How to Build a Website for FREE – Setting Up Affiliate Blog Tutorial

what’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG
meeting innovation and today I want to bring you some great content if you’re
new to the channel it’s full of digital marketing tips
ecommerce insights and really step-by-step how-to content for any
aspiring entrepreneur that wants to make money online so if you’re new to the
channel go and hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss anything and with that
being said we’re just gonna jump right in alright guys today we are going to be
setting up a website 100% for free using Wix now I’m gonna walk you through the
entire process it’s gonna be very very simple will sign up you know and we’ll
get you going now there’s a lot of different reasons that you might want to
you know set up a website in 2018 maybe you’re trying to build a brand and you
see here that you know obviously my website is built and geared around my
brand BG media innovation you know I saw my courses here I you know Kyle coaching
obviously even though I haven’t really been doing that lately I saw a lot of
different things I promote my youtube channel all my social media I give my
dropshipping courses when I collect emails that way there’s a lot of
different things and reasons that you might want to you know create up up up
excuse me a web site you know maybe you have affiliate links and you’ll see here
that you know some of the things that I have are affiliate links I recommend
certain products I recommend certain software that I use i also recommend
books and just to give you an example here we’ll click on one of the books and
you’ll notice that i recommend these books maybe if you buy relentless from
Tim Grover or by Tim Grover for my website I get a small commission on that
it’s very very small with books by the way but there’s a lot of different
reasons why you might want to host a website and you can do that 100% for
free believe it or not you don’t need to pay for the service you don’t need to
pay for you know any any server or anything like that you don’t need to pay
for a URL or a domain name so to speak you can do it 100% for free and I’m
gonna walk you through that entire process here today now if you’re
interested in you know the the ins and outs and and the you know specific
nuances of why you might need a paid website or you want to set up a website
that looks a little bit like this and is not you know – it doesn’t have that
water market and there’s a lot of different reasons why you want to pay
you know website to set your brand up but if you’re just getting started you
can set up a free website and then kind of move on to that later
but I just wanted to plug that because I actually have an entire course teaching
you how to build your own website and that’s called how to build your own
website literally nothing nothing crazy there that would be the first link in
the description as always I teach people you know how to do that online
so I’m gonna give you example of an actual free website now this is the
actual website and you’ll notice that actually is pretty decent mine this is
literally the first website I ever created and
only thing here that is different everything works they’re all Clerk
clickable links all working links ignored kind of like the you know the
ugly presentation here this first website ever created but the only notice
the only thing with a free website are these watermarks so you’ll see this
watermark on bottom and said this site was created with Wix because it’s not
paid and you’ll also see this create your site your own Wix site right here
the only two distinctions between a paid site and a free site so if you’re trying
to build a brand obviously that might look a little bit cheap but if you’re
trying to do something like an affiliate blog you know then that’s 100 percent
you know easy to do you don’t need to spend any money and I actually have an
entire course on creating an affiliate blog that that can you know rank you SEO
wise that can make you a lot of money when you send traffic that way you know
generate traffic using free methods and so on and so forth you can literally set
up an affiliate blog which is basically what we’re gonna do here but just a lot
a lot more in-depth than some of the ins and outs and specific nuances of doing
that I have an entire course on that it’s called how to generate passive
income with no initial funds because you simply need no initial funds to do it
it’s a best-seller on udemy for a reason that will be also linked in the
description if you’re interested in that course go ahead and check that out it
can really pay dividends for you in a lot of different ways but I kind of
wanted to give you an example of a free site to show you that you know this this
your free site can look legit in a lot of different ways you know and it’s 100
cent working and easy to set up and we’re going to go through that process
today here with you so as always want me to give you a little bit of value kind
of touch on the reasons why you might want that and need that and then you
know with that being said regardless your reason we’re just gonna get started
so here we are on Wix now I will have an affiliate link in the description to
join Wix if you’re interested in you know obviously hopping on Wix you don’t
need to you know basically pay for it right off the bat but if you ever do
upgrade obviously I got affiliate Commission so that’s great for me I
think the affiliate Commission is literally one of the biggest affiliate
Commission’s that you know obviously helps the channel I think I get like a
hundred bucks even though you don’t pay a hundred bucks you pay monthly I think
it you can pay monthly as little as like 16 bucks for your Wix website and that
is not what we’re doing here by the way I’m just plugging an affiliate link to
let you know full disclosure so there’ll be an affiliate link if you want to
click that link go to Wix and then still do this for
free that’d be great I’d really appreciate it it would help the channel
obviously because if and when you do upgrade to a paid account I get an
affiliate commission of $100 so you know last plug for that but I’d obviously
appreciate it we’re just gonna hit get started now
here we are getting started so we’re gonna hit sign up because we obviously
don’t have one now here’s where most people you know this is one of the
things I want to touch on because it’s important let’s say for an example and
like I said you can be going you can be doing anything across the board but for
this specific example we’re gonna set up a free affiliate blog so the thing that
you want to keep in mind when you’re sending an affiliate blog is the email
that you use is actually going to be used in the URL of your website so if I
make my email you know BG media innovation
well then Wix is gonna take that on the free web site and make the URL and so
you’ll see here just to give me an example um if you go to my normal site
Jesus PG media innovation com that’s the URL so if I put BG media innovation comm
into this website right here chances are they’re going to use some form of BG
media innovation in the the URL on your free website so it will make it look
more legit so it doesn’t just look like you have a HTTPS blah blah blah a Twix
site blah blah blah with numbers it will give you a little bit more page
Authority when people look up at the URL and it actually looks like it’s a
legitimate URL so that’s something to keep in mind for the specific example I
suggest that you that you keep in mind what your affiliate blog is going to be
so you know I used the example of baseball all the time maybe it’s a
fitness blog maybe you’re selling Amazon stuff and you’re doing a review maybe
you’re doing like you know tech reviews so in that case you might want to you
know obviously you’re gonna need an email it’s very very easy to get an
email you can set one up on Gmail you can set what I’m on Yahoo Zoho there’s a
million different esps out there which if you don’t know
our email service providers there’s a million just set an email up and then
use that just keep in mind that you do want to put your email in here because
it’s going to like I said be using your your URL so for example if I were gonna
do this I would Mason if I were gonna do passive income which isn’t one that I
use a lot I have passive income online at GM XCOM that
an email that I would want to use because passive income online would
probably be used in my URL and if I could pull up here really fast to show
you an example of one of the blocks that I’ve set up in the past income online
that looks like calm I don’t know if this is actually gonna be live right now
passive income for that slash home I don’t really remember what
it is there we go here it is so this is an example so
you’ll see here that when I signed up with that in the past because this is
what was my old affiliate blog that was 100 cent for free you’ll see here that
has a create Wix site it’s got the two watermarks but it’s 100% for free and I
used to sell a lot of different things on here and make affiliate Commission’s
on this blog which is basically what we’re going to be set up here so if you
click on this for example I used to promote you know if it’s gonna click
Kevin David’s Amazon affiliate ninja course and people come here they’d read
this and essentially if they click my link I’d make a commission I made a lot
of money actually just by this this simple blog alone and this is what we’re
basically going to be set up now you can also do affiliate links in the form of
recommended products stuff like that you’ll see here
this is an old one and not necessarily the best example because it’s one of the
first ones that I’ve ever set up but I just kind of wanted to give you an idea
that this clearly is the URL right here passive income online for quick site it
just looks a little bit more legit you know when you put your email into this
sign up when you actually do that so we’re gonna sign up real fast okay so I
just created a yahoo email that kind of centers around the same type of niche
like passive income online and I got that at make money today 22 a
so we’ll see what you know they obviously throw how they throw that into
my URL to make you know what that looks like so I’m gonna obviously type that in
then I’ll type some passwords in here and then we are going to sign up now
once this loads you can pick whatever you want so if you’re looking for just
like an online store if you’re looking now keep in mind if you do you do online
store that is something that you’ll have to upgrade but if you’re just looking to
create like a normal website you can make your own
store but what I’m saying is you can’t sell anything unless you upgrade you can
put music on 100 sent for free but you can also put music on a blog I’ve done
that before too you know you can make up just a normal business one but for the
sake of this we’re going to do blog so you can do the Wix Adi I’m gonna do the
Wix editor it’s really really simple Adi is very simple as well it’s a little bit
more beginner friendly if you’re looking to set up but since I’ve done this a
million times I’m gonna do just choose a template with the Wix editor now you can
do a million different things basically you want to look for a theme that speaks
to you there’s a bunch of different ones that are cool for the sake of just
keeping it simple I’m gonna do Stu traveler blog I don’t know what 12 hour
is but I’m gonna do the traveler blog here you can pick whatever one they
they’re pretty much all drag and dropping really simple just pick one
that speaks to you that you like before you actually click it you can obviously
view it so you don’t have to choose it unless you’re 100 cent positive that you
like it but then once you are you simply just hit you know edit now it’s gonna
open this up and as soon as it’s done processing and setting it up we will get
right to work it’s very very simple you know regardless of how you want to set
yours up its drag-and-drop and pretty self-explanatory you can add text you
can add pictures and I’ll show you that in a second you can also add and and you
know delete different pages it’s pretty pretty self-explanatory but that’s how
you get your your um your website guys so if you look just to give you an
example this is pretty much set up you can obviously click into click stop and
delete them if you don’t want this well you could usually looks like it’s still
loading there you go you know if I don’t want this picture I
can delete it so on and so forth if I want to change this background I can
simply click in here and you know change the background it’s pretty easy
change the text double click in there I go through all this stuff in my in my
course so like I said before if you’re interested in checking out how to
actually do this whether you want to set up a free blog like we’re going here and
like really maximize your earning potential with a free blog that will be
the course that’s called how to generate passive income with no initial funds if
you’re looking to set up a website that’s paid obviously like I you know I
have a bunch of different paid webs it’s too regardless of what you’re
trying to do I have a course called how to build sorry how to build your own
website too so it’s just the difference between free and paid but like I said
you don’t need to pay for anything it’s still 100% works now if you’re looking
to go to a different page you can obviously delete these pages up here you
know you can click your down menu and that will show you all the pages and
really that’s how you do it guys that’s the gist of it I’m not gonna walk you
through you know the entire process of setting up your website because it’s
pretty you know it allows you to personalize whatever you want to do and
I’ll let you have that creative power but once you’re done obviously you want
to keep saving it throughout the process you can preview it if you want but once
you’re done just obviously simple simple obviously hits hit simply hit publish
and that’s the basis of it and then once you publish your site it will be live so
to give you an example once I hit publish I’ll save it and continue it and
let’s just assume that I created everything and I was done here and
you’ll also notice that it’s really easy once you set up another little caveat
it’s really easy to to manage your blog here so go away so if you go to – um
where is the blog menus of pages and then blog and then once you click in
your blog you can literally just edit your blog posts it’s very very very easy
Wix has made it super easy for you guys to set up a blog especially keep it free
so I’m gonna demonstrate you know what it actually looks like obviously we
didn’t change anything but this is basically just setting up a 100% free
blog you know that you guys can pretty much host whatever you want whether
that’s affiliate links whether that’s videos whether that’s you know just
posts that you places that you can send traffic whatever it is I just wanted to
bring you some content today that would allow you to set up a website for free
because obviously when you set up a website the paid version will give you a
little bit more freedom and it will look better but you can set up there’s this
misconception that you have to pay outrageous amounts of money and need you
know software engineering skills to set up a website and it’s just simply not
true you can set up a website 100 for free it will look legit the only thing
that’s that’s the issue is you have these two slight little water marks
but if you’re setting up an affiliate blog it really doesn’t matter that much
guys so I hope you guys like this video I put a lot of thought into you know
what videos I can I can you know create that can bring you some value and I hope
that this was a great way to bring you guys some value today because I know
there’s a lot of people out there that want to create their own websites for
whatever reason and I wanted to kind of simplify that process for you and more
importantly let you know that you can do it for free
so if you like this video if you like the content obviously like the video it
really helps the channel grow I’d appreciate if you shared it with a
friend or you know obviously shared it on social media or something like that a
lot of people can benefit from you know learning this information and realizing
that it’s possible and that making money online isn’t that hard if you know how
to do it and you’re willing to put the work in so like I said like the video it
really helps channel grow comment down below and let me know what you guys want
to see from this channel going forward I’ve been doing a video every single day
so I’m obviously looking for great content ideas let me know what you want
to see going forward and with that being said I’m gonna end it here and I will
see you guys tomorrow


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