How to Build an Email List Fast and for Free — 5 List Building Tips

– So one of the biggest keys for building a successful business is building an email list,
but it can be challenging. So in this video, I’m
gonna be sharing my five biggest tips for building an
email list fast using YouTube. Coming up. (camera shutters) Hey what’s up guys, Sean
here with THiNK Media bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video and on this channel we do
a lot of tech gear reviews, but also tips and strategy
videos just like this one. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. And hey, at any point during the video check out a show summary and show notes in the YouTube description below. Let’s jump into the tips. So one of the big mistakes that I see a lot of people making is actually not focusing on building their email list. I think there’s a
misconception that goes around that thinks, oh it’s not important and a lot of focus and attention is on getting more followers on social media, getting more subscribers on YouTube, but there’s a huge problem
with that and that is this. You don’t own those
communication channels. We’ve seen it happen on Facebook. Organic reach at one time
was really good there, but then as time went one, less and less people
are seeing your posts, even if they’ve subscribed,
even if they’re a fan of yours that doesn’t even mean that you can get your message to them. And even here on YouTube, most channels have less than 10% of their subscribers even seeing their videos in
their main subscription feed. And that’s a huge problem, right, because just because
someone subscribed to you or following you on
social media does not mean you’re reaching them with
your message or your content. And so that’s why I always
encourage entrepreneurs, creatives and video influencers
to be building an email list cause it gives you an
opportunity to get in front of the community that you’re building, the tribe you’re building, despite what happens with
social media platforms, algorithms, or even if a platform was to disappear tomorrow. Essentially any of your
social media presence is on rented land, but your email list is something that you can own and then a group of
people that you’re able to communicate with in a
deeper way over the long haul. And currently here on YouTube
between 100 to 200 new people are signing up for our various email lists across the various brands
that I’m working with. And this is organic. These are people who are
interested in the niche that I’m in and the message
that we’re communicating. And that’s not from paid traffic. We’ll do that too. We’ll do ads sometimes places and we can even drive those numbers up, but that is literally just from YouTube so I really believe that
YouTube is one of the best ways to build a thriving email list. And to illustrate the
power of this even further a recent THiNK Media
newsletter that we sent out got an open rate of 35.96%. That’s a pretty good open rate
in the email marketing space, but that’s also pretty incredible because I’ll tell you this. A Facebook post that we
put up a lot of times might have a reach of 150 people, even though I have
thousands of Facebook likes. Instagram has an algorithm,
even Twitter does now too. That doesn’t mean that
just because you have a certain number of
followers that your content is getting in front of them, but out of our email list,
30% of people saw the content and was able to read
through and open that email. You can’t get close to that
on any other social platform. There’s no social network that comes close to that kind of attention
that still exists in email. And the click through rate on
that same email was almost 3%. That means that of
everybody that opened it, 3% of people clicked
through to go watch a video, to go check out a piece of content, to see a live stream and that again, click through rates on social
media don’t come close to that let alone someone even
seeing it in the first place to being able to click it. And so I really want to encourage you to be thinking about
building an email list as part of your overall strategy online. But how do you actually do it? Let’s jump in to these five tips. Tip number one is you need to pick an email service provider. This is also known as a CRM and these are services
like MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, I currently use GetResponse and I want to encourage you, you can do a lot of research
here, but don’t get stuck here. It does matter, but the important thing is just to get started. But one power tip is if you start with a certain email provider
make sure ahead of time that you’re able to export the email list and the contact information
that you get from them. And that way you can switch at any time. For me, I actually started
with MailChimp a few years ago because I was able to
use just the free version for quite a while before needing to switch to the paid version,
however I eventually learned that they weren’t very
favorable to affiliate marketing and I think that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways
to generate income online so I switched to GetResponse. And since that time I’ve
absolutely loved them. It’s been amazing. They not only have a good basic model, but eventually you can move
into some advanced automation so whether you’re a beginner
or whether you’re even more of an advanced marketer, GetResponse has been pretty incredible. And so I’ll list some resources below so you can research this a little bit and even check those out. And what’s cool is you can also of course always do free trials with
things like GetResponse to just test it out,
see if it works for you, how you like it and things like that. Tip number two is create something cool to give away in exchange for
a person’s contact information for their email list. And so in our space this
is called either freemium or a freebee or a lead magnet and there is where if you’ve
been around THiNK Media for very long you know that
at the end of the video I’m like hey if you want
to download the free THiNK Media TV video gear buyers guide I’ll link it up in the description below. That’s a free gift and
instead of just saying hey jump on our newsletter it’s saying hey here’s something actually cool that’s actually valuable
and you can download that in exchange for signing
up for the email list. And so a couple power tips here. The first one is make it really valuable. Like you actually want it to be cool and it doesn’t have to be a PDF. It can be an audio file. It can be a video that is
only available privately. It’s not a public YouTube video or it’s embedded on a page somewhere. It could be a checklist,
it could be just something quick and cool that’s gonna get results for the people that want those results in your space and in your niche. And then the second quick
tip is you want to make sure that it also is specific. And what I mean is when you have a specific free gift for people you want to be able to know why they signed up for that list so that you can talk to
them based on that interest. For example, on my channel Sean Cannell I actually have a free download that’s about productivity
and high performance in life and so people who sign
up for that email list, what are they interested in? High performance, productivity in life. The people who sign up for a download of the best video gear for
every budget for YouTube, what are they interested in? Well cameras, maybe YouTube tips, maybe not even YouTube
tips, maybe just video gear like hey I want to save money on lenses, I don’t know all about cameras so help me, give me the shortcut. So then inside of my email
list provider GetResponse those are segments and I
can talk to just this group of people and just that group
of people in different ways. If I talk to the high performance group and I was like hey guys you
know a new camera came out. What are they gonna do? Unsubscribe. That’s not why we signed up. That’s not what we were interested in, don’t bother us with that. And then on the flip
side, if I was like I know you downloaded a free gear guide, but I’d love to tell you about how to be more productive,
what are they gonna do? Unsubscribe because it’s not why they signed up in the first place. So I encourage you to
strategically think about the free gift that you get and the tribe of people
and community of people that are signing up for that. It gives you how to talk to them, but it also clarifies for
you what they would be interested in and what they
wouldn’t be interested in so that you can add
consistent value over time and not have people unsubscribe because you’re random
and all over the place. The third tip and the next step is to then set up a landing page or this is a lead capture page or a squeeze page. And you’ve seen these before
and here’s a couple examples of various ones that
we have for our brands and this is just a place
where now you can say here’s the free gift
that you’re gonna get, whether it’s a free video,
whether it’s a free download and if you enter your name and email or just your email then
I’m gonna send you this and that gives people a
way to actually sign up so they can get on your email list. What’s cool here is that most
of the email service providers actually allow you to create
landing pages right inside. So there are other services for this, but then maybe you need to
sign up for something else. That might even cost more money. So when you’re getting started you can definitely use the landing pages or capture pages or squeeze pages that are just a part of your
current email service provider. Okay so you’ve picked an
email service provider, you’ve created a free gift,
you’ve set up a landing page, now you’re ready for tip number four and that is to give call to actions for people to sign up and
download your free gift and join your list in your YouTube videos. And I encourage you can
do this in every video. Typically at the end and always tie it in to the content of your video. And so if you had a video with five tips on how to meal prep for the week, by the end of the video you could say hey if you want to actually download my grocery shopping list checklist you can grab that as well and it ties into the content
of your YouTube video and it gives people the next step to go to another level with you, to download something with you and then to also join your inner circle. And again, even that person
maybe watched the video, maybe they didn’t subscribe on YouTube or maybe they subscribe on YouTube, but your videos aren’t
showing up on their feed. The cool thing is if they’ve
signed up for your email list then you can send out a weekly newsletter and have another way to drive views, to drive traffic to your content, to your video, to whatever
it is you’re promoting and so what we’ve done
on video influencers on THiNK Media is just
consistently video after video we’ve put these videos out and at the end of every
video we give call to actions to different free gifts that we have depending on what the topic
is, what the niche is. – And if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to this channel. Please share this video with someone that you think would
benefit from our content. – And we also have a
guide with 19 things to do every time you upload a YouTube video. So if you haven’t downloaded that, we’ll link it up in the description below as well as on the YouTube cart. It’s free and then you’ll
also get weekly tips just like this one in your email inbox. And that is exactly now
have between 100 to 200 new people joining our email list everyday because we’ve put out a library of videos that are getting views on YouTube, whether we work or not and as we talk to people for a while some people say yeah, I’d
love to go to the next level, I’d love to be a part of the inner circle, I’d love to join the tribe
and join the community and download whatever the free gift is and they’re able to go to the next level. And then tip number five is to actually repeat this process over and over again. And so here’s a couple
actionable tips here. The first one is again you can repeatably talk about it in consistent videos. Maybe you post a video a week on YouTube. Every video you can talk
about your free gift and joining your inner
circle or your newsletter or whatever it is. But then you can eventually
expand into creating more freemiums, more lead magnets, whatever you want to call them that can also serve different micro tribes of your overall niche and
your overall community. And so if you never set this up before I encourage you to only
focus on one free gift, building one segmented audience and just building up one thing at a time. But eventually you can
expand like we’ve done. And so we have some free
gifts that are related to free video trainings
about product reviews. We’ve got free gifts related to just smart phone accessories or
just video gear accessories. YouTube tips over on video influencers. So this takes times to build and I don’t encourage
you to do five at once. Just focus on one, but if you repeat this process
over and over and over again that is how you can build
a sizable email list. So I hope that you can see the value in building an email list and that these five tips were helpful, but I realize that I
didn’t spend a lot of time actually talking about how to get views and get a ton of traffic
on your YouTube videos so that they can watch your video and then join your email list. And so if you want to
learn more about that probably the best resource that I have is at and that’s actually a
45 minute master class that breaks down how to get views, how to get more exposure
and how to get views even when you’re not working, how to get your videos
showing up in search results so that way your email
list and your audience can grow on autopilot whether
you work that day or not. So again link to that
in the description below or on the YouTube cart. Question of the day,
have you started building your email list yet? Do you see the value in
building an email list and what are some of your best tips? Let me know in the comment section below and remember that some of
the best tips and feedback come from you, the
THiNK Media TV community so definitely connect with
everybody in the comment section. So thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
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for building your influence with online video. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon. (dog barking)

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