How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Site To Sell On Flippa for $1000

Is welcome today’s video make sure you visit podcast for marketers dot-com for more information over there I have a really kick-ass course on how you can make at least a few grand a month on simple reoccurring revenue right and that’s called freedom funnels and make sure that you like this video and Subscribe to my channel man, I’m put out videos every day So you don’t want to miss what I put up cuz I put out some pretty kick-ass content And man I always want you guys to comment below, man I love absolutely love all the comments you guys bring let me know what you’re thinking if you have any questions I’m always in the comment section. I really love the community Let’s get into the video alright guys so today what I want to talk to you about If you know my favorite subject right now is passive income right and Here’s something that you can do And you guess in their downtime it shouldn’t take you long, and you should be able to make an Amazon Affiliate site okay, and this shouldn’t take all day You should probably be able to work on this 15 to 20 minutes a day Maximum and there’s a couple of good outcomes that can come from this right number one. You can make some pretty cool money Just on the Amazon affiliate money, but there’s a pretty big market on Flippa just selling these type of sites right and I know one guy that just sold his site for 250,000 bucks so that’s not bad right so what I want to talk about first of all the first thing you have to do is obviously you need to Target low competition Words keywords the next thing is you need to target buyers okay, you need to target people that are ready to purchase and How you do that is you’re trying to intercept people on the way to go purchase something from Amazon, right? So just like what do you do? What are the first things you do before you get ready to say? Okay, I want to go purchase something the first thing I do is I go look for a review, so those are that’s probably a good hot keyword right there is review Right and another word that I use is best, right? Our top okay like top 10, okay, so these are all pretty good Words that people would use to search Before they’re about to purchase right and so what you want to do is you want to get? In between them and Amazon and then place your link Because they’re gonna come to your site first, and how many times have you done that right? I’ve done that tons of times for a lot of different things right for like web domains like the best Hosting for you know modoch or something like that right are the best VPN or something like that so you always look for reviews first and if You’re trying to stop them from looking on Amazon reviews a lot of times people don’t want an Amazon review because they don’t trust them Right some people do some people don’t and a low competition would be like Best Beer brewing kit, okay something like that okay now you want to use those longtail keywords, and I’m gonna show you how to get those really quickly so let’s Go out here for a second So I did look up like beer best beer brewing kits right and what’s really cool about this particular keyword is That there’s low competition is low volume. There’s only 590 searches a month I would probably try to lean towards a thousand to two thousand searches a month anywhere between 1 and 10 grand is gonna be low competition you see that even the Cost per click is at 68 cents, so you could actually if you wanted to even pay for a few you know Clicks on this right you’re not getting a ton of searches on that But this is just an example and you can see that actually you know no one has like Are I’m pretty sure it’s they’re the best brewing kiss comm but they’re not even linking for their own keywords here ok So that’s one way to search now What the people tell you to do is to get longtail keywords and try to? Score with those with Google right, so I’m kind of stumbling here because Well, just come someone all right, so now. I like this website. I’ve been using here lately. It’s called answer the public and They ask questions like will or can or where where to buy the best booing beer beer brewing kit, right? Pretty decent where can I buy a beer brewing kit? Where can you buy a beer brewing kit? You can see that you’re getting these longtail keywords It’s call answer the kulluk public because these are questions that The public would be asking they’re gonna. Ask you questions right so come to answer the public comm and Check it out and run your and use your keywords that way and there’s other tools You can use like SEM rush are surf stat To find these keyword tools you find out how to get these there. There’s actually long keyword tool Software’s out there as well right so the next thing they they tell you to do right once you get your You want to get backlinks number one and number two you want to start doing like guest blog post and shit like that right so The thing that they tell you to do is just like cold email people that’s the best way to Cold email bloggers right, but it’s pretty much What everybody’s doing right he a lot of tactics nowadays guys are kind of burnt out, right? You know so you want to keep with the same strategy, which is you need to contact? Bloggers, but you need to go about in a different way right and this has been a big word that I’ve been using here lately on Podcast for marketers and that is to build Our relationship okay, and Anytime that you have a goal like this to build a relationship of We need to go to Google sheets because well, I’m becoming a Google sheets geek now and I made a little outreach Thing here, so what you want to do is And I can give you an example right here of what I’ve done for myself with my modoch With my Manik A series of videos now this guy listed me in his email Newsletter and I was like oh shit. That’s me right, so I immediately reached out to him. I said hey man Thanks for the shout out in the newsletter. That’s me. I’m the guy with the videos, and he was like cool It’s nice to hear from you feel free to hit me up When you have more videos that you’re gonna add to that list on my old shit right so now the first thing I’m gonna do is I’ve already seems like oh wow you subscribe to my list right so yeah I’ve subscribed to your new list now. I’m gonna go make comments on this blog post right and what I’m gonna Do is I’m gonna make a couple comments? So just comment number one this would be comment number two actually And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna comment on the same blog obviously, but it’s gonna be a different post okay so then I’m gonna confirm these comments make sure they’re all put up and Then I’m gonna sign up for his email list which I’ve already done get his first name and his email address And then I’m gonna hit him with a compliment and say dude. I’m really diggin your blog post man Maybe I offer him something or whatever You know aid here’s a free course or something like that Or I don’t know anything I can offer him something free or just a compliment or even a question I’m trying to build a relationship here right and then after I’ve done that a few times and I’ve done this a couple times you know and I’m recorded this then I’ll ask for a guest post or a backlink right but you wanna be able to if you guys want this by the way you can I can just It’ll be in this description or whatever but You want to build a relationship? With these people so you want to spend about 20% of your time in this one tell you 20% of your time actually Building content it needs to be good shit guys. It can’t be just check out this beer brewing kit It needs to be like an honest review now a good way to snag reviews And I’ll tell you this is just go to youtube and find the reviews that that they don’t have a blog post Snag the video get it transcribed and then rewrite those reviews on Beer brewing kits right that’s like the easiest way to do it if you’re not gonna like Use the beer brewing kit yourself right so that’s the easiest way to do that, okay, so offering that Good content having good content in your blog, but yeah That’s why 20% of your time the other 80% of your time needs to be doing this Find other blogs other people that are in your niche and Finding people that are buyers right, but other people that have other blogs that are similar to yours are saying hey I’d love to guest post on your blog, but first build a relationship Go comment on there say hello a few times I’ve done this myself on YouTube channels you just go comment and come and you I Love people that come to my you to YouTube channel And they actually add to the community they talk about different things they ask questions that are pertinent to the video and They’re talking to other people and answering other people’s questions That they might have on my and they’re not waiting for me to do it They’ll just come and say oh, yeah Sony’s got another video over here Go check that out or yeah, here’s an answer for that or whatever, and they’re kind of like Giving back to the community a little bit I like that kind of thing so if I like it that means other people like it as well right so Start to give back and because you have to build relationship folks Nobody nowadays may have everybody’s cold emailing and that’s the new thing Growth hacking so but you can still do it, but you need to add a little bit of value right so what I wanted What I want to do now is I’m going to do a little recap for you really quickly right so That’s pretty much all you need to do So number one first of all you need to set a goal and you say okay. I want to sell a website for $250,000 Right you need to say Y you want to say you don’t have to give me a Y we know you want money, right? so You can either sell it or you can either do both get a little bit of income off of it and then sell it Whatever you want to do right, so it’ll be an Amazon affiliate site and the first thing you need to do is target Buyers okay and that has to do with your keywords right because When you’re looking for your keywords the first thing you want to do with your negative keywords is Take out the word free or cheap or something like that right you don’t want to deal with people that are looking for cheap or free or DIY solutions And that’s what will happen so you want to make sure that you target buyers People that are looking for the top our Reviews are the best are the top ten are things like that right so you want to definitely target buyers The next thing you want to do is You want to make sure that you use target low? Competition right whatever you choose needs to be low competition and long tail keywords Okay, and then the next thing that we have in this box over here a Clearly carried I kind of like make it as possibly make another color here hold on So the next thing we need to do over here is we need to promo Our content and look for backlinks And guest blogging by building a relationship Okay, and that’s how you do, and this is a little side project guys That’s the tested of the whole thing you need to do an enchilada To build up an affiliate an Amazon affiliate site. You shouldn’t go go get a course. I’m not trying to sell you a course I’m not trying to do any of that you don’t need a course You can definitely do this on your own This is for guys that can’t go full-time in the business right now And you need an extra 15 or 20 minutes a day to take care of these things How long does it take you to make a comment it doesn’t take you long at all right? Go find 10 or 15 bugs and make that your goal I need to take 10 or 15 blogs and you know to serenade these toots, right? Serenade these tooth are these chicks get and get up. You know get on their good side build that relationship I need to take 20 20 20 minutes a day and I need to write some content for my blog post right so I can Get on these start ranking in Google and getting Some affiliate sales as well Okay, and then I need to start getting backlinks Okay, and that’s set you. Just keep rinsing and repeat this now Here’s what’s beautiful about this once you understand how to do it for one site, and one niche, okay? Then you just keep doing it so then you just okay, so I’ve done it for this site Well now now I do it for site number two in site number three and this and you know I’ll tell you I always tell this story right I Had and this worked for me right, so I’m not telling to do something they didn’t do for me But I had a thing called Popeyes t-shirts spurts Dot-com and I rang was so fast and Google for that I started getting sales like I don’t know my fifth day it was really fast right it was a log of Popeyes t-shirts, onda calm and I sold shirts really quickly and I flipped that site. I also had like a PlayStation site a few sites that I had like Cameron be the name of it But I saw flip them on Flippa. I was selling websites when flipper first came out the website flipper calm, okay And it just amazed me that these things still work with Google even with the algorithm it still works But you have to build their relationship You have to get the backlinks, and you have to guest post you have to get yourself out there coffee break


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