who else goes into Target for like one thing and they end up with their total being like $200 I’m like not one bag so we’re here at Target now let me build this wardrobe just tell your favorite internet stylist its back with another fashion video oh my gosh that was so corny I see that you’re interested in how to build a wardrobe from items from Target so whether you’re on a budget or not I really do think that target has some really great pieces like some really great basic pieces so if you guys are familiar with my 10 closet essentials video then you know exactly what those basics are if you haven’t watched that video I would highly recommend to go watch that first so you can hit right here so I just wanted to share some quick tips before jumping into this little rack that I pulled we are gonna create a ton I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but this is all from Target and we are gonna try to make as many outfits as we can for different occasions so I’m really excited to share that with you but I did want to just kind of quickly do some little shopping tips some oat tips Hot Tips you know I’m trying to really play up with the pepper so I really would recommend buying basics like I’m saying you guys are gonna see a lot of these classic items right on this rack but then you can also spot some like fun trendy things so the trendy items like plaid all those kind of pieces that I mentioned in my trend forecasting videos I would definitely recommend to wait for those items to go on sale Target literally rolls out sales like every three weeks I could you not maybe every two weeks first it’s like 30% off and then like you go the next week and they’re like 60% off it’s kind of insane honestly worth just waiting a little bit longer I mean it’s still gonna be in season you know what I mean so first I’m just gonna walk you through the rack and then we’ll go ahead and start building some outfit see how many we can get out of here to start with what I have on the white t-shirt is such a great find from Target $8.00 you guys and it’s a really great fit it’s like a relaxed fit I love a crewneck but definitely feel free to choose whichever neckline you want they have so many I’m gonna have all of the pieces that I show you guys today listed in the description box if you want to check them up for yourself but definitely I would say to go in because we all have different body types maybe if you are busty or you want to accentuate your chest or it’s just like more of a flattering fit sometimes so you can go ahead and do a v-neck kind of Dan thank you so then I also have on these denim jeans I wouldn’t really really recommend buying jeans from Target but you know what lately they have been upping their game I’m just really small petite so sometimes the jeans don’t really fit me like these ones they fit me I can get away with it but it’s not my most flattering pair it’s not something that I’m gonna be reaching for the mo just because it’s affordable if I’m not reaching for it it’s still a waste to me but if you are plus-sized if you are curvy I would definitely recommend shopping denim at Target because they have those sizes and they’re actually really nice quality like these feel great the material is nice the finishes are nice they still feel very modern I picked up this little black turtleneck and this one was only $12 gonna really carry your winter wardrobe your fall wardrobe a lot and if it is really your style they have some other ones that are a bit more luxury that meets up for like $30 and they are great they really are it feels so cozy here is a trendy item that I was talking about as well I wanted to have some fun building a wardrobe and having like kind of I’ve heard them too called like capsule wardrobes I just cone like your personal style and like your go-to s but I’ve been hearing this like capsule wardrobe you can still have fun with it like I don’t think it has to be so cut and paste if that makes sense I’m getting these you know four items from Pinterest and like this is like the combinations like no I’m just showing you this for inspo but I would definitely say like mix in some personality or else you’re gonna look a little bit black and I picked up the teddy bear jacket from the who what where collection and the hula wear collection I would definitely recommend they have a lot of really great like of the moment but just a little more dressy so those will be a lot of great pieces to just dress up and elevate your look a little bit so another one that I wanted to grab and this is also from the hula or collection so this is just like a nice little cozy black sweater it has some details here with like a puff sleeve so this again you can wear so much I feel like this is a great like work sweater if you workout in office because it’s always like freaking cold in offices right so this is gonna be nice and cozy for you and it still feels very professional very chic and classy like you are making money moves then you have this guy to which I feel like it’s also very work where appropriate again this is like almost like an echo of my 10 closet essentials because I feel like at Target they have the closet essentials they have really great work wear but then again just mixing it up I can go on and on so this one I found as well which is going to be a great one to dress down to dress up for work so this was only 11 dollars next up we have this blazer which I love this one was a little bit more of a splurge for me this one was 40 bucks but it’s a classic black and it has this little rain detail which I feel like sets it apart from just a basic ass blazer try to find things that are more your personality this is like another who wear collection pop of color was so nice so that is another thing you know with these kind of capsule wardrobes it’s nice when all of the colors kind of work together it just makes it really easy for you because everything goes at the end of the day everything goes this is so cute for a winter open it’s so cozy it’s super warm maybe a little too warm for LA so I thought I wasn’t gonna make any office with this but maybe we will I really like this little jacket I feel like you can definitely get so much use out of it if you can keep it clean another thing that I wanted to point out were slip dresses I think to be using more the Swan but I just brought this one up too in case you’re more of like the sexy type getting slips at Target they have so many I really love pains there I really love assets by Spanx so this one is assets by Spanx and then this one oh this I love Gillian whatever you know that Gillian and go again whatever I wanted to kind of play around with this I was thinking like we can make this a little bit more of a load tone is nice because it’s just gonna suck everything in so if you pair this under a dress it’s just gonna smooth out your whole body I really like to wear things like that because then I don’t have to worry about like I know my lines bra lines any kind of lines that I got going on it’s just all and then I also got grabbed some black jeans to make some really cool outfit this one is the highrise kick boot cut so it’s again a little bit more modern it’s not just like a basic I like to have fun with fashion you should do and then also what I grabbed were these trousers which I love I feel like they’re the kind of material where it’s so nice when you do it casual with sneakers it doesn’t read to dull where you can’t dress it up so like I can show up pair of these and it’s gonna read and that’s the beauty with black you know I’m going to show you guys how to make some really great outfits with that and then this I found on sale as well do they have like a really good sale when I went this was only eight dollars mainly got it because it’s like super my style with like the puff sleeves but we can make it very like Reformation this little set was super cute I can just pair it with like a white t-shirt and my sneakers like Reeboks or my Air Force Ones or something like that and I have a freaking look a little street style look throw on a bum bag and watch out the photos from New York Fashion Week are going to be coming for you like I mentioned in my trend for custom video utility type jumpsuits are super and and a really nice one you guys the material of this feels great this one retails for $40 I’m sure by the time this video goes up it might be on sale so look out for that but it’s such a great one I feel like a safari like a chic safari girl so let’s go ahead and get started with the Tryon so first up is a denim and t-shirt I’m gonna be using this as a base for a few outfits here these little white booties are also from Target which I really like it was the only ones that I found that were super cute so I’m throwing on the teddy bear coat and I also threw on a belt as well and a little red bag let’s also from Target and then I switched it up again another bag and plaid jacket and then I’m just throwing on a blazer and so then we just take off that white t-shirt we can even try to tuck this into our jeans this is like a really nice thin material actually and then I’m just gonna throw on some heels these little bitchier heels from Zara I couldn’t find really like great great shoes from Target at least that I would wear again and again and again just those little white booties but if you guys find things that you like go for it it’s just not really my recommendation I’m like ready for like a night out I always dress up denim to go out it’s like my favorite thing I keep throwing some earrings so this is another little outfit that I would wear to go out and no one would probably know it’s from Target would you throw on these black crop G’s pink you know so that’s really cute I really love this outfit too you know people are like cute but cash this is like a step up from that I feel like because you’re still really comfortable so the main thing that I want you to take away from this video is that you can mix and match the same pieces and wear them in so many ways and you can score them all at Target I think the key is really to have great accessories and shoes like a few of these basic items a few things that speak to your personal style whether it be with color a silhou at that stupor you and you can get a lot of yousa because you love it that damn much or something trendy where it’s gonna make your basic black pants that you’ve worn a hundred times feel fresh and new and current I think target really hits the mark with that and that’s why I wanted to do this video like how to build a wardrobe with it and you can do this seasonally so there we go and we have ourselves a little Amy so I’m doing that because I can’t find the other shoe of it it’s around you get the idea a little loafer and then this I would add heel so now do you see how it really does come down to the accessories you guys literally target yo okay like invited all the possible combos this video would be like an hour long so you see another combo in there and you want to be helpful then go ahead and add a comment and you can say hey this could go with this too and this can go with that you know if I love hearing from you guys and I know a lot of you guys are in fashion and want to be stylist so putting some outfits together and helping out my little community I swear but not so many of you guys and I wish we could all hang out cuz we would all be like the best of friends so talk to each other in the comments you guys are more alike than you think this is such an Amy outfit I feel myself I’m feeling myself like I feel like we’re gonna get fancy and add some saline full target outfit and a Selene Selene glasses that’s how we roll around here so yeah just there on some sneakers I love these you can throw on a little Baumer again but tuck the collar in or should we put it up sometimes tucking it out to me looks kind of cheesy I think yeah it’s kind of dorky we’re ready for school you know you hate this boner you’re like Amy if you bring that out one more time which I am by the way you can do this which I feel like it’s so ecology and you have on this like bitch face so maybe you need some shade you weren’t supposed to go out but your friends dragged you to so now you gotta wear frickin sunglasses inside and they’re trying to teach you about economics that’s this look I’m gonna do like what every freaking capsule wardrobe does I had to learn what a capsule wardrobe was actually before filming this and then when I saw the pieces I’m like well yeah they are classics but they just made them feel so like boring so you can do that if you guys like your style but and if you really want to get cheesy with it you can even take this out I guess it’s because I’m not very preppy but if you’re a preppy more power to you girl I feel like Ellen that’s why I literally feel like Ellen in this outfit no offense to Ellen I love her but it’s just not my vibe okay how can I make this cool honestly just changing shoes you can’t eat that okay so I just put on these snake print to try to make it more me but honestly I just like don’t feel like this is me obviously this goes super easy super comfortable though these might be like some really cool work ideas for you guys out there so there is probably like a work somebody’s work but not like the most creative but they’re all week on throw this on and it already adds so much right so I’m in front of your accessories make this bit a bit cooler with the leather jacket sneakers I mean you could do this too maybe if you want to make it a little more casual just be a little bit more I feel like this is one of those outfits where you’re like in a rush you don’t want to think about it you just want to look put together and you’re out the door sneakers or you want a really really cool people just put on the comfortable bootie these didn’t seem not fit me I feel like it makes me look wide right here because it’s so light you know what I mean it’s just not the best pair you see how it’s really light right here and this is already the widest part of my body and it’s drawing that line know you can do loafers you can do this I mean the shoes really take it up to another level we’re just like ready you know we’re not trying to be bothered we’re just trying to get our ice coffee first and move on very cute College outfit if you want to dress it down just add some sneakers and here’s our little I love this isn’t this bag the cutest so okay if I had a black bra like ignore this going you know what I’m just gonna take it off her and I put nothing on underneath I like to keep it very open because I feel like it’s more sleek that way it’s a little outing I love this blazer it is such a fun pop of color that’s cool right this is another one that I’m going to be sporting soon I love this so we’re still keeping it cute I just have like more of an unexpected vibe like sporty and then this feet a little bit more dressy oh my god I feel like Steve Jobs right now I needed that I wanted something so we can throw this one again for a more Diana Princess Diana vibe and if you want you can get leggings from Target and cut them into biker shorts because I don’t know if they have the biker shorts at a month they might I didn’t really look and I’m those like little cool outfits that you’ve probably been seeing see it when it has a neck like this that’s why would I do like the collared shirt with it but when it has a neck like this I think it looks nice when there’s like a turtleneck that goes up I like how the complements that yeah and like this a lot oh I love how the black ties into that so I can do this like a little bit more dressy maybe throw on like a red lip you know again I think this is like a really cute little work outfit but if you maybe you want to be a bit more casual this is how you can make it casual so there is how you make it a little bit more chill I would definitely throw on some like gold chain necklaces but because I do want to kind of get through this video you guys can accessorize it how you will you don’t even have to wear those together you know that sets together I think this could be a cool match with again the sneakers or some black booties if you smooth it out you could do it trust I’ve done it before you can also have like a cool little work wear with loafers or with heels again and have them be loafers No thank you because this is so big in the panther wide so you need to do like some kind of a heel so it still doesn’t look too sloppy yeah but I feel like this totally works too and then you can also add like your own well I need to choose other boats I’m so over this belt myself but it’s here is it something like that and it kind of changes the vibe and at least you won’t get sick of your own clothes you can pair it in different ways so that’s kind of the nice being what sets you saw me Unabomber and different lanes and I you see me these tests in different ways so this is the little spank assets dress it’s a nice one to really help smooth everything if you’re wearing a dress or anything like form-fitting underneath if you find like a men’s blazer honestly at the service or – you could do it with that – I thought I could make it work I’m like well like one toe in the water like is it too too short okay yeah so this one is like a little bit more risky if you don’t want to do that then you can just throw on so obviously you don’t have to keep that shape where but this is like another fun little look big deal and it’s all from Target except for the accessories a personal style it’s literally like you can shop anywhere and you can figure out how to make them your own you can look at their runway trends and figure out how that translates into your own because it is super inspiring it’s not like I’m oh my god I have to have the latest and greatest and like need to be in style I can need to be on trend that’s not like how I feel about fashion at all I just look at it and I’m like oh my gosh I love that like I’m so inspired by it how can I make that my own so I really hope you guys are getting that translated through my videos feel like we’ve been here all day oh my god I mean you’re here this long I think you should hit the subscribe button we did nothing with this but you can treat it the same way there’s so much that we could really do I could have done it with this together I could have done this together with booties this together I kind of done obviously this together and then throwing on that with some black booties obviously this is literally Jane kind of thing but I feel like these make it a little bit more fun so that could have been really cool actually with the snake print it could be nice you know you guys always want try on some stuff but damn I’m tired tried this with the dress and remember this one was like way too short but let’s just see what it looks like no we’re not doing like I take this one out of your memory so that is this Jim yeah just in case you guys were wondering what it looks like on I’ll try this last one on for you I feel like I could have done more combos I feel like a failure alright so that is all of the outfits you guys count them for me let me know in the comments down below I’m sure there’s some discrepancies I’m gonna be like no no no I switch to the shoes that’s a new outfit I really hope you guys enjoyed this and Target great I’m glad you guys have some good stuff at an affordable price I’ve always been a strong believer in working with what you have I feel like style has no budget style has no size and I feel like Target really hits the mark on both of those as far as being inclusive in size wise and budget-friendly and they put on so many sales cuz sometimes I’m like 40 dollars for this target thing No so that’s why I wait until it goes on sales maybe I’m like super cheap and I just I’m just realizing that no I know I’m super cheap so I really hope you guys enjoyed all of the outfit what is the count let me know though I can’t wait to see you guys in the next shopping location let’s see where should we go next bye


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