and this is my first youtube video so if it’s horrible I’m sorry but
anybody’s bare with me um I didn’t go in guitar about three to four years or so
and in those years I’ve you know bought parts from different places and things
like that and one of the parts always had the Bible as pickups and pickups if
you if you’ve ever bought a set of pickups a good set of pickups you know
that they can run anywhere from I want to say 62 as much as you want to spend
on them you know when you’re building guitar you
want good pickups and you want to sound good and so in my mind I was thinking
hey I’m gonna put I’m gonna personalize my guitars more about building on
pickups so that’s why I was harder to do and in that process I knew I had to
build a pickup wonder or Bob woman and I didn’t I like building stuff so I so
anyways if you have a youtube video on here about building a pickup wander I
can back guarantee you they’ll watched it and thank you for that and any chat
rooms anywhere like that that had people talking about pitching back ideas about
building pickup wanders and stuff like that I’ve probably read it so thank you
too anyways I’m gonna show you roughly it’s
not very pretty it’s it’s ugly but it works and that’s really to me that’s all
that matters so if you uh if you want to build one like this stick around I’m
gonna go through all the parts how I put it together we’re at the port’s from how
much the parts are now and I hope you enjoy and leave me a comment if you do
our bet comment I don’t care just whatever you whatever whatever you want
to do but thanks for watching hope you enjoy it
alright here it is and I’m all of this ugliness but it works and that’s all
that matters I’m gonna top off down that you look at that inside of it we’re
gonna start the three main components the first one is gonna be the motor the
seconds the counter the third is the speaking trailer right here there’s a
couple other smart parts the the switch the ride a bobbin holder
different that’s not that I’m gonna go through him with you alright the motor I
bought this on eBay I want to say it was right at fifteen dollars fifteen to
twenty bucks I’m running there it is a 12-volt DC one thousand rpm geared motor
and when I say geared I mean it actually has gears it’s just not a it’s not a
motor just sticking out here with a bobbin on the end of it I think the
mechanical bandage gives you a little a little advantage on why didn’t pickups
instead of having you know a lot of people build one they have the motor
sitting here and they have a pulley on it and the pulleys going to another
pulley that’s giving it mechanical advantage to actually do what this
motors doing bought it on eBay under 15 hour around $15 something like that make sure that’s everything on that this
counter right here I want to say I bought it on Amazon but I checked this
month there was a couple days ago I checked misses January of 2018 I checked
online this was 1249 and this is a actually a
five digit counter and some people online that I read some of the things to
go and get a five-digit you never know if you might need the fifth digit I
probably never will most the pickups I want are seven to nine thousand wraps if
there’s pickups out there they’re ten thousand all if you you get this one
you’ll have you’ll be able to you’ll be able to do that the the counter actually
comes with a sensor and it comes with a magnet and it’s a it’s a just a magnet I
mean any magnet will work you know if you had a bunch of these made and you
wanted to make a bunch of them you could just buy different magnets for it like I
said the five digits got a reset appalls search it on amazon search it on the
eBay see which one where you can find the better price at and like I said
earlier make sure that you check to see where these parts coming from if they’re
coming from China that’s gonna take longer for them to get here so that’s
about it on the counter the speed controller I actually searched online
and found a diss searched 12-volt DC motor speed controller they brought up a
schematic I used the schematic to build this I had a lot of these parts I had to
I had to buy this transistor transistor I believe but no I bought it I bought
one I got like 10 with it because they’re cheap so now I’ve got at that
port for one to better another one of these or something I did search on eBay
I searched on yeah eBay and found one that I believe would work with it with
that motor it was just it was pretty cool it had a little a little bitty
chipboard with a ribbon cable that went to a potentiometer in the potentiometer
come with a cool knob on it that’s like the five bucks menu that’s that’s that’s
pretty pretty good deal don’t think I would I would check to make sure he is
is that when you buy that make sure your motor it’s going to be enough this is
going to hold enough amperage for your motor and these motors are not using a
lot of amps but I mean just be cautious and not saying that – you don’t have to
buy a 50 out speed controller for a DC motor if you’re not gonna you might not
you might not need that for your setup like I said the one I found on eBay it
was like I think it was under five dollars five bucks for four for that
board going back and looking at it now out of play which has just done that I
like building stuff which is uh sometimes a problem but anywho that’s
about it on that not to power it what’s going this big until they’re just a 12
volt DC wall wart and I’m pretty sure my wife or my kids are looking for their
favorite toys wall charger and I’ve got it out here in the shop and the luckily
though I’ve got probably 20 of these things that I could probably find one
that fit whatever it is they’re they’re needing but maybe they won’t watch this
video maybe not the next thing I want to go
over to this switch right here the switch is a double pole double throw
three position switch so that what that means is you know if you’re all the way
down your this is gonna spin say clockwise if you’re all the way up it’s
going to spin counterclockwise if you’re in this
it’s gonna be off about this switch own eBay and I believe it came in at 2-pack
I checked the other day and for two of these was 249 $2.49 it’s a little
smaller and I thought it was going to be like on the screen when I bought it I
thought was gonna be little bit bigger but anyways it works but you know I
guess I should have checked sizes and it’s all a metric to so I’m not really
good on metric but you know it’s a lot smaller I thought it was gonna be
anyways that’s about it other than that one thing I would change about that
though and I’ll go through this right quick is instead of this being on my
polarity switch which reverses my motor and does all that stuff I was you should
move this stuff back back here and I saw somebody do that on YouTube but I can’t
remember who it was after I built this and it was a really good idea because I
mean if you’re sitting there and you’re you’re winding and sailing one one one
way and you cut it off and you actually come back and go the other way you’re
gonna own mind everything you just wound on and make a mess so you can move this
switch to the back have your polarity in the back and just put a regular on/off
switch right here this switch to when you wire it you can even get online and
look up a schematic or a pin out for the back of a double pole double throw
switch to reverse motor and it’ll show you where wires go what wires are the
motor everything it’s pretty self-explanatory to wire that up this
little rider here I’ll body that loes it’s a 3/16 rod and these are shaft
couplings there right chef collars chef collars I believe about the rod and five
colors I’m gonna say for probably hundred five dollars to you as well and
all I did was this rod goes through this side and it comes out to this side and
then I mounted a and I can see that or not but I mounted a collar right there
and amount of the collar over here to hold this from moving back and forth and
in a manner one on the outside for added protection and then these two are
adjustable where I can line up with my bobbin so
that I don’t overshoot my pickup as I’m winding it uh the other thing I would
change on it would be this thing right here’s a little it’s a little close to
the bottom once you put the bobbin on here I mean it works but it might be a
little bit easier on me when I start now it works I mean it’s you’re this far
from it as its winding if you could maybe build something out here a little
bit to get you farther away from it and let me move this up a little bit or you
know you could be out here guiding it and it’s not as much of a the wires not
popping as much as it’s going through your hand not something you might want
to add yours this counter I would move it out of here and maybe mounted on the
top maybe cut a hole here and mount it or angle it or do something because the
problem is is when you’re winding even if you’re sitting down there’s not being
a lighted digital counter and if you kind of got a kneel down or you got a
pitch your head to the side has your whinin to see kind of where you’re at
sometimes that can be you know anytime you’re dancing with that can can can
mess you up so that’d be something I would change I’d move that up to the top
or angle it or do something different with that I’m gonna cut it on right
quick and let you let you see it running see what you think about it and make
sure everything’s up here to where everything all right so we’re gonna
reset our counter make sure you can see that okay you see the counter there now
all right so I’m gonna cut it on okay you can hear the motor humming motor
gets a little hum to it and as you slowly cut it on it’ll start spinning
you know one thing I found once it starts spinning you can slow it
down and I’m still running it just has it’s kind of like a you know it will
want to start at first but once it starts it looks good and so spin it off
cut it up for a second I was wondering while the
thing with accountant but I had it open it’s got a pause button right here but
see if you can see that you can see it counting it has a little bit of
vibration to it but it’s it’s not a lot and you could probably go through I’m
going to show you in a minute the Bob and to you know kind of let you go
through where it might be how you could do it and maybe do it differently
something a bit go in reverse put the switch up you can cut it off let’s see
what I was saying about that switch now is the you know if you’re you’re winding
this way and you come up and cut it off and I go back that way I’m gonna it would be something want to change in
yours let me show you this bobbin that clear this is just a piece of half-inch
power wood and I cut it out on my CNC machine and it’s just just a square
basically you could cut it out of a block of wood if you want to do however
you want to bid it I drilled a hole in the middle and then I drilled a hole
through the top and then tapped it and then just met to where I could put this
on there and I mounted the magnet on it and then I put a little bit of a
counterbalance over here on this side and it’s not totally balanced at all but
it mean for what I the speeds that are a Pat I just the space that I wrap that
it’s this really not affected me but you could take this thing and balance it
however you want or make it out of something like MDF or something that’s
maybe a little more balanced and stuff but that’s that’s really yeah I mean I
went over the motor fifteen to twenty dollars the counter
$12.49 the speaking trailer was five bucks this was two dollars that was five
dollars so you could I mean you can see where you
can save a lot of money getting start to get started you know get started with
something and start making pickups the wood on this thing is just some some
scrap pieces of plywood that I had laying around and when I first when I
first built it and designed it I figured I was we need a motor mount which ended
up not needing and I was gonna mount this you know right in here to hold the
axe will hold the motor but I cut that hole the hole was cut so good that when
it’s stuck in there just I mean it’s held in there good it ain’t coming out
do i I mean enough enough to pick up so if you have any questions just leave
them in the comments I really appreciate you watching my first youtube video if I
did something something’s wrong on here or if you see an idea that makes
something better leave me a comment or send me an email or anything I don’t
care and bad criticism if you want to take it way also if you if I did
something totally wrong please tell me and just leave it in the comments and I
hope you subscribe I’m gonna have some more videos I’m gonna go through a lot
of stuff that I’ve built in the shop different tools and machinery that I’ve
built to save money you know that’s that’s the most important thing do what
you love and say below mine the same time but thanks for watching guys I hope
you have a good day


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