How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Funnel In 10 Minutes (Beginner Friendly)

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to get another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be showing you how to build an entire affiliate marketing
funnel in just under ten minutes but that’s something you want to do stick
around to the end of the video so you can find out how before we get into that
though guys if you’re new to the channel and please subscribe right now for brand
new videos every single day and with that being said we’re gonna dive into my
computer right now so I can show you guys how to build this funnel alright
guys in my computer as you can see we were on clickfunnels comm because that
is actually the platform we’re going to be using to build out our funnel but
guys if you don’t have a clickfunnels account yet there’ll be a link at the
top of the description to get a two week free trial so go ahead and sign up for
that and then come back and watch the rest of this video you’re gonna need
that to actually make this funnel with that being said guys when dive straight
into it we’re going to the final section like build funnel of course we’re
actually doing guys is ready building the type of funnel we’re actually be
collecting email addresses and then sending them to an offer page or just to
our Thank You page with that being said we’re gonna scroll down look what we
actually want to do is we want to generate leads for our flight marketing
business so to do that what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have a lead magnet
funnel like as a course click funnels has a ton of different types of funnels
a ton of different things on here because the platform is honestly
fantastic I use it’s all my problem building all my landing page builders
pretty much everything in my online business I use click funnels for which
is why doesn’t recommend you guys go ahead and sign up like I said link in
the description and with all that being said guys we needs a lead magnet funnel
because what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be giving people an ethical
bribe in exchange for their email address all you have to do is click
select funnel they’ll bring it in to our account and the next thing we actually
have to do guys is scroll down and then select a template now we can start
designing our funnel and building it out a little bit so it actually match our
niche and our offer we’re actually gonna do guys is look fun let’s give you a ton
of templates to choose from both paid and free of course say guys we use a
free one or my favorite two rejection would be Jason lead magnet funnel I’ll
just click that and then compress get funnel it’ll download into our accounts
we actually get started building out our funnel alright guys the funnel is now in
our accounts we can start building and editing it to actually fit our offer so
guys this funnel actually has two sets and as the lead magnet page we’re just
gonna be the first page we’re just pretty much opted in a place we can
actually email addresses or our potential
customers and next time would have is a Thank You page guys like I said it’s
just a two step funnel so it’ll be pretty easy to make I’m gonna go back to
the first step and click Edit Page I can show you guys exactly what we’re gonna
edit what we’re gonna change so it’ll actually fit our niche in our offer guys
for the video I’m missing to use an example offering because of course I
don’t have one I’m gonna use like a random health and fitness niche of
course I’m not actually promoting any offer in this video so I’m just gonna
edit the page around this example that I make same thing with the Thank You page
it’ll all be based around this example that I’m making right now so we’re
actually gonna edit a few things on this landing page I’m not gonna show all of
it on video because of course it’ll get pretty boring you just watching me type
in delete things with that being said though I’m gonna show you exactly what
we’re gonna edit first how to do it and then I’ll come back to you guys after I
did it okay so some of the things we’re actually gonna do on this page or edit
some of the text on the top out of the text down here and of course we’re gonna
change this picture because we don’t want that guy staring at the entire time
I got so of course we need to start editing editing and clickfunnels is
extremely easy and they make it super super simple the platform is fantastic
so the first thing at the top of the page is where we actually edit this text
so to do that we’re gonna click once click twice actually get in there and
then we’re some delete all this we’re gonna change it around alright guys now
we edited that top text I just put attention get this free ebook or 48
hours only of course guys it’s just an example I’m actually proning anything
next thing we’re gonna do is actually gonna change this picture because like I
said can I have that guy staring at the entire time so did I just click on him
once this little pull out my new popped up so I could change the image we’re
gonna go over here to image and right here we’re gonna click this little icon
or press that usual bunch of other pictures are uploaded into clickfunnels
over time but that’s actually the ebook cover we’re gonna use double click that
and now the ebook cover is right there guys that was super simple all we had to
do was upload that next time we gonna do is pretty much edit all of the text on
this page and like I said I’m actually in doing off video because watching me
type is gonna be a boring video with that being said I’ll be our bad guys hi
guys I’m back and all I really did was change some of the text around to
actually fit our offer into our niche that way to actually all make sense all
congruent last thing I’m actually gonna do I wanted to do on a video I just
wanted to edit this now guys this actually isn’t is in text there’s
actually a picture so I’m just gonna get rid of this completely and to do that
we’re gonna hover over it come over to this little garbage can icon press
delete press okay and then it is gone guys I just want to
edit this a little bit more because there’s a ton of space and with like
above and below the number one we lost recipes so to actually edit that we’re
gonna hover over it really fast I’m gonna click this little cog Settings
icon what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come
to this setting over here it says top margin we’re actually gonna do is we’re
gonna take this slider and bring it all the way down to zero so guys is actually
that actually brings it up a little bit but there’s still a lot of space
underneath it so it actually change that we’re actually have to come down to this
little dotted line and edit this actually instead same thing guys go to
settings go to top margin and this pull this down we’re gonna pull it all the
way down to I could have five five looks good so we leave that out of five and
this is pretty much the first step of the funnel done guys this is the opt-in
part this is the landing page pretty much completely done last thing we
actually need to do on this landing page is actually edit the pop-up because when
people actually press this button down here that says yes show me the recipe
it’ll actually promptly pop up on this page to open but edit that all you have
to is go over to pop up press show pop up of course and then it’ll actually
show it to you and the same thing the same way edited text and all the
pictures on the first page is the same way you’re actually edit it on the
pop-up I’m actually go ahead and edit this off-camera because the guys again
watching me type things as a boring video I’ll be right back alright guys
I’m back again I just edited the text I uploaded this picture instead of that
guy again and then edit checks down here change that to send me the recipes that
is pretty much the pop-up done looks pretty much the same as the landing page
that’s important to keep everything congruent keep everything the same you
don’t want to add random stuff and actually throw the consumer off when I
keep it all congruent with that being said guys the pop-up is done you can go
ahead and exit out guys the first part of the funnel is completely done now the
landing page part is completely set up so now we’re actually ready to go onto
the next step which is gonna be the Thank You page let’s go ahead and do
that now gonna press save now actually go back press exit or actually and ooh
now guys like I said go over and press the Thank You page and we want to edit
that now next these guys that course that’s gonna be the second step the last
step of our funnel gonna go ahead and press edit page it’ll do the same thing
it’ll open up the editor and of course now we are ready to edit this guy’s this
page always has a ton of text most of doesn’t even make any sense it just kind
of like placeholder text so I’m actually go ahead and edit this page again off
camera guys because I already showed you how to add
a text and edit pictures it’s gonna be the same exact way on this page all you
have to do is change the text to fit your offer for your niche whatever it is
you’re actually doing I’m gonna do that now I don’t be right back I’m gonna do
it off camera like I said alright guys I’m back for the last time because of
course I just finished editing the Thank You page and this is pretty much the
final completed product I got rid of some text I added some stuff I course
edited pretty much everything on this page actually fit our offer and our
niche of course guys the only thing other thing that I changed that you
really can’t see initially is this button down here I didn’t edit this
button yet because I actually wanted to edit it on camera for you guys what you
want to do is you want to click this and yeah this is a button that when people
click it this will actually send them to your affiliate offer you’re actually
promoting what you wanna do is you’re gonna come over here to watch as edit
action press set action and then what you want to do is you have a few things
you can do with it what what you want to do is press go to website URL I just put
my my my website address in here because again guys not actually promoting a
product say but when you’re doing this yourself
you can actually take the photo for your proning you know the landing page for
the a photo offer actually put that link in here that way when people press the
button it’ll actually bring them directly to your photo for now you can
potentially make some sales and make some money of course you also want to
change the button text so it doesn’t say cool blue button cuz you win a text so
it says something that actually fits your offer or your niche so for my
example I’m gonna put get more diet tips here and then move people press the
button and allow me to bring them to some sort of like health or weight loss
affiliate offer with that being said they’re guys that’s pretty much the
entire the entire thing done that pretty much wraps up everything you guys guys
we completed our opt-in page we completed our Thank You page our frontal
is not completely done all you have to do is press save and go back to see our
completed funnel alright guys so like I said that I step
1 and step 2 done so that is our flow your marketing funnel completely
finished and that is exactly how to set up an affiliate marketing funnel in just
under 10 minutes time with that being said guys last thing you we need to do
its are generating traffic and start sending people to the opt-in page and
through this funnel that we can actually generate income sales but guys that’s
pretty much the video wrapped up so if you enjoyed definitely drop a like on it
and if you’re brand new to the channel and definitely subscribe right now for
brand new videos every single day and until the next video guys my name
Anthony Villa and I am out peace


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