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How to build an affiliate marketing business the right way | Partner With Anthony in this video I’m gonna show you how to
build your own affiliate marketing business the right way hey everyone Nate Valline here with welcome to my video like I said in this video
I’m gonna show you how to build and structure your own affiliate marketing
business the right way but before I get into this I quickly want to say that if
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get your side hustle on or even just improve your skills as a marketer so
affiliate marketing if you’re not familiar with what affiliate marketing
really is it’s the promotion I’m sorry the
promotion of other people’s products and services took for a commission so
basically what you’re doing is introducing leads or prospects to
another person’s product or service and if they decide to buy through your
affiliate link you receive a commission for that introduction and now there’s
definitely the right way and wrong way to do this the wrong way is basically
just sending all these leads directly to the sales page of this other person or
prod company’s product so what I’m gonna do is get into my computer here real
quick and show you I’ll kind of diagram out the correct way to structure your
affiliate business that will give you long-term success so I’ll get into my
computer here hold on one second and so like I said there’s a wrong way in a
right way to do this the wrong way is is you’d have a sales page for whatever
promotion it is you’re promoting right and when people get that you introduce
to the sale page by through your link then you earn money alright that’s the
goal you want people to land on that sales page and buy so that you can earn
that commission so like I said the wrong way to do it is to send leads or traffic
sorry traffic
directly to that page this is a big no-no you do not want to do that that is
short-term thinking that does not create any long-term benefits for you instead
what you you want to do is as you drive drive traffic you first want to send
them to what is called an opt-in page and on this page there is a box where
they can your leads can enter in their email address when they enter in their
email email address hit submit two things happen the first thing is is
their email is sent to your email list then the second thing that happens is
it’s they are your visitor is directed to a second page a thank-you page where
you can pre frame them you can give them additional information you might offer
them a bonus you can put your face in front of them to start branding yourself
as well and then once they complete an action click a button or after a certain
amount of time you they are redirected to the sales page where then the the
sales page which is provided by the product owner then provides the sales
language and then if they buy you get money right that’s the goal so this is
the basic flow so basically what’s happening right here so you’re sending
traffic here this is traffic and so when they hit here like I said they enter
their email address then they go to a thank you page sales page if they buy he
get money and then also when they opt-in you get their email list now the email
list this is what’s important right here this is super important
the reason this is important is because this becomes your business asset this is
yours this is something you get to keep you have control over and you can do
basically whatever you want with as long as it hits within ethical standards
right so what happens is say for example you’re sending a hundred people 100
leads to your opt-in page typically you know an average opt-in rate which is
decent you know say maybe 40 people put in their email address right so that’s
40 people or then direct it to the Thank You page and those forty people those
forty email addresses get put in your list right from the thank you page you
might have a little bit more fall off so you know for easy math math let’s say
twenty complete the action or whatever and then they are directed to the sales
page so this loss between here this loss toss sorry this loss of twenty people
you still have their twenty email addresses down in your list so of these
twenty people that made it to the sales page you know maybe some by maybe some
don’t but the ones that don’t you have them in this email list and now you can
send them follow-up emails alright so and these flow emails that looks more
like a you know then can relay additional information and send them
back to the sales page so by doing this now you know you send out these emails
to the forty people now maybe another twenty people click and head to the
sales page so that improves your chance to increase your
conversions and earn more money so this basic model here this is your business
this is your affiliate affiliate sorry business you have your asset your
business asset that you can continue to market to you can introduce them to
additional products and services that you may be promoting you get full
control of this these opt-in pages – these are also assets as well you get to
own those and what happens is as you create more opt-in pages you may want to
start testing to see if you can improve this number so you want to always be
testing so that you optimize your conversion rates from your opt-in rate
to your sales conversion so that you earn more money that is the goal that is
the game of affiliate marketing in other words and so with this structure there
are just a few tools that you would need that’s why it’s so so little cost to get
into this business but you need an autoresponder to house and manage your
email list for the opt-in pages and Thank You pages you need a funnel
builder page and then to track the performance of your traffic and your
conversions you need a tracking software so really you only need three tools to
get your business up and running the correct way and so this is something
that can easily be put together as you go through and structure and build your
business now like I said this is just a quick overview you can get create this
to be much more in-depth involved you can start funnel stacking you can create
different autoresponder message sequences automations
you can change up the flow a little bit depending on your experience on how your
funnels are performing but with that you want to make sure you know what you’re
doing you want to start with the basics this is the basic setup that you want to
start with and strive for but if you really want to learn how to do this the
correct way there are many top leading industry professionals out there that
are creating these great training programs one of which is one that I’ve
partnered with and I’ve been going through his training and it’s been
spectacular and I’d like to show that with you now so I’m just gonna minimize
this and pull this up here so this program that I’m talking about it was
developed by anthony morrison and it’s called partner with anthony and
basically that’s what you’re doing you’re partnering with him he’s sharing
his business with you how to create your own affiliate marketing business the
right way kind of like I showed you and through all his training he’s sharing
with you the tools that he uses so the tracking services autoresponders the
funnel builder software the ones that he actually uses he shares those with you
and tells you recommends those for you as well and then he also shares email
swipes and actual opt-in pages that he uses he talks to you about the different
traffic that you can use to drive leads to your products or promotions that
you’re offering and so it’s really great program its laid out and very easy to
follow format anthony morrison is a great teacher he’s been teaching for
quite a while but you can see they’re broken down into date just different
daily sessions and each session is then broken down into easy-to-swallow modules
and so these modules they’re all video recording trainings some talk about
mindset others talk about strategy and tactics and others are
actual over-the-shoulder training that you can follow along and implement while
you build and grow your business so you know this is a program that I’m excited
about I’m seeing some positive momentum going for me
it creates an ecosystem that is fantastic because part of this ecosystem
that’s so great is that it allows you to earn multiple strains of streams of
income so when you know I’ve been talking about these marketing tools to
tracking the autoresponder and the funnel building program you can when you
sign up for them you get to become an affiliate with those programs and as you
promote you then can earn commissions when people you sign up under your
affiliate link as well so you get to earn from different streams of income as
you grow your business as well which just multiplies the Commission’s that
you earn so if this is something that you’re interested in if you want to
learn to build your business the right way from someone that knows what he’s
doing and how to teach it then this should be a program that you should
check out and to do so I have to do is click the first link in the description
below that’ll take you to the page where you can get more information and you can
get joined up straight from there so I’m gonna wrap this up I hope you got some
value out of this video if you did please give me a thumbs up or liked or
share you have any questions or comments also leave those in the description
below I’ll be happy to answer them and again if you’re new to my channel make
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check out that first link in my description and I’ll see you in the next
video thanks have a good day bye How to build an affiliate marketing business the right way | Partner With Anthony

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